International Seminar on the Legality and Jurisprudence of Sallekhanā/ Santhārā/ Samādhimaraṇa/ Prāyopaveśa in the Indian Traditions

International Seminar on the Legality and Jurisprudence of Sallekhanā/ Santhārā/ Samādhimaraṇa/ Prāyopaveśa in the Indian Traditions
National Law University, Delhi
(26-27 February 2016)
First day: 26 February 2016
9:30AM-10:00AM              :               REGISTRATION

Inaugural Function
10:00AM-10:15AM           :               Mangalacharana and Ashish by Rev. Lokesh Muni Ji
10:15AM-10:25AM           :               Welcome Speech by Prof. Ranbir Singh/Prof. GS Bajpai, Associate Professor, NLU, Delhi
10:25AM-10:40AM           :               Theme of the Seminar - Dr. Shugan C Jain, Chairman, International School for Jain Studies
10:40AM-10:55AM           :               Guest of Honour- Justice (Rtd.) Pana Chand Jain, Rajasthan High Court
10:55AM-11:15AM           :          Chief-Guest- Sh. Nirmal Kr. Sethi, Chairman, Jain Consultative Group on Sallekhanā/ 
                                                          Santhāra: Social Aspects
11:15AM-11:25AM          :                Vote of Thanks - Dr. Prasannanshu, Associate Professor, NLU, Delhi.

------------------------------11:25AM-11:40AM                   :               Tea Break------------------------------

11:40AM-1:40PM              :               First Academic Session (Death in different Indian Philosophies)
Chair Person                       :               Prof. V.K. Jain, Vice Chancellor (Doon University)
11:40AM-12:00 AM          : Dr. Ashok Kr Singh, Professor, BLII, Delhi (Social Impact of Sallekhanā as transpired in Jain texts)
12:00PM-12:20AM            :               Dr. S.P. Pandey, Joint Director, PV, Varanasi (Sallekhanā in Non-Jaina Traditions, with                                                                   Special Reference to Jainism)
12:20PM-12:50PM             :               Dr. Rahul Kr Singh, Research Associate, PV, Varanasi (Sallekhanā: A Way of Facing Death                                                            Artistically)
12:50PM-1:30PM               :               Movie: Views on Santhāra of different experts: Shri Shekhar Hattangadi, Mumbai-based 
                                                                Writer-Journalist, Lawyer law Professor, and film-maker.)
1:30PM-1:40PM                 :               Presidential remarks by the Honourable Chair Person

------------------------------LUNCH BREAK: 1:40 PM-2:45PM------------------------------

2:45PM-4:35PM                 :               Second Academic session (Social and Legal Issues of Sallekhanā)
Chair Person                       :              
2:45PM-3:10PM                 :               CA Rajesh Jain, Eminent writer and management consultant
                                                                (Social Justification of Sallekhanā)
3:10PM-3:35PM                 :               Ben Prabhuji, Smd. Rajchandra Ashram Chief, Delhi (Last five days of Smd. Rajchandra)
3:35PM-4:00PM                 :               Video excerpts of Dr. Purushottam Billimoria, USA, Social Activist& UC Berkley (Legal   Issues of Sallekhanā). Comments by Ms. Prashasthi
4:00PM-4:25PM                 :               Dr. Raksha J Shah, Philanthropist, Mumbai (clarification and      Critical evaluation of the        prevailing Misconceptions and Misinterpretations regarding the vow of Sallekhanā)
4:00PM-4:25PM                 :               Ananth Acharya, student, NLU, Delhi. To Be, or Not to Be? Philosophical and Constitutional                                                          Perspectives on the Right to Die: A Study of Case Law on Suicide, Euthanasia, and Santhara.
4:25PM-4:35PM                 :               Presidential remarks by the Honourable Chair Person

------------------------------4:35PM-4:50PM                         :               TEA BREAK------------------------------

4:50PM-6:00PM                 :               Lawyers/Judges Forum (Discussion Judicial/Legal Issues of Sallekhanā)
(Chair Person: Justice (Rtd.) Pana Chand Jain)
4:40PM-6:00PM                 :               HMJ Pana Chand Jain, Rajasthan High Court
Dr. Manish Singhvi, Additional advocate general, Rajasthan High court
Adv. Mridul Goswamy, Rajasthan High Court
Adv. Anuj Jain
Adv. Sushil Jain

------------------------------6:00PM                         :               TEA------------------------------

Second Day 27 February 2016

------------------------------9:00AM-9:30AM                        :               TEA------------------------------

9:30AM-1:15PM                                :               1st Academic Session-Legal and Social aspects
Chair Person                                       :               Padmabhushan Dr. D. R. Mehta, Chairman, Jaipur Foot, Jaipur
9:30AM-9:55AM                     :           Justice (Rtd.) Pana Chand Jain, Rajasthan High Court, Jaipur
                                                                                (A study of Sallekhana or Santhara as an art of living as well as art of dying
                                                                                attracting no legal attention)
9:55PM-10:20AM                              :               Dr. Prasannanshu, Associate Professor, NLU, Delhi. Some Issues Associated with                               Sallekhana.
10:20AM-10:55AM                           :               Prof. Garry L Francione, Prof. Emeritus, Rutgers Univ, USA (Skype) (Sallekhanā:                               Legal Justifications)
10:55AM-11:20AM                           :               Prof. Stephanie Rohlfing-Dijoux, University of Paris, Paris (The right to death in the                                                                          light of the French constitution and the European Human Rights Convention)

------------------------------11:20AM-11:30AM                   :               Tea Break------------------------------

Chair Person                                       :               Prof. S. Sachidhanandam, Former Vice-Chancellor, Tamil Nadu Dr. Ambedkar                                                                           Law University.

11:30AM-11:55AM                           :               Prof. Kusum Jain, Ex- HOD, Department of Philosophy, University of Rajasthan,
Jaipur (Are Samadhimaraṇa/Santhāra Individual or social phenomena?)
11:55AM-12:20PM                            :               Prof. Sushma Singhvi, Ex-Director, Kota Open University, Kota (Aspects of                                                                          Nityasanthārā)
12:20PM-12:45PM                             :               Sean Hillman, Researcher, University of Toronto, Canada (Bioethics of South Asian
                                                                                Ritual Fasting and Meditation at the End-of-life: Jain Sallekhana and Buddhist                                  Thukdam)
12:45PM-1:15PMPM                         :               Presidential remarks by the Honourable Chair Person

------------------------------LUNCH BREAK-1:15PM-2:15PM------------------------------

2:15PM-4:25PM                                 :               2ndAcademic Session-Philosophical and Social Aspects
Chair Person                                       :               Prof. Ram Jee Singh, Ex-Vice Chancellor, JVBI and Ex- MP
2:15PM-2:40PM                                 :               Dr. (Colonel) D. S. Baya, Relevance of Sallekhanā/samādhimaraṇa in today’s                                                                    society. The paper shall be presented by Prof. PC Jain, Ex-Professor,                                                                                      Sociology, School of International Studies, JNU
2:40PM-3:05PM                                 :               Ms. Whitny Braun, USA (Discuss own Ph.D. thesis on Sallekhanā)
3:05PM-3:30PM                                 :               Dr. Nitin Shah, a Professor of Anesthesiology & Chief of Surgical ICU, California,
                                                                                USA (SKYPE) (Need of the Day in today’s World – Acceptance of Death!)         
3:30PM-3:55PM                                 :               Ms. Preeti Rani, Research Scholar, DU, Delhi (Santhārā)                           
3:55PM-4:25PM                                 :               Presidential remarks by the Honourable Chair Person

------------------------------4:25PM-4:45PM                         :               Tea Break------------------------------

4:45PM-5:30PM                                 :               Valedictory Session
Book release                                        :               Fearing, Facing, and Faring Death: Poems of Dr. Prasannanshu
Patron                                                   :               Prof. Ranbir Singh, VC-NLU, Delhi
:               Prof. M.P. Singh, Currently, Chancellor, Central University of Haryana & Chair Professor, Centre for Comparative Law, NLU, Delhi. Ex Chairperson of Delhi Judicial Academy; Ex Vice-chancellor, National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata.
Overview                                              :               Mrs. Rama Sharma- Retired Principal and Sallekhanā Researcher, and Dr. Navin                                                                               Srivastava.
Vote of Thanks                                    :               Dr. Prasannanshu, NLU Delhi

------------------------------5:30PM                                                         :               High-Tea ------------------------------

You are cordially invited to the release of the collection of the poems of
Dr. Prasannanshu’, titled as: ‘Fearing, Facing, and Faring Death: Poems of  Dr. Prasannanshu’, during the Valedictory Session of the International Seminar on the Legality and Jurisprudence of Sallekhanā / Santhārā /Samādhimaraṇa/ Prāyopaveśa in the Indian Traditions at the National Law University, Sector-14, Delhi on 27 February 2016 at 4:45 PM.

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