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Saturday, November 18, 2017

Media Can Do Wonders in Students Life by S.S. Dogra - get this book

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Arts Devil presents National Group Art Exhibition


Design and Fashion has been undergoing a rapid transformation over the past decade, as we all live in global economy with changing knowledge based market place where related industry has to meet the fast-pace of the digital world by strengthening e-commerce offerings and dedicating entire teams to social media in a bid to keep pace with ever-changing consumer values.
Ms Archna Surana, Founder and Director, Arch Academy of Design
A large part of this transformation can be attributed to the advancements in technology, which has helped to accelerate this pace of change, retooling nearly every aspect of our daily life, from how we communicate, to how we shop, to how we receive medical care. Design and fashion Schools — many of which have been slow to embrace innovation — are beginning to engage in this digital revolution.

Design and fashion schools to keep pace with changing world across the country are marrying hands-on, inquiry-driven learning with digital technologies. They are blending traditional instruction with computer-based activities. They’re also using the web to provide teachers and students with greater access to resources, primary source documents, and faraway subject matter experts. Importantly, teachers are helping students to leverage technology as a platform for collaboration, creativity, and self-expression.

As technology continues to change the way consumers buy products, Design and fashion colleges have started rethinking how they teach their students to interact with technology in their day-to-day work practices, from 3D printing to using universal design software to sketch directly. For example, one area in which fashion and design integrates technology incredibly well is print design, where students learn to work with the latest processes in digital print, like a high tech dying room and digital dying vats, alongside traditional methods like screen printing.

Now with changed Curriculum the under graduate courses in design schools focus on design, manufacturing, garment construction and retailing . Fashion colleges are focussing on making students to be proficient in most aspects of CAD drawing for fashion and design — so they know the basics of a garment using modern technology tools .

Fashion and design institutes are also integrating technology into their learning programmes to make them work and collaborate across multiple disciplines. Some colleges are establishing innovation labs, where students can engage with and explore the different options within technology and increase familiarity of digital practices.

Fashion and Design Industry and brands in the country is also coming forward to help emerging designers work alongside emerging technology businesses and new business models as the opportunities for fashion and technology were significant with the tech influences changing every element of the fashion industry.

With aim to integrate technology into courses fashion and design schools are changing the curriculum to provide a more diverse set of skills to students. This includes making student understand data, behavioural analytics, material sciences and the construction methodologies. The merging of fashion and technology requires a very diverse skill set — design, coding and engineering. The industry’s future demand is for the digital designers of the future graduate with a much deeper understanding of those areas.

Along with introducing new technologies Design and fashion institutes are not diverting their attention from the traditional design fields, cultural values so that the craft skills that are the primary outcome of a design education are sustainable Design is an all-encompassing field that integrates together business and engineering, the social sciences and the arts. We see a tremendous opportunity for students that learn design in this integrated way.

Design is an exciting powerful field, filled with promise. To meet the challenges of the 21st century, design and design education must change. So too must design and fashion institutes

About Ms Archna Surana

Ms. Archana Surana is the Founder and Director of the ARCH Academy of Design having campus in Jaipur and Gurugram (Gurgaon) . The Academy offers Undergraduate & Postgraduate courses in Fashion and Textile Design, Jewellery Design, Crafts and Accessory Design, Interior Design, Design Management & Design Communication with National & International Certification.

Ms. Surana is actively involved in the revival & development of the crafts across Rajasthan. She has formed the Self Help Group- Kumkum, to motivate needy women towards economic empowerment, enhance confidence levels and create solidarity amongst them.

A widely travelled and noted speaker, she is on the board of various government & industry bodies and has been part of important forums all over the world. As head of the academy she has represented the institution in various International & National forums including the International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institutes (IFFTI) annual conference, and International Council of Societies of Industrial Design (Icsid). She has also been instrumental in the development of links in knowledge sharing and the strengthening of common curriculum areas within Fashion, Textile & Jewelry Design with various International academic institutions. Under the funding sanctioned by the British council she was recently in Scotland at the Cardonald College, Glasgow to finalize collaboration and signing of MOU between the institutions.

Giraffe Heroes India invites nominations from all over India

The Giraffe Heroes India Program

A Giraffe Hero is a person who sticks his or her neck out on sustainable basis, for public good, at huge personal risk. Giraffe Heroes India Program is an off-shoot of non-profit Giraffe Heroes Project which was started in USA in 1984, by Ann Medlock. The aim of starting this Project was to find out unknown heroes of the society, commend them as Giraffes for sticking their necks out & get their stories told on radio, television & in print. Giraffe stories would tell the people that there was headway being made on the problems of the world, that there were individuals who had solutions & the courage to move into action. The stories would move people`s souls & get them moving on public problems that mattered to them.


February 2, 2004 was a very special day for me. On this day, I received a letter from Ann Medlock, the Founder of Giraffe Heroes Project which said:

`I am happy to tell you that you were chosen by our most recent jury to receive the enclosed Giraffe Commendation, joining over 900 people who have been honored as Giraffe Heroes since the Giraffe Project began in 1982.’ The letter stated that this was for sticking my neck out to fight corruption in civil government.

It was unbelievable! I had received the Red & White Bravery Award in 2002, but this Giraffe Commendation came at a difficult time and was a HUGE morale-booster! It was a matter of great honour, pride & privilege to be ONE of the distinguished family of Giraffes. My years of trodding on the lonely path, which was very rough & uneven at times, had finally brought me to the doors of a family consisting of brave, caring & committed people.

I was still in the local government of New Delhi, fighting a long legal battle with my own organization. I had filed a case in the High Court in 1993, for a look into the unethical & unfair practices followed by my seniors which had resulted, to my mind, in a huge misuse of public funds. They were encouraging, pampering & protecting unethical colleagues, at the same time that they were harassing & hounding me in every possible way. I was making a stand for professional values & ethics. My good record was changed to damaging assessments of my work, making it impossible for me to advance in my career.

I finally won the legal battle, arguing the case myself against the organization in which I had worked since 1969. In May of 2004 I was appointed the Chief Engineer[civil]-HEAD of my Department.

Why have I given my personal example? It’s about something Ann mentioned in her letter. She said, “the aim is to tell others about you so that they will follow your example.” And that is the aim of this new organization, Giraffe Heroes India. This new non-governmental organization will tell the stories of India’s heroes, so that people all over the country can be inspired to stand tall on public problems they see.

Being appointed DIRECTOR of the Giraffe Heroes India Programme, is a matter of great honour & privilege for me. But having said that, it brings with it huge responsibilities. I’ll be rallying supporters for the cause, calling for nominations, organizing a jury, enlisting media to tell the stories.

But, I am happy to tell you that there have already been very enthusiastic & positive responses & I am confident that Giraffe Heroes India will start kicking soon like the operations in Sierra Leone, Egypt, Nepal & the UK.

I welcome your ideas and support.

With best wishes to all & for Giraffe Heroes India

Vijay K. Saluja

New Delhi-India

Appeal From the Director

Since 2004, we have tried to spread the word about this PROGRAM.But, the progress in the same has not been on planned lines due to number of reasons?

It is now decided to spur up our efforts. we need active assoiation & sustainable support of all persons from India.

As I ,live in Dwarka, I will be happy,if DWARAKAITES may send their suggestions/views, if any, on the matter, AT THE EARLIEST.


for more details about criteria for nomination/Nomination Form

Dwarka Parichay has been our trusted & valuable Media Partner.

Vijay K. Saluja

Friday, November 17, 2017

Karthigai Cultural Programme at Sri Ram Mandir DWarka

Four day World Road Meet concludes with focus on realizing Vision Zero for fatal road accidents

The Four day World Road Meeting concluded here today recommending to the world to move towards realizing the vision Zero in road safety and improving roadway features as well improving crash safety features in the vehicles.

About 1,000 global Road safety experts, professionals, companies and Government organisations, active in the road transport and mobility sectors from various parts of the world took part in the Four day 18th World Road Meeting (WRM) titled CROSSROADS-WRM 2017 organised by Geneva based International Road Federation (IRF) at India Expo Mart Limited, GREATER NOIDA. This was hosted by India for the first time.

“Building and maintain safe roads is more cost effective way to reduce accidents as well as proper data management of accidents is need to further improve the road safety . The quality of road builkding through newer technologies and environment friendly construction material and use of satellites will help in meeting the UN Goal of reducing road accident deaths by the year 2020 " said MR K K Kapila, Chairman, International Road Federation (IRF) a global body workinf for better and safer roads world wide.

“ A co-ordinated holistic approach to road safety is essential if we are to meet our 2020 targets. Investing in a safe system approach where road design, vehicle speeds, vehicle design and road user behavior work together to ensure zero road deaths and injuries makes sense.” Said Mr Kapila.

"Experts attending the meet also suggested extensive use of Intelligent Transport System (ITS) in various countries world wide .It needs to be fast tracked especially in low and middle income countries like India .It will lead to smooth mobility and make roads safer" he said

“ Experts also stressed on the need of promoting ‘minimum 3 star’ road infrastructure safety for all road users in developing countries in a push to promote safer road infrastructure design.If we are serious about achieving the UN target we must make the case for systemically changing 1 and 2 star roads into 3 and 4 star roads in low and middle income group countries including India . We can begin with the ten per cent of high volume, high risk roads where half the deaths and serious injuries occur. Star rating of roads is done on basis of vehicular and passenger safety as well as speed.” said Mr Kapila .

"Experts also stressed on the need of having increased budget for building roads by government to include safety features in the road construction." he said.

The WRM was inaugurated by Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways the theme of the WRM was ‘Safer Roads –Smart Mobility, The engines of growth".

“The major highlight of WRM 2017 was an exhibition showcasing state-of-the-art technologies on road safety and traffic regulations including control systems, communication and navigation devices, driver training systems, Intelligent Transport System (ITS) Access Control, Barriers, Vehicle Detection, Speed Cameras, License Plate Recognition, Vehicle Classification, Fibre Optics, Road Signs, Highway Infrastructure, latest parking technologies, Road Building, Road Marking & Equipment, Street Lighting, Parking, Pay & Display, Traffic Management, Display Systems, Traffic Monitoring, and Traffic Control Signalling.” Said Mr Kapila

Campaign NO KIDDING ACT NOW! against Child Sexual Abuse

Child sexual abuse (CSA) has been considered a taboo issue in our country. Children, being vulnerable and unable to speak out because of various familial and social pressures, suffer throughout their lifetime due to these violations. Indeed the pressures increase manifold when the abuser is a known person. It’s time we protect our children from such harm and ensure them a safe, secure and responsible world before our “demographic dividend” turns into a serious and irrecoverable “demographic loss”. Delhi is fortunate to have vulnerable witness deposition rooms attached to four Special Courts hearing POCSO cases and others following basic child-friendly procedure of ensuring screen between the child and accused. Recent increase in the number of Special Courts is also a welcome step. Yet much remains to make justice real for the child.

Thirty organisations of Delhi working on different aspects of child rights have come together and decided to strive for a society with no tolerance for CSA. As adults we have for long promised to provide care and support to our children but failed. CSA is an extremely sensitive issue and we at times avoid dealing with them, ignoring subtle forms of sexual abuse or not considering them to be ‘serious’ enough, giving way to more heinous forms. It is time we take this issue seriously and Act Now! to end child sexual abuse. As parents, caregivers, teachers, individuals working for children, we need to take on more responsibility. Introducing the Campaign, Enakshi Gnaguly of HAQ: Centre for Child Rights said, -“For too long we have placed the responsibility of breaking the silence on children. Unfortunately, when they do speak up, adults fail to act. Its high time we held adults in the family, the community and the system accountable. While children have to be empowered to disclose, this disclosure must be responded to sensitively and strongly.” 

There are numerous challenges in dealing with these cases. Survivors of CSA are often blamed and discriminated. While laws are in place to secure justice, the children do not have the support of their families and communities and left to fight a lonely battle. Family honour, shame, cultural taboos and social stigma make the issue more complex.

Here are some of the important issues that affect access to justice for child victims of sexual abuse

Mr Ashok Kumar from Dr A.V.Baliga Trust said "Child Sexual Abuse is a complex problem rooted in unhealthy relationships and environment. Its prevention requires a comprehensive approach that influences all levels of social ecology, community involvement, relationships among family members and individual behaviour. Government must ensure the execution of the POCSO Act".

Preventive measures are inadequate and piece-meal – Often in response to cases highlighted by media we find some measures being taken such as setting up toilet facilities in the communities or improving street lighting to prevent sexual crimes. Soon it is forgotten till another case happens and there is public outcry. Even before any stock can be taken regarding the measures already announced, new needs emerge and the void remains. The flavor changes as per media reporting. Current flavor is about educating children to help them protect their own selves. Such piece-meal approach to prevention of child abuse has caused more harm than good to the children.

Incest has emerged as a huge challenge - Most existing research points out how difficult it is for a child to sustain the legal battle when the accused is inside the family. As per Crime in India 2015, the accused/offender was known to the child in 8,341 of 8,800 cases (95%). In 138 of these 8,341 (1.7%) incest cases, the accused was the child’s grandfather/ father/ brother/ etc. Another 210 cases (2.5%) were by other close family members and 581 cases (7%) by a relative. Experience of most organisations shows that the children and their families turn hostile in such cases. Indeed, incest remains under reported.

CSA impacts education - There is a clear indication that CSA directly impacts the education of the survivors. While there is much discussion on the law, the legal procedures and to an extent the counselling support, denial or deprivation of the basic right to education of young girls is rarely discussed. The reasons for denial or deprivation lie in social stigma, schools not wanting children with history of sexual abuse, schools not knowing how to deal with such cases, absence of children from school post incidence due to the trauma and the court case or due to pregnancy resulting from abuse, and such other factors.

Where are the support persons and experts - The role of the support person in CSA cases appointed by the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) under the POCSO Act 2012 is very important. As part of assessing the needs of the child survivor of abuse and restorative care, the support persons come across their educational needs, including enrolment in schools, vocational courses and tuitions. The District Child Protection Units are supposed to identify such support persons and experts and make a list of such persons available to the police, the CWC and the Special Courts.

Youngest Children are the Most Vulnerable – Ms. Sumitra Mishra from Mobile Crèches said, given the spurt of reporting of CSA of very young children, as young as a few months old, prevention of CSA amongst estimated 4.6 Crore children under six years of age remains a major concern. In the absence of adequate day care and crèches (The Rajiv Gandhi Crèche Scheme (RGCS) 3.32 lakhs children) these children remain. Provision of such services requires resources. Unfortunately, the revised National Programme for Crèches and Daycare has a budget allocation of 200 Crores (16-17), only 50 crores more than the RGCS. She added, “Universalising access to creches and daycare services at work places and neighbourhoods, through different local bodies, as a means to prevent CSA and keep children under six years, protected is required urgently.”

Victim’s Right to Legal Representation and Right to be informed about the proceedings in their case remains a lip service - According to NCRB’s Crime in India Report, 26,810 persons were under trial on charges under the POCSO Act in 2015 and at the end of the year, 17,159 were out on bail. Investigating Officers do not inform children and their families about listing of bail applications and Special Court’s do not ensure presence of the child’s lawyer during bail hearings. The impact of release of the accused on bail has serious implications on the children and their families. This is not to say that the accused should not be released on bail at all, but to insist that the conventional method of looking at mitigating and aggravating circumstances while granting bail needs to undergo a change. Mother of two victims also shared their plight and struggle of the social stigma as well as legal battle, they said “we were left to struggle at our own and were neer informed when the accused was released on bail”.

Provisions dealing with child pornography are seldom applied even when elements of child pornography are visible in a case - Case examples show that relevant provisions of the law on use of children for pornography or sale of material carrying child pornography are not being used to book the accused. This despite the FIRs and the statements recorded before Judicial Magistrates clearly making out a case for child pornography.

All organsiations demanded the following:
· Implement Integrated Child Protection Scheme (ICPS) in its entirety. This scheme provides for creation and strengthening of community mechanisms for child protection. There is a crying need for child protection committees at the mohalla level. If Mohalla Clinics can be a priority, why should Mohalla Child Protection Committees or Bal Suraksha Dals remain ignored?

· Scaling up the Anganwadi centres as Anganwadi cum crèches.

· We need to ensure that every school has a Child Protection Committee on the lines of the Committee against Sexual Harassment at workplace.

· NCPCR, SCPCRs, DCW and other human rights institutions should carry out regular social audit to ensure that no child is denied or deprived of their right to education because of being a victim of sexual abuse.

· Ensure action against police who delay registration of FIR in cases of sexual crimes and fail to keep the children and their families updated on the developments in their case.

· Provide necessary training to police to improve their investigation skills, especially in matters on online sexual crimes against children and child pornography.

· Provide necessary training to the Public Prosecutors and Judges to adopt special practices for a special law like the POCSO Act while following the basic principles of fair trial and due process of law.

· Access to justice has to become a reality and the process of justice has to bring confidence in people to come forward and report as also become effective witnesses instead of shirking their responsibility.

· Every child’s protection needs should be assessed and assistance provided under the Witness Protection Scheme. This is particularly necessary when the accused is being released on bail and children or their families have reported threats. The victims must be heard during bail hearings.

· Every child survivor of sexual abuse should be able to get the services of a support person.

बवाना विधानसभा क्षेत्र के विधायक श्री रामचंद्र ने सर्वोदय बाल विद्यालय प्रहलादपुर बांगर का दौरा किया

बवाना विधानसभा क्षेत्र के विधायक श्री रामचंद्र ने आज दोपहर को सर्वोदय बाल विद्यालय प्रहलादपुर बांगर का दौरा किया। श्री रामचंद्र ने कक्षाओं में जाकर छात्रों से सीधा संवाद किया और छात्रों से उनकी शैक्षिक प्रगति के बारे में चर्चा की और उनकी समस्याओं को सुना। तदुपरांत स्कूल प्रबंधन समिति की बैठक की अध्यक्षता की और विद्यालय की ओर बेहतरी के लिए अपने सुझाव दिए। 

विधायक श्री रामचंद्र ने विद्यालय की पुष्प वाटिका में पौधारोपण भी किया ओर पर्यावरण संरक्षण के लिए अधिकाधिक वृक्ष लगाने ओर.उनका संरक्षण करने की अपील भी छात्रों से की। प्रधानाचार्य श्री वी. के शर्मा, शिक्षाविद् दयानंद वत्स, मेंटर टीचर नेहा शर्मा, स्कूल प्रबंधन समिति के उपाध्यक्ष श्री चंद्र भूषण, सदस्य श्री जितेंद्र कौशिक, श्री गोविंद मिश्रा, श्री संजीव कुमार, श्रीमती अर्चना झा, श्रीमती रेखा, श्रीमती अनीता रानी, श्रीमती रेनु बाला, श्रीमती कृष्णा, श्रीमती धरमवती, श्रीमती गीता, श्रीमती मुन्नी देवी, श्री रविंद्र, श्री अनिल भारद्धाज , श्री विक्रम देसवाल, श्री रमेश मलिक, श्री रोहताश डबास भी इस अवसर पर उपस्थित थे। 

इस मौके पर विधायक श्री रामचंद्र ने अपने संबोधन में छात्रों को मन लगाकर पढने की अपील करते हुए कहा कि शिक्षा से बडा कोई धन नहीं है।

Thursday, November 16, 2017

FLO celebrated World Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) here today celebrated the World Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) , a global movement to empower and engage women, of all ages, through the power of innovation and new venture creation at Federation house in New Delhi.

“Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) is a global event that inspires and empowers women. WED was founded to recognize the contributions of female founders and to highlight the challenges that they face as entrepreneurs. WED aims to mobilize women business owners, entrepreneurs and change agents to develop a global coalition of support, empowerment and mentorship for women worldwide. It also marks a day for recognising the achievements of women entrepreneurs and to celebrate, empower & encourage women in business.” Said Ms Vasvi Bharat Ram ,President, FICCI Ladies Organsiation (FLO).

“The first such event was launched in 2014 at the United Nations in New York and the WED Organisation now celebrates it in over 144 countries, the world over. Women’s Entrepreneurship Day (WED) is working to generate a movement that carries throughout the year in support of women in business globally. WED ignites women leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs to initiate startups, drive economic expansion, and advance communities worldwide. The WED mission is to empower the 4 billion women across the globe to be catalysts of change, and uplift the 250 million girls living in poverty globally.” saidMS Bharat Ram.

“This year India Ambassador, Women’s Entrepreneurship Day & Co-founder, GlobalLinker, Summi Gambhir and Vasvi Bharat Ram, National President FICCI Ladies Organisation (FLO) have partnered to mark the day along with Jetairways Global Linker “The WED Organization is committed to supporting the efforts of women entrepreneurs in India and connecting them is one significant step. In partnership with FICCI FLO, we are working towards celebrating, empowering, supporting & inspiring women in business,” shares Summi Gambhir.

Vasvi Bharat Ram, National President, FLO opines, "FLO recognises that women are the critical mass that will transform policies, encourage socially sensitive development and build an inclusive community. For the last 34 years, FLO has been working towards channelising women’s strengths to help them achieve their full potential."

The theme of the NCR Women’s Entrepreneurship Day event was ‘Connecting Women Entrepreneurs'. To bring the subject to life, a panel of successful women entrepreneurs also discussed matters around - encouraging more women to take to entrepreneurship; building significant brands of value; and paving the path to creating large global corporations from such women owned and promoted enterprises. Panelists included - Kanika Tekriwal (Founder, JetSetGo), Neha Kirpal (Founder-Director, India Art Fair), Priyanka Gill (Founder, POPxo), Richa Kar (Founder, Zivame). The discussion wasmoderated by Fatima Mahdi Karan (Consulting Editor, Business Television India).


The China Highway and Transportation Society (CHTS) and Belt and Road Transport Corporation has come calling at the ongoing Four day World Road Meeting 2017 being held at Greater Noida to promote Chinese President XI Jinping concept of ' Belt and Road Initiative' which consists of the Silk road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk road which connects China with various countries and continents including Europe and South Africa.

The China Highway and Transportation Society (CHTS) held a special session at WRM to promote it's Belt and Road Initiative as well as introduce China's development of transport and newer technologies in the field of transport infrastructure construction . The Four day World Road Meeting is being organised in India for the first time by the Geneva based International Road Federation,working for better and safer roads world wide.

"To promote and implement the 'Belt and road Initiative'worldwide the China Highway and Transportation Society (CHTS) has proposed to establish the Belt and Road International Transport Alliance ' (BRITA) to promote the idea and achievements among the member countries and regions of the initiative"said Mr Mengyong Weng, President ,CHTS while speaking at the special session on the road at WRM2017 today.

" As the proposed Belt and Road initiative will apart from bringing economic prosperity in various regions will also help in peace and cooperation . To bring in more openness among countries and region the CHTS has proposed to set up a Non political and anon government body named Belt and Road International Transport Alliance (BRITA) ,this will help ward off the fears of Belt and road initiative as detrimental to stability and create a big one family of countries en route the silk road. " saidMr Weng.

"The Belt and rod initiative will not only focus on Asian , European and African countries but will also be open to all other countries"said Mr Weng.

"China will contribute 14.5 billion US dollars to the silk road fund and Two Chinese banks will be lending 55 billion US dollars to member countries' he said.

About belt and road initiative Touted as Chinese President Xi Jinping’s ambitious project, the One Belt One Road initiative focuses on improving connectivity and cooperation among Asian countries, Africa and China.
India is yet to join the initiative

“I will keep My City Clean” organized

In a grand programme organized in MCD school, Sector-23, Dwarka, thanands of students of different schools of Dwarka were motivated to keep their city clean and green under the Swachh Bharat Mission of Sh. Narendra Modi, PM of India.

Smt. Kamal Jeet Sehrawat, Mayor SDMC, Sh. Gautam Gambhir, Brand Ambassador, Swachh Bharat Mission, Mrs. Meeta Singh, Education Director MCD & Sh. V.P. Tandon, Chairman Kamal & Vandana Group of Educational Institutions were the main dignitaries of the programme. Apart from them Sh. Aman Gupta, Addl. Director of Education, Sh. Sanjeev Kumar, DC Najafgarh, Sh. Radha Kishan, Jt. Director of Education, Sh. Kripal Singh, Dy Director of Education (Najafgarh), Mrs. Vandana Tandon, Principal, Kamal Model Sr. Sec. School, Mohan Garden; Mr. Nitin, Radio Jocky; Mrs. Sita Bhagi, DHS; A.P. Garg, an educationist and Mrs. Pushpa Jindal, a social worker graced the programme by their presence.

About 3500 students from Vandana International School, Dwarka, Kamal Model Sr. Sec. School, Mohan Garden and different MCD schools presented different programmes in support of the mission. Nukkad Natak presented by the MCD schools attracted the attention of the authorities & audiences as well. All the students took oath to keep Delhi, their own city, clean and green. 

Sh. Gautam Gambhir, the famous cricketer, interacted with the students to motivate them to be an integral part of the mission. 


Happy Birthday- Meenakshi Seshadri

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

WRM exhibition from Quick Launch Bridges ,safety roller and wire rope crash barriers star attraction

A quick Launch Pre-fabricated bridge which can be erected within Three to four weeks , shock absorbing safety roller barrier and wire rope safety barrier are the main attractions at the the on going exhibition at the ongoing four day World Road Meet 2017 at Greater Noida.

" Ready to assemble quick launch Acrow bridge is a Two way new generation emergency bridge can be erected with in Three to four weeks and is operational.It has maintenance free life span of more than 80 years .The ACROW parts are fabricated with superior steel. They are designed better for heavier contemporary traffic loads to meet National Highway specifications of two lane and three lane bridges. It is suitable for hills of Himachal, Uttarakhand Jammu and Kashmir and North East and " said Lt gen S Ravi Shankar (retd) explaining about the bridge . 

" The first Acrow Bridge has been installed for Chardham Yatra pilgrims Visiting Kedarnath Dham for easy access to the Kedarnath Temple as the Bridge at Sonprayag enroute to Kedarnath, washed away twice in the last few years, has now found a more permanent solution with the construction of two way ACROW , the new generation emergency bridge.

The bridge constructed on Mandakini river between Sonprayag and Gaurikund was completed in record time of 30 days by US based bridge company Acrow with the World Bank funding.The bridge was launched in thirty days. The restricted space, inclement weather and terrain added to the time. On a simpler site, it could have been managed in two weeks. The bridge is bit costly but The speed of launch more than compensates the cost when compared to other conventional options for permanent bridges. 

The other highlight of the exhibition on road safety are the new generation road crash barriers including shock breaking roller system which helps the crashing vehicle to decrease speed as well as redirecting the vehicle saving major damage to occupants and the vehicle. This is costly but life saving new technology barriers.similarly instead of metal beam barriers currently used in India high performance wire rope safety barrier have also been displayed,use Crash barriers or Traffic Safety Barriers are provided on roads/ highways with a basic intent to safely redirect an erring vehicle that has lost control and veered off the carriage way and bringing it back on the carriageway of these rope barriers has become mandatory in India for highways and have been installed on major highways across India.

“The major highlight of the WRM 2017 is an exhibition showcasing state-of-the-art technologies on road safety and traffic regulations including control systems, communication and navigation devices, driver training systems, Intelligent Transport System (ITS), Barriers, Vehicle Detection, Speed Cameras, License Plate Recognition, Vehicle Classification, Fibre Optics, Road Signs, Highway Infrastructure, latest parking technologies, Road Building, Road Marking & Equipment, Street Lighting, Parking, Pay & Display, Traffic Management, Display Systems, Traffic Monitoring, and Traffic Control Signalling,” said Mr K K Kapila, Chairman International Road Federation

विद्यार्थी जल संरक्षण और संग्रहण में अपनी भूमिका निभाऐं - हरिओम गुप्ता

सर्वोदय बाल विद्यालय प्रहलादपुर बांगर के सभागार में आज प्रधानाचार्य श्री वी.के शर्मा की अध्यक्षता एवं शिक्षाविद् दयानंद वत्स के सान्न्ध्यि में दिल्ली राज्य विधिक सेवाएं प्राधिकरण के तत्वावधान में स्थापित लीगल लिटरेसी क्लब की बैठक में जल सरक्षण, संग्रहण विषय पर परिचर्चा का आयोजन किया गया। रोहिणी जिला न्यायालय से पधारे अधिवक्ता श्री हरिओम गुप्ता ने विस्तार से जल संरक्षण, संग्रहण ओर संवर्द्धन पर छात्रों को अवगत कराया। शिक्षाविद् दयानंद वत्स ने छात्रों को संबोधित करते हुए कहा कि जल ही जीवन है यह बात सब जानते हैं पर फिर भी पानी की बरबादी में हम सबका बराबर का योगदान है। स्वच्छ पेयजल सबको पर्याप्त मात्रा में तभी मिलेगा जब हम जल की एक एक बूंद का महत्व समझेंगे। जल प्रदूषण के कारण लाखों लोग बीमारियों से पीडित हैं। वर्षा जल संचयन करके भी हम पानी की कमी से बच सकते हैं। इस अवसर पर वरिष्ठ प्वक्ता श्री रमेश मलिक, श्री प्रवीन सैनी भी उपस्थित थे।

Empowering Future Luminaries at JMIS

As the saying goes, “Leaders are not born, but made”, J M International School, in its quest to unlock and inculcate leadership qualities, commitment, confidence and competence among its students, organized the Annual Investiture ceremony amidst an air of enthusiasm. The ceremony marked the inauguration of the student council for the academic session 2016-17.It commenced by invoking the blessings of the Almighty through Shloka recitation. This was followed by a scintillating performance, “Punjabi Mashup”, by the school orchestra which reverberated through the auditorium, setting the mood of the event. The mesmerizing performance was finally followed by the most anticipated moment of conferring the badges and sashes to the newly appointed council members. The audience was awestruck by the enthralling finale performance "Krishna-The Born Leader", a ballet performance. The chief guests and Ms Anuradha Govind, the School Principal congratulated the newly appointed council members who were prepared to don the mantle of leadership and discharge the responsibilities entrusted upon them by the school.

Dr Rohit Baluja conferred with International Road Federation Road Safety Award

 Dr Rohit Baluja , President, Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE) has been conferred with Road Safety Award Instituted by the Geneva based International Road Federation (IRF) , a global body working for better and safer roads world wide during the World Road Meeting being held in Greater Noida.

The award was presented by Union Minister for Road Transport and highways and waterways Mr Nitin Gadkari .

Dr Baluja , a PhD in Civil Engineering has been running various missions to reduce road accidents in the country . he is also Founder of the Institute of Road Traffic Education (IRTE), the only organisation in India that conducts accident investigation and reconstruction.

Since then, Baluja, the IRTE president, and his colleagues have done an incredible amount of work to improve road safety in India, but by his own admission there is a lot still to do.

Among IRTE's key projects have been the introduction of Interceptors, a state-of-the-art traffic enforcement technology developed by IRTE; CrashLab (IRTE was the first to launch a mobile crash investigation lab); School Conclave (road safety education through existing curriculum subjects), and Highway Road Safety Literacy Programmes (a pioneering proposal for imparting road safety education to villages situated on highways).

Another scheme, catalysed and organised by the IRTE, is the Student Traffic Volunteers Scholarship Scheme, a partnership between the social corporate citizen, the Traffic Police and the students, while with CAARS (Center for Analysis & Research in Road Safety), IRTE became the first non-governmental organisation in India to develop an analysis and research centre.

Sastha Preethi by Bala Gokulam Bhajana Mandali

Happy Birthday- Sania Mirza

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


India seeks co-operation from the various developed countries in innovative technologies and best practices for curbing increasing road accident deaths in the country and to catch up with these nations in terms of development and road safety.

“A clear vision and advanced technology take India to the league of developed nations , we also seek innovative technologies in highway projects and materials and road safety initiatives as India is committed towards reducing fatal road accidents by 50 % by the end of the year 2020 as Country is signatory to UN Decade of Action “ said Mr Nitin Gadkari Union Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) while inaugurating a four day World Road Meeting organized by the Geneva based International Road Federation (IRF) working for better and safer roads world wide.

“As part of government’s policy to reduce road accident deaths, the Ministry of Road Transport has identified about 780 black spots on the National Highways and with investment of Rs 12,000 crore plans to rectify all black spots within next Two years “ said Mr Gadkari

“ As India has shortage of National Highways , Government has major plans for revival of roads and highway sector in the country. The government has set an ambitious target of building 40Km of road per day from next year from the current 28 km per day. The also plans to construct 35 Km of highways under Bharat Mala scheme with investment of Rs Seven Lakh crore” Added Mr Gadkari

“To check pollution Indian government has laid particular emphasis on promoting alternative fuels for vehicles, Ethanol blending programme and utmost priority to reducing CO2 emission” said Mr Gadkari

Over 1,000 global Road safety experts, professionals, companies and Government organisations, active in the road transport and mobility sectors from various parts of the world are taking part in the Four day 18th World Road Meeting (WRM) titled CROSSROADS-WRM 2017 being held at India Expo Mart Limited, GREATER NOIDA, India for the first time

“The International Road Federation’s (IRF) Crossroads-WRM is the global platform to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas among pioneers, businesses and organizations as also to connect high-tech companies, leading experts in the field and the Governments, making mobility a positive reality for everyone. The WRM includes a Conference and an Exhibition, a Young Professional Lab and an Innovation Café and provides an outlet for sharing cutting-edge research, best practices, and experiences, from across the world, and is intended to be a premier knowledge event for discussing important issues facing the road, transport and mobility sectors,” said Mr K K Kapila, Chairman, International Road Federation (IRF) speaking on the occassion .

The other dignitaries who were present during the inauguration ceremony included the Ms. Anne Berner, Minister of Transport, Finland, Mr. Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, Canada, Mr. Ditrih Evgeny Ivanovich, First Deputy Minister of Transport of Russian Federation, Minister of PWD and Transport, Goa, Mr. Yoonus Khan, Minister of PWD & Transport, Government of Rajasthan, Mr. Jean Todt , President, FIA (Federation International Automobile) and UN Secretary General’s Special Envoy for Road Safety, Geneva, Switzerland, and Mr. R. C. Bhargava, Non-Executive Chairman, Maruti Suzuki India Ltd.

Mr Gadkari also presented Road safety awards to Dr Rohit Baluja of Indian Road Traffic Education (IRTE) and Mr John Todt presdent IFA.

“The major highlight of the WRM 2017 is an exhibition showcasing state-of-the-art technologies on road safety and traffic regulations including control systems, communication and navigation devices, driver training systems, Intelligent Transport System (ITS), Barriers, Vehicle Detection, Speed Cameras, License Plate Recognition, Vehicle Classification, Fibre Optics, Road Signs, Highway Infrastructure, latest parking technologies, Road Building, Road Marking & Equipment, Street Lighting, Parking, Pay & Display, Traffic Management, Display Systems, Traffic Monitoring, and Traffic Control Signalling,” said Mr Kapila.

Some of the major Sponsors and exhibitors include Michelin, 3M, Swarco, Sadbhav, KMC, Gammon, ZF International, Maruti Suzuki, Dinesh Chandra Agarwal Infracon Ltd, Roads Australia, Hindustan Petroleum, J. K. Cement, IL&FS Transportation, Maccaferri, Abu Dhabi Road Congress, L&T and Afcons, amongst others.

The event is supported by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, the NITI Aayog, all the national Chambers of Commerce and a number of national and international organisations.


In schools, in society and in family
(Based on the recent CBI findings in case of Late Master Praduman Thakur )

Dr. M C Jain M.A. Ph. D (Psychology)
Practicing Psychologist

Whenever we observe that the children are behaving in ways which are causing problems for themselves or to others, we feel the need to understand its causes or factors which are affecting the development of such factors. An understanding of the causes of inappropriate behavior in children can help all of us in modifying their behavior in the desirable lines. If we can understand how children are likely to behave under certain conditions, we can decide whether to provide or to avoid such conditions.

Before attempting to change children’s behavior, we, the parents as well as teachers, should understand and as far as possible must take care of such factors which are responsible for that. We may find a number of such factors in the child, in the school, in the society, in the family and so on.

A child’s physical handicaps like physical deformities, sensory deficits, problems in motor coordination etc. can cause problems related to his/her learning. In addition to the learning problems other reactions toward a child’s handicaps significantly affect his behavior. He /she is looked down upon by others, is criticized, or others make fun of him; he is likely to develop feelings of inferiority and withdraw from social situations. A child having low socio-economic status is likely to feel inferior, lose interest in social interaction and may also feel depressed. Children having lower levels of intelligence or other abilities are likely to feel uncomfortable in today’s world of overloaded curriculum and cut-throat competition. All this leads to stress in children whom in turn cause behavioral problems, emotional disturbances and maladjustment. In addition to this, if society reacts negatively toward these children, it further complicates their problems.

It is not always possible to find remedies for the handicaps but we, as parents and teachers, can always contribute our share in safeguarding children from the ill effects of unhealthy reactions of other people toward them and their handicaps. Moreover, we can always look for and apply the ways of making the best of a child’s abilities that he/she is possessing.

A lack of healthy and warm school environment, non-cooperative class –mates, principal and teachers who do not show any interest In children or are over critical in their approach are likely to have a discouraging effect on children. Children can learn some undesirable behaviors by imitating their class-mates also. An overloaded curriculum leads to stress. In addition to this high expectations of teachers further discourage the child. As a consequence he is likely to lose interest in studies as well as in co-curricular activities.

A child is a product of others’ behavior toward him/her. He/she learns where he/she lives. If others are aggressive toward him, he, in turn, is also likely to show aggressive behavior towards them. Unnecessary criticism and specially labeling of children also tend to produce undesirable behaviors like stealing, telling of lies, and delinquent behavior in children. Threats also lead to feeling of insecurity, tension, anxiety, fears, phobias, and emotional disturbances. Therefore, we should do our best to avoid them. An aggressive neighborhood or a neighborhood that does not show any concern with children tend to produce children who are either aggressive or do not show any interest in others.

Certain factors in a child’s family also adversely affect his behavior. If the family atmosphere is full of unnecessary criticism and threats, it is likely to produce tension and high anxiety in children. Instead parents’ behavior should be encouraging so that children feel that they are important for parents and they are wanted by them. The children should not feel neglected. Constant parental conflicts provide poor parental models for children to emulate. Too high or too low expectations from children can lead to their low self-esteem, and low self-concept. It can act as a major hindrance for their over-all development, achievement, as well as adjustment.

To sum up teachers and parents both should analyze the problem behavior of a child in order to find out which of these factors are playing a significant role in the development of a problem behavior. They both must understand that their own behavior is of crucial importance and if it is appropriate it can act as a safeguard against the development of inappropriate behavior in children.

Happy Birthday- Jawaharlal Nehru

Monday, November 13, 2017


Union Minster for Health And Family Welfare Mr J P Nadda today inaugurated a Transport Ministers’ Forum on Road safety organised by International Road Federation (IRF) a Geneva based global body working for safer and better roads world wide.

The Transport Ministers’ Forum on road safety has been organised a day prior to the four day World Road Meeting (WRM 2017,) to begin in Greater Noida from November 14, 2017. Ministers from various countries, including Bosnia & Herzegovina, Burundi, Canada, Finland, Lesotho, Luxembourg and Russia along with FIA President Jean Todt and the Argentinian Transport Ministers Emissary Mr. Javier Iguacel, Director General, Road Transport will also participate. The State Transport Ministers from Rajasthan, Goa, Kerala and Delhi also joined the deliberations. A joint Delhi declaration, based on the deliberations on ‘’Eradicating Road Deaths by 2040’’ was announced after the meet.

“ The total of 4,80,652 road accidents led to 1,50,785 deaths and 4, 94,624 injuries in the country during the year 2016 .We should explore the possibility of novel methods of quick relief through airlifting such as Air Ambulances and providing relief in remote areas, well equipped Mobile Clinics is important to create an enhanced capacity and infuse the knowledge of road safety related actions in public bystanders, road side facilities such as dhabas and amongst commercial truck drivers, who are most often the first on the accident sites and are first res ponders." He said

" The “capacity building for developing Trauma Care Facilities in Government Hospitals on National Highways”, was approved for development of 85 new trauma care facilities. He further said that during 12th FYP, 85 Medical Colleges/ District Hospitals have been approved. Out of the 116 trauma care facilities funded during the 11th FYP, 100 are reported to be functional by the States..". Mr Nadda said.

“It was a matter of pride that India is hosting the 18th World Road Meeting and believed that coming in the Seventh year of the UN Decade for action on Road Safety (2011-2020), the WRM will provide an opportunity for all to assess the lead taken so far and the road ahead. To meet the challenge of trauma care and to better meet the needs of trauma patients, we need to advance not only clinical practice and medical technology, but also the organization of our healthcare system and resources.” Said Mr Nadda.

"The union Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has identified 700 Black spots in the country and rectified 120 of them with cost-effective engineering measures with measures like construction of sub ways and foot over bridges .Rest of the black spots will be removed with in next Two years .Ministry is also studying these rectified black spots and benefits of changes in them"said Mr Yudhvir Singh Malik , Secretary,Ministry of Transport and Highways while speaking on the occasion.

“ Some of the Transport ministers from various countries who participated at the form included Ms. Anne Berner, Minister of Transport, Finland, Mr. Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, Canada, Mr. Ditrih Evgeny Ivanovich, First Deputy Minister of Transport of Russian Federation, Mr Thomas Chandy, Minister of Transport, Kerala, Mr R.M. Dhavlikar, Minister of PWD and Transport, Goa, Mr. Yoonus Khan, Minister of PWD & Transport, Government of Rajasthan” said Mr K K Kapila, Chairman International Road Federation

Some of the Transport ministers from various countries who participated at the form included Ms. Anne Berner, Minister of Transport, Finland, Mr. Marc Garneau, Minister of Transport, Canada, Mr. Ditrih Evgeny Ivanovich, First Deputy Minister of Transport of Russian Federation, Mr Thomas Chandy, Minister of Transport, Kerala, Mr R.M. Dhavlikar, Minister of PWD and Transport, Goa, Mr. Yoonus Khan, Minister of PWD & Transport, Government of Rajasthan

Investiture Ceremony held at Sachdeva Global School

Investiture Ceremony is one of the momentous occasions of the school where the newly selected members of the school’s senate are officially vested with their powers and positions.

In order to give the students one such opportunity to learn the skills of leadership during their school life, Investiture Ceremony was held at Sachdeva Global School on 1st Nov 2017.

The graduating Head of the Student Council Palak Garg shared her experience of the past year and then passed on the school’s flag and it’s responsibilities to the newly selected Head boy Kartikey Rao and Head Girl Anushka Kulshrestha, who then received badges and saches from the Head of the school, Ms. Sumana Dutta Sarkar. 

The various Captains and House prefects were also conferred with badges and sashes. The young leaders then took an oath to uphold the valuesof the school and keep Sachdeva Global School’s flag flying high while discharging their duties honestly.

Happy Birthday- Juhi Chawla

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Gopashtami was celebrated with great fanfare at Kamdhenu Gowdham

The festival of Gopashtami was celebrated with great fanfare at Kamdhenu Gowdham, located in village Bissar Akbarpur, Tauru. On this occasion, the Chief Guest, BJP's National General Secretary, Shri Ramlal ji, inaugurated the program by lighting the lamp and said that now export of beef in India is a completely ban. He said that in the last three years, there has been a decrease of more than 70 percent in the case of Gow Taskari especially in Bangladesh. Cow's philosophy is beneficial. It is a matter of pride in taking food for the cow in every household.

The chief guest said that in order to enrich his life, he should be in touch with the cow. We must have faith in the work of doing deeds. If the cow remains, the culture will survive. If the culture remains, then India will survive and India will survive if the world will survive. Shri Ramlal appreciated the work being done by Mr. SP Gupta, the founding chairman of Kamdhenu Goddham and described this work as exemplary. On this occasion, Shri Ramlal inaugurated the workshop of the burning of incense in Goddham.

Gita Manishi Swami Gyananand Ji Maharaj said that cow is our mother. Cow is our faith. In this effect of materialism the facilities are increasing but our mental, spiritual, physical abilities are getting impaired. Gomaata is the solution to all these problems. Due to the Gomata, Indian ancient Sanskrit is supreme. Gomaata is the basis of our prosperity. Cow's milk is nectar similar. He expressed happiness over the fact that Haryana Government is taking better steps towards conservation of cattle. Swami Gyananand ji Maharaj lauded the work of opening the health institute, Vaaparthi Ashram, Yoga, Praudh Shiksha Kendra in Gondham by emphasizing the teaching of Goseva and Geeta, and inspiring this work as inspirational.

On this occasion, Shri SP Gupta, Founder Chairman of Kamdhenu Gowdham and Kamdhenu Arogya Sansthan said that Goddham has been in the last five years. In this period, Gowdham has set new dimensions. Not only saved the cow dung which is going to be killed but advanced work is being done in Gow Sanvardhan . Panchgavya, Swadesi Race Improvement Center, organic farming, naturopathy, yoga training center is set to become an international standard research center. Biogas Plant is helpful in environmental protection. Women's Stitching Training Center in Gowdham is playing an important role in making women self-reliant. Giving details in the program, Shri Gupta said that there is going to be a health institution in Gowdham. Our mission is to serve naturopathy, yoga to senior citizens. Shri Gupta said that the officials of foreign countries, IAS, IPS, students have already visited here. Kamdhenu Gowdham Chairperson, Mrs. Shashi Gupta thanked everyone and reiterated the resolve to make Gowdham and Health Institute world-class. He announced a grant of Rs one lakh for the fodder of Govansh in Gowdham and said that 21 thousand rupees would be made available to Goutsav for the festival of Gopashtami.

On this occasion, Shri Sanjeev Krishna, the saviourist of Indian culture, referred to Govata as the mother of the world while mentioning the works done by Gosave by Lord Shri Krishna. Mr. Basant Bansal, the renowned social activist and Chairman of Amethryme, announced the creation of one room in the auditorium, famous social activist, Mr. Prem Prakash Gupta, Mr. Birbhhan Gupta, Mr. Naresh Gupta, Mr. Jagmohan Mittal, Ajay Podan at the Health Institute. Senior Superintendent of BJP, Shri Sudhanshu Mittal, senior journalist of PTI, Mr. Vedpratap Vaidik, National Guddhan Mahasangh Convenor Mr. Vijay Khurana Sohana MLA Mr. Tejpal Tanwar kept his thoughts and appreciated the work being carried out by Kamdhenu Gowdham and Health Institute.

शिक्षा और पत्रकारिता के पुरोधा थे महामना मदनमोहन मालवीय : दयानंद वत्स

अखिल भारतीय स्वतंत्र पत्रकार एवं लेखक संघ के तत्वावधान में आज संघ के मुख्यालय बरवाला में संघ के राष्ट्रीय महासचिव दयानंद वत्स की अध्यक्षता में भारत रत्न स्वर्गीय पंडित मदनमोहन मालवीय जी की 71वीं पुण्यतिथि सादगी और श्रद्धा पूर्वक मनाई गई।

श्री वत्स ने मालवीय जी के चित्र पर माल्यार्पण कर उन्हें कृतज्ञ राष्ट्र की ओर से अपने श्रद्धा सुमन अर्पित किए। अपने संबोधन में श्री दयानंद वत्स ने कहा कि मदनमोहन मालवीय जी शिक्षा और पत्रकारिता जगत के पुरोधा महापुरुष थे। हिंदुस्तान ओर.अभ्युदय समाचार पत्रों के संपादक के रुप में उन्होने हिंदी पत्रकारिता को स्वतंत्रता प्राप्ति के लिए लोगो में जन- जागरण का उदघोष किया। मालवीय जी महान शिक्षाविद् थे, उन्होने काशी हिंदू विश्वविद्यालय की स्थापना की। महात्मा गांधी ने उन्हें राष्ट्र निर्माता कहा। उनकी दृढ इच्छा शक्ति ओर दूरदर्शिता के कारण ही वे पहले और अंतिम व्यक्ति थे जो महामना कहलाए। उनका व्यक्तित्व एवं कृतित्व करोडों भारतीयों के लिए आज भी प्रेरणा स्रोत है।

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