Why Different Kriyas Are Experienced by Disciples In The Presence Of Guru

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What is a Kriya?
Kriyas are an involuntary physical and mental purification movements and reactions resulted from elevated spiritual consciousness. Seekers frequently experience kriyas during their spiritual practices. A disciple coming in contact with his Guru may feel a sudden uplift of spiritual emotions and ecstasy manifested by uncontrolled physical and mental movements or reactions known as kriyas.
Characteristics of Kriya: 
Manifestation of kriyas:
Physical level:
Sensation in spinal cord, tingling in body, giddiness or heaviness in head, clapping, uncoordinated movements of hands, rapid movement of head, swinging from one side to other, high vibration in the body, dancing, singing, physical contortions, suspension of breath, abdomen can get flat and drawn inward, the chin may press against the lower hollow of the neck in the front, burning sensation in body sometimes the hands, feet and body will move to from certain dance patterns or yogic asana or postures which the disciple have never done before. Sometimes the disciple may act as a trained gymnast and makes rare hands posture or mudras.
Mental level:
In mental Kriyas different past lives patterns and imprints may surface on the consciousness and the seeker may feel the emotions of joy, sorrow, pain, and trance, he may feel prana or subtle energy flowing in the brain, feeling of extreme weightlessness or levitation, seeing lights and smelling sweet fragrances.
Emotional level:
Laughing or weeping with extreme joy, stupor [marginal consciousness], perspiration, horripilation [bristling of body hair], choking of voice, trembling, paleness of complexion, tears and loss of consciousness are some common signs of emotional kriyas felt by a disciple in the presence of the Guru. The disciple may automatically chant mantra or sing devotional songs in the front of their Guru,
Spiritual level:
In the presence of Guru the devotee may feel elevated level of spiritual advancement and filled with spiritual fervour. Devotion, concentration, renunciation and feeling of super consciousness are common experiences, experienced in the presence of the Guru. Some devotee can see saints, divine entities and celestial bodies like stars, sun and moon in the presence of their Guru. Some disciple may automatically get answers of their spiritual quarries in the front of Guru in the mysterious ways.
Benefits of kriyas: 

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