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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Proud to be a voter - Ready to vote

January 25 every year wiil be observed as "National Voters Day'.

If you are (18+age) and wish to take part in the political process.

The Election Commission has decided to take up a vigorous exercise to identify all eligible voters attaining the age of 18 years as on 1st of January every year.


Get Out the Vote, Second Edition: How to Increase Voter TurnoutAn appeal from Dwarka ForumDwarka Parichay

Dear Dwarkites,

You got one more opportunity to get registered or make corrections in VOTERS LIST for DWARKA (MATIALA, PALAM, BIJWASAN).

Submit online the new registration

Men expect too much, do too little. ~Allen Tate

Be the part of the system for a Better NATION.

IN THE INTEREST of each one of us and for our DWARKA Sub-City, PLEASE Enroll and also encourage fellow residents, give publicity in your society/ apartments /blocks and friends.

For details you may call on helpline no. 23918888  (See the list of Booth Level Officer). Who may be assigned to deal.

For Bijwasan ( some sectors like Sector 8 ) to check and verify your name and details correct.

Please circulate/ forward this to your friends/ families in Dwarka and also concerned CGHS/ DDA Pocket RWA office bearers to put up on Notice Boards.

Sh. Rajeev Shukla - 25017834
SDM Office Complex, Nazafgarh, Delhi.

Mrs. Sushma Kapoor -9910167068
BDO Office complex, Najafgarh, Delhi



Remember the following excuses & keep your mind ready for the E-day.
Postpone/ adjust all your appontments  of the E - day.

Do not use these excuses for not going to Vote 
(Youth, Service class, Businessmen, House wives ...)

Don't Vote It Just Encourages the Bastards
-  The ballot process is too complicated.
- I could not find a good candidate
-  All are criminal/ corrupt
- No matter if only I do not vote
- I do not like politics/ not interested
- Any body wins all are same – selfish/ corrupt
- My vote won't count anyways since some may rig the election anyways.
- My daily routine will not be affected by selecting a candidate
- Long time - I have not seen a movie
- Opportunity - time to meet girl/ boy friend
- I am a cynics and don't believe in the system
- I feel too lazy today.
- I believe the system is broken
- I am too busy. Don’t want to wait in line.
- I am afraid of discrimination.

Every vote counts. Make sure yours does, too. 
Avoid these excuses for not going to vote.

If any new excuse is coming to your brilliant mind, please share comment.
This will help someone like you...

Like last time Dwarka Parichay & Dwarka Forum
Vote for 100% campaign 

Ask/ confirm your friends - if they have Voting card. If not - remind them always - Proud to be a voter - Ready to vote.

Send your message ( Dear friend, go for 100 % voting this time for a better INDIA ) through SMS, e-mail and at best try to talk to as many as you can. Ensure/ remind your friend is going for voting this time.

-Take this small initiative for a better and more powerful INDIA. 
-Believe our Nation will be Guru of all trades in the World after you choose correct leaders. 
-Cancel all your work/ appointments on Election day. 
-Consider voting as TOP PRIORITY. 
-Change yourself to see the changes in leaders, society, nation….

Thanks for your VISITs

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