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Monday, February 28, 2011


M K Gupta, 
Media Advisor, Dwarka Forum

If all the assurance are fulfilled, the Dwarka sub-city will be a model in Delhi.  Mr. Rajesh Gahlot, Dy. Mayor and Member, DDA announced while inaugurating the grand first ever public interaction that the master plan and service roads will be dense carpeted in about 4 months.  The work was delayed due to the pending handing over to MCD by the DDA and in view of work of laying of water pipelines.  Work of constructing Community Centers will start in about 4–5 months and the areas of the Centres have been increased to 2,000 sq. metres from 600 earlier. New Community Centers will come up in Sector 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, 16A 17, 18, and 23 (near village Pochanpur) and informed that the Community Centre at Sector 15 is almost ready. He was speaking at the first ever interaction between Civic Authorities and Dwarkaites organized by Dwarka Forum and informed that MCD Zonal Office looking after engineering work has been shifted in Dwarka in Sector 19 near Kargil Appts.  A separate Disaster Management Centre for Dwarka has already been approved.  Three more Sport Complexes will be developed in Sector 8, 17 and 23 and the work on the Complex at Sector 8 will start in 4-5 months.

DDA Session
Rajesh Gahlot also directed the officials to ensure that the existing streetlights work and provide the streetlights from Metro Stations to main roads on top priority basis.  Dy. Mayor also directed to take up the work of connecting the NH-8 to NH-10 i.e. Rohtak Road on top priority basisHe also directed the officials to take up the matter of removing the tress in between the roads with the Forest Department to avoid any mishapping. He said that the Dabri mor should be widened for get rid of traffic jam on urgent basis. Work of boundary walls on Bharat Vandana Park, a match for Japani Park in Rohini, will also start shortly. The work of covering the drain of Madhu Vihar will start after obtaining the No Objection Certificate from the Air Port Authorities of India as this is required because this will also have the provision for fishery.  He said that every big park will have the provision of light and tube well and, in fact, tenders for light in the parks of sector 5 and 23 have already been floated. Decorated gates will be constructed for every park and the drawings for this are on the approval stage. 

MCD Session
Starting the discussion for DDA session, Mr. S.R. Solanki, Chief Engineer assured that for the development of Dwarka, DDA is with the residents and DDA will give due importance to the suggestions given by the residents during the discussion. He said that a portion of the main road connecting Fly-over with Dwarka Mor will be repaired and the DDA has taken consultancy from CRRI on this.  The DDA is also taking consultancy for proper road alignments etc. from CRRI.  He assured that in a month’s time, all the pot-holes will be filled.  On demand from the Dwarka Forum, he agreed to paint corner stones of pedestrian paths/central verge instead of white washing them.  On water scarcity, Mr. Solanki, CE informed that the Water Treatment Plant at Sector 16 is likely to be ready by the end of this year.  He said that the DDA will consider foot over bridges for crossing with safety on road between sector 1 and 7 and at other spots on road number 201. 
Delhi Police & Traffic Police
On the lack of entertain facilities in Dwarka, it was informed that two Social Cultural Centres on the lines of India Habitat Centre would come up at Dwarka and one of them will be at Sector 11. On the complaint of bad condition of DDA flats, Rajesh Gahlot, also a Member of DDA said that the DDA for the first time will undertake the repair of common areas of flats and the work will start in four months.  A plot has been earmarked for the law college in Sector 23.  It was informed by the officials that Dwarkaites will get all the facilities within the sub-city. It was informed that a big Railway terminal will come up near Sector 21 and Dwarka get all type of connectivity viz. rail, road and AIR

In case of delay by the BSES in providing streetlights for road connecting metro stations to main roads, Rajest Gahlot said that the tender should be immediately flouted by the DDA for this work. Mr. P.K. Bhandari, Supdt. Engr, Electrical, DDA informed that underground cables will replace overhead cables but the work is slow due to the certain reasons like provision of road restoration work after laying the underground cables. He said that there are about 4,900 streetlights in Dwarka adding that on the Master Plan roads; about 98% lights are working adding that now the lights on the left out roads will be provided and asked the BSES to take up the matter. He expressed concern on the stolen of fittings and cables and said that now these will be replaced. Mr. Panwar of BSES told that the BSES has given estimate to the DDA for streetlights in Dwarka.  DDA official said that another Department will construct the 750-bed hospital and according to M.K. Gupta of Dwarka Forum, the work has been assigned to CPWD. Issue of voters I-cards raised by Ms. Yukti Tripathi was also discussed and noted for action.  Under the Housing Area Facilities, night shelter, dispensaries, vegetable market and other conveniences will be provided.  Dy. Mayor informed that since the matter of mobile towers is before the Court, MCD cannot remove them till a decision of the Court.

RWA-CGHS members raising their queries

Mr. Rajesh Khanna, Supdt. Engineeer, MCD appreciated the initiative to organize such interaction between Authorities for bridging communication gap.  He said that there is a shortage of Asst. Sanitory Inspectors and the process for their recruitment has been initiated. He agreed to the demand of the Forum for providing the list of the sanitary workers which will be uploaded on the newly launched DF website. He said that the MCD is not satisfied with the working of private contractor DEMS entrusted with the work of sanitation and has also imposed penalty on it.  In case of failure, MCD will have to look for some other suitable system.

Speaking on the occasion, President of Dwarka Forum, Rejimon CK said that he dreamt of Dwarka competeting with the areas like Chanakya Puri and said that the Forum is not for raising complaints only but is a part to find solutions to the problems plaguing the residents. ON THIS OCCASION, WEBSITE OF DWARKA FORUM WAS ALSO LAUNCHED and its address is  This site has provision of allotting free website for Group Societies and RWA pockets.  Rejimon thanked the authorities for attending to the discussion and to the DDA for planting flowers at the Central verge of roads at Dwarka.

A Large number of public participation

After the Lunch, at the start of MCD session, Rajesh Gahlot, Dy. Mayor announced that in future, House Tax payers will have an account number and they will be able to check status of tax paid by them. He also directed the MCD officials to update House Tax accounts on priority basis and refrain from asking for the receipt of house tax paid from the tax payers.  Officials of Property Tax, MCD said they they can organize House Tax Collections camps in Housing Societies and DDA Pockets if substiantial numbers of residents are willin to pay the tax at these camps. It was also informed that the MCD has appointed a contractor for de-silting with latest technology and machines to clear chocked sewer.  Mr. Gahlot informed that sewer system is being looked after DDA and the MCD has no role in that. He also suggested the residents to start using the parking developed in Sector 10, behind Shakuntalam Apptts for overcoming the parking problem in sector 6 and 10 market. He also said that no hindrance like boards on the zebra crossings will be allowed for the convenience of pedestrians. However, DDA has no provision for CGHS and societies should take care of sewer themselves.   

MCD officials informed that the work of replacing missing slabs over drains is in progress. The issue of disposal of construction malwa was also discussed and an assurance was given to earmark some sites for this. He said that is any truck downloads malwa in the area, residents should at least note down the number of the truck. 

Mr. Chandra Shekhar Ray has drawn the attention of the authorities to the pathetic condition of park Plaza at Sector 6 and informed about the anti-social elements and wine drinking after the sun-set.
Dwarka Forum Team
In the police session, problems concerning law and order and traffic were discussed.  In a departure from normal practices of complaining only, Dwarka Forum honoured officers present at the interaction in recognisation of their contribution for the betterment to Dwarka. During the meeting, DF collected abujt 100 suggestions and grievances which will be submitted fo the concerned authorities for Redressal.  The programme was organized on 26.2.2011 was attended by over 500 residents at Gokul Garden in Sector 7 wherein officials of DDA, MCD, Delhi Police and Traffic Police, BSES, DEMS (private agency hired by MCD for sanitation) were present.  Apart from this, Robin Sharma of Dwarka Vypar Mandal, Asok Kumar of Association of suffering members of CGHS, Mrs. Cicily Kodiyan of Neighbourhood Association, officer bearers from various CGHS’ and RWAs, Ms. Anita Bhargav and Dwarkaites in large number actively participated in the discussion which came to close after the light refreshment.  From Dwarka Forum, Rejimon, Rajiv Solanki, Sushil Kumar, Anoop Rohera, M K Gupta, Ms. Sudha Iyer, Sunil Sareen, Sanjay Mishra and others attended the meeting and worked tirelessly for its success.

Dwarka Forum & Dwarka Parichay thanks all the support from RWA-CGHS office bearers/ members for making this grand event successful.

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Free medical camp held at Skylark, Sector-6, Dwarka by ANHLGT

On 27th February 2011, Association of Neighborhood Ladies Get-Together (ANHLGT) held the first of a series of free medical camps in collaboration with Columbia Asia Hospital. ANHLGT is planning to conduct every month free medical camps in various sectors of Dwarka. This free medical camp on cancer awareness was held at Skylark society sector-6, Dwarka. Dr. Ritu Sethi specialist from Columbia Asia Hospital gave a talk on cancer awareness. This event was inaugurated by the honorable Deputy Mayor Shri. Rajesh Gahlot and he congratulated ANHLGT for this venture to make sure that people lead a healthy life. Also the deputy mayor took questions from various residents regarding various issues faced by them in day to day life. Around 150 people attended this free medical camp and took advantage of free blood tests, blood pressure etc., and a unique talk on cancer. ANHLGT remains committed to improving the health of all residents of Dwarka Sub-city.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

बैक ने मनाया स्थापना दिवस

प्रेमबाबू शर्मा 

राष्ट्रीयकृत पंजाब नेशनल बैंक की पश्चिम दिल्ली स्थित विकासपुरी शाखा ने 25 वर्ष पूरे होने पर रजत जयंती समारोह का आयोजन हुआ। इस मौके पर पंजाब नेशनल बैंक के मंडल प्रमुख एस.एम. कौशिक ने समारोह में शिरकत कर स्थापना दिवस की शोभा बढाई। इस अवसर पर शाखा प्रबंधक आर.पी.शर्मा समाजसेवी विरेन्द खत्री सतवीर सिंह मिस्टर मेहता डा. रमेश दत्ता समीर भटटी राजीव अरोडा राजकुमार अरोडा और एस.डी.देवगण बैक कर्मीयों सहित अनेक गणमान्य लोग मौजूद थे।
इस मौके पर मंडल प्रमुख एस.एम. कौशिक ने बैक द्वारा चलाई जा रही बचत खातों व अन्य स्कीमों की जानकारी दी और उपस्थित वरिष्ठ नागरिको और ग्राहकों की समस्याएं सुभाव व विचार सुने और निवारण का आश्वासन दिया। बैक द्वारा छात्र छात्राओं के जीरो बैंलेस पर नये खाते भी खोले गये।

 गोष्ठी की अध्यक्षता कर रहे विरेन्द खत्री ने अपने अनुभवों को बांटते कहा कि मुझे खुशी है कि पंजाब नेशनल बैंक की नींव स्वतंत्रता सेनानियों ने रखी थी और यह भी मेरे लिए गर्व की बात है कि मैं भी एक सेनानी का बेटा हूं। उन्होंने कहा कि राष्ट्रीयकृत बैक हमारे लिए जो सुविधाएं उपलब्ध करा रहे हैं। उसमें पंजाब नेशनल बैंक अहम् भूमिका निभा रहा है। होम लोन पर्सनल लोन एजूकेशन लोन का जहां हम न्यूनतम ब्याज पर लाभ उठा रहे है। वही विभिन्न टैक्सों बिलों का भुगतान भी समय समय पर किया जा रही है। इस नागरिक सुविधा के चलते यह बैक हमारे क्षेत्र की जरूरतों को पूरा कर अपना कर्तव्य निभा रहा है।
स्थापना दिवस समारोह के अंत में शाखा प्रबंधक आर.पी.शर्मा ने आये अतिथियों व वरिष्ठ नागरिको ग्राहकों का आभार व्यक्त किया।

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wanted High Alert – A new Show on Colors

 PremBabu Sharma

 Actor Sushant Singh aka Dushyant of STAR Plus Gulaal will be seen anchoring Wanted High Alert , a crime-based show on Colors channel.

The show will feature real life cases of absconding criminals. Sushant Singh says, “I am glad to be the part of this show which is completely different from other crime shows in India. After acting, it would be a completely different experience anchoring and I am really looking forward to be the part of this show.”

Later on head of programming , Ashiwini Yardi of Colors commented that, “As kids, we had watched “Apan Yana Pahilat Ka… a news segment on Doordarshan where one was informed about fugitives on the run. It was government’s way of involving junta to help them find and bring the criminals to book. Several years have passed. The faces behind the crime has changed, but the crime hasn’t. So we have decided to take up this issue to figure out the criminal by involving junta in it and I am sure audiences would love the concept of the show and the way it has being shot.”

The show will be produced by BAG films and is accepted to occupy the prime time slot on the channel. It would interesting to watch out Sushant Singh in new role.

You are INVITED for Public and Authorities Interaction Platform in Dwarka

Public and Authorities Interaction Platform
on Saturday, 26 th February 2011 at 12.00 Hrs - 16.00 Hrs
Venue : Gokul Garden, Sector 7, Dwarka, New Delhi.

Inaugration by
Shri . Rajesh Gehlot 
Dy. Mayor and DDA Board Member
For session wise detail schedule, Panel invitee from DDA, MCD, Delhi Police, BSES etc. & Guidelines please

Participating Organizations
Representative/ Office Bearers of :
300 Cooperative Group Housing Societies
45 Residential Welfare Associations (RWA) of DDA Pockets
 Active Social Activists/ MTA/Association/Federations/NGOs of Dwarka

* RWA-CGHS members in Dwarka are requested to submit the problem/ issues in their society/ appartment for forwarding to authorities regarding Better Dwarka Sub - city ...
- Click here -

Dwarka-Sub City


Dwarka Forum
 Regn. No. S/63070
Ph: 011-20514195, 7503247843
Regd. Office: 720, Pocket-1, Sector-14,
Dwarka, New Delhi – 110078

Note : For sponsorship and support please contact
Internet partner

Media friends please spread this social message through your esteemed publication/ network


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Sir/ Madam,

Please find invitation for the 
Dwarka's First Ever Public and Authorities Interaction Platform 
on Saturday, 26 th February 2011 at 12.00 Hrs to 16.00 Hrs 
Venue : Gokul Garden, Sector 7, Dwarka, New Delhi
For session wise detail schedule, Panel invitee from DDA, MCD, Delhi Police, Delhi Traffic Police, BSES etc. & Guidelines please

Your support and cooperation will certainly help/ guide us for a Better Dwarka Sub-city. Hope your esteemed media will highlight this message and help us in spreading the awareness for a better Dwarka sub-city.
Hope you will grace the occasion and guide us to spread the positive message among the society.

Yours sincerely

Rejimon C K, President - M: 01120514195 
Sushil Kumar, Gen Secretary -M: 7503247843

Dwarka Forum  

How not to secure India

Joginder Singh ji,
Former Director- CBI

Utter banality is palmed off as profound wisdom at conferences on national security. This reflects the attitude of the Union and State Governments towards policing India.

All Ministries of the Union Government routinely convene Chief Ministers’ conferences which usually prove to be inconsequential as far as sum and substance are concerned. The Chief Ministers’ Conference on Internal Security held in New Delhi on February 1 was no different from similar gatherings and jamborees.

In his address at the conference, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh banally noted, “I am happy to note that the National Investigative Agency, that was raised after the 26/11 terror attack, has gained much ground in unearthing the fake Indian currency notes networks operating from across our borders and in unravelling the activities of new terror groups... I compliment the Union Home Minister and his team for their proactive role in matters of internal security.” He then went on to express his satisfaction over the fact that 2010 was relatively peaceful and saw few terror attacks and communal violence.

It is not that India has been free from terrorism in 2010. Knowing that the Government of India is soft on terror, the perpetrators of violence are constantly on the lookout for targets. If terrorists carried out an attack outside the Jama Masjid in Delhi, detonated a bomb in Varanasi and triggered a deadly explosion in Pune, the Maoists were not far behind.

Subsequently, the Indian Mujahideen claimed responsibility for the explosion at Sankatmochan temple in Varanasi. This was the second terror attack on the city, which was rocked by serial blasts in 2006 that left 28 people dead.

In strange turnaround, while addressing a conference of Chief Secretaries on February 3, Mr Singh sang a different tune and admitted that the internal security situation “has been tense in some parts of our country”. He said, “There has been unacceptably high level of violence in areas affected by Left-wing extremism and in the Kashmir focussed attention on these issues and a commitment to improving the professionalism and the quality of our police forces… The police have to be equipped to have the morale and the capacity to deal with the
problems of internal security.”

Expressing serious concern over “the lack of ethical conduct and probity in our public life”, Mr Singh added that it strikes at the roots of good governance, dents the country’s international image and “demeans us before our own people… It is an impediment to faster growth. It dilutes, if not negates, our efforts at social inclusion … This is a challenge which has to be faced frontally, boldly and quickly”.

A few months before this meeting, Union Minister for Home Affairs P Chidambaram had admitted at the 40th All-India Police Science Congress
in Raipur that “Policing a country of over 1.1 billion people is not an easy task. Policing a country in a troubled neighbourhood makes the task more difficult. And policing a country with insufficient police stations and inadequate and an ill-equipped police force makes the task almost formidable.”

According to official figures, the total number of sanctioned posts as on March 31, 2010, across all ranks in the police force, was 21 lakh. Of these, about 3,35,000 posts were vacant. Thus, the police-population ratio in our country is much lower than the international norm.

The States with low police-people ration are also those which are affected by Maoist insurgency. To address the problem, according to Mr Chidambaram, “the first order of business is to enhance the capacity of training institutes in the States to at least double the present capacity and to recruit at least double the number of policemen and women every year”.

He conceded that most States barely have sufficient capacity to impart even basic training to new recruits. The Constitution of India lists law and order as a State subject. Therefore, the bulk of the policing job is the responsibility of State Governments.

What is most important to note is that the Central Bureau of Investigation cannot operate in a State without the consent of the respective Government. Any State Government can withdraw its consent at any time and thus close any case being investigated by the Central agency. This has happened more than once in our country.

The CBI’s jurisdiction is only limited to Union Government employees who draw their salaries from Central funds. The CBI can only conduct an inquiry when a State Government grants permission for an investigation into corruption or other acts of impropriety, on a case to case basis.

Though policing touches the lives of all citizens, no State Government is willing to bring about the much-needed police reforms recommended by the Supreme Court on September 22, 2006.

Justice KT Thomas, chairperson of the Supreme Court-appointed Police Reforms Monitoring Committee, set up in July 2008, has said that not a single State or Union Territory Government wants to lose its power of appointment or transfer of police officers. According to him, he met State politicians who saw no reason in winning elections if they were not allowed to hold on to their power to choose their own police officers.

His committee, without exception, met with “laughing refusals” from State Home Ministers when asked if they would make room for the setting up of a Police Establishment Board. “The reason is very obvious. They laugh and ask me: ‘Why did I win the election if I do not have even the power to decide my own police officers”, he said.

The way things are turning out in different branches of Government presents a dismal picture. One of the four pillars of a democracy is a prompt and effective justice system, which includes the police and the judiciary.

Despite having a mammoth number of commissions, committees and regulatory bodies, the country is going downhill. It is a matter of shame that it has been classified as the 87th most corrupt country in the world with an integrity score of 33 out of 100. The country has been looted by scamsters and the money, running into lakhs of crores, has been salted abroad in secret bank accounts.

The Government should remember that this is not the time to be afraid or timid because the challenges India faces are formidable. It can take up one problem at a time — like illiteracy, corruption, health or education — and focus on it for six months. In five years, it would accomplish what has not been done for the last six decades. But this calls for both courage and commitment, which our Government lacks in ample measure.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

'Valentine's Masquerade Ball' hosted by TMWD

On the occasion of its Chartering Ceremony, TMWD hosted the 2011 'Valentine Masquerade Ball' on Sunday 20th Feb'11, at Punjabi Bagh Club, New Delhi. Special attractions were, Live performance by the 'TATVA BAND', Heart throbbing singing by PRIMA DONNA, Swati Jain and mind boggling dance and singing being showcased in the 'Mr and Madam Toastmasters' Contest with the winners walking away with their elegantly bejeweled crowns!

Pallavi Joshi hosts Antakshari again!


Zee TV is back with Antakshri but this time in Sanskaar Laxmi’s wedding. Our very own Pallavi Joshi will grace your screens this time with the popular Marathi singer Avdoot Guptay on Zee TV’s Sanskaar Laxmi as wedding festivities go into full swing. The actress was clearly enjoying herself during the shoot and was all bright eyed and chirpy till the wee hours of the morning!

Also shaking a leg at the Antakshari will be TV’s heartthrobs - Ankita Lokhande, Sushant Rajput, Nandish Sandhu & Rashmi Desai. The four stars will sing, dance and join in the family frolic with popular tracks like Range De, Aiwaien aiwaien, Laung da Lishkara and others!

Said Sukesh Motwani, Fiction Head, Zee TV, “Laxmi’s wedding will be like no other on Indian television as it will showcase  the ethnicity and vibrancy of Gujarati weddings. It’s an opportunity for us  to acquaint our audiences with these small rituals and traditions which form such an integral part of any wedding. The rich Gujarati culture
and heritage rooted to their traditional ethics adorn the matrimonial celebrations with typical Gujarati fancies, elaborating the vivacity and exhilaration prevalent in their community.”

The producer of Sanskaar Laxmi, Rajesh Joshi said,  “It’s a huge challenge for us to put together such an extravagant wedding on television. Gujarati wedding celebrations and rituals are  replete with gaiety and frolic and I’m sure pan Indian viewers will surely enjoy it to the hilt. The unique blend of traditions and detailing is something which make Laxmi’s wedding a sheer delight. Coming from a humble background, will Laxmi fight all odds to win the hearts of the Purohits? Will Laxmi be able to mould herself with the new way of life and adjust to a large family where each member has a different personality? Laxmi’s journey from Dharigam to Purohit’s family in the cosmopolitan city, Mumbai, will be the highpoint of the show.”

The wedding celebrations which are expected to go on for four days, will be a grand celebration of everything that is Guajarati. Right from the smaller rituals like the Tippani dance, to the Athango dance, producer Rajesh Joshi is leaving no stone unturned to ensure that this is the most talked about shaadi of the year!

Tune in to Sanskaar Laxmi every Monday to Thursday at 10.30 PM on Zee TV to be a part of the shaadi that will blow your mind!!

JM International School, Dwarka host Japanese Delegate

JMIS hosted Mr Kawasaki Soichi of the Hokkaidu University of Education Japan, under the confederation of UNESCO Clubs & Association of India (CUCAI) on February 22, 2011 as a part of education and cultural exchange programme.

A warm welcome was given to Mr Kawasaki by the school Principal Mrs Renu Jain & Director Mr Yogesh Gupta. A welcome song was presented by the choir group at his arrival to the school.

Mr Kawasaki visit was for the purpose of promoting a cultural heritage as well as sustainable Development programmes in education. It is a pattern of resource use that aims to meet human needs while preserving the environment. All these needs can be met not only in the present, but also for generations to come.

Mr Kawasaki was delighted to interact with the JMIANS about the environmental programme & projects conducted by the school from time to time.

It was elevating to receive the high appreciation from the guest for students and teachers. The school felt privileged to be the host of such an esteemed guest.

Divine Mother Reiki Heal Me Whole, Complete and Correct

Spiritual healer

Reiki is an omnipresent divine invisible form of energy influences living and non livings creatures. The universal energy resides in every micro particle of the universe. Reiki is a simple yet divine technique of healing body/mind /spirit. The reiki works on three dimensions of frame working in the whole, complete and correct manner. Reiki works as an atomic reactor it raises the frequency of all heavy, negative and discordant energy into divine vibration of healing and harmony.

"Divine mother reiki heal me whole complete and correct'' is a very powerful and genuine invocation used for effective healing-sessions. This invocation positively declares and affirms that the healing is done according to the divine mother reiki will and is therefore unstoppable and inevitable and the final result is in the accordance with the divine will.


Reiki Symbols Cards (Reiki Learning Series)Any disease manifests itself in three layer of existence physical, etheric, casual. Reiki energy works on physical, etheric and casual levels. Reiki rebalances the energies in each body.

When all the energies in each body are balanced health occurs. When the mind focuses continually on one object or idea, the thought form becomes crystallized in the body. The natural flow of cerebral spinal fluid is arrested in the physical body when there is a blockage in the corresponding are of the etheric body. The struck thought or emotion manifests first in the corresponding part of the etheric or electronic body, if not dealt with, eventually causes disease in the corresponding organ of the physical body.

The reiki works on the physical, etheric and casual levels. Reiki helps each person to release energy blocks and the connected emotions which in turn helps the release of casual level of disease

The Reiki GuidebookComplete:
A human being has a soul, mind and body. The soul is spirit, mind is consciousness and body is matter.

All sickness is due to blockages of soul, mind and body. Soul blockages are due to bad karma, mind blockages are due to negative thoughts, beliefs and attitudes and body blockages include obstructions in physical and energy channel systems, nervous system, lymph system and.

Much of time the physical illness is caused by the mind being out of synchronization with the soul. Insight into the causes of certain illness shows that various parts of body harbour certain types of emotions, and can thus cause corresponding illness.

Reiki works on all levels of existence; it is able to work on the specific level which needs healing, which in fact is connected with other levels. When our all levels works in harmony real healing will occur.

Hon sha Ze Sho NenCorrect:

The man is the sum total of the body/mind's experiences in all previous and present incarnations. Some people create mental/physical diseases for themselves on subconscious level and they do so to learn some lesson, the past lives experiences will manifest itself as karmic debts in man's physical, mental and spiritual plane in due time. There is always some good hidden in misfortune, no matter how unapparent. If some other person, who is not well versed in higher levels of healing, tries to interfere /correct the karmic debts of other person, he may face some dare consequences related to the negativity attached to that karmic debt.

Reiki Healing Attunement heal emotional-mental-physical-spiritual issues [VHS]Reiki is a potent karmic debt dissolver device. Reiki has an intelligent and correcting energy of its own, it already knows what you have done in past lives and where your karma needs correction or some karmic lessons should experienced by you for your spiritual growth.

Some karmic debts which are causing problems in this life and are not linked with any lesson are completely dissolved in the unconditional love of the reiki.

Reiki as a divine mother treats its baby as a complete entity and heals him at all levels. Mother Reiki removes all the blockages of all levels by her unconditional love, compassion, care and forgiveness.

ANHLGT special community drive for better Dwarka sub - city

As part of a special community drive Association of Neighborhood Ladies Get-Together (ANHLGT) on 17th Feb 2011 along with residence of sec 22, 23, 6 and 10 organised various events.

A medical camp was organized at Vishwas society sector 23. Tree planting drive was conducted in which 40 saplings were planted in park no. 4 behind Green Towers society sector 23. Children from Paramount and Indian Height Schools participated in this event. The event was graced by the Deputy Mayor of Delhi Shri. Rajesh Gahlot. A special drive was done by MCD workers to clean the roads of sector 23, Dwarka.

Around 2 p.m. a delegation of women from sectors 6,10,22, and 23 met Mr.Surender Kumar A.C.P and Mr.Ashok Dhawan A.C.P, Traffic and discussed the problems regarding the safety of public property. Regularly public property like benches from the park, electrical poles, wires, etc. are stolen from the area. In this regard ANHLGT has initiated the process for replacing the stolen transformers which was stolen 4 years ago. Very soon these transformers will be replaced with the result of intervention by ANHLGT and regular talks with senior level officials of BSES and DDA.

On the traffic front ANHLGT has requested for go slow and school ahead signs and speed breakers in the areas surrounding the schools. They also requested Mr. Dhawan to keep a traffic constable especially in congested areas.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Control Corruption - bring back illegally stashing money abroad

Dear friends across India,

German and Swiss banks have just released the names of dirty politicians who have been illegally stashing money abroad. But Prime Minister Singh refuses to tell us who they are.

Fearing a scandal, the PM’s office is protecting the identity of those crooked politicians responsible for smuggling India’s wealth out of the country. This means that voters can’t make informed decisions during elections and can’t make sure corruption is prosecuted in court. Only a public outcry can force Singh to protect India’s democracy instead of his friends.

Let’s raise a national call to PM Singh demanding he release the names of all politicians in office or running for office who also hold black money in German and Swiss banks. We will deliver our message to Singh through an ad in the Times of India. Click below to sign the petition and forward to your friends:

sign the petition

The timing is crucial -- in less than a week, elections will be announced in West Bengal. Voters will once again go to the polls without knowing if their elected representative is responsible for robbing India of massive amounts of tax revenue -- unless we do something about it.

For decades, powerful people in India have hidden “black money” in foreign banks to avoid tariffs and cover up dirty deals. Politicians holding office right now could be responsible for illegally smuggling crore out of the country, undermining the government’s own budget.

Prime Minister Singh insists that international agreements prevent him from releasing the names of those individuals with substantial money abroad. But this is just a smoke screen to protect his friends -- India’s people have a right to know if their own political representatives are committing criminal acts. Sign the petition now:
sign the petition

For too long, corruption in India has gone unpunished. Now is the time to take the first step towards an honest and open democracy: by publicly fingering the criminals in our own political system. If we come together across state and religious lines we can begin to build a movement that is truly capable of transforming India.

With hope,

Ricken, Emma, Grazi,
and the whole Avaaz team

Monday, February 21, 2011

Visitors enjoyed at Udyan Mela, Dwarka

Shri Jogindeer Singh, ex-Director, CBI inaugurated a  two day Udyan Mela organized by Dwarka Unit of All India Kitchen Garden Association of India at Modern Convent School on 19th and 20th February, 2011.On this occasion the school children of Modern Convent presented a welcome song and Kalbalia Dance.

Beautiful flowers of Dahlia, Petunia, Pansies, Poppy, Cineraria, Paper flower, Kale, River Daisy, Calendula, Aster, Sweet Sultan, coreopsis, Cosmos, and Tulips were on display by Modern Convent, Pragati Public School and Ispatika Apartments and attracted the attention of visitors.

A special section displayed the inputs from members, like, hanging baskets, bonsai, tray gardening, rockery also attracted the attention of the visitors. Besides reasonably priced books on different aspects of gardening were also made available to the visitors.

Herbal plants and vermicompost were also made available at Udyan Mela. Arrangements were made for gardening enthusiast to procure gardening equipment, manures, pesticides, plants etc.

Visitors lauded the efforts of Dwarka Unit for organizing the event which was able to deliver the message of awareness about gardening amongst the residents of Dwarka.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Goonj Material collection camp held in Dwarka

Goonj  would like to thank Dwarkaites for their overwhelming response, contribution and generous support for the material collection camp held on  20th Feb. 2011 (Sunday) at Infront of New Millenium Apartments, Sector-23, Dwarka. Material of one container (Full size truck) + one cargo Maruti van was collected during the camp. All sections of society including celebrity, senior citizen, professional, school children, Engineering college students, etc. contributed material, volunteered actively the collection camp. Famous international fashion designer and celebrity Sanjna Jon also volunteered, actively participated and supported Goonj’s campaign for the noble cause.

Goonj (Winner of NGO of the year 2007 award and other recognitions) is serving society since Feb. 1999 and for the same celebrating its 12thAnniversary on 27th February, which will include participation of volunteers/team members/well wishers from all across india to share the experience. Goonj’s initiate are proactive with the fact that India is a country where disaster is not required to be helped, as half of India even do not need disaster to be helped.

Goonj’s Initiatives 
Vastra- Samman- A nationwide movement highlighting cloth as a basic need and a mark of dignity
Cloth for Work - Villagers get clothes as motivation for initiating development activities in their own area.
School to School- Sensitising urban schools to the educational needs of their counterparts in remote village schools. Channelizing school material from one end to the other by building a long term relationship among them.
Not Just a piece of cloth- Turning old cotton cloth into sanitary napkins for women in slums and villages.
Rahat- Reaching relief and supporting victims of natural and manmade disasters.
Recycling: a step ahead - Making notebooks, school bags, skipping ropes, balls, sitting mats, bottle bags etc. from waste paper, cloth & audio tapes.

Goonj’s Recognitions 

* May’10: GOONJ wins Innovation for India Award
* March’10: GOONJ wins Jamnalal Bajaj CFBP Award for ‘Fair Practices’
* Oct’09: ‘Cloth for Work’ wins Lien i3 Challenge Award
* June’09: ‘Not just a piece of cloth’ wins Changemakers Innovation Award
* March’09: CNN IBN’s ‘Real Heros’ Award to Mr. Anshu Gupta in women welfare segment.
March’08: GOONJ won the prestigious 'India NGO of the year' Award. In a nationwide search & selection by Resource Alliance.
* May’07: GOONJ’s sanitary napkin project ‘Not just a piece of cloth’ wins World Bank’s Global Development Market Place Award. Out of 2900 entries from across the globe, only 22 projects won the award.
* July’07: GOONJ’s first initiative “VASTRA-SAMMAN” recognized as one of ‘The Good Practices’ in Dubai International Awards.
* 2006: Won the prestigious Changemakers Innovation Award, the second time, for our disaster relief initiative ‘RAHAT’.
* 2004: Prestigious Ashoka Fellowship to Anshu Gupta, for his innovative idea & its mass social impact.
* 2004: GOONJ wins Changemakers Innovation Award for its “SCHOOL to SCHOOL” initiative, addressing the educational needs of resource starved village schools by forging a long term relationship between urban & rural schools.

मूर्ति स्थापना में पधारने की कृपा करें

वृहस्पतिवार, दिनांक २४.०२.२०११  को

 प्राचीन ठाकुर द्वारा मंदिर ( राधा कृष्ण ) , छोटियाल, पालम

 से प्रातः १० बजे नवीन  मूर्तियों सहित कलश यात्रा प्रारंभ की जाएगी . 

आप सभी अधिक से अधिक संख्या में पधारने की कृपा करें.


हवन ---------------------- प्रातः 9 बजे
कलश यात्रा ----------------प्रातः १० बजे
मूर्ति स्थापना --------------दोपहर १ बजे 
भंडारा -----------------दोपहर १.३० बजे से 

निवेदक  - समस्त पालम गाँव निवासी 

Saturday, February 19, 2011


M K Gupta,
Consumer Activist

Got a message on 17.2.2011 from phone number 581810005 (9 digits number instead of 10) which reads, “Thank you for subscribing Cricket Pack at Rs.5/day. Simplest & Fastest Cricket Score

To unsubscribe Dial 321*618#.

Now, receiving message daily that your cricket pack has been renewed at Rs 5/day. (Without any request by me.)

Never requested to subscribe. Onus for unsubscribing has been put on clients. Today, when called on aforesaid number for unsubscribing, first of all, some voice message not clearly understandable is heard and then jingles songs.

On request to unsubscribe by opting reply option, no reply from the company so far.

On dialing aforesaid number viz. 318*618#. Every time messages are, “result unknown”.

Getting numerous messages about cricket scores daily and have to waste time in deleting them too.

Why mobile Companies are forcing the customers to subscribe for cricket score?

Unwanted messages should also be banned like pesky (unwanted) calls, the deadline for banning such calls has time been extended second time till 28th February now. This may be further extended result huge benefit to the mobile companies at the cost of incontinence and intrusion to the privacy of the mobile users.

The Government is giving priority to the interest of mobile operators over the interest of public. Now, even un-interested mobile users will have to pay Rs. 5/day, will have to waste their time deleting such messages too while companies will earn crores of rupees on the helplessness of their clients. Companies plead that they are developing infrastructure to stop pesky calls but to stop such forced subscription, no system is needed. Rater, they must have developed some system for forcing their client such subscription. In fact, Operators do not want to stop pesky call to earn lot of money and government approach is lax giving rise to speculation of collusion between the two.

No Relief to Rahat !

R.D. Bhardwaj "Noorpuri"

It is really very intriguing to note as to how a Pakistani singer - Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, was carrying US $ 1,42,600 , much above the permissible limits of US $ 5,000. He is a nephew of famous Pakistani singer, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and has also sung a number of songs in Hindi films as well. Significant amount of diplomatic pressure is being exercised from across the border to give him the desired amount of relief. Pakistani media is also building up huge pressure on its Govt. to get him out of the difficult situation. But then, we should not forget that he has violated Foreign Exchange Management Act and carried illegal foreign currency, amounting to around Rs. 64 lakhs. It is also gathered that the singer in question was being paid black money and the source of this huge black money also needs to be further probed. Moreover, it is difficult to believe that Rahat Fateh Ali Khan was not aware of the Indian rules about foreign exchange management, as he has been visiting India for the last 6/7 years. Had some Indian artist in the similar circumstances been caught up in Pakistan, I am sure they would not have succumbed to the Indian pressure to release him unpunished according to their law.

One more aspect, which requires to be looked into seriously - is that there are around 60 prisoners of war in Pakistani jails since 1965 and 1971 Indo-Pak wars. One more Indian citizen, Sarabjit Singh, who is also languishing in Kot Lakhpat jail in Pakistan since 1991 and is falsely implicated in anti-terrorist acts. Innumerable attempts made by Human Rights activists from India and abroad, from time to time to secure the release of Indian citizens from foreign jails have failed since then. Sarabjit Singh has maintained his innocence from the outset. He continues to maintain that he is a farmer from a village near Amritsar in the Punjab, married with two daughters, both of whom were toddlers at the time of his arrest. The original mercy petition was filed by his lawyer was rejected by the then President, Pervaiz Musharaf and subsequently also by the current President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari.

But, now our Govt. should take a firm stand that the Pakistani singer shall not be cleared of the case and released unless all Indian prisoners of war and Sarabjit Singh is also freed from Pakistani jails and they return home safe and sound. Indian Govt. should also exert maximum diplomatic pressure on Pakistan and negotiate vigorously to get our people back and help them to unite with their family members who are yearning to see their dear ones since ages.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Maan – Battling between life and death!!

Prembau Sharma

Star One’s Geet Hui Sabse Parayi is going to take a dramatic turn amidst all the fun & frolic of Geet and Maan’s honeymoon. Happiness is shortlived and often elusive is exactly what Geet will realise in the upcoming episode of the series.

Having gone through a nerve-wracking past, Geet has finally found love and solace with Maan. She is living a dream with Maan on their honeymoon and Maan, on his part, is leaving no stone unturned to fulfill all her wishes. However, what they don’t realise is that dark clouds of misery is about to rain on their perfect honeymoon very shortly.

Geet doesn’t realise that a simple request from her to drive their car while on their honeymoon will forever change the course of her life. She makes a request and after denying her the pleasure innumerable times in the past, Maan finally relents and allows her to drive. What happens next comes as a shock to Geet when she puts the car in motion and it completely goes out of control, resulting in a terrible accident that puts Maan’s life in jeopardy.

The accident results in Maan being seriously injured and battling for his life. Will he or will he not survive the accident? Will Maan come out of it alive or does this mean Maan’s exit from the show?

Dean and Pastor winning in India’s Minute to Win It

Mr. Sanjay Rodrick Jha, Dean of Mount Carmel Business School, Delhi was amongst the few selected from over 50,000 application downloads all over India to participate in India’s Minute to Win It and bagged handsome prize money and gifts. The show has winning mix of simple and innovative games and tasks in an intensely nerve-wracking minute to win them.  This is the Indian version of internationally acclaimed, rage of a game-show.  These games require apart from physical skill and nimbleness, a strong mental dexterity and presence of mind.   

Out of all the applicants who applied for participating in this Game Show, only around 180 of them were called for the Boot Camps in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore. Sanjay managed to win 13 out of 15 games in the Camp in Delhi. Finally 16 contestants from Delhi were selected to go to Kaula Lampur, Malaysia for the shooting.

From 50,000 downloads to 50 odd participants from India!! The competition was indeed SEVERE! There were eliminations at every stage! Mere selection at any stage does not guarantee you anything. One has to perform. One has to win. And every minute and every microsecond counts! Sanjay was amongst a few fortunate winners who could make it to a winning level.

He is also a pastor of a Church in Delhi. Apart from his efforts in his winning in the show, he firmly believes in God’s helping hand in providing him this once in a lifetime chance to win a fortune in an intensely nerve-wracking - “India’s Minute to Win It”. 

Watch the video India’s Minute to Win It Episode no 9 at : Videos India AXN 

Source: Dwarka Helpline


Rejimon C.K. and M. K. Gupta
Dwarka Forum

Long ago, William Shakespeare said “What is in the name” but he was wrong because there are many things in the name. To substantiate this, I cite the example of Dwarka Constituency which does not have any sector area of Dwarka under it but the name is Dwarka which misguides the public. Very few sectors of Dwarka come under Palam and Bijwasan constituencies and all the rest comes under Matiala Constituency. This distortion has taken place at the time of last delimitation. Now, the estimated population of Dwarka is over 6 Lakh and therefore the area has lakhs of voters while the population of Matiala and number of voters there are legible in comparison to this. Due to this, taxes collected from Dwarka are mistakenly treated as collected from Dwarka Constituency. Likewise, funds allotted in the name of Dwarka are used in other area. Some major areas under Dwarka constituency are Dabri, Dashrathpuri, Dabri Extension, Dabri Raghu Nagar, Dabri Vaishali, Dabri village and Mahavir Enclave.

Dwarkaites therefore demand that there should be an unified constituency covering all the sectors of Dwarka under the name of Dwarka by bringing to the sectors falling under Palam and Bijwasan constituencies under its fold. Till this is achieved as next Delimitation Commission will be set after many years, the immediate solution is to rename Matiala constituency as Dwarka and the existing Dwarka constituency should be given some other appropriate name based of areas it represents. This is the only way to correct this distortion.

Thanks for your VISITs

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