M K Gupta
Jt. Secy, Dwarka Forum

People outside Dwarka consider it as neat and clean colony with zero tolerance but this adjective is fading. Anyone can see the bins outside CGHS, DDA’s pockets and in the market full of garbage as the garbage is not being removed daily. The specific example is that M. K. Gupta of Dwarka Forum tried to make a complaint to Pradeep Kumar of contracting firm DMSWSL on 19th Jan. on his phone number 9311785518 about the non-removal of garbage for the last more than two days. Mr. Kumar rather said that he is lying and the truck is going regularly to collect the garbage. Unsatisfied with this arrogant reply blaming his of lying, Gupta called to General Manager, Sanjeev Kumar who promised immediate removal of garbage but till date most of the bins are full of garbage, except some bins emptied from plot No. 10 to 12 i.e. on 22nd, fourth day of the complaint. When the residents try to register complaint on the helpline number 47502291/92/95/98, no body picks up the phone. G.M. Sanjeev Kumar says that many societies are not with the contracting firm while the fact is that whole Dwarka comes under the door to door garbage collection.

In a meeting with Dwarka Forum on 2nd Nov. November. Dy. Commissioner, MCD, C.R. Garg directed the contractor to increase the number of bins from 405 according to the requirement to about 500 but no new bins are still visible. Even some bins are badly damaged and the garbage cannot be down-loaded in the truck as the hooks to lift the bins have broken.

Though, as per record, the MCD has imposed over Rs. 91 lakh penalty on the contractor but when Rejimon C.K. President, Dwarka Forum asked about the details of the deduction of the penalty, MCD instead of giving straight reply said that the details are available on the website and since collection of penalty pertains to Accounts Deptt. the RTI is being transferred to that Deptt.

As per agreement with the MCD, the contractor was required to provide color code bins but it has not provided such bins. Moreover, all the vehicles picking up garbage should have been fitted with GPS system but the MCD has neither provided the list of such vehicles nor the date of installation of GPS in the vehicles. Moreover, as per agreement, the payments to the contractor should have been released after the bills verified by the independent consultant but the MCD said that the tender of the independent consultant is under award.

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