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Friday, November 11, 2011

Believe in Yourself

Siddhesh Roy

Let the situation be good or bad. Let somebody be there with you or not. Let somebody trust you or not. But then you should always have faith in yourself. Your self confidence will always lift your from any critical situation. It will always show you the path of success. There would be a time when your closest people not there with you. They will put question mark on all your projects and plannings. At that time, you face lots of ups and downs in your mind. You start feeling that your people are not with you and the others were always others only. You stat feeling nervous. This is a human nature. At this time, you should believe only yourself. You should remember the saying of the famous poet Ravindra Nath Tagore that when nobody is there with you, then you walk alone. "Swami Vivekanand" has also said that 'believe in yourself is the most important step to success'.

It this would not have been true then how could 'Columbus' found America in spite of his difficult journey of sea. How 'Babar' with his small army defeated 'Ibrahim Lodhi's' huge army and could establish his Mughal Empire in India. There are plenty of examples which teach us that we should believe in ourselves.

Courtesy: Book-Few Lines of Success by Siddhesh Roy

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