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Monday, November 14, 2011

Corruption , Good Governance & Cities


Vijay K. Saluja
 Ex-Chief Engineer [civil] ,
New Delhi Municipal Council

If there is corruption in any organization/system, good governance is not possible.

If that particular organization deals with any aspect of the management of basic services/city, then the city gets into bad shape & all its inhabitants are affected in a negative manner.

Its problems keep aggravating, as city is a dynamic entity. Growing population offers new problems/ challenges everyday.

But, good governance  can only deliver optimum results.

So, all best practices for bringing about good governance need to be identified & introduced into the system.. by regular training/upgradation of skills, of all the employees of that organization.

This is possible only, if there is strong will at the `Top` to bring about change.
If it is there, then all can/will fall in line.

Corruption has increased over the years, because values & ethics, have taken a big beating-because of many causes & reasons.

Self-interests over society interests is one of the primary reasons.
Effective mechanism to curb this malady need to be brought back.
Quick justice-delivery,accountability, exemplary punishments for the corrupt, incentives, protections & rewards for the whistle blowers, introduction of moral values, pressure & pointing finger of society, on ill-gotten money, perks & privileges, are a few of the many ways to bring about sanity in the existing convoluted system.

How to do it?—
Very difficult , but certainly, achievable in a well drawn strategy.
The need is to take many co-ordinated steps.

Some of the steps, can be/ are
-Proper care about the integrity of the new recruits in local bodies/Govt..
-Motivation from top-management.
-Regular on the house training programmes.
-Enforcement of existing vigilance rules in a fair manner by the vigilance departments of each organization/CVC.
-Rewards to the honest employees & quick punitive actions against dishonest employees
-Elected representatives & top management to set examples of honest dealings. Unless this is done, positive change is difficult
-Active & aware citizens & media.
-Use of RTI
-Efficient & quick judicial system- Stray cases of corruption reported in judiciary need to be investigated soon & punitive actions must to be taken in a time bound manner, if required without any long debate.

Sustained & not sporadic efforts are needed to check this menace of our society.

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