Best wishes for booklet Education Hub 2017-18

Dear Organizers

I am happy to learn that “Dwarka Parichay” is releasing a booklet entitled “Education Hub 2017-18” for the benefit and use thereby giving a message of continuous educational process which exists throughout in the life of human being. In fact, education is a process of development since birth till end. “Dwarka Parichay” has done a commendable work in the area of human as well as educational development by publishing series of educational articles which have played a motivational role for the development of students in various fields. The articles published by “Dwarka Parichay” shows the importance of human values, love and respect for family, firmness in our behaviour, protecting the weak and helping the needy, sibling relationships, differentiating between right and wrong, value of a promise, love and respect for parents which have motivated our young generation.

I send my best wishes and greetings to all of you.

With warm regards

Sincerely yours

Dept of Psychology
NCERT, New Delhi-110016

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