Celebrating Girl-Child-Day on 24th January


(Guinness Record Holder for letters in Newspapers)

Mere celebrating Girl-Child day on 24th January every year through government-advertisements is not enough. Registration of properties in women’s names showed remarkable rise in Delhi after stamp-duty on such deals was subsidized for women. Union and state governments should take all possible measures for similar concessions like can be for reduction of VAT on items like vehicles registered in name of women. Interest-rates for home and other loans may be subsidized while on deposits it can be extra for women. Some fields like dentists and gynaecologists in medical-science should be exclusively for women. Females should have a sense of security by having automatic and instant rights in husbands’ ancestral and personal property but only for married life without divorce. Women which are dominated section of society created by nature, should be given 33-percent reservation in legislature and in government-jobs in our presently male-dominated political system.

Presently girl-child is taken as unwanted burden because of increasing expenses in their marriages. India should follow Pakistan by allowing only soft drinks and simple beverages in marriage-related functions. Mega-budgeted marriages should not be attended by leaders on posts. Mega-expenses in marriage-related functions should be effectively checked by government by imposing taxes and other such practical steps by making event-management firms, caterers, hotels, wedding-card manufacturers and others concerned compulsorily report to some prescribed authority for their role in marriage-related functions as an effective check to make marriage-events simple. Cash, gift-platters etc from bride’s parents to guests of other side should be prevented under dowry-act. With ‘Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojna’ already successful, cash-gifts should be compulsorily replaced by cheques.

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