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Moon signs Based Predictions for 2012

Aries - Mesha (21 March - 19 April)
In January, Your money will stay in the pipeline. These funds will be cleared and collected in the February. The month of March will be expensive and good for investments. You will try to retrieve money from the pipeline but your money collection will be troublesome in April. During the month of May, you will lose some money through fraud or deception. Month of June will bring some relief for you. But, you are advised not to lend money as it will be difficult to recover it. A fortunate period which started in the month of June will continue. You will be thinking too much about money dealings than anything else. You will make good money during the month of July till mid August. Some loan if applied for will be cleared. You will donate some money for some social cause in the month of August. Some family property or wealth will be transferred in your name in the month of September. You will gain money through some market speculation, trading or investments in October. Some money will have to spend on health, disease or injury in your family. Unplanned investments during the month of December will give you losses, avoid any major investment.

Remedies: Be cautious in the transaction of money during this year. Wear a cat’s eye stone after consulting your astrologer as it may ease out the clogged money. Also, feeding a spotted dog on regular basis will help you to come out of financial crunch.

Taurus - Rishabh ( 20 April - 20 May)
Between January to March, the financial conditions will improve eventually. You will observe the smooth inflow of money. The 1st half of the 2nd quarter will be profitable for business owners and entrepreneurs. In the 2nd half those who are having international business or business outside their country will gain good profit. Apart from this, there will be lot of unknown expenses in the 2nd half of the quarter. If you are not involved in the cross border business then avoid any unplanned expenses. A lot of money will go in social and religious deeds. (July-Sep) Financially, this period will be mediocre. Losses may occur due to offending the authorities. Chances of getting some inherent property or wealth. The period is favorable for those who are planning to visit abroad for higher education. Money related help may come from your sister or any other family member. Avoid any illegal dealing during this period. (Oct-Dec) You will have income and expenditure from your rivals or enemies during this period. Black marketing, fraud or deceit will be the source of income for you during this month. You may get into suspicious dealings to earn extra money. Be very cautious in making the dealings in which you can be caught under the crime of forgery, breach of trust and perjuries if your Mercury is weak. In the month of November or mid December you may plan to be active in politics.

Remedies: Be very clear and honest in the transaction of money during this year. Also, avoid any unfair dealings particularly in the last quarter.

Gemini - Mithuna (21 May - 21 June)
(Jan-Mar) This quarter will be fortunate in terms of money and finance. The aspect of Saturn and Venus will keep a check on extravagance. Also, Ketu in the house of expenses has brought down the unnecessary expenses. Some gains are also expected during this period, also some inherited property can be lost. (Apr-Jun) The 1st half of the quarter is pretty expensive on luxury items since the planet Venus is placed in the house of expenses. This will make you spend money on some household imported items or perfumes and beautification products. You are advised not to go to expensive market with your wife otherwise only God can save your savings. The second half will make you travel for long distance business or official trips. It could be a trip to foreign destinations. (July-Sep) This period is for recovering all the expenses made in the previous quarters. Mercury placed beneficially will generate fruitful opportunities for you to earn a handsome amount. In the 2nd half of the quarter you might get some landed property transferred to your name or you might take hold of a property at a good rate. You will also get some pending money from abroad or long distant place. Take out some money for social services or donate some money in the service of mankind. (Oct-Dec) You have Moon as the lord of the house of money and finances. That is why, your financial position is variable. This period is good for gambling. You will get good returns from your shares. There are chances of winning some lottery or prizes. This is a best time to make investments in for long term plans.

Remedies: This year is good for investments and profits as a whole. But, apply your intellect or take the help of a financial consultant to make the investment at the right place.

Cancer - Kark (22 June - 22 July)
(Jan-Mar) Cancerians are financially strong but they are more greedy for power and position than money. You have a little tough time with money and finances since the lord of second house is placed in the sixth house in this quarter. You are inclined to make money through black marketing or some illegal sources. Some suspicious dealings are anticipated. If the lord of second house in the birth chart is afflicted or in the bad aspect you can be in trouble for illegal dealings. Overall, not a very good period for honest and genuine Cancerians. Those who are in illegal dealings might enjoy. (Apr-June) The financial situation will improve during this period. You will get benefit from various sources. You will inherit good things. You will also get benefits from different sources depending on the nature of Nakshatra held by the lord of second house. You will get good money making opportunities. This will be the best quarter in terms of money and professional growth. Take full advantage of it. (July-Sep) This period will be full of expenses. Last quarter was for making money and this quarter is to make expenses. You might have to pay out some penalties or taxes which will disturb your financial situation. You can have income through ecclesiastical sources.You will make a lot of effort to get your due payments. By the end of the quarter the situation for business owners will improve.
(Oct-Dec) During this period Venus joins the second house. This indicates wealth in large measure. Money will come readily and you will get good support of others. You will spend a lot in victuals and in beautifying yourself. But you will be over cautious now in spending money.

Remedies: You can maintain a good inflow of money. For that chant Surya Mantra ”Om Suriyaiye Namah”.

Leo - Simha (23 July - 22 August)
(Jan-Mar) You are financially strong as you have Virgo as the sign of your house of wealth and money. This quarter for you will be favorable in terms of money and finances. Financial matters will be excellent for those who are commission agents or automobile dealers. Some unexpected deals are indicated. Some deals related to landed properties can be materialized. March will be a dull month for you as there will be hardly any earnings. (April-June) During the first half of the quarter the situation will continue to be dull. Placement of Mercury in the 8th house can lead to some surprise deals or unexpected deals. Control your expenses and avoid spending your accumulated wealth. The second half of the quarter will bring fortune in terms of wealth. You will have good inheritance. The earnings will be from different sources. (July-Sep) You will get good results of your hard work and labor during this period. Those who are in business or agriculture or engaged in philosophical lectures will be very fortunate financially. Those who are running a boarding house or hostel or hotels will make good money in the 2nd quarter. Overall, the period is fortunate in terms of money and finance. (Oct-Dec)The Sun which is your ruling planet has shifted to the house of wealth and finance. Hence, the fortune related to money and finance continues to be favorable. Just take care regarding taxation and penalties. Some chances of getting penalized or fined due to some delay in payments or illegal dealings need to be checked.

Remedies: Lord Ganesha rules your house of money and finances so remember lord Ganesha in all important dealings and also chanting “Om Gang Ganpataye Namah” 108 times everyday can save you from losses of wealth.
Virgo - Kanya (23 August - 22 September)
(Jan-Mar) will even avoid spending money on your children. The earning will be smooth and regular because of the placement of Saturn in the second house. There is a chance of loss of money through government displeasure. You will gain fame and money if you are a musician or in the art field. (April-June)There will be some obstacles in the collection of money as the planet Saturn placed in your second house has gone retrograde. But, the second lord is placed beneficially in the ninth house which indicates good inheritance. It also indicates benefits and earnings through different sources. Mars in the 12th house indicates losses through deception of the native. Overall, a mixed period. (July-Sep)This period is fortunate in terms of money and finances. Venus the lord of wealth is beneficially placed in the house of fate. This ensures favours in all fields for Virgo. You might loose some money in the expense of health and medication during this period. Some fixed properties as plot or a flat deal can also give some profits during this period. (Oct-Dec) This period will be excellent for writer and publishers. You may earn a lot of royalty on the publication of a new book or script writing of a successful film. You are tactful and intelligent and know very well the management of wealth and money. You will make some expenses on self improvement and development which will be beneficial in future for professional growth.

Remedies: Goddess Laxmi is the ruler of the wealth hence you should chant Laxmi Mantra especially on Friday for smooth inflow of money and wealth.

Libra - Tula (23 September - 23 October)
(Jan-Mar) Libra natives have fortunate time with money and finance. Placement of Mars in the house of gain indicates that the time is special for those who are in the business of finance like lending money, banking or boarding house. Placement of Mercury in the house of wealth and money indicates gain of wealth for people engaged in lectures and training, business and commercial affairs. During this period money will be spend in the charities and social purposes. (April-June) This period indicates uncertainty on financial affairs as Rahu is placed in the house of wealth. Some gains of wealth can be seen through friends and business. The gains are obstructed during this period as the lord of wealth has been retrograded. The progress of the projects will slow during this period. You will contribute to some social work due to the strengthening of the eighth house the gain of wealth can be unexpected and also chance of losses. (July-Sep) The lord of wealth, Mars is placed in the house of losses during this period. The chances of loss are more possible. This who is in international business will get some gains. Some gambling tendencies can be seen in Libra natives. Be cautious in investments. Good time to setup charitable institutions. (Oct-Dec) This period will be a fortunate period for you since the lord of money and finance is placed strongly in the same house. The earning powers will improve rapidly as Mars is placed in its own house. Also, this is the quarter in which you can go ahead with full swing to generate money and wealth. You will earn considerable fortune through business.

Remedies: You have the ability to earn through your hard work and continuous effort for exponential growth and success. You should visit lord Hanuman on every Tuesday for unhindered inflow of money.

Scorpio - Vrischika (24 October - 21 November)
(Jan-Mar)This period is favorable for you in terms of money and finance. Those who are in legal profession will be fortunate. Income through illegal sources such as black marketing, deceit, dissimulation and suspicious dealing are also possible. You can be sentenced for crimes or breach of trust if your second house in the birth chart is not strong. (Apr-June) Earning will be an uphill struggle during this period. Those who are dealing in mines, metals, storage or man power management will make good deals. Mars the lord of your sign is strongly placed. Those who are self employed will also generate good business but the collection of money will be tedious. Don’t worry, this is a temporary situation. (July-Sep) This period will keep you on the back-foot in terms of money or finance. The volume of expenses is more than gain. You are advised to minimize your expenses. Investments on agricultural pursuits will be beneficial. Some landed properties can be acquired during this quarter. (Oct-Dec) The period has completely changed in terms of money and finance. The lord of house of wealth is strongly placed which indicates gains in money. Much money will be accumulated during this period. There some chances of money loss due to theft or burglary.

Remedies: You are very efficient in earning money the way it suits you. You have an art of recovering your money. A donation or offerings to the temple church or destitute children on Thursdays can make the inflow of money smooth.

Saggitarius - Dhanu (22 November - 21 December)
(Jan-Mar) This is the best period of the year in terms of money and finance. The lord of house of money is placed in the house of gain and parivartan yoga between house of wealth and gain indicates money through profits and by favors from others. So, fortunately earned money will give you happiness and satisfaction. The wealth is indicated in large measure. You will get through favors from others. (Apr-June) This period continues to be favorable in terms of money and wealth. Financial success is likely to follow in business, legal and political occupations. You will indulge in luxury and extravagant style of living. Large schemes of speculative nature can be harmful. So, be careful while making investments. (July-Sep) You will earn wealth and money by your own labor during this period. You will earn through various avocations at the same time. For example, you will earn through agriculture pursuit or through fixed property while being a philosophical lecturer. The level of earning depends on the position of the 2nd lord in the birth chart. Overall, it is a good and fortunate period. (Oct-Dec) Saturn exalted in the house of gain will make you earn riches during this period. Those who are in business will make huge profits. Partnership business will also flourish very well and will give maximum gains. But, you will lose all your money through deception due to ill effect of Mars. Overall, a very fortunate period.

Remedies: You have a consistent growth in your savings and property. If you try for exponential growth by taking speculative measures you might face losses. Apply, the Saturn remedies if you are finding difficulties.

Capricorn - Makara (22 December - 19 January)
(Jan-Mar) During this period Capricorns will earn lot of wealth through their hard work. You might get your loan sanctioned during this period. Money from foreign sources is possible in this period. Placement of Mercury indicates fulfillment of all desires related to money and wealth. If the period or sub period of Mars is running then it will bring loss of money. (April-June) Your earning will be constant during this period but your expenses will rise. You will make unnecessary expenses with your friends and on luxurious items. Placement of the lord of money and wealth in the house of career indicates hard earned money through self exertion. You can make some money through black marketing or illegal methods if you are a businessman. (July-Sep) You will be skillful and will earn a lot of wealth through your skills during this period. Just apply your skills to increase your wealth. You will have good inheritance during this period as the lord of wealth has shifted back to ninth house. You will be an authority and will have an affluent status in society. Your foreign connections will give you immense wealth. (Oct-Dec) You will not be very fortunate in terms of the dealings related to the immovable properties like house, machinery etc. during this period. You will be extravagant and will continue to make expenses on trip and tours. Placement of Mars and Mercury indicate favorable period to earn money through legal methods. You will gain immense wealth. Partnership business will flourish. You will gain a lot of money through your intelligence.

Remedies: This year is overall fortunate to earn money. Remedies of Saturn can generate huge amount of wealth and money for you.

Aquarious - Kumbh (20 January - 18 February)
(Jan-March) Aquarius by default are wealthy as the ruler of their money and finance is Jupiter. You will be addicted to luxuries in this period. Your lord of wealth and money is placed in the third house indicating benefits from your brothers or sisters. You will remain quite wealthy in this quarter. You will get governmental favors and earn immense riches without many efforts. (April-June)This period is not very fortunate in terms of money and finance. The sun placed in the house of money indicates that loss will occur by offending the authorities. You will earn money by industrious effort. The nature of the income will depend on the nature of the sign in your birth chart. Due to the presence of Mercury, you will spend money on charities and moral purposes. You will earn money through your wisdom. (July-Sep) The most effective planet for Aquarians in context with money and gain is Jupiter. This planet rules wealth. Hence, most of the Aquarians are born wealthy. You will spend money for your own happiness during this quarter. You will be frugal in spending your money. It is an excellent time for automobile and property dealers. Also, commission agent will get immense wealth. (Oct-Dec) Saturn the ruler of Aquarius is well placed and exalted in the house of fate and fortune. This indicates that this year will be fortunate in all aspects. Those who are planning to setup charitable institution will be successful in this period. Gains are possible from the mother in the form of landed property. This quarter is auspicious to earn through property and vehicles deals.

Remedies: This year is fortunate overall to earn money. Remedies of Jupiter can generate huge profits through business and trade. You can wear yellow sapphire after consulting your astrologer.

 Pisces (19 February - 20 March)
(Jan-March) The house of money and finance of Pisces is ruled by Mars. This indicates that they are hard working and earn immense riches after tough labor. You will earn lot of wealth through illegal means. You can earn through black marketing, through questionable and suspicious dealings, trouble between friends and relatives during this period. You could be involved in trouble and can be sentenced for breach of trust, forgeries and perjuries. (April-June) Jupiter is placed in the house of your money and wealth during this period. A good period for astrologers, poets, writers and scientists. There will be increase in the opportunities of earning money. The source of income will depend on the Nakshatra in which Jupiter is placed. Over all, a fortunate period for you. (July-Sep) This period will be little unfortunate in terms of saving the money. You will be a spendthrift and waste a lot of money in the gratification of senses. Those who have dealings with the foreign sources will gain wealth through those sources. You might visit abroad for business. There is a chance of loss money in speculation. (Oct-Dec) Placement of the lord of money and finance in the ninth house indicates that this period will be fortunate for you to earn money through different sources. Pending money will be recovered in this quarter. You might gain some immovable property from your father. You will have good inheritance. Those involved in small scale industries will make good money in this period. Overall, the very fortunate period to recover your blocked money.

Remedies: The year will have mixed results in context with money and finance. You are advised to wear red coral for smoothing the inflow of money.

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