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Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year to U, Ur family & friends...

All that you dream but did not dare to do,
All that you hoped but did not will,
these slumber lightly
waiting to be awakened,
by the touch of STRONG PURPOSE,
I am your opportunity

New Year Resolution Tips

* Remember only sweet and joyful moments of your life

* Forget bitterness in life and forgive others

* Keep humor alive in your life - do not hurt others

* Keep fit and healthy - loose your fat by regular exercises

* Do proper time management between personal and professional life

* Live disciplined life - avoid drinking, smoking and bad habits


So, Here is Dwarka Family in its 7 th Year, bringing People together to say, to say, What they have in common, their problems, concerns, sense of belonging.

They have a place. Dwarka Parichay. The Dwarka Family. A wise Educated & Concerned Family.
In the year ahead Dwarka Parichay bringing you more news, more information. With newly upgraded SUBSCRIPTION from Feedburner - Google, you can see all latest dwarka events & information in your INBOX - e-mail.

Dwarka Forum( Regd.) is a common platform for the residents, RWA/ CGHS and agencies of Dwarka to share the opinions pertaining to the problems faced by the residents and seek their solutions. Members include several intellectuals, media personnel, professionals, bureaucrats among others.

We need to know, everybody's news, What is happening, how they are. Your stories (news) are welcome. How you faced a society issue, your road problem, school admission...How is the nearby market growing and with this, its growing problems? These stories may be useful for others. Send us your concern, write as plain as you Send us Your Story
Tell Everyone You have an event in your society, get a place to announce this to all in Dwarka. We will publish your story and event news at popular Dwarka BLOG ( Dwarka is Blogging - Latest Breaking News is listed in this blog, you can add your comments.)

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We wish a better tomorrow for you...

Warm Regards,

Dwarka Parichay Team

MAHA SAMELEN OF Members self-drawn societies on 02.01.2011

All the Members & their families of self-drawn societies

The Maha-Samelen Meet organized by ASSOCIATION OF SUFFERING MEMBERS OF COPERATIVE GROUP HOUSING SOCIETIES, DELHI  shall be held on SUNDAY, 2ND JANUARY, 2011 AT 10.30. A.M. in the premises of Pragitisheel Barva CGHS Ltd, Plot No. 5-C, Sector.11, Dwarka, New Delhi (just behind/at the back of  Sapna Ghar CGHS Ltd., near Masjid/BP Patrol Pump).

We repeat that this Maha-Samelen will decide our future course of action and our fate for our fight for our rights with the authorities.  On this occasion a number of Leaders of leading Political Parties namely Shri A B Bardhan, General Secretary CPI,  Shri Shahnawaz Hussain, National General Secretary BJP, Shri Mahabal Mishra MP INC (of our constituency), Shri Aziz Pasha & Shri D Raja, MPs CPI,  Shri Vijender Gupta President Delhi Pradesh BJP Shri Dharam Dev Solakni Local MLA BJP, and many more leaders and dignitaries from all walk of life will guide and lead us in our struggle for justice.

We once again call upon all the respected members of such societies to be united for their own cause and must attend without any failure with all their family members and friends this Maha-Samelen, which will be a show of strength of all those affected members fighting for their cause.  Any kind of casual approach by the affected members will definitely jeopardize our ultimate goal i.e. regularization of our self draws at any cost.  All depends upon you all whether to fight for the cause or to run away from the front, decisions is yours. We further call to all of affected members to burry their differences; stand united for the time to come in their own interests.  Lunch shall be served after the conclusion of the Meet.

Issued in the interest of members of Self-drawn societies by Association of Suffering Members of Cooperative Group
Housing Societies
C/o Rajender Arya,


Complied by - M. K. Gupta

Dwarka (West) at Sec. 23
SHO : Shri Bhagwan Singh
Sec. 19 to 23 and Pochanpur, Amberhai, Bharthal and Dul Siras villages

Dwarka North at Sec. 16 B SHO : Shri Naresh Das
Area: Sector 3,4,12,13,14,15,16,17,18 and Kakrola Village

Dwarka (South) at Sec. 9
SHO : Shri Suman Pushkaran
Area: Sector 1,2,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 and Bagdola village.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

JOKER में सोनाक्षी सिन्हा...

प्रेमबाबू शर्मा

फिल्म दबंग की सफलता के बाद में सोनाक्षी सिन्हा फराह खान की पहली पंसद बन गई है। अगर सरसरी तौर पर देखा जाए पूरी ही फिल्म में सलमान खान का साम्राज्य रहा, इसके बावजूद भी लोगों को सोनाक्षी का अंदाज पंसद आया। अब चर्चा है कि फराह खान अपनी फिल्म ‘तीस मारखां’ की कामयाबी के बाद में एक नई फिल्म जोकर बनाने जा रही है। जिसका जमीनी तौर पर काम भी शुरू हो चुका है। सूत्रों की माने तो फिल्म में अक्षय कुमार ही हीरो होगें और हीरोईन होगी सोनाक्षी सिन्हा। मजेदार बात यह है कि इस फिल्म का निर्देशन फराह नहीं करेगी तो फिर कौन होगें निर्देशक? जी हां, हम आपको बता ही देते है कि और कोई बल्कि फराह खान के पति शिरीष कुंदर।


M K Gupta,
Free lance Journalist

(30.12.2010. 10.00 a.m.) If you are facing problem in parking your car etc. and some gentleman looking person offers his help in that task, please do not hand over the keys of the car to him. By not taking such pre-caution, If Swati Khanwaler, reporter of Times of India has taken this pre-cautions, she must have saved her brand new car from being robbed.

She has gone to Vegetable Market at Sector 6, Dwarka on last Tuesday and was facing problem to park the car. A gentleman, well dressed offered his help to park the car properly. Unsuspecting Swati handed over the keys to him for this but she was amazed when the man put the car in back gear and ran away with the car. She immediately called the police control room and a message was flashed by the police but the miscreant but neither the robber has been caught nor the car found till penning down this. However, as the Police registered a case.

Featured School: Sri Venkateshwar International School, Dwarka, New Delhi

 Established in the year 2006,Sri Venkateshwar International School, Sector 18,  Dwarka, New Delhi is the second branch of Venkateshwar group of Schools, functioning on the successful ethos, philosophy and established systems of the  pioneer school.

With an awe - inspiring majestic, centrally air-conditioned building and a serene, child friendly environment, Sri VIS is a welcoming threshold for tender minds to ultimately take shape as future global citizens with holistic personality, ethics, values and a technological edge to meet the challenges of the emerging society.

Sri VIS, Sector 18 is a co-educational Senior Secondary School recognised by the Directorate of Education.   The School has eminent educationists, bureaucrats, professionals and intellectuals as Members of the Management Committee and Advisory Board.

We teach the child not the Subject
A unique feature of Sri VIS. is the child friendly approach to teaching that is not just activity based, but also geared towards higher order learning. With more emphasis on comprehension and analytical abilities, rather than rote memorisation, the students are initiated into a process of investigation, experimentation and deduction. The school aims at nurturing curiosity, with hands-on practical experience.
The focus is on learning rather than on teaching
Technology is used extensively as a learning tool at VIS. LCD TV, Computers and intranet and internet connectivity are enabling tools for curriculum transaction. Teacher development programmes are at the core of all innovations in classroom. Regular workshops on language training , ECCE, Wipro applying thoughts in School are conducted.

IT Edge
Each class room is equipped with Smart Interactive Board/ LCD TV, Computer and Knowledge Centre's Digital Resource Material.

• Internet facility in all class rooms

• Sri VIS teachers take an interdisciplinary team approach to learning, where teachers in each grade level collaborate on cross-curricular lesson activities. Teachers, in co-ordination with the dedicated computer department, display relevant websites, interactive multimedia clips, presentations and other reference materials on the Smart Interactive Whiteboard to reinforce key concepts and engage students in group discussions.

Students learn to use technology as a tool to assist them in all subjects. 'Whenever you make learning exciting, it makes a difference in the classroom", the teaching guideline at Sri VIS. 

Integrated and Inter-Disciplinary Curriculum
Our children see the relevance of what they are learning in real-life situations. Thus our curriculum apart from classroom teaching integrates practical work, field trips and project work. There are ` Before school hours', Saturday-`Sports and SUPW' & Special Summer Training Camps . At the same time, sufficient importance is given to train for various Scholarship Examinations & Subject Olympiads so  that children develop the competitive edge as well..
Aesthetic Development
Outreach Programme
The school has a very active programme that enables students to reach out and contribute to the society that has givent them so much. Some of the programmes are:-

Multiple Intelligence
We recognise that children have many strengths that must be inculcated, re-inforced and used to develop a balanced personality. Our class strength is small. The excellent student-teacher ratio helps in implementing the Multiple Intelligence Theory as developed by Howard Gardner, which recognises different types of Intelligences.

Our teachers reinforce not just Linguistic and Logical-Mathematical Intelligence in each individual child but also, Bodily-kinaesthetic, Spatial, Musical, Interpersonal and Intrapersonal Intelligences.

Other Activities
Apart from this general routine, there is always something happening at Sri VIS. Competitions, quizzes, seminars, festival celebrations, talks by eminent personalities - and of course, examinations - are all planned at the beginning of the year as part of the curriculum and judiciously timed so as to reinforce the concepts that are currently being learnt in class.

Children are frequently taken out within and outside the city to places that will help them relate what they are learning in the classroom to the real world.

There are also many major annual events to  look forward to - the Annual  Day Celebrations, the Subject Expos, the Bal Mela,  the Sports Day, the Inter-School Events- `Athkheliaan' , `Techies & Gizmos' ,  the Inter -House competitions and matches, the Athletic Meet, etc.

Principal's Diary
"Education is about awakening – awakening to the power and beauty that lies within all of us." 
Leading by Example – The School Principal, Mrs Nita Arora The School Principal holds 29 years of rich & varied experience in the field of education of which 15 years have been in administrative capacities.
Full profile


Parents seeking admission for their children can obtain the 

application form and prospectus from the school on all working days.

Sector -18, Dwarka, New Delhi -110075, India
Nearest Metro Station - Sector-12
Tel : +91-011- 42815336 (3 lines)
Fax.:   +91-011-42815339   

                    ORANGE CROSS - The School Health Wellness & Nutrition Program

Note: Schools can send the brief of feature/ activities/ Principal's profile etc. to  e-mail : -

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Blessings on Kalpataru Day, 1 st January, 2011

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


M K Gupta
Dwarka Forum (Regd.)

For Dwarkaites and residents of nearby colonies, the Consumer Court is over 20 kilometer away near Qutab Hotel at Mehrauli though the present estimated population of Dwarka is 6-lakh and will soon cross over 10-lakh as more and more societies are conducting draws for allotment of flats to their members and new sectors in its phase three are developing fast. The above population  is in addition to the persons living in nearly villages and other colonies.  In Dwarka, many Societies are having disputes with the builders and they need to settle this through Consumer Courts. There are many companies and big and small shopkeepers are also here and therefore, often, consumer related dispute arises.  The Government aimed at to provide justice at the door steps of the residents of every zone by establishing many Consumer Courts but for Dwarka, theConsumer Court is at Mehrauli which is 20-25 km away from here. 

Now, the Dwarka is having its own District Court for the last over two years and in the District Court complex, DF has come to know that there is enough space to House the Consumer Court also.  Therefore, residents demand that the consumer Court should be transferred in Dwarka from a far away place so that they can avail this facility in real terms.  By doing this, government will do justice to the residents.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Dwarka Forum's objections to proposed amendments to RTI Rules, and desired changes

We refer to your (Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions Department of Personnel Training) OM dated 10th December 2010, soliciting comments for the proposed rules. Our comments are as under:

Dear Sirs,

Dwarka, the largest Sub-city in Asia is meant to accommodate a population of more than 10 lacs and presently, over 6 lacs people are residing in Dwarka in addition to neighboring villages and areas nearby. Dwarka Forum (Regd) having more than 2500 members including office bearers of Cooperative Group Housing Societies(Apartments) around 200+ and 45 DDA Pocket Residential Welfare Association.

First and foremost, we are alarmed that the proposed amendments dilute the powers given to COMMON MAN (citizens) by RTI Act 2005, and arbitrarily impose dos-and-don’ts on citizens. Why has DOPT not made any rules to ensure compliance with RTI Act Section 4 (*suo moto *disclosure norms), despite five years of dismal compliance? Why has DOPT not proposed any rules to enforce public authorities’ compliance with Information Commission’s orders? Not even singe Public Authority found respecting the RTI Act 2005 in its letter and spirit.
Such a bias shows the Union government in a bad light. It appears to us that stung by disclosures of its misdoings due to the efforts of RTI users, the government is trying to curb their powers.The suo moto disclosure should have reduced the RTI Application by Half and most importantly this would have large implication on ARRESTING CORRUPTION as all matters would be available for public.

1.     The invitation of suggestion/objection by your notice dated 10th December 2010 is lack the following:
a.     The desired request for objection were not found published in the Leading News paper covering across India in all languages and all media.
b.     The Right to Information Act 2005 itself Premature and no need to amend at this stage as the govt departments still have not heard or well versed with its provision nor able to implements its provisions such as suo moto disclosures under section 4.
c.      The govt and public authorities have not digitlised/indexed and catalogued all the information.
d.     The govt staffs still not got training to consolidate, retrieve and share information. The existing provisions such as Manual of Office Procedure and CCS Conduct Rules are breached not respected other than where Govt Staffs perks and remuneration part implemented without any delay.
e.     The Govt have not given ample promotion and awareness campaign for RTI Act 2005.
f.       While Act like Registration of Societies Act 1860 still found UNTOUCHED by govt and not even made any proposal to change. This societies act particularly give ample opportunity to politicians, retired govt servants and businessmen to evade tax worth trillions. So the urgency and emergency shown by department should be in other Act such as CCS Conduct Rules and Whistle Blower Act, Lok Pal Bill etc in addition to Registration of Socities Act.
g.     The date of your public notice of 10th Dec and given a deadline of 27 is too short notice.
h.     Rest of the points which a large number of RTI ACT users have send you some of them are reproduced below and we support the same view and stand by it of people like Mr.Krishna Rao, Ms. Urivi , Mr. Lokesh Batra, Vikram Singh, Mr. R K Kararia,.
i.        The new rule in a way curtain the powers of Appellants
j.       The New rule should include more severe penalty for Public Authority be it CPIO, SPIO,APIO and FAA also should bring to accountable.
k.     The restriction of no of words in an RTI Application by 250 words is OBJECTIONABLE.
l.        We OBJECT one subject matter as the reference and matter may cover by word and meaning have wide subject.
m.  The Rule proposed to have charge for mailing charges also objectionable as the citizen already paying taxes and these information the RTI Application fee of Rs. 10 is sufficient to send normal email. A number of RTI Applicants requesting the info to be provided through email and scan copies which wont cost the Public Authority addional expenditure and will only help the environment and also less time in delivering the reply.
n.     Ref to Presense of PA: We strongly object to representing the matter before FAA or IC, CIC, SIC by Public authority through other than the replied person or FAA. The new rule allowing it through representative as Lawyer or others would be determental to common man who use RTI to derive information.
o.     We object to any prescribed format for Application seeking information, Appeal u/s 19(1), Appeal U/s 19(2) and Complaint u/s 18. The more cumbersome it will make common man difficult to seek the information, the very purpose of RTI Act 2005.
p.     First appeal documents as desired in the new Rule stated copy of documents and duly authenticated and verified. The sought list of documents are already available with PIO who is subordinate of FAA and with same office. There is no need to duplicate copies and files.
q.     The proposed rule found NOT a SINGLE amendment or improvement of Public Authority visa CPIO,APIO,SPIO and FAA actions for facilitating smooth delivery of information and accountability in cases of suppression and misleading inforamations.
r.      In many cases where CPIO,APIO,SPIO not mention the FAA detailes and the actual FAA may not received the Appeal and kept unattended. In such cases there must be provision to transfer the Appeal to concerned FAA within 5 days receiving either by the person received or the CPIO,APIO,SPIO as the case be.
s.      Service of Notice: The SMS intimation of the date and time of the hearing must be used to help appellant in cases where mobile No given.
t.       Penalty : The recovery of penalty amount or compensation must be recovered from the concerned defaulting authority in the same month

A detailed Rule by Rule(ref para) are as below:

Our objections to specific Rules are as below:

1. RULE 3:* Appointment of Secretary to the Commission.* “The Government shall appoint an officer not below the rank of Additional Secretary to the Government of India as Secretary to the Commission who shall be the Chief Executive Officer and Registrar General of the Commission .”


a) *Undefined powers. *The powers of “Secretary”, “Registrar-General” and “Chief Executive Officer” are defined neither in the RTI Act nor the proposed Rules, and are therefore open to interpretation. The term Chief Executive Officer suggests that he would have sweeping powers in the affairs of the Central Information Commission.

b) *Conflict of interest. *The person being placed in this position with sweeping powers would belong to the IAS cadre, and he would continue to be part of the cadre. This signals a conflict of interest, as the Commission is intended to act as a watchdog over the Union Govt. and administration in respect of RTI Act.

c) *A parallel authority to Chief Information Commissioner. *Nowhere is it said that he will work under the directions of the Chief Information Commissioner. The Secretary / Registrar General / Chief Executive Officer appointed by the government would (for reasons detailed above) potentially have undue control over the documents and affairs of the Commission, and constitute a parallel authority – a challenge to the authority of the Chief Information Commissioner. This has all the makings of an unwholesome situation.

*OUR DEMAND: **Frame rules specifying that…*

(i) *Chief Information Commissioner will appoint Secretary or Registrar-General, who will work under his directions and supervision.*

(ii) *The Secretary or Registrar General should have worked for some years as registrar or sub-registrar in the judiciary. *

2. RULE 4:* Request for Information. *… “Provided that the request for information shall relate only to one subject matter and shall be limited to two hundred and fifty words, excluding the address of the Central Public Information Officer and the address of the applicant.”


a) *‘Subject matter’ is undefined and vague. *“Subject matter” is not defined in the Act or in the Rules, and is therefore open to interpretation and endless debate. Disputes regarding whether an RTI application concerns one subject matter or two would not only lead to delay and denial of information, it would also cause increase in the number of appeals and complaints. E.g., If RTI applicant asks for statistics of  births and deaths from a municipal hospital, PIO can argue that ‘birth’ and ‘death’ are two different subject matters.

b) *“Two hundred and fifty words” is vague. *“Words” is an undefined term that can raise several debates, such as: Is “edible-oils-depot” to be counted as one, two or three words for the purpose of this calculation? Is “Rs 1,500” one word or two words? Is “Managing Director” to be counted as two words? Will used short forms such as “i.e.”, “e.g.”, “viz.”, “etc.” be counted or not counted as one word? Will serial numbers of questions be counted as words?

c) *The limit of 250 words is apparently arbitrary. *On what basis was
250 words taken as a cut-off point? Did DOPT conduct a survey for the
purpose of determining a word-limit? Did it receive complaints, suggestions
or recommendations concerning the word-count? If so, it should take the
community of RTI users into confidence.

*OUR DEMAND: **Delete this rule.*

3. RULE 5 (g):* Fees for providing information.* “Fee for providing information … shall be charged at the following rates: the actual amount spent by public authority on hiring a machine or any other equipment, if any, to supply information.”


*a) **Several terms are vague and undefined. *If the PIO of a district panchayat has to engage an auto-rickshaw to go to the nearest Xerox centre, will the rickshaw be counted as “machine” or “equipment”, and the charge be imposed on the RTI appellant? If, in a far-away village with only one Xerox shop, the copying charges are Rs 5 per page, will that be the amount charged to an RTI applicant? If that is so, then why must an RTI applicant in Mumbai pay Rs 2 per page, although the market rate varies between 75 paise and Re 1? Such rules can only lead to debates and endless appeals.

*OUR DEMAND: **Delete this rule.*

* *

4. SEC 14: *Personal presence of the appellant before the Commission *as against “*Personal presence of the appellant or complainant” *in Rule 7 of existing RTI rules.


*Repeatedly omitting the term “or complainant” from proposed Rule 14 (Rule 7 of existing rules) effectively changes the interpretation of the Act. *When read with Rule 11 (detailed below in point no. 5), omission of this term from all sub-Rules of Rule 14, which corresponds to Rule 7 in the existing Rules, seems like a deliberate and *mala fide *attempt to cut off the RTI applicants’ recourse to the unique remedies offered under Rule 18 of the RTI Act.

*OUR DEMAND: **Insert the term “or complainant” after the term “appellant”,
wherever the latter term is used.*

5. Rule 11(2) and (3):* Admission of appeals.* (2) The Commission

First Appellate Authority or any other person competent to pass order on such appeal had made a final order on the appeal; or

(b) where no final order has been made by the First Appellate Authority with regard to the appeal preferred, and a period of 45 days from the date on which such appeal was preferred has expired.


The proposed amendment amounts to cancelling the citizen’s discretionary power (conferred by the RTI Act) to bypass the first appellate authority and file a complaint directly before the commission under RTI Act Sec 18. Furthermore, the amendment would nullify RTI Act Sec 18 by compelling frustrated RTI appellants to file a first appeal, and then requiring them to label even complaints as “Second Appeal u/s 19(3)”.

*OUR DEMAND: **Delete this rule.*


*1) **For the purpose of compliance with RTI Act Section 4 -- suo moto disclosure
norms – the head of the concerned public authority will be considered as the PIO, and action u/s 20 will be recommended by the Information Commission as they think fit. *

*2) **For the purpose of compliance with Information Commission’s orders, make a rule that public authority must send compliance report to the Commission within a month after deducting penalty, initiating disciplinary action, giving information etc.*

Sir, your proposed rules have a few  good features (on which we have not  commented here), but these are outweighed by the above objectionable features. The overall effect of the proposed rules is to weaken the implementation of the RTI Act, and reduce the power of common man to combat unaccountability and corruption. We urge Govt. of India to desist from notifying this draft of RTI rules, until the above-mentioned changes have been carried out.

With Best Wishes,
Please acknowdledge our Objections /Submission as above by return email or letters.

Thanking you,
Dwarka Forum (Regd.)

An effortless technique - Sahaj Samadhi Meditation

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation
Sudarshan Kriya leaves you in a state of meditation and helps you live it throughout the day. A specific technique called Sahaj Samadhi Meditation expands the conscious mind, and lets you dwell in that state, further culturing the nervous system to support that clarity, bliss, and awareness in daily activity. Sahaj Samadhi means “natural enlightenment,” and is an effortless technique that expands the awareness andreleases the stress that limits awareness and joy. While easy to learn and practice, it requires its own short course and individual instruction session to learn. It is the delicate art of not-doing. It brings a wholeness to life, and, together with Sudarshan Kriya, helps a person know who they really are, beyond their passing thoughts and feelings.
It is in every person’s faculty to experience the benefits of a regular meditation practice and the Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique. Breath and meditation is the body’s natural way to quiet the mind of thoughts, experience deep rest and energize and heal the entire system.

Sahaj Samadhi Meditation course in Dwarka
Dates : 8-10 January 2011 (Saturday to Monday)

Timings: Saturday & Monday) Morning (7-9 am) and Evening (7-9 pm) Sunday (Morning 9-11 am) and Evening (4-6 pm)

Venue : Prashanti Dham (Sai Mandir) Opp RD Rajpal School, Sector 9, Dwarka
 Contact : 9871292714,    Art of Living, Dwarka


Christmas was celebrated at Pragati Public School, Dwarka with joy. The school congratulated everybody and wished them ‘Merry Christmas’. The school was tastefully decorated, giving a feeling of Christmas celebrations, with the happy sounds of pealing bells, lights sparkling everywhere, and hymns of joy and peace. Along with a decorated and illuminated Christmas tree, a decorated hut was also made depicting Lord Christ born in Mother Mary’s lap. Kids came in fancy dresses matching the occasion, and danced to the tune of the song. The tiny tots of Pre Nursery and KG performed their items with great enthusiasm. Song and dance performances, showed the students’ enthusiasm for the festival mesmerizing the audience. The head of the Institution Mrs. Geeta Kapur blessed the students for their bright future in the New Year. Sweets were distributed among the students.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Entertainment meter - film and TV

प्रेमबाबू शर्मा
नव वर्ष पर थिरकेगी अभिनेत्रियां

मुन्नी और शीला समेत दर्जनभर अभिनेत्रियां नव वर्ष के मौके पर नामचीन होटलो मै थिरकेगी . ताकि नववर्ष का जशनखुशनुमा बन सके. , चर्चा है कि इस बार आयोजित कार्यक्रमों में करीना कपूर, बिपासा बासु, कैटरीना कैफ, मल्लिका शेरावत, मलाइका अरोड़ा खान और सोनाक्षी सिन्हा जैसी हीरोईन एक रात के डांस के लिए एक करोड से तीन करोड ले रही है। और ले भी क्यों ना, होटल वाले भी अपने ग्राहकों से मनोंरजन के नाम पर मोटी रकम लेते है। अब खबर है कि इस बार इंकम टैक्स पूरी तरह से चौंकना हो गया है और उनकी पैनी नजर उन सब होटल और उसमें डांस करने वाली हीरोईनों पर है। जो डांस के नाम पर मोटी रकम लेगी। सूत्र की माने तो इस साल आईटी डिपार्टमेंट के इन्फोर्समेंट अधिकारी एक विजील स्कॉट बनाकर ऐसे तमाम न्यू ईयर पार्टियों पर पैनी नजर रखेगी। जहां एक ही रात में लाखों का वारा न्यारा होता हैं। एक खबर यह भी है कि मल्लिका नए साल के मौके पर उसी होटल में अपना कार्यक्रम देंगी। जहां मलाइका अरोड़ा खान भी नृत्य पेश करेंगी।
प्रियंका का ऑटो प्यार
बॉलीवुड अभिनेत्री प्रियंका चोपडा को अपने बरेली के दिन याद आ ही गए। जब वे रिक्शा में बैठकर लुत्फ
उठाया करती थी। लेकिन बॉलीवड की नामचीन हीरोईन का ठप्पा क्या लगा की पुरानी यादें भी मिट गई। लेकिन पिछले दिनों उनको ऑटो में सफर करते देखकर लगा की वे अपनी अतीत की यादों को ताजा करने में जुटी है। लेकिन कुछ नहीं था। दरअसल हुआ यूं कि प्रियंका को एक इवेंट में पहुंचना था। वे लेट हो रही थी और इस जल्दबाजी के चलते उनकी कार भी खराब हो गई। अब क्या था उन्होंने बिना देर किये एक ऑटो को हाथ दिया और उसमे बैठ गई। ऑटोवाला भी प्रियंका को अपने ऑटो में बैठा देखकर गद्गद् हो गया। खैर, प्रियंका इवेंट में देर से ही पहुंची। लेकिन पहुंच तो गई। इधर ऑटो वाले ने भी किराये के बदले में मिले रूपयों पर प्रियंका का आटोग्राफ भी लिया।

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Why is it so hard for children to control themselves?

Dr. M. C. Jain
M. A. P.hD ( Psychology )
Consultant Psychologist

Self- control is not traditionally part of a child’s job description, but over the last 20 years , scientists have gathered a lot more information about why children are particularly prone to failures of self-control, compared with adults.

Child Development: 12th EditionLet us take an example of Sohan. He tends to do whatever comes into his mind, apparently without pausing to think about the impact or result or consequences of his actions. Emotionally unpredictable, his behavior is often atrocious-so bad, in fact that going out with him in public can be a nightmare . His family says that he seems to have no “off” button. His manners are nonexistent, he has the attention span of a gnat, and his reckless, confrontational behavior means he is constantly getting himself into trouble. He displays a total disregard for rules and regulations, and often comes across as selfish, boastful and immature.

Sohan cuts an unattractive figure. We have all come across children who behave like Sohan and if we are honest, at times we can recognize elements of Sohan in even the most immaculately behaved child. Sohan, however, is not a child. He is a 40year old adult and prior to a car accident ten months ago; his personality and behavior were very different. He was a gentle, shy, cultivated man, much loved by his friends and respected by his office colleagues. Sohan suffers from a condition called orbito-frontal syndrome pattern of disinherited emotion and behavior caused by damage to a particular part of his brain. Cases of brain injury such as Sohan’s have given researchers invaluable insights into how the brain works and have been enormously helpful in mapping how different areas of the brain relate to specific abilities. Interestingly, neuroscientists have also discovered that the area of the brain damaged in Sohan’s case does not fully develop in perfectly normal human beings until well into their teenage years.

Child Development: Myths and MisunderstandingsIn the language of cognitive psychology, the prefrontal cortex is the command center for the “cool system “This is the counter part of the “hot system”. It seems that our ability to exercise effective self –control depends upon the way these two systems interact. The hot system is designed to produce rapid, automatic reaction to aspects of the environment that we need to be attracted to or repelled by. Whereas the cool system gives us our ability to process more complex aspects of the world. The cool system is rational, logical and trades in the currency of information instead of high-octane emotion. Although functionally distinct, these two systems are linked. In children, the cooling system takes time to evolve. A combination of fewer cool nodes and poor connections with relevant hot spots tends to leave children at the mercy of their hot system impulses.

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