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Thursday, October 31, 2013


Rev. Father 
It is indeed a very difficult task to pay my humble tribute to a stalwart like late Rev. Father Rudolf Schoch SJ. In spite of my very close association with him for over a quarter of a century [through my children’s education under this great soul], and my urge to pay reverence to him, words fail me. I find it very difficult to express in adequate words, my tribute, which he richly deserves. However my conscience urges me to write about him whom I will remember all my life. I feel it is better to quote a few important instances of my closest attachment to him during his Principalship of Loyola.

I was transferred from Mumbai to Pune in August 1959. My eldest son Arun was in Std. I. As is every father’s wish, I wanted him to get a good foundation for his future, with a disciplined life as I was myself a Scout in my younger days, which had inculcated in me, the spirit of discipline and service. On transfer to Pune I tried St. Vincent’s High School, which was one of the best schools in Pune. But as I could not get admission there, I put him in a school in Poona Cantonment. One morning when I attended the school prayer meeting, I found the boys misbehaving in the meeting. This badly affected my mind and I decided to change the school.

One day, I happened to go on my bicycle to the National Defence Academy (NDA) Road near National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) Complex. I saw a bulldozer working on the hill, where I saw a tall person with flowing white robe supervising the work. Out of curiosity I went up the hill, greeted the father-like figure and introduced myself. He told me that NCL wanted the establishment of a good school similar to St. Vincent’s. Father Schoch had been assigned the task of laying the foundation of the building for a branch of St. Vincent’s there. I narrated to Father about my attempt to put my son in St. Vincent’s and sought his help and blessings for seeking admission in the school under NCL. Father told me it was too early and I should wait for a couple of years for this school to be founded. I started visiting the construction site frequently to watch the progress. One day Father Schoch was so impressed about my desire and advised that I put my son in St. Joseph’s High School for Girls (earlier a co-ed) for three years and try admission later at Loyola. Permission was required from the Municipal School Board to change from one school to another within the same Corporation limits. However paradoxically, the 12th July 1961 floods isolated our residence from Cantonment area. This came as a blessing in disguise and as I was in the western side of the city closer to Loyola, the Board granted me permission to admit my son in St. Joseph’s.

Later on, under very strict vigilance, a test was conducted and Arun was admitted to Loyola. Three years later, my second son Anil was also admitted under a similar test. Finally my third son Anup followed suit on the same lines. All the three were called 3 Musketeers by Father Schoch. I used to visit Father religiously every week to apprise myself about their progress which Fr. Schoch highly appreciated.

The human touch 

Anil fell ill due to typhoid 3 months prior to Matric examinations. He was very studious, scoring high percentage consistently. On hearing this Fr. Schoch drove his 16-seater school van himself to my two-room residence. Everyone in the colony was surprised to see a foreigner dressed in a cassock. He sat at Anil’s bedside, spoke very soothing words and wished him well. This act on the part of Fr. Schoch remains fresh in our memories even today.

Arun’s performance in pre-Matric especially in Maths was below average. The rules then did not permit detention except with parents’ consent. Father told me, “Mr. Yoganand, if I were his father I would detain him,” and left the choice to me. I readily agreed to abide by his advice. He took the trouble of getting him coached after classes. Arun passed Matric with good percentage.

A picnic to Katraj Ghat had been arranged by the school. The driver was Mr. D’souza. On return down the ghat, the brakes failed. Rather than jumping out to save his own life he drove the bus head-on to a big tree on the side of the road and saved all the children in the bus. Unfortunately, due to the impact of the steering wheel on his chest, he was sandwiched and sacrificed his life, thus saving all the 36 children. Next day I called on Fr. Schoch to pay my homage to the departed driver. Father had personally sent word for me to attend the late driver’s funeral.

Father used to himself bring home to the students, the value of education, character and discipline. Not a single soul among students, parents or teachers were there who did not love him. He used to invite me for any function either auspicious or otherwise.

I am incompetent to describe the innumerable human qualities of this great personality. I do worship him like God. 

In conclusion
During his last days at St Vincent’s – Father’s residence, he asked me to bring my three sons whom he blessed. Hats off to a foreigner who took so much interest for a country like India; my family and I are ever grateful to this saintly person – a godly man at least for me. For my family and me, Father is immortal and lives in our hearts for time immemorial. May his soul rest in eternal peace. 

Asst Meteorologist (Retd.)
Weather Forecasting,
India Meteorological Department, Pune (Jan 1946 - Jul 1980)
Father of Arun (SSC Batch 1971), Anil (1972) & Anup (1974)

Sargotsavam 2013 - Schedule for 03 November

ANHLGT to make Dwarka better and ensure cent percent voting by ladies of Dwarka.

ANHLGT has more than 2000 members and around 350 lifetime members. Nearly 100 lifetime members participated in the meeting on 25th October at ANHLGT’s office to discuss about the betterment of Dwarka sub-city. Patriotic songs were sung by the members. Next meeting will be conducted in month of November in sector-6, Dwarka.

Mrs. Kodiyan, informed the members about the achievements of ANHLGT in past 3 years. Some work done by agencies through regular follow ups are replacement of stolen poles, transformers, fittings and lights, maintenance of parks in sector-23, sector-6, sector-12  etc., tree planting throughout Dwarka, installation of traffic lights in various dangerous junctions; bringing new bus routes and bus shelters; covered manholes in sector-4 and sector-23; re carpeting of roads; conducting cleaning campaigns and garbage removals; walls made around vacant plots etc.

Dwarka Court Bar Association election process will start on 7th Nov.

Dwarka Court Bar association election fever spreading all around Dwarka Court. The election commission consisting Sh.B.S.Kharb-Chairman, Sh.J.B.Malik-Member & Dr. K.S.Bhati-Member released a press note to Dwarka Parichay with a notification (Ref.No.DCBA/  ELECTION /2013/NOTIFICATION NO.1/2013-14) dt.21-10-2013 that the nomination forms will be filed from 7th Nov. till 11th Nov.,2013. Nomination can be withdrawn before 13th Nov. by 5 P.M.

 The polling for the said election will be held on 25th November,2013 from 10.30 a.. to 5.00 p.m. The election will be held for the following posts of the Executive Committee & the nomination fee (Non-refundable) for the respective post is as under:

President --Rs.50,000/-
Vice PRESIDENT --Rs.40,000/-
Hony. Secretary --Rs.30,000/-
Addl. Secretary --Rs.20,000/-
Treasurer --Rs.20,000/-
Member Library In-charge --Rs.10,000/-
Executive Members(4 Posts) --Rs.10,000/-
Lady Executive Member(One) --Rs.10,000/-

गोपाल गौशाला का विधिवत रूप से उद्घाटन संपन्न

पिछले दिनों गाँव सकर्वा, नजदीक अनाज मंडी,गिरिराज महाराज, मथुरा स्थित गोपाल गौशाला एवं रिसर्च सेंटर भवन का विधिवत रूप से उद्घाटन संपन्न हुआ. इस मौके पर सबसे पहले मंत्रौच्चारण के साथ साथ हवन किया गया.

 हीरामणि महेंद्र सिंह यादव ट्रस्ट द्वारा संचालित उक्त गौशाला के उद्घाटन समारोह के सुअवसर पर श्री विशाल चौहान, जिला आयुक्त, मथुरा, पुलिस आयुक्त श्री गुलाब सिंह, मथुरा विकास प्राधिकरण के उपाध्यक्ष श्री नगेन्द्र यादव, गोवर्धन स्थित इस्कोन मन्दिर के प्रमुख श्री असिता कृष्णा दास, इस्कोन के ही कुछ विदेशी अनुयायी, ट्रस्ट के सभी पदाधाकारियों सहित आसपास के ग्रामीण इलाके के गणमान्य लोग तथा समस्त चौधरी परिवार, रिश्तेदार, मित्र, शुभचिंतक व् श्री महेंद्र सिंह यादव द्वारा दिल्ली के नांगलोई स्थित मॉडर्न चाइल्ड पब्लिक स्कुल के शिक्षक तथा स्कूली बच्चें भी उपस्थित थे. इसी मौके पर मॉडर्न चाइल्ड पब्लिक स्कुल के बच्चों ने संगीत के अध्यापक श्री प्रशांत कुमार दिवेदी के सानिध्य में अनेक धार्मिक व् सांस्कृतिक कार्यक्रम प्रस्तुत कर हजारों के संख्या में उपस्थित जनसमूह को प्रभावित कर खूब तालियाँ बटौरी.

सुश्री मनीषा पाण्डेय ने बखूबी मंच संचालन किया. तत्पश्चात आसपास स्थित गांवों के श्रधालुओं व् दूर-दूर से आए उपस्थित सभी गणमान्य अतिथितियों ने प्रसाद ग्रहण किया. गौरतलब है कि उक्त गौशाला को स्थापित करने के लिए श्री महेंद्र सिंह यादव के बड़े सुपुत्र दिल्ली के सफदरजंग अस्पताल में कार्यरत डॉक्टर विवेक यादव ने विशेष प्रयासों के तहत इस नेक कार्य को अंजाम देने में प्रमुख भूमिका अदा की है.

गायत्री मन्त्र - सूर्य विज्ञान

गीता  झा 


सूर्य के सम्बन्ध में हम सभी लोग सोचते हैं की यह कोई निष्क्रिय प्रचंड अग्नि का गोला मात्र है। सूर्य निर्जीव अग्निपिण्ड मात्र नहीं है जैसा की भौतिक विज्ञान की दृष्टी से माना जाता है | यह समस्त संसार का प्राण है। अत्यंत सक्रिय , जीवंत अग्नि संगठन है। हर क्षण सूर्य की तरंगों में विशेष प्रकार के रूपांतरण होते रहते हैं। सूर्य पर होने वाला तनिक सा भी रूपांतरण, विस्फोट पृथ्वी और समस्त वातावरण को प्रभावित करता है।

पृथ्वी का सारा क्रियाकलाप अथवा दुनिया रूपी कारखाने का सञ्चालन सूर्य से मिले प्रकाश, गर्मी और आकर्षण बल द्वारा होता है। प्रकाश के बिना सारी पृथ्वी अंधकार में डूब जाएगी , ताप के आभाव में यह बर्फ से अधिक ठंडी हो जाएगी ,उस दिशा में जीवन नाम की कोई वस्तु उस पर नहीं रहेगी, साथ ही किसी अन्य ग्रह की आकर्षण शक्ति से खिंच कर अन्यंत्र चली जाएगी |

जिस प्रकार आत्मा के निकल जाने से शरीर सड -गल जाता है उसी प्रकार सूर्य की दी हुई आकर्षण शक्ति के ना रहने से भूमंडल का कण-कण बिखर जायेगा और प्रलय की स्थिति बन जाएगी। सूर्य के कारण ही यह संगठित रूप मैं है। पदार्थों में जो विशेषताएं पाई हैं वे सब सूर्य की किरणों से अभिभूत है। दिन-रात-मास -वर्षा और ऋतुओं का कर्ता सूर्य है अतः इसका एक नाम '"कालकर्ता" भी है सूर्य के प्रभाव की व्यापकता को देख कर भारतीय विद्वानों ने सभी शास्त्रों का मेरुदंड सूर्य को माना है।

गायत्री मन्त्र में ईश्वर से यही माँगा है की -प्रभु हमें अपने मानव शरीर देकर अनुकम्पा की है | अब मानव बुद्धि देकर हमें उपकृत और कर दीजिये ताकि हम सच्चे अर्थों में मनुष्य कहला सकें और मानव जीवन के आनंद का लाभ उठा सके।

उसी प्रकार गायत्री मन्त्र से परमात्मा की स्तुति, ध्यान और प्राथना का समावेश है। इस प्रकार एक ही मन्त्र में उक्त बातों का समावेश नहीं मिलता है। छंद का नाम गयात्री होने के कारण इस मन्त्र का नाम गायत्री रखा गया है।

गायत्री का मूल सम्बन्ध सविता यानि सूर्य से है | सूर्य के उदय होने पर लोक में प्रकाश होता है और अन्धकार का विनाश होता है। सविता यधपि सूर्य को ही कहा जाता हैं लेकिन उसमें वही अंतर है जो आत्मा और शरीर में है।
मन्त्र विज्ञान में शब्द शक्ति का प्रयोग है। मन्त्र के अक्षरों का अनवरत जप करने से उसका एक चक्र बन जाता है और उसकी गति सुदर्शन चक्र जैसी गति विद्युत चमत्कारों से परिपूर्ण होती है। मन्त्र शब्द बेधी बाण की तरह काम करते हैं। जो अभीष्ट लक्ष्य को बेधते हैं।

गायत्री मन्त्र में गायत्री छंद , विश्वामित्र ऋषि और सविता देवता हैं।श्रुति में सूर्य को जगत की आत्मा कहा गया है। उसी से प्राण प्रादुर्भाव होता है। जिसके कारण प्राणियों का शारीर धारण करना, वनस्पतियों का उगना, पञ्च तत्वों का सक्रिय होना संभव है।

मानव शरीर 24 तत्व विशेष का बना होता है। चेतन्य, आत्मा, मन , बुद्धि, ष्ट धातु, पञ्च ज्ञानेद्रियाँ , पञ्च कर्मेन्द्रिया और पञ्च महाभूत |

गायत्री मन्त्र के 24 अक्षरों का गुंथन इस प्रकार जुड़ा हुआ है की उसके उच्चारण से जिह्वा, मुख, तालू की ऐसी नाड़ियों का क्रमबद्ध सञ्चालन होता है की जिसके कारण शरीर के विभिन भागों में स्थित यौगिक चक्र जागृत होते हैं। जैसे कुंडली जागरण से षष्ट चक्र जागृत किये जातें हैं वैसे ही गायत्री के उच्चारण मात्र से लघु ग्रंथियों को जागृत कर आश्चर्यजनक सकारात्मक परिणाम प्राप्त किये जा सकते हैं।

गायत्री मन्त्र का सूर्य विज्ञान
प्रत्येक वेद मन्त्र का एक देवता होता है जिसकी शक्ति से मन्त्र फलित और सिद्ध होता है । गायत्री महामंत्र का देवता सविता या सूर्य है। गायत्री मन्त्र की शक्ति सूर्य पर ही अवलंबित है । गर्मी, प्रकाश और रेडिएशन सूर्य की स्थूल शक्ति है इसके अलावा समस्त प्राणियों को उत्पान करने , उनके पोषण करने और अभिवर्धन करने की जीवनी-शक्ति उसकी सूक्ष्म शक्ति है।

आध्यात्म विज्ञान में प्रकाश की साधना और प्रकाश की याचना की चर्चा मिलती है। यह प्रकाश किसी बल्ब, बत्ती, दीपक,सूर्य या चन्द्र से निकलने वाला नहीं वरन परम ज्योति है जो इस विश्व में चेतना बन कर जगमगा रही है। गायत्री के उपास्य सविता भी इसी परम ज्योति को कहते हैं। इसका अस्तित्व ऋतंभरा[metaphysical ]प्रतीक के रूप में सृष्टि के कण-कण में हैं। इसकी जितनी अधिक मात्र जिसके भीतर होगी उसमें उतना ही दिव्य अंश आलोकित होगा।

गायत्री महामंत्र का देवता सूर्य महाप्राण है जो जड़ जगत में परमाणु और चेतन जगत में चेतना बन कर तरंगित है। सूर्य के माध्यम से प्रस्फुटित होने वला महाप्राण इश्वर का वह अंश है जिससे इस अखिल सृष्टि का संचालना होता है।

सूर्य का सूक्ष्म प्रभाव शारीर के अलावा सूर्य मन और बुद्धि को भी प्रभावित करता है। इसलिए गायत्री मन्त्र द्वरा बुद्धि को सत्मार्ग की और प्रेरित करने की प्रार्थना सूर्य से की जाती है।

गायत्री मंत्र एक महामंत्र हैं जो प्रत्येक मन्त्र साधक और मंत्र के अधिष्ठाता - देव -सूर्य के मध्य एक अदृश्य सेतु का कार्य करता हैं । जब हम गायत्री -मंत्र का क्रमबद्ध, लयबद्ध और वृताकार क्रम से जाप करतें हैं तो ब्रह्माण्ड के मानस -माध्यम में एक विशिष्ट प्रकार की असाधारण तरंगें उठती हैं जो स्प्रिंगनुमा- पथ spiral -cirulatory –path का अनुगमन करती हुई सूर्य तक पहुँचती हैं | और उसकी प्रतिध्वनी BOOMERANG या प्रत्यावर्ती - बाण के पथ के सामान लौटतें समय सूर्य की दिव्यता,प्रकाश,तेज, ताप और अन्य आलोकिक गुणों से युक्त होती हैं और साधक को इन दिव्य - अणुओं से भर देतीं हैं. साधक शारीरिक,मानसिक और अध्यात्मिक रूप से लाभान्वित होता हैं.

गायत्री मन्त्र द्वारा हम अपने अन्दर के काले, मटमैले और पापाचरण को प्रोत्साहन देने वाले प्रकाश अणुओं को दिव्य, तेजस्वी, सदाचरण, शांति और प्रसन्ता की वृद्धि करने वाले मानव-अणुओं में परिवर्तित करते हैं। विकास की इस प्रक्रिया में किसी नैसर्गिक तत्व, पिंड या गृह-नक्षत्र की सांझेदारी होती है। जैसे गायत्री मन्त्र की उपासना से हमारे भीतर के दूषित प्रकाश अणु को हटाने और उनके स्थान पर दिव्य प्रकाश अणु भरने का माध्यम गायत्री का देवता सविता अर्थात सूर्य होता है।

गायत्री विज्ञान ही सूर्य विज्ञान है ।सूर्य विज्ञान के अनुसार सभी पदार्थ सूर्य रश्मि वर्णमाला के विभिन्न प्रकार के संयोगों से उत्पन्न होते हैं। सभी पदार्थ इस वातावरण में उपस्थित हैं कुछ व्यक्त हैं और कुछ अव्यक्त , गायित्री के उच्च कोटि साधना से व्यक्त को अव्यक्त और अव्यक्त को व्यक्त किया जा सकता है। सूर्य रश्मि वर्णमाला को भली भांति जान कर प्रकृति और पदार्थों में परिवर्तन, विधटन और संगठन करने की समर्थ प्राप्त की जा सकती है | सूर्य रश्मियों के माध्यम से अणुओं में परिवर्तन लाया जा सकता है और एक अणु का दूसरे अणु में रूपांतरित किया जाना संभव होता है ।

गायत्री मन्त्र के प्रभाव 
सूर्य परब्रह्म की प्रत्यक्ष प्रतीक प्रतिमा है। यह जड़ और और चेतन के अस्तितिव को बनाये रखता है। पञ्च प्राण उसी से आते है। उसकी आराधना से हम अपने आन्तरिक चुम्बकत्व संकल्प शक्ति से अभिष्ट मात्र में अभिष्ट स्तर के प्राण आकर्षित और धारण कर सकते हैं।

गायत्री उपासना से सूर्य के विद्युत-चुम्बकीय प्रवाह से पीनल ग्रंथि का सम्बन्ध जुड़ जाता है और सूर्य तेज के कण हमारे शरीर में प्रवेश करते चले जातें है | इस प्रकार प्राण शरीर विकसित होते जाता है और सूर्य प्रकाश के सामान हल्का , दिव्य और तेजस्वी होता जाता है।

सर्प्रथम अनुभव होता है -भ्रूमध्य यानि दोनों भोहों के बीच प्रकाश का अनुभव होना । कुछ समय बाद व्यक्ति की नींद और भूख में क्रमशः कमी आना।मन का स्वतः ही शांत होना। लम्बे समय के जाप के बाद दोनों स्वर -इडा और पिंगला का साथ-साथ चलना । गायत्री मन्त्र के द्वारा विचार संशोधन और भावनात्मक परिष्कार होता है |

गायत्री मन्त्र जाप से मस्तिष्क के दोनों हेमीस्फेरिक सिमिट्री पर प्रभाव पड़ता है | दायें और बाये दोनों गोलार्ध अपनी उन्नत अवस्था में आ जाते हैं और दोनों के क्रियाकलाप के मध्य अधिक सामंजस बैठ जाता है।

गायत्री मन्त्र का प्रभाव सोलर-प्लेक्सस में भी होने से त्वचा की प्रतिरोधी क्षमता भी असाधारण रूप से बढती जाती है।

स्थूल शरीर [physical body]
स्थूल शरीर में सूर्य की किरणें आरोग्य, तेज, बल ,स्फूर्ति, ओज ,उत्साह,आयुष पुरषार्थ बलवर्धन करती हैं | शरीर के समस्त अंग-प्रत्यंग सविता की किरणों द्वारा लाभान्वित होते हैं। सभी परिपुष्ट और क्रियाशील बनतें हैं।

सूक्ष्म शरीर [subtle body]
सूक्ष्म शरीर मस्तिष्क प्रदेश में उसका प्रवेश बुद्धि, वैभव और प्रज्ञा उत्साह ,स्फूर्ति,प्रफुल्लता,साहस ,एकाग्रता, स्थिरता, धेर्य,संयम अनुदान की वर्षा करता है।

कारण शरीर [casual body]
कारण शरीर यानि ह्रदय प्रदेश में भावना, श्रद्धा, त्याग, तपस्या, श्रद्धा, प्रेम,उपकार,विवेक,दया और विश्वास और सद्भावना की वृद्धि करता है।

अंधकार रूपी विकार , इस प्रकाश से तिरोहित होता है, व्यक्तित्व निखरता है और स्थूल शरीर को ओजस, सूक्ष्म शरीर को तेजस और कारण शरीर को वर्चस्व उपलब्ध होता है।

जैसे गाय सब पशुओं में, गंगा सब नदियों में तुलसी सब औषधियों में विशेष लाभकारी है वैसे ही गायत्री शक्ति समस्त ईश्वरीय देव -शक्तियों में अधिक उपयोगी है।

यधपि किसी मन्त्र की शक्ति को न्यून तो नहीं कहा जा सकता है लेकिन महामंत्र गायत्री को यह कहना पड़ता है की यह सर्वोपरी मन्त्र विपुल शक्ति संपन्न अपने में एक विशेष विलक्षणता रखता है।

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rotary club Meerut celebrated 3rd Star Diwali Fiesta

Rotary club Meerut Stars in association with Dainik Jagran & Ankur Jewellers celebrated 3rd Star Diwali Fiesta at Saket Sports Club, Meerut. 

 Rtn. Vishal Gupta-Club Secretary informed Dwarka Parichay that the main attraction of the show were Tambola, Melodious songs of Sh.Rajiv Gupta, Renu & Bittoo and above all the Fashion show by Ms.Nidhi Sigma Events. 

Sh. K. Satyanarayan (I.P.S.) D.I.G. Meerut, Sh.Navdeep Rinwa(I.A.S.) D.M. Meerut were the Chief Guests & Mr. Manuj Sharma Producer of Film-Zila Ghaziabad was the Guest of Honour of the festival. President Rtn. Dr. Rajeev Shekhar, Chairman Rtn. Hari Gupta, Rtn. Ajay Veer Garg-Counselor, Rtn. Sanjay Agarwal-Co-Chairman, Rtn. Mradul Goel-Convener, Rtn. Arvind Sharma-Fiesta Treasurer, Rtn. Sandeep Garg-Club Treasurer graced the occasion with their presence. Ms. Money Bhasin-anchor compared the whole programme beautifully.

21st Foundation Day of Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust celebrated at Dwarka

Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust celebrated its 21st Foundation Day on 29th October, 2013 at its headquarters in Dwarka. H.E. Dr. Karan Singh Ji, M.P. (RS) and President, Indian Council of Cultural Relations, New Delhi was the Chief Guest inaugurated the the celebrations.

Welcoming the Chief Guest Dr. Karan Singh, Dr. U.N.B.Rao, Ph.D.(IIT-Delhi), IPS (Retd.), Founder & Chairman of Trust (formerly Joint Commissioner of Police, New Delhi) recalled that the Trust building was constructed with a donation of Rs. 20.00 lakhs given by Dr. Karan Singh and many well known persons and PSUs and expressed his gratitude for the same. He indicated that UVCT has 6 Centers in Delhi and in other States such as Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka & Maharashtra. Dr. Rao mentioned that from this year, in a bid to encourage Civic departments located in Dwarka Sub-city (such as Water supply, Electricity, Police, Public Works and others), UVCT has instituted a Rolling Trophy to be awarded annually to a Government Department which has been extending best possible services in Dwarka. He also mentioned that Adolescent Ambassadors of UVCT are being inducted from different Schools to spread the mission of Trust among the adolescents. 25 students were inducted as Ambassadors of Adolescents representing different schools.

Dr. Karan Singh awarded UVCT first Rolling Trophy and a citation to Department of Horticulture for the Best Civic Authority 2013. has performed commendably and developed numerous green patches in and around Dwarka. The Trophy was received by Shri Angad Singh, Deputy Director (Horticulture) on behalf of the Director of Horticulture, DDA. Dr. Brij Lal, Director (Horticulture) visited UVCT but had to leave due to some pressing works at his Headquarters. However, he was happy to note that contribution of Department of Horticulture has been recognized in Dwarka Sub-city and appreciated. 

Dr. Karan Singh in his words of blessings, urged the younger generation to make India a strong Country. He pointed out that when he was 18 years young, he was inducted as Regent. He mentioned that he has visited Dwarka after a long time and has been greatly impressed with the greenery, tall buildings, good roads and was happy to see UVCT, a big Center for adolescents deeply involved in empowerment of young adults. He recalled that he has been closely and actively associated with UVCT in the past and attended functions of UVCT 3-4 times. He thanked Dr. U.N.B.Rao, Mrs. Chaya Rao and the entire team of UVCT for doing such a noble service to the Society, particularly for the younger generation.

On this occasion, many eminent persons from Delhi and NCR were present. Mrs. Kodian, a well-known Social Worker, Mr. Kapil Chopra, CEO of Bentex, Mr. Sunil Sarin, Mr. B.S.Negi, Capt. S.S.Mann, Vice President, Sukh-dukh Ke Saathi, Principal, Basava International School were present.

More than 200 children participated in the Foundation Day Celebrations where folk dance, skit, and Patriotic songs were performed by the children of Tagore Garden, Bindapur, GRC Kapashera, TI, Narela and Wazirpur.

Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust is a national NGO which is working towards the adolescent empowerment since 1994. While UVCT focuses on the social and economic empowerment of young adults aged 13-21 years both male and females our clientele largely comprises women. UVCT has a motto of finding ways and means to transform the country’s ‘Burden of Population’ into an ‘Asset of Human Resources’, through a process of empowerment, rather than of control.

The Love is that which gives smile, pleasure to others.....mean LOVE ALL.

“Love All” means something very positive. Yes, you can believe that this novel is written by a dedicated Sports Journalist who is presently working for Mahua Channel as Chief Sports Editor. He is none other than Mr. Manish Sharma who is a young man with versatile personality. Mr. Sharma is a firm believer of Almighty.

This story is consists of true story of many journalists, and has been woven in to one, LOVE ALL, and it must read to all lovers, Mass Communication students, lovers, parents, because it has message for all of them, and genuine message, which will teach to all a lot.

I didn't take inspiration from anywhere....I was feeling fed up of routine work, so I thought that I must work on this as I always had belief, and dream as well to write a novel, and by the grace of God, my dream has come true.

According to Mr. Sharma “ Love is very pious thing, and those people are lucky, who fall in to it, and more so, achieve this. But, Love is not only between girl and boy. one has to prove him/herself for the mother, father, sister as well. Love is that, where there is no existence of greed, and selfishness. The Love is that which gives smile, pleasure to others.....mean LOVE ALL.

First attempt:
yes, it is my debut novel.

Upcoming project:
Yes, I am working on fiction, which is related to SACHIN TENDULKAR, and this is a unique concept, which has never ever been written.

I want to recommend to all that they would read LOVE ALL at least for once, and give honest feed back, like what is wrong...and what they liked etc......and above all .............LOVE ALL..............Thank you very much.

Interviewed by: S.S.DOGRA


22Ct Gold Plated Lakshmi Kubera
Dhanakarshana Yantra
On the special occasion of Dhan Teras, Sri Ram Mandir, Sector 7, Dwarka will be conducting a special puja on 1st November, 2013 (Friday) as per the following programme:

9.00 AM --Sahasranama (1008) Archanai
10.30 AM --Distribution of Prasad
6.00 PM --Sahasranama (1008) Archanai
7.00 PM --Aarthi
7.30 PM --Distribution of Prasad

Significance of Dhanteras:
Dhanteras is the first day of the Diwali festival celebrations which lasts for 5 days. The word "Dhanteras" originates from "Dhan" (wealth) and "Teras" (the 13th day). It is being celebrated on the Trayodasi day during the month of Ashvin as per the Hindu lunar calendar. Its observance includes prayers to Goddess Lakshmi for wealth, well-being and purchase of precious metals such as Gold and Silver. It is believed that this kind of new 'Dhan' brings luck and prosperity to the family.

It has been proposed to give 22Ct Gold Plated Lakshmi Kubera Dhanakarshana Yantra  as Prasad to the devotees who contribute Rs.1100/- after performing puja and keeping the same at the Lotus feet of the almighty.

Those interested are requested to book their coin at Sri Ram Mandir or contact any one of the following :

Sh. M Viswanathan - 9312247576    &  Sh. R. Krishna Kumar - 9868231042

Note : Due to limited quantity available, the booking will be done on First cum First Served Basis. Those who book online are requested to send in their name and address through email.


Rama Ekadasi

Yudhisthira Maharaj said, "O Janardana, O protector of all beings, what is the name of the Ekadasi that comes during the dark fortnight (Krishna paksha) of the month of Karttika (October - November). Please impart this sacred knowledge to me.

The Supreme Lord, Sri Krishna then spoke as follows, "O lion among kings, please listen as I narrate to you. The Ekadasi that occurs during the dark part of the month of Karttika is called Ramaa Ekadasi. It is most auspicious, for it at once eradicates the greatest sins and awards one the passage to the spiritual abode. I shall now narrate to you its history and glories.

"There once lived a famous king of the name Muchakunda, who was friendly to Lord Indra, the king of the heavenly planets, as well as with Yamaraj, Varuna, and Vibhishana, the pious brother of the demon Ravana. Muchakunda always spoke the truth and constantly rendered devotional service to Me. Because he ruled according to religious principles, there were no disturbances in his kingdom.

"Muchakunda's daughter was named Chandrabhaagaa, after a sacred river, and the king gave her in marriage to Shobhana, the son of Chandrasena. One day, Shobhana visited his father-in-law's palace on the auspicious Ekadasi day. This visit made Shobhana's wife Chandrabhaagaa quite anxious, for she knew that her husband was physically very weak and unable to bear the austerity of a day-long fast. She said to him, `My father is very strict about following Ekadasi. On Dasami, the day before Ekadasi, he strikes a large kettledrum and announces, "Nobody should eat on Ekadasi, the sacred day of Sri Hari!

"When Shobhana heard the sound of the kettledrum, he said to his wife, `O beautiful one, what am I to do now? Please tell me how I can save my life and obey your father's strictness and at the same time satisfy our guests!

"Chandrabhaagaa then spoke, `My dear husband, in my father's house nobody - not even the elephants or horses, what to speak of consenting human beings - eats on Ekadasi. Indeed, none of the animals are given their ration of grains, leaves, or straw - or even water ! - on Ekadasi, the sacred day of Sri Hari. So how can you escape fasting? My beloved husband, if you must eat something, then you should leave here at once. Now, with firm conviction decide on what you have to do.'

"Prince Shobhana then said, `I have decided to fast on the sacred Ekadasi day. Whatever my fate is, it will surely come to pass.' "Deciding thus, Shobhana attempted to fast on this Ekadasi, but he became unbearably disturbed with excessive hunger and thirst.

Eventually the sun set in the west, and the arrival of the auspicious night made all the Vaishnavas very happy. O Yudhisthira, all the devotees enjoyed worshipping Me (Sri Hari) and remaining awake all through night, but Prince Shobhana that night became absolutely unbearable.

Indeed, when the Sun rose on the Dwadasi, that Prince Shobhana was dead. "King Muchakunda observed his son-in-law's funeral, ordering a large stack of wood be assembled for the fire, but he instructed his daughter Chandrabhaagaa not to join her husband on the funeral pyre.

Thus Chandrabhaagaa, after performing all the purificatory processes and procedures for honouring her deceased husband, continued to live in her father's house. Lord Sri Krishna continued, "O best of the kings, Yudhisthira, even though Shobhana died because of observing Ramaa Ekadasi, the merit that he accrued enabled him, after his death, to become the ruler of a kingdom high on the peak of Mandarachala Mountain.

This kingdom was like a city of the demigods; very lustrous, with unlimited jewels set in the walls of its buildings that gave off light. The pillars were made of rubies, and gold inlaid with diamonds shone everywhere. As King Shobhana sat upon a throne beneath a pure white canopy, servants fanned him with yak-tail whisks.

A stunning crown rested upon his head, beautiful earrings adorned his ears, a necklace graced his throat, and bejewelled armlets and bracelets encircled his arms. He was served by Gandharvas (the best of heavenly singers) and Apsaras (celestial dancers). Verily, he resembled a second Indra.

"One day, a brahmin named Somasharma, who lived in Muchakunda's kingdom, happened upon Shobhana's kingdom while travelling to various places of pilgrimage. The brahmin saw Shobhana in all his resplendent glory and thought he might be the son-in-law of his own king Muchakunda. When Shobhana saw the brahmin approaching, he immediately rose up from his seat and welcomed him. After Shobhana had paid his respectful obeisances he asked the brahmin about his well-being and about the health and welfare of his (Shobhana's) father-in-law, his wife and all the residents of the city. "Somasharma then said, `O king, all the residents and subjects are well in your father-in-law's kingdom, and Chandrabhaagaa and your other family members are also quite well. Peace and prosperity reign throughout the kingdom.

But there is one thing, I'm quite astonished to find you here! Please tell me about yourself. Nobody has ever seen such a beautiful city as this! Kindly tell me how you obtained it.'

"King Shobhana then began to tell his story, `Because I observed the Ramaa Ekadasi, I was given this splendid city to rule over. But for all of its grandeur, it is only temporary. I beg you to do something to correct this deficiency. You see, this is only an ephemeral city, a place of this material world. How may I make its beauties and glories permanent? Kindly reveal this to me by your instructions.

"The brahmin then asked, `Why is this kingdom unstable and how will it become stable? Please fully explain this to me, and I shall try to help you.'

"Shobhana then answered, `Because I fasted on the Ramaa Ekadasi without any faith, this kingdom is impermanent. Now hear how it can become permanent. Please return to Chandrabhaagaa, the beautiful daughter of king Muchukunda, and tell her what you have seen and understood about this place and about me.

Surely, if you, a pure hearted brahmin, tell her this, my city will soon become permanent. "Thus the brahmin returned to his city and related the entire episode to Chandrabhaagaa, who was both surprised and overjoyed to hear this news of her husband. She said, `O brahmana, is this a dream you have seen, or is it actually a factual thing?'

"Somasharma the brahmin replied, `O Princess, I have seen your late husband face to face in that wonderful kingdom, which resembles a realm of the denizens' of heavens playgrounds.

But you former husband has asked me to relate to you that he says that his kingdom is unstable and could vanish into thin air at any moment. Therefore he hope you can find a way to make it permanent.'

"Chandrabhaagaa then said, `O sage among the brahmins, please take me to that place where my husband resides at once, for I greatly desire to see him again! Surely I shall make his kingdom permanent with the merit that I have acquired by fasting on every Ekadasi throughout my life. Please reunite us at once, again. It is said that one who reunites separated persons also obtains very great merit.'

"The humble brahmin Somasharma then led Chandrabhaagaa to Shobhana's effulgent kingdom. Before reaching it, however, they stopped at the foot of Mount Mandaracala, at the sacred ashrama of Vamadeva. Upon hearing their story, Vamadeva chanted hymns from the Vedas and sprinkled holy water from his samanya arghya upon Chandrabhaagaa.

By the influence of that great Rishi's rites, the merit she had accrued by fasting for so many Ekadasis made her body transcendental. Ecstatic, her eyes beaming in wonder, Chandrabhaagaa continued on her journey.

"When Shobhana saw his wife approaching him high on Mount Mandarachala, he was overwhelmed with joy and called out to her in great happiness and jubilation.

After she arrived , he seated her on his left side and she said to him, `O dearest Patiguru, please listen as I tell you something that will benefit you greatly. Since I was eight years old I have fasted regularly and with full faith on every Ekadasi. If I transfer to you all the merit I have accumulated, your kingdom will surely become permanent, and its prosperity will grow and grow until the coming of the great inundation!'

Lord Sri Krishna then continued to address Yudhisthira as follows, "O Yudhisthira, in this way Chandrabhaagaa who was beautifully decorated with the finest ornaments and had an exquisitely transcendental body, at last enjoyed peace and happiness with her husband.

By the potency of Ramaa Ekadasi, Shobhana found his kingdom on the peaks of Mount Mandarachala able to fulfill all his desires and bestow upon him everlasting happiness, like that achieved from the transcendental Kaama-dhenu milch cow.

"O greatest of kings, I have thus narrated to you the glories of Ramaa Ekadasi that falls in the dark fortnight of the month of Kartika.

"Anyone who observes sacred Ekadasi during both the light and the dark fortnight of each month is undoubtedly freed from the reactions to the sin of killing a brahmin. One should not differentiate between the Ekadasis of the light and dark parts of the month.

As we have seen, both can award pleasure in this world and liberate even the most sinful and fallen souls. Just as black cows and white cows give equally good quality milk. So the Ekadasis of the dark fortnight (Krishna paksha) and the light fortnight (shukla or Gaura paksha) award the same high degree of merit and eventually liberate one from the repeated cycle of birth and death.

Anyone who simply hears this narration of the glories of the sacred day of Ramaa Ekadasi, is freed from all kinds of sin and attains the supreme abode of Lord Vishnu.

Thus ends the narration for the glories of the sacred Karttika-krishna Ekadasi, or Ramaa Ekadasi, from the Brahma-Vaivarta Purana of Srila Krishna Dwaipayana Veda Vyaasa.

Information shared by S Balaji, ISKON Temple, Dwarka

World Stroke Day

Dr KK Aggarwal
Padma Shri and Dr B C Roy National Awardee
President, Heart Care Foundation of India

On the occasion of World Stroke Day, Padma Shri and Dr B C Roy National Awardee, Dr K K Aggarwal and Dr Vipul Gupta, Senior Interventional Neuroradiologist at Medanta - The Medicity said that both heart attack and brain attack should be tackled in the same way. Both conditions share the same predisposing factors and in both cases early diagnosis and clot removal is life-saving.

In both cases the patient should be rushed to the nearest hospital as early as possible but definitely within 6 hours and the treatment in both the conditions is either clot dissolving therapy or removal of the clot by invasive cath procedure. In both cases preferably the patient should be shifted to the nearest hospital where cath lab facilities are available. 

They said one should remember the mnemonic Act FAST to identify stroke, where “F” stands for Fallen Face; “A” stands for inability to raise both arms high, “S” stands for slurred speech and the last “T” stands for the importance of time or in other words to act fast definitely within 6 hours if any of these signs are present.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


To Sir, with Love


Rev. Father Rudolf Robert Schoch SJ needs no introduction. Thousands of his students all across the world would be pleased to note that his 100th Birth Anniversary was on 27th Sept. 2013.

Fr. Schoch – the educationist par excellence – was an outstanding teacher, basically because he was a great, kind and benevolent human being. He had this rare quality of love for humanity and the inclination to do good for others.
Rev. Father 

Born in Basel, Switzerland on September 27, 1913, he completed his schooling at St. Gaulle and Stella Matutina in Feldkirch (Austria). After his graduation from St Ballen–Perugia, he entered the Society of Jesus at Tisis (Feldkirch) in 1932, when he was not yet 19 years. He studied philosophy for six years at Berchmans Kolleg, Germany and came to India in 1938. In India he continued his studies, learning Marathi and Sanskrit for a year. He studied theology in Pune from 1942 for three years.

During the Second World War, the German Priests were sent to concentration camps and the Swiss Jesuits had to take their places. He was ordained a priest on 20th March, 1945. From 1946-48, he taught at a school at Dehu Road, Pune. In 1948, he became Principal of Dnyanamata Vidyalaya at Sangamner, Ahmednagar district – the first Marathi secondary school – a post he held for four years. He was already speaking fluent Marathi and he was granted citizenship.

Between 1957 and 1966, he was Principal of St. Vincent’s High School. He was instrumental in wide-ranging reforms, including construction of new buildings with large labs and audio-visual facilities and increasing the number of playgrounds.

In one of his rare interviews, Fr. Schoch said that after Independence, the Poona Mission had felt the need to establish a new school in Poona, as St. Vincent's was the only large English Medium School of the Society of Jesus. Once at a tea party at the Governor's place, he met Dr. Venkataraman, the then Director of National Chemical Laboratory (N.C.L.), who suggested that he consider some land near N.C.L. as a site for the school. Fr. Schoch finally selected the site. The Architect-in-charge was an old student of Fr. Schoch. Some people were generous with donations. What Fr. Schoch really appreciated were the small donations like Rs. 10/-, Rs. 50/-, etc which were really precious ones He received foreign aid too, from the Swiss and German Governments. In 1952, Fr. Schoch had helped the Germans to start courses in Poona University and in founding of the Max Mueller Bhavan; they reciprocated by helping Loyola.

Fr. Schoch was Principal of Loyola from 1966 to 1973. He was then again Principal of St. Vincent’s High School from 1973 for six years. He drew out the best from both his staff and students. He exercised authority as Principal, at the same time supporting his staff and entrusting responsibility. He would strive to solve the teachers’ and students’ difficult class and domestic problems, visiting them in their homes and strengthening his rapport with them. The secret of his success as an administrator was partly due to his toiling at nights studying the boys’ reports in different standards, finding out ways to improve their performance.

He would read the rules and regulations of the Maharashtra SSC Board and the Education Department with a keen critical eye and would advise the several school administrators who sought his advice. Both Pune University and the Maharashtra School Board recognized his expertise and he was Member of the Senate of the University and a Member of the Academic Council of the Maharashtra School Board for 14 years. He was also Vice President of and Secretary to the Poona Schools Athletics Association for 12 years and an honorary Rotarian for 14 years.

Fr. Schoch is well remembered for teaching German and Civics. He was also a writer. His much acclaimed book ‘Civics and Indian Administration’ was prescribed as a Maharashtra School Text Book for several years. He also authored ‘God on Weekdays’.

Fr. Schoch reiterated “The crime that the government commits is that they give a very low salary to teachers. In advanced countries, teachers enjoy an honoured place in society and earn a good salary; but not in India. In the land of the 'Guru', teachers are neglected. A nation that believes in its future should believe in education”. How very true!

Fr. Schoch studied Shankaracharya. He read books on Advaita. He was also interested in Tukaram and translated 39 of his poems to German.

Fr. Schoch made a very pertinent point on fairness and justice. He said that all his teachers were good, but one of them, Fr. Peter influenced him more than anyone else. If he had become a good Principal, it was primarily due to him. Fr. Schoch stated, “I saw the necessity of fairness and justice because he was very unjust to me. We learn as much from our bad teachers as from the good”.

Another important point to be noted is what he stated about his mother – he said his mother had a great respect for her children.

Fr. Schoch would always advise his students saying, “Do your utmost; love God and people, giving yourselves to them. Then you will really enjoy life and have many friends”.

Fr. Schoch, who was an institution by himself, motivated us students to strive and excel in all fields and to play the game in the right spirit. His was an endeavour to provide holistic education to his students, by building character and inculcating ethical conduct in us. This speaks volumes for his dedication and commitment to high moral values, which helped him make gentlemen out of his boys and make them responsible citizens of this great country.

He said “Naturally I fell in love with India. In addition to Poona, I also spent many years in Sangamner. I am grateful to India for having given me a chance to do a good job. A job I would not have been able to do anywhere else. God has been kind to me”. Two thoughts that constantly came up in his mind during his last days in Shrirampur were “my Mother and Poona”.
For the thousands of students, teachers, non-teaching staff, parents and other people who were fortunate to be acquainted with him, he was the motivating spirit behind some of the finest schools in India. A man of strong principle and belief, Fr. Schoch is no more, but he continues to live in the hearts of all his students.

Connecting Indians
Anup Y. Attavar
A student (ex Loyola) of Fr. Schoch &
Special Correspondent – Dwarka Parichay (Western India)


We are glad to inform our devotees that as was done last year, Sri Sri Kali Puja will be observed with image worship on 2nd of November, 2013. The Puja will start around 8.30 p.m. and will go on throughout the night. Devotees wishing to attend the Puja are requested to enter the premises before 10.00 p.m. after which the main gate will be closed to prevent entry by outsiders. However, those inside the premises can go out at any time. There will be prasad distribution at the end of the Puja early in the morning on the 3rd. Devotees are requested to attend the Puja and also partake of the prasad.

Swami Shantatmananda
Ramakrishna Mission
Ramakrishna Ashram Marg,
New Delhi, Delhi, India 110055
Tel: (91)(11)2358-7110, 2358-0091

First Hand Experience Of Flora and Fauna

Class XII students (Humanities Stream Geography ) of Paramount International School visited for a field trip to Chawla village for giving them a first hand experience of Flora Fauna and Field survey.

Geography students conducted a survey on the farmers’ life and different crops grown on their land as per the required climatic condition . The experience was highly beneficial and unique for the students. The fields were being prepared for sowing wheat. The students worked on the field and ploughed the land with the help of a tractor.

The trip was conducted under the supervision of Ms Mala Amit Kumar (PGT Geography ) and Mr. Sukhwinder Dagar (PET) .The MD of the school Mrs. R L Saroha, said that such trips prove beneficial for the students as well as the faculty members.


शोक सन्देश

हिंदुस्तान के प्रसिद्ध साहित्यकार श्री राजेन्द्र यादव 6 दशकों तक अपनी कलम के जादूगरी के बाद अपने प्राण त्याग गए. वे ८४ वर्ष के थे. हंस पत्रिका में प्रकाशित कुछेक सम्पादकीय पढने के बाद एक बार मेरी मुलाकात शीर्ष भारतीय लेखक व नाटककार विजय तेंदुलकर का इंटरव्यू लेते हुए इंडिया हेबिटेट सेंटर में हुई. उनकी गंभीरतापूर्वक व् सरल व्यवहार से मैं अत्यंत प्रभावित हुआ हालाँकि कई बार महिलाओं पर कुछ टिका टिप्पणी के लिए कुछ वक्त वे चर्चा में रहे. परन्तु उनकी लेखनी के लिए बड़े बड़े साहित्यकार आज भी उनके नाम का लोहा मानते हैं. ईश्वर ऐसे अनोखे साहित्यकार की आत्मा को शान्ति प्रदान करे तथा उनके पीछे समस्त परिवार को इस दुख की घडी में इस संकट को सहन करने शक्ति दे.

द्वारका परिचय समाचार पत्र समूह की ओर से दिवंगत आत्मा की शान्ति के लिए शत शत नमन.

To Stop a Bad Police Ordinance

There were 451 official public complaints against police personnel this year alone. One can only imagine how many instances went unreported. But does the political executive really want to address the public outrage against poor policing? Probably not, given how many chances they have missed. 

Seven years ago the Supreme Court demanded a complete overhauling of policing, allowing for greater independence in the day to day functioning of the police but with increased accountability. It is high time for an independent, accountable, professional, and modern police service in Tamil Nadu.

For seven years the Tamil Nadu government has thwarted the Supreme Court. It has deliberately found ways to avoid following the Court’s directions. Now, the Court has begun reviewing the state government’s actions. So, the CM has rushed and produced a flawed Ordinance that will ensure police will never be able to function without undue interference from politicians to pay lip service compliance.

The Assembly session lasts till the 30th. Until then, you have the power to put the rule to a committee vote, ensuring that the assembly listens to voters and we all get a police service we can be proud of. Tired of illegal arrests and detention? Tired of rude constables who are difficult to approach? Tired of the police working only for the politicians? Click below and start the process of change: 


With hope and determination,
Meredith, Antonia, Marie, Ricken and the whole Avaaz team

Monday, October 28, 2013

Turning and Twisting your way to Fitness

Aerobics and Zumba have been a part of my life for the last seven years. Aerobics tones the body, gives it extra strength, makes it fit and healthy and is a perfect stress releaser making you happy by acquiring a slim and graceful body. All of us want to wear the ‘little black dress’ and have the perfect figure. Aerobics and Zumba are the right way to get it.

Aerobics and Zumba are a combination of music, dance and exercises. Cardiovascular exercises in gym can get monotonous and boring. As Zumba is a group activity, it helps in socializing and it is a perfect choice for workout for all ages of people - elderly, young crowd and small children. An hour of Zumba involves Latin American dance movements, really making you sweat and burn fat, dancing throughout.

Aerobics involves all-over body movements. Cardio exercises which elevate the heart rate such as Jumping Jacks, V-Step, Squats and Skipping are designed to work on every body part. Equipment like dumb bells, gym balls and steppers are used for toning.These are not dance steps but there is more emphasis on muscle strengthening and toning. Weights are an important part of Aerobics which help in toning the muscles and getting rid of the extra flabs.

There are several gyms which offer Aerobics and Zumba packages. Having a trainer would be the best way to learn group aerobics and Zumba but if you are not fortunate to get one in your area, then there are amazing apps on phones and YouTube. There are many free apps on iPad like Cardio free app which explains multiple exercises.

Zumba has fast gained popularity in India. It is the newest sensation in metro cities. It is a dance for fitness-folks which helps to reduce weight. Zumba music has both fast and slow rhythms which help to work-out for longer periods of time. In Zumba, you don’t have to get all the steps right but you should actively do all the steps to lose high calories. The dance styles of Zumba are salsa, cumbia, meringue, cha-cha, mambo, flamenco, samba, and tango and shuffle steps.

The initial classes are divided into two basic levels. Basic level one focuses on four rhythms –meringue, salsa, cumbia and reggaeton. Basic level two adds four rhythms - belly dance, flamenco, tango and samba.

There are eight different types of classes for different levels of age and exertion. Zumba Gold mainly targets the older population for improving strength, mobility and coordination. Zumba Toning is cardio workouts with toning sticks. Zumba Toning targets the abs, thighs, arms, and other muscles throughout the body. Aqua Zumba is Zumba in a swimming pool. Zumba in the circuit is the dance combined with circuit training.

Zumbatomic is for children between the ages of 4 and 12. It has the same dance and music styles as a regular Zumba Fitness class, but has routines designed specifically for kids.
A typical Zumba session burns between 500 and 1000 calories.

To be fit and having a good lifestyle is important. Along with Aerobics and Zumba, maintaining a healthy diet will increase the effects greatly.

Siddha Kudchadkar
MS Engineering Management, Syracuse USA

City Hulchal

International Water Convention inaugurated by Shri Pranab Mukherje,
The President of India at New Delhi. (Photo: Joginder Dogra)

Three Teams To Join Airtel I-League Clubs For Fed Cup

All India Football Federation (AIFF) has announced the three remaining teams who will play in the 35th edition of the Federation Cup along with the other 13 Airtel I-League clubs scheduled to take part in the country’s premier Cup Competition starting New Year’s Day.

While Mumbai Tigers will be replaced by United Sikkim in Group D, the third and fourth placed Teams from last year’s Second Division League – Bhowanipore FC and Langnsing FC — will be the other two outfits in Group D and Group A respectively. The new logo for the tourney has also been released.

Sri Venkateshwar International School Celebrated -VIVAAN

The uprising of inherent pride in the motherland was evident as Sri Venkateshwarites presented 1857-An Uprising on October 25-26,2013 as Sri Venkateshwar International School celebrated its Annual Day ‘Vivaan’.

Mr Premchand Palety ,Chief Executive C-fore and Prof Brahmanand Mishra, Hon’ble Chairman Board of Governors, NSIT were the Chief Guests for the occasion. Gp Capt Ishwar Singh, Advisor , Venkateshwar Group of Schools, members of the Management Committee, Venkateshwar Group of Schools and Mr Sailander Solanki,Chairman SVIS were among the distinguished luminaries present.

The School Principal Ms Nita Arora welcomed all and presented the school report. Thereafter the school Band-The Fangs presented a musical tribute –The Ocean of Emotions setting the pace for the theme to unfold. The invocation with a difference sought the blessings of almighty as the dancers depicted human cognizance for their actions be it greed, destruction of nature or human values.The ballet-1857 –an Uprising retraced India’s first collective struggle for freedom. The stage came alive with the depiction of ripples of water as East India Company came and took over. The sheer elegance of the depiction of scenes and narratives, the nuances, the stances and the expressions highlighted the fine artistry of the young artistes. The stellar performance catapulted the audience back to the era and ended with the modern world being inextricably linked to the pre-independent one.

The audience sat back overwhelmed. It was a day that saw the felicitation of students who had excelled through their multifaceted talent The students were awarded in various categories: Literary Genius, Creative Genius, Ace swimmer, etc. The students from classes VI-X who proved their mettle in the field of academics were also awarded merit certificates and cash prizes. Pranjal Agrawal was awarded the Principal’s Award for Leadership and Vishu Gupta was conferred with the Chairman’s Trophy for Excellence.

The Chief Guests were enthralled by the performances and motivated the young torchbearers to be righteous citizens. The School Chairman expressed his joy on seeing the veritable growth of the students.

The show came to an end having ignited the patriotic fervor and the awakening of each ones conscience with each parent and participant taking a pledge for being responsible citizenship. The event VIVAAN not only aimed at highlighting each student’s creative potential but also fulfilled its social responsibility by encouraging people to be alert citizens.

Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust is celebrating its 21st Foundation Day on 29thOctober

Dr. Karan Singh

Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust—a NGO, working towards the adolescent and women issues will celebrate its 21st Foundation Day on 29th October, 2013. H.E. Dr. Karan Singh Ji, M.P. (RS) and President, Indian Council of Cultural Relations, New Delhi will be the Chief Guest and will inaugurate the celebrations.

Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust is serving public through its six centers in Delhi (Tagore Garden, Bindapur, Wazirpur, Narela, Kirari and Kapashera) and in 4 other States namely Andhra Pradesh, Haryana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra, besides one in USA. The Gender Resource Center (Stree Shakti Suvidha Kendra) of Mission Convergence of GNCT, Delhi got added to the Urivi Vikram Charitable Trust in September, 2012. The Targeted Intervention Center of DSACS was added in the month of November, 2012 in Industrial Area of Narela, in view of the success of the existing one in Wazirpur Industrial Area.

In a bid to encourage Civic departments located in Dwarka Sub-city (such as Water supply, Electricity, Police, Public Works and others), instituted a Rolling Trophy to be awarded annually to a Government Department which has been extending best possible services in Dwarka. The Governing Body of UVCT has decided to award this Trophy, for the year 2013, to the Department of Horticulture, which has performed commendably and developed numerous green patches in and around Dwarka. Erstwhile Papankalan (since named as Dwarka) was a barren land where construction activity virtually killed all vegetation 10-15 years ago. The Trophy will be awarded by Dr. Karan Singh Ji to the Director of Horticulture.

It may be recalled that Dr. A.P.J.Abdul Kalam, former President of India; Dr. Shiv Raj Patil, Governor of Punjab; Smt. Sheila Dikshit, Chief Minister of Delhi; Lt. Gov. Tejender Khanna and other eminent personalities from India and abroad had already visited the Trust at various occasions.
Dr U N B Rao

While UVCT focuses on the social and economic empowerment of young adults aged 13-21 years both male and females our clientele largely comprises women. UVCT has a motto of finding ways and means to transform the country’s ‘Burden of Population’ into an ‘Asset of Human Resources’, through a process of empowerment, rather than of control. The main objectives of UVCT are Developing general awareness through seminars, group discussions and camps to help youth find solutions to their problems psychological, financial, ethical and social; and to help acquire a realistic value system that is conducive to the development of a healthy society; Developing educational and skill training programs for school dropouts, to enable them to become socially and economically productive citizens of the country; Developing the concept of oneness of all religions and love for the homeland in youth, by raising their level of consciousness; Developing counseling centers for disturbed youth; and Establishing rehabilitation centers for juvenile delinquents to provide both emotional support and skill training.

Click for Interview of Dr. U. N. B. Rao at Dwarka Parichay

Heart Care Foundation of India Announced the First National Healthcare Promotion Awards

Aimed at recognizing exceptional work in the social health sector in India.

The Heart Care Foundation of India the only National Not for profit NGO, on whose mega community health education events, Govt. of India has released two National Commemorative stamps and one cancellation stamp, today announced the National Healthcare Promotion awards. These awards aim at recognizing exceptional work in the social health sector in the country and are divided into three categories – “The Eminent Statesman of the Year”, “Eminent Guardians of the Year” and “Eminent Person of the year”.

The Guest of Honor at the award ceremony which took place at the ongoing Perfect Health Mela was Ustaad Shamsher Mehndi. Another eminent personality who were present on the occasion were Mrs Rashmi Singh, Executive Director, Rashtriya Mahila Kosh, Women and Child Development, Govt. of India; Ms. Uma Sharma, Padma Bhushan and noted Kathak dancer, Ms Roshni Thakur, noted Poetess, Ms Neena Singh and Dr Ekta Chadha.

The first National Healthcare Promotion Award “Eminent Statesman of the Year” was received by the Former Chief Election Commissioner of India Dr. S Y Quraishi.

The awards under the category “Eminent Guardians of the Year”, were received by Dr. Mathew Cherian Chief Executive Helpage India; Dr. Dindeshwar Pathak Founder Sulabh International; Dr. S P Agarwal, Secretary General Indian Red cross Society, Lt Gen D Raghunath and Raja Saboo Former President Rotary international.

The National Healthcare Promotion Awards will be given on an annual basis. From next year, an Award Committee will be chaired by Dr. S Y Quraishi. The categories of the awards will be Eminent Statesman of the Year (1), Eminent Gus ardian of the year (5) and Eminent Person of the year (9).

Dr. S Y Quraishi said that the awardees will form a think tank who will meet once in three months and will work for the welfare of the society.

Speaking at the occasion, Padmashri & Dr. BC Roy National Awardee and the President Heart Care Foundation of India, Dr. KK Aggarwal said “Heart Care Foundation of India is committed to raising health awareness in the country and it gives me great pleasure to announce the first National Healthcare Promotion Awards. We are happy that the we have on our panel, individuals who have done exceptional work in raising health awareness in the country and hope that together we can help make India a healthier nation”.

In a key note address Mrs. Krishna Tirath, Union Minister for Women and Child Development spoke about her concern about the declining child sex to ratio in India. She appealed to the doctors to educate the public about the various laws in the country catering to the prevention of sexual offences in children and. She said all doctors must learn and report sexual abuses in children.

Dr. S Y Quraishi said “CSR activities should not be only for the large PSUs but also for small commercial groups. He said that up to 2% of the turnover or the profit should be devoted for social upliftment of the society”.

Other eminent doctors present were Dr Anil Goyal, Dr GK Mani, Dr Manju Mani, Dr N K Bhatia, Dr I M Chugh, Dr P Ranjan, Dr Sanjay Gupta and Dr Aditya.

All religion seminar organized on life after death.
The seminar was moderated by Dr. KK Aggarwal and Dr. AK Merchant from Bahai faith. The spiritual gurus in a joint statement resolved that basic purpose of life is to acquire inner happiness. All dharma gurus also gave a statement – irrespective of religion one should learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation and save a dying person.

Spiritual GURS who participate included Father Dr. M.D. Thomas Christian perspective, Prof. M.H. Qureshi Muslim perspective, Dr. (Mrs.) Shernaz Cama Zoroastrianism perspective, Swami Shantatmananda Secretary Rama Krishna Mission Hindu perspective, Dr. Mohinder Singh, Honorary Directory Bhai Veer Singh Sahitya Sadan Sikh perspective, Dr. A.K. Merchant Bahai faith perspective and Dharmacharya Shatum Seth Buddhist perspective.

About HCFI : The only National Not for profit NGO, on whose mega community health education events, Govt. of India has released two National Commemorative stamps and one cancellation stamp, and who has conducted one to one training on” Hands only CPR” of 69833 people since 1st November 2012.

The CPR 10 Mantra is – “Within 10 minutes of death, earlier the better; at least for the next 10 minutes, longer the better; compress the centre of the chest of the dead person continuously and effectively with a speed of 10x10 i.e. 100 per minute.”

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Special Festival Issue for your BUSINESS promotion

Happy Diwali & Guru Parv

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