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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year 2010

All that you dream but did not dare to do,
All that you hoped but did not will,
these slumber lightly
waiting to be awakened,
by the touch of STRONG PURPOSE,
I am your opportunity

New Year Resolution Tips
* Remember only sweet and joyful moments of your life
* Forget bitterness in life and forgive others
* Keep humor alive in your life - do not hurt others
* Keep fit and healthy - loose your fat by regular exercises
* Do proper time management between personal and professional life
* Live disciplined life - avoid drinking, smoking and bad habits

So, Here is Dwarka Family in its 6 th Year, bringing People together to say, to say, What they have in common, their problems, concerns, sense of belonging.

They have a place. Dwarka Parichay. The Dwarka Family. A wise Educated & Concerned Family.
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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Eventsand activities in Dwarka

MK Gupta,
RTI Consultant
& Media Advisor - Dwarka Forum

To promote interaction between the Police and the Public, Thana Level Committees have been constituted. The members for Dwarka Thana at Sector 23 are:
Mr. Sumesh Shokeen, MLA, Chairman, Vijay Pandit and Rajesh Gehlot , Coucillors, MCD, Mukesh Sinha, Editor, Dwarka City, Rajeev Shukla, SDM, M.S.Randhwa, ACP, Bhagwan Singh, SHO, Dinesh Mudgal, Advocate, Dr. L.K. Barua, Ramesh Kumari, Principal, Shiksha Bharati School, Jaideep Dhankar, D.P. Bajpai, President, RWA, Sec-6, Rani Gulia, Sec. 19, Kusum Sharma, President, Ladies Progressive Committee, Kanchan Kapoor, NGO, Muskan, Madasn, JJ cluster Sec-7. (Courtesy- Dwarka City, Volume 5). Residents may take help from these members in case they are dissatisfied on the action taken by the police on their complaints. Courtesy- Dwarka City.

In Dwarka, there are hundreds of Group Housing Societies and the information can be sought from these Group Housing Societies under the RTI Act. But to blunt this provision, some societies have started to adopt devious means. One of some such society is Nav Sansad Vihar, Sector 22, Dwarka as its President Mr. Joginder Singh issued a office memo on 30.08.09 that every RTI application should enclose a cheque/draft of Rs. 15,000 “to pay not only for legal advice but also for all expenses incurred in the collection and compilation of information as well as other legal expenses”. This was in contravention of RTI Act wherein only 10- rupee is payable as fee. A resident has challenged this order and in the ruling, the Society was directed to provide information by charging Rs. 10 only as fee.

Reacting to the development, Delhi High Court Advocate Ashok Chaitanya said that this is the right step and after this, the societies will refrain from charging fee at their whims and fancies.

In reply to an RTI application filed by Dwarka Forum, the Delhi Development Authority (Institutional Land) has informed that the notice is being issued to the Muthoot Group to explain delay in the construction of Hospital. The DDA allotted a plot in Sector 10 to Muthoot Group in June, 2004 for the construction of Super Specialty Hospital

According to the terms of allotment, the group was to construct the hospital building within 5 years from the date of handing over the physical possession which is already over but not even a single brick has been laid. The plot is being used of functions, meetings, Satsangs and learning driving while the Dwarkaites are crying for health facilities. Informed sources claim that this plot has changed hands four to five times and at present is in the hands of few property agents, the telephone numbers on the board at hospital site have been painted to hide them which indicates that something is suspicious and an inquiry will reveal the fact.

On the other hand, the first phase of Delhi Government Super-Specialty hospital of 500-bed in the first phases should be completed by the tentative date of August, 2010 but no activity is seen on the ground so far despite the claim made by the Delhi Health Minister, Ms. Kiran Walia has announced that the work is in progress there.

At present, for indoor treatment, the Dwarkaites either have to go to Mata Chanan Devi Hospital, Janak Puri, DDU Hospital, Mayapuri, Spinal Hospital, Vasant Kunj, AIIMS and Safdarjung or have to go to some private hospital locally available private hospital which are notorious to exploit such an emergency for their financial gains. In an emergency, the precious time is lost and at time, this becomes fatal. Now, population of Dwarka is over 5-lakh which will increase rapidly with the allotments of pending flats.

In Dwarka, there are some other sites also where for years, only the boards of Local Shopping Centre or Nursing Homes and so on are display without any activity to complete these projects. Residents appeal to the authorities to awake from slumber and do the needful.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Vijay K. Saluja

Ram Nath was watching his favourite TV programme,` Laughter Show`, when he recd a call, on his mobile. Since that call, Ramnath is not the same person- happy-go-lucky?! His world has somersaulted towards HELL!? The caller informed that his only son, RAVI- seventeen years old, had been involved in a serious road-accident & was removed by the police to a hospital. He stayed in injured condition on the road for more than an hour, as no on-lookers, who were in plenty, did any thing to give him succour/ help?!

Incidents, like the one above have become very common & normal features in our mega-cities. Accidents & deaths are on the increase. Two accidents, involving cars, are very recent cases of deaths/serious injuries on roads.

As it causes massive miseries to, the affected parties, it is time, to do some thing concrete, by all the stake-holders.
Who are the stake holders?
You, me, the community & various wings of the Govt-local, state, central, its various organizations, civil society groups, educational/training institutions, media, international organisations too.
Why do accidents occur? It does not need much explaining. But, the main reason is the negligence of human beings, itself. In the case of Ram Nath, he did not bother, to ensure that his under-age son did not take, his newly acquired car for a drive, to show off to his friends. He, even did not bother that, his son did not possess the valid driving license. Fake driving license, he himself, had helped his son, to obtain, using money-power & contacts`! Result of the same was there to see.

What were the authorities doing, when license was issued to untrained & under-age persons?
Collusion is the name of the game. Today, it is Ram Nath, tomorrow, it could be you, me or son of a license issuing official, a powerful politician or a senior bureaucrat? Accidents do not recognize the protocol or influence?!

Compromising on principles, non-enforcement of laid down traffic rules, casualness, speed, are some of the main reasons, for increase of accidents. It is therefore very imperative, that persons of impeccable integrity are put on the sensitive jobs. Some may say, most of the govt jobs are sensitive. Yes, these are, but some are certainly, more than the others. Traffic policing & issuing of driving licenses, fall in that category.

Let us also face it squarely. There is corruption . This is one of the main cause of accidents. I personally consider, corruption as the HIV/AIDS of our administrative system.
Compromising on the state of fitness of vehicles, issuing of licences, booking of traffic offenders, apathy in construction & maintenance of roads & attendant infrastructure-proper geometry, signage, signals, lighting, by some of the concerned local authorities- officials/engineers are other reasons for accidents. One can understand, if India was short of working hands.

Then there was no alternative but, to continue with the corrupt, careless, un-trained people in various organizations of the govt is understandable. But, we in India, do not have problem of shortage of human resources.

When will `sarkari`, means real no-nonsense business/profession? At the moment, it only means-one can even get away with murder, if one has contacts/money!? How sad for the country of more than one billion & the aam admi?

The bureaucracy & the judiciary need to play very very vigilant & strict role, in the area of dealing with offenders-merchants of death. Decisions have to be quick & un-biased.
Besides, community , media, & civil society groups, will have to play pro-active positive role.
Thought provoking films need to be made & screened on TV to sensitise the citizens/community. In schools & in colleges, curricular should have space for imparting education, on need for values & ethics. Acquisition of money, by any means, need to be denigrated.

There need to be control on expanding numbers of vehicles on roads. Not, that no to Nano, but control? Public transport need to be made efficient. In this connection, one really wonders, why it took so long to enforce fitting of governors in buses. Even now reports are there that the same are being manipulated/fiddled with, and the authorities looking the other way?!

Take it for granted, there are no miracles going to happen, to minimize accidents. In India about 1.25 lakhs die every year in road accidents & ten times of this number get injuries-some of serious nature! The System, need/have to be [made] accountable, sensitive, responsible and responsive, on a sustainable basis.,if we want to make a difference.

There is no other way.
In my article, I have not quoted findings of national/international studies, on causes of accidents & remedial measures. Because, I personally feel, solution lies with all of us We all know it. The need is to implement the solutions rigorously. This is true, for other areas of administration/ governance, too.

Many organizations/groups in India & abroad, are working in the area of road safety. It will be discussed in the next article.

Writer is a Senior Fellow, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi
& Convener `Social Outreach Programme` Committee IIT Delhi Alumni As

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Info Services

Let us pledge for eye donation now

Arvind Agrawal

There are an estimated 1.21 crore blind people in the country. Of these, three million suffer from corneal disorders, 26% of whom are children. Fortunately lost sight can be restored through the medical intervention of corneal transplantation through the donated eyes.

Only about 10,000 corneal transplants are being done every year due to the shortage of donated eyes. This is mainly attributed to lack of awareness, hesitation and motivation.

Let us pledge for eye donation now.

Age does not matter. Spectacle wearers, diabetics hypertensive and people suffering from systemic disorders like asthma, tuberculosis can also donate eyes.

Eyes have to be removed within six hours of time of death.

If someone unfortunately dies in the family or friend circle, remember to call the nearest Eye Bank (please see the attachment for the details of major eye banks in delhi) or dial 1919 (all india toll free no. to connect automatically to nearest eye bank). This can be done irrespective of whether the deceased had pledged his/her eyes or not. Under the law, relatives of the deceased can donate his/ her eye provided he/ she (the deceased) had never spoken against eye donation. However for self commitment, we can pledge online at or fill the pledge form and send to any eye bank. Please also do not forget to tell about your pledge to your family members and friends.

Eye donation gives sight to two blind persons as one blind person receives one donated eye. The recipient of corneal will always remain anonymous but the donor family should be satisfied knowing that the eyes have been used to restore the vision of two blind persons.

"When we close our eyes in final rest know that two others will open in wonder at the world around them."

Let us pledge for eye donation on Sunday, the 3rd January, 2010 at Dwarka Health Club, Sector-7, Dwarka as Blind Persons Association, Dwarka is celebrating The 201st Birth Anniversary of Louis Braille. Venu Eye Institute will guide about Eye donation.

for more details.

Drawing competition organised on civic issues

Like every year, this year also on the occasion of birthday of Sh. Naresh Lamba - President, Social Development Welfare Society ( Regd. NGO), Bal Chitrakar Drawing Competition was organised at sector-7, Dwarka. About 500 Children from Baba Ambedkar Welfare Samaj Kalyan Samiti, J.J. Colony Sector-7 Palam Extention, Rahul Model Public School Sadh Nagar, Sant Sunder Das Public School Vikas Nagar, Govt. Sahbad Mohamadpur, Kala Bhumi NGO and Dwarka and surrounding area participated in the Drawing competition. The Chief guest on the occasion was Sh. Vijay Pandit, MLA of Palam. Many eminent personalities from Dwarka and Palam were present on the ocassion. Some of them were Sh. Bhagwan Singh, SHO Sector-23, Dwarka, Sh. Sandeep Ahlavat, IT Deptt. of GOVT. of NCT Delhi, Sh. Ratan Lal Kaushik, Member Core committee Bhagidari, S/W Distt, Prof. A.P.Mittal Dean NSIT, Sh. Subhash, Inspector Delhi Police Accident investigation cell S/W Distt.
The venue was decorated with tricolor flags and poster from Deptt. Environment, MCD,
DJB etc. Paintings by Children were looking very attractive. The competition was organized in two age groups. Himanshu Golliya won Ist prize in group I category. Navrattan Saini won in II nd group. Bumper prize won by Kumari Dristi of Rahul Model Public School. Prof. A.P. Mittal Dean NSIT was judge in the drawing competition. Apart from prizes 60 children got gifts sponsored by associates.

Children from the society performed Dance on Vande Matram, I Love india, Dulhan Chali and everybody felt patriotism. Speakers praised the organization of Bal Chitrakar Drawing competition.
Sh. Naresh Lamba informed about starting of Jeevan services of Delho GOVT. Any one can pay various bills like Electricity, Water, Telephone etc. at this centre. He said resident of the area can avail these service and relax.

Sh. Lamba thanked all associates for full support in making the event a big success. On behalf of the society, Sh. Lamba gave memento to the supporters - Saksham Foundation,, Gram Vikas Association - Sahabad Mohd. pur Bhagidari, Vadi Lal Happienz, Bala Ji Toys Ramphal Chawk, Golden Printers, Brain O Brain, Hari Om Gupta - President RWA Palam Extn., Maulana Rahi, Capt S.J. Singh, Master Attar Singh, Seth Ram Singh.

Source : Dwarka Parichay News & Info Services

Monday, December 28, 2009

Set house in order first

Joginder Singh ji
(Former Director - CBI)

After any terrorist incident, whether in Mumbai or Delhi, candlelight marches, seminars and protest rallies are organised to express the anger of the people. The objective is not only to assert the extreme unhappiness that the people feel about the state of affairs but also to show their resentment towards the Government.

However, the question to be asked is what can a common man do to help eradicate terrorism. Terrorism comes in various shades. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, while addressing a conference of police chiefs in September, stated, “I have consistently held that Left-wing extremism poses perhaps the gravest internal security threat that we face. We have not achieved as much success as we would have liked in containing it. It is a matter of concern that despite efforts, the level of violence in the affected States continues to rise”.

These are the periodic sermons that are doled out to security personnel from time to time, without looking into the causes of the problem. Nobody cares if our security personnel have the adequate training, motivation and infrastructure to deal with these terrorists.

In the same vein, the Prime Minister said that Maoism could not be treated as a law and order problem and that dealing with Maoists required a ‘nuanced’ strategy.

I am frankly foxed and still cannot understand as to what the Prime Minister wants the police to do. Maoists are killing people and security personnel with impunity and all that the Prime Minister can say is that we need to reorient our strategy.

Mr Singh expressed concern at the rise in infiltration both across the LoC and also across the border with Nepal and Bangladesh. “Encounters with armed militants have become more frequent in recent weeks and months...secessionist and militant groups within the state are again attempting to make common cause with outside elements and have embarked on a series of protest movements,” he said.

In such a scenario, what a common man should do is a conundrum. The fight against terrorism is neither physically nor logistically possible for the common man to undertake. He has no access to weapons nor is there any Government-run programme to train him for intelligence gathering.

Even the local police, except in few places, is ill-equipped to fight terrorists. In the 26/11 terrorist attack on Mumbai, as opposed to the AK 47s the terrorists had, majority of the Mumbai policemen had only lathis and antique rifles to defend themselves.

During conversation with some people on the fight against terrorism and the role that the common man can play in this regard, it emerged that most of them were disgusted with the current situation. One of them told me that in our country criminals commit crimes in broad daylight without any fear of punishment. He continued that whether it is a criminal or a terrorist, no one is afraid of the law. My friend suggested that the Government should discard its hypocritical policy and make sure that anti-national elements are eliminated at the entry point to India.

Before involving the common man in the fight against terrorism, in which he is least interested, it will be best for the Government to put its own house in order. India has one of the lowest police-to-population ratios, as the following figures clearly demonstrate. India : 142 (police per lakh of population), Japan : 175, UK : 200, Germany : 300, Australia : 290, USA : 315.

What is required is not homilies or discourses but for the Government to shore up its police numbers and give our security personnel the equipment they need to protect the citizens. No amount of speeches by the powers that be will help solve the problem.

A country’s police force is a professional body and is not expected to talk to criminals and terrorists in double language as politicians do. It should be given the task of eliminating anti-national elements without any strings attached.

If any speeches are to be made and lectures given, then let the politicians and so-called human rights activists go to the affected areas and harangue with the terrorists and their sympathisers.

Also, the terror threat perception is not uniform all over the country. In relatively peaceful States, discussion on terrorism is only academic. Even where terrorists are active, the common man expects the Government to take the lead without exposing him to the wrath of the death-mongers. We should be prepared to die for our country, but not let our country die for us.

What I have been pleading has been frankly and openly accepted by the Union Home Minister who has said that given the imperatives and the challenges of the times “a division of the current functions of the Ministry of Home Affairs is unavoidable."

He wants a National Centre for Counter Terrorism which does not exist today. It has to be created from scratch. He added, “The Home Minister should devote the whole of his/her time and energy to matters relating to security”.

Admitting that the broad architecture of the new security system was an outcome of last year’s Mumbai attacks, the Home Minister further said, “A billion plus people felt they had been humiliated, and the country had been brought to its knees by a small band of terrorists. I, therefore, propose a bold, thorough and radical restructuring of the security architecture at the national level.”

The bottomline is either one has a terrorist problem or one doesn’t. There cannot be a half-hearted approach. It can only be hoped that the Home Minister is able to live up to the promises he has made to the country.

Sunday, December 27, 2009


M K Gupta

In reply to an RTI application filed by Dwarka Forum, the Delhi Development Authority (Institutional Land) has informed that the Delhi Development Authority will issue notice to the Muthoot Group to explain delay in the construction of Hospital. The DDA allotteed a plot I Sector 10 to Muthoot Group in June, 2004 for the construction of Super Specialty Hospital

According to the terms of allotment, the group was to construct the hospital building within 5 years from the date of handing over the physical possession which is already over but not even a single brick has been laid. The plot is being used of functions, meetings, Satsangs and learning driving while the Dwarkaites are crying for health facilities. Informed sources claim that this plot has changed hands four to five times and at present is in the hands of few property agents, the telephone numbers on the board at hospital site have been painted to hide them which indicates that something is suspicious and an inquiry will reveal the fact.

On the other hand, the first phase of Delhi Government Super-Specialty hospital of 500-bed in the first phases should be completed by the tentative date of August, 2010 but no activity is seen on the ground so far despite the claim made by the Delhi Health Minister, Ms. Kiran Walia has announced that the work is in progress there.

At present, for indoor treatment, the Dwarkaites either have to go to Mata Chanan Devi Hospital, Janak Puri, DDU Hospital, Mayapuri, Spinal Hospital, Vasant Kunj, AIIMS and Safdarjung or have to go to some private hospital locally available private hospital which are notorious to exploit such an emergency for their financial gains. In an emergency, the precious time is lost and at time, this becomes fatal. Now, population of Dwarka is over 5-lakh which will increase rapidly with the allotments of pending flats.

In Dwarka, there are some other sites also where for years, only the boards of Local Shopping Centre or Nursing Homes and so on are display without any activity to complete these projects. Residents appeal to the authorities to awake from slumber and do the needful.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Let us WELCOME the New Year 2010
(Winner of the ‘Indian NGO of the Year award)

Donate used Clothes, Woolens, Utensils, Footwear, Dry ration,
Umbrellas, Newspapers, Magazines, One-side used papers,
School material, Books, Toys, old Audio & Video Cassettes, etc.

[For more details, please visit – ]

Collection Camp in
Kamakshi Apartments Complex,
Sector-6, Dwarka

Sunday 27th December, 2009
TIMINGS: 10 A.M to 1.0 P.M.

Volunteers: Hari Dev Goyal, Flat No. 55, Intercom 1055
Shruti Joshi, Flat No. 116, Intercom 1116
Dimple Jain, Flat No. 3, Intercom 1003

Pledge for the Eye donation

Blind Persons Association, Dwarka is celebrating The 201st Birth Anniversary of Louis Braille on Sunday, the 3rd January, 2010 at Dwarka Health Club, Sector-7, Dwarka, Delhi. The celebration will start from 10.30 A.M. onwards. Different programme like Kavi Sammelan, Cultural programme - vandana, welcome song, gazals will be the main attraction of the celebration. Sh. Joginder Singh (former Director-C.B.I.) will be the Chief Guest of the occasion. Besides the said celebration, Venu Eye Institute will held eye donation camp and people are invited to  pledge for donate their eyes after the demise during the camp the same day.

All are invited.


Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pride of Dwarka - Ashwini Kumar Lal

Dwarka is proud of
Ashwini Kumar Lal

Resident of Sector-6, Dwarka

Ashwini Kumar Lal, currently posted as Deputy Adviser in the Union Ministry of Statistics & Programme Implementation, New Delhi, is a civil engineer by profession. He has authored more than 70 technical papers on the diverse topics related to civil engineering such as concrete technology, low cost housing, innovative construction technologies, cost – effective building materials, disaster housing, rural housing, building maintenance, environmental issues including global warming, and project management, that have been published in several international/national journals of repute and symposia proceedings. He attended an advanced level training course on “Sustainable Urban Development and Pollution Control” at the University of New South Wales , Sydney ( Australia ) in 1997. Know more
about him.

Article "searching for Life on Habitable Planets and Moons" that has been accepted for publication in the Feb. 2010 issue of the American journal, Journal of Cosmology, and since placed placed on the combined tracking systems of Harvard & NASA, and arXiv-world's most prestigious repository of scholarly scientific papers maintained by the Cornell University, New York.

Brief of article - :
To Download full article pdf file go to the end of this post.

Searching for Life on Habitable Planets and Moons

Ashwini Kumar Lal

Earth is the only known inhabited planet in the universe to date. However, advancements in the fields of astrobiology and observational astronomy, as also discovery of large varieties of extremophiles with extraordinary capability to thrive in harshest environments on Earth, have led to speculation that lifemay possibly be thriving on many of the extraterrestrial bodies in the universe. Coupled with the growing number of exoplanets detected over the past decade, the search for the possibility of life on other planets and satellites within the solar system and beyond has become a passion as well as a challenge for scientists in a variety of fields. This paper examines such possibility in the light of findingsof the numerous space probes and theoretical research undertaken in this field over the past few decades.

1. IntroductionMany scientists and religious leaders believe life originated on Earth through processes that gave life to non-life. Many respond skeptically to the possibility there may be life on other planets. In contrast to the widely accepted beliefs in abiogenesis where the Earth is seen as the centre of the biological universe, theories of panspermia view life as widespread throughout the cosmos. Althoughpanspermia does not address the fundamental question as to when and where exactly life originated first in the universe, it nonetheless does lend support to the possibility of life being found on other planets (besides Earth) and satellites within the solar system and beyond (Lal 2008).

Central to theories of panspermia is the belief that the “seeds of life” are ubiquitous (Arrhenius 1908, 2009), and that these “seeds of life” i.e. living creatures were embedded in meteors, asteroids, and comets, and deposited upon Earth as well as to other habitable bodies in the universe (Wickramasinghe et al. 2009 ; Joseph 2009). Considerable evidence has been presented in support of pansermia by Joseph (2000, 2009) and by Hoyle and Wickramasinghe (Hoyle and Wickramasinghe 1977, 2000 ; Wickramasinghe 1995). Wickramasinghe and colleagues have provided nearly convincing evidence that dust grains in interstellar clouds could contain spores, desiccated bacteria,and living microbes which survive in comets on cloud condensation to stars and planets....
2. Circumstellar Habitable ZoneCircumstellar Habitable Zone (CHZ), also known as „Godilocks Zone‟, is a region of space within a solar system where an Earth-like planet cable of supporting life is most likely to be found (Fig. 1&2). Astronomers in the 1970‟s referred to Goldilocks Zone as a remarkable small region of space that is not too hot, not too cold, and is just right for sustaining life. However, in the 1970‟s, it was thought that life could not survive extreme conditions i.e. no colder than Antarctica, no hotter than scalding waters, no higher than clouds, no lower than a few miles.....

3. Galactic Habitable Zone (GHZ)The Galactic Habitable Zone (GHZ) is a hypothesized spherical band that may be a likely place for terrestrial life to develop in a galaxy. It is essentially extension of circumstellar habitable zone to a galactic scale.....

4. Evolution of Probable Habitable Planets and SatellitesLammer (2009) have proposed a very useful classification of for planets and the evolution of life, and has demarcated four habitat types:Class I habitats represent planets or moons where stellar and geophysical conditions allow Earth-like life to take root and which would enable complex multi-cellular life forms to evolve....

5. Probability of Life on Habitable Moons of ExoplanetsIn our solar system, it is observed that the larger a gas giant, greater the total mass of its satellites. Going by this norm, extrasolar giants-more massive than Jupiter may have moons as large as Mars or even Earth (Le Page 2008).....

6. PanspermiaMost scientists subscribe to the view that life began through as yet unknown processes which yielded protocells possessing amino acids and nucleotides that were sparked with life (Menor Salván 2009; Sidharth 2009). It is reasonable to assume that if life could arise on Earth through biogenesis, then the same events can take place on other worlds if they possess the same chemistry. If so, life should be widespread, particularly microbial life. More complex life is another question....

7. Concluding Remarks
Discovery of over 400 exoplanets orbiting distant stars supports the likelihood that most Sun-like stars may be ringed with orbiting planets. Even if we accept the lower estimate that 10% of Sun like stars have planets (Marcy et al. 2005), this would indicate hundreds of millions of stars in our galaxy and in billions of other galaxies, may provide an environment favourable to life....

Download full article.
Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Info Services

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Annual sports day celebrated in Govt. Senior Secondary School

Govt. Senior Secondary School, Sahabad Mohammadpur celebrated its annual sports day on 23, December 2009. Students enjoyed and participated in various competitions. Student participated in sports like 100m, 400m race, spoon-lemon race, volleyball, badminton, long jump, shot put etc.Vice Principal Sh. Netrapal flag start the race and encouraged students to win in various sports competitions. Eminent personalities Sh. Chetrapal and Sh. Sarman ( Sarv Siksha Abhiyaan), Sh. Ashok Yadav, Sh. Naresh Lamba ( Vidyalaya Kalyan Samiti), Sh. Kuldeep Singh Solanki ( VKS Palam), Sh. Asgar Ali ( President, Kala Bhumi), Sh. G.S.Gahlot, Smt. S. Kutlu ( Education officer) shared their views graced the occasion.

On this occasion good decoration was done. Prizes were given to winners in various sports event. Sh. Netrapal told the regular sports events will help in building confidence, relations, social understanding in the students.

GOONJ organized 'Vastra Samman' collection camp in Dwarka

Arvind Agrawal

Goonj's collection camp in dwarka held on 20.12.09.
GOONJ organized 'Vastra Samman' collection camp at Sector-11 (Aashirwad Chowk), . Mr. M.S. Gopinath, Dr. H.D. Goyal (Vice-President Dwarka Forum) and Munish Kundra also done volunteering service during the camp.
Dwarakites participated actively and contributed in the camp. Arvind Agrawal

Monday, December 21, 2009

Invitation for Bal Chitrakar - Drawing competition

Bal ChitrakarDrawing competition ( click for form)
for children age Class I to VIII
on 25 th December 2009 at 11.15 AM
Venue: A-64, Palam Extn. Sector-7, Dwarka
Near ICICI Bank

Chief guest

Dr. Yoganand Shastri,
Speaker of the Delhi Legislative Assembly

Shri Sushil Kumar, Dy. Secretary,
Deptt. of Information & Technology, Govt. of India

Lots of prizes for children
To participate call: 9891550792
Click for full details about the programme.
Organiser: Social Development Welfare Society

Children are invited for a Star Gazing show at dwarka

Dwarka Science Forum
is organising

a Star Gazing show

with the help of
Dr. Amitabh Pandey - well known Astronomer

on Tuesday Dec 22, 2009 between 7 Pm to 10 PM
at Brahma Apartments, Plot # 7, Sector # 7,
Dwarka, New Delhi 110 075

This event is mainly focused to benefit children of all ages
- in viewing and celebrating celestial objects.

All are invited with Children for learning and to have fun with stars.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


M. K. Gupta

Management of Shri Radha Group Housing Society, Plot No. 3, Sector 9, Dwarka has decided that the tenants will pay Rs. 1,500 per month as maintenance charges, while the owners will continue to pay Rs 1,000. It has also been proposed to charge Rs. 1000 per month for the second car and Rs 1500 for the third car from the tenants but this will not be charged from the flat-owners. Why this discrimination? The tenants do not use more facilities or parking space to warrant them for paying additional amount while getting same or equal services/ facilities. This amounts to unjustified discrimination between haves and have-nots.

It seems that the Management of the Society considers the tenants as second-class residents if not third class. Tomorrow, such practice may be followed by the Managements of others societies. Mr. Ashok Chaitanya, Advocate said that the practice may be declared illegal, if challenged.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Neighbourhood Ladies Get-together for better Dwarka

Neighbourhood Ladies Get-together has had their meeting recently at Mass CGHS Society, Sector 10, Dwarka, New Delhi. Twenty-five ladies attended it. They discussed various problems facing their surrounding areas . The Problems came up for discussion include - There are no lights in the neighbourhood parks' side roads and by lanes, and they have become the centre of criminal activities and anti-social elements. People are afraid to walk alone, especially ladies and children who have to go for shopping through that area. Often streetlights and traffic signals do not work. Open nallas are the breeding ground of mosquitoes. Roads, footpaths and service lanes remain unclean and garbage is not removed regularly. Dustbins kept on roads continuously emit foul smell. Roads and footpaths are broken in several places. Water scarcity is acute. MCD water Tank price has doubled.

Mrs. Cicily Kodiyan, Chief Convener of NHLGT delved upon to solve the various problems facing our area, that we have to awaken ourselves and feel the community responsibility. The Govt. has appointed various officers viz., Horticulture, Civil, MCD, Electricity, look after our area. but they are a drain on tax-payer's money. We should motivata them to perform their duties diligently. Our joint efforts only can make them move from their chairs and work.

Mr. Conal Aneja, President of the Mass CGHS Society congratulated the ladies for having organized such a meeting to solve the problems of the area. He said that with the coming together of the ladies, it is sure that they can solve the problems of their area and make Dwarka an enviable place. Ladies also wanted to have a space for building a temple in the area and for sanction of more post offices to meet the growing demand. They wanted MCD to spray against mosquitoes to prevent the alarming solute of Dengue. Here, Law and Order situation is also a big problem and the burglaries have started from inside the societies – steeling of batteries from transformers and gas cylinders has become common feature. After the meeting, the President, Mr. Aneja gave away a tea party. Mrs. Raj Kurup, Deputy Convenor of NHLGT stressed on the fact that even though we write letters under registered and certificate of posting, the Officers of Horticulture, electricity deptts., etc. never take pain enough to reply even though they are provided with huge office staff. Thus all our efforts go in vain and all our complaints fell on deaf ears. Mrs. Mohini Barara give Vote of thanks.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Dwarka Forum met Shri Rajesh Gehlot, Councillor and Member DDA

M.K. Gupta
Major decisions taken, demand raised/suggestion made in the DDA’s meeting held on 17.12.2009 between Shri Rajesh Gehlot, Councillor and Member DDA, representative of Dwarka Forum, some other members of RWAs and Chief Engineer and other Officials of DDA.

At the outset, Mr. Rajesh Gehlot, Councillor demanded installation flood lights in all major parks including parks at sector 4, 5, 6, 10, 13 and 14, DDA agreed for the installation of lights. Mr. Gehlot suggested shed near Jan Vani Bharati Public School in Sec. 4. Street lights at the back lanes of the societies between societies and parks. Chief Engineer Mr. S. R. Solanki agreed to visit the DDA flats in Sec. 13 and 14 as these have been transferred to DDA as they are in a bad condition. DDA assured that the road over drain in sector 2 will start soon. Mr. Gehlot suggested for the construction of a bridge over drain in Sec 3 Pocket 16 as a second approach for the vehicles for the convenience of residents. Mr. Rajesh also asked why the internal parks and community in the DDA’s pockets are not being developed. Sushil Kumar, General Secretary, Dwarka Forum request street-lights on the roads along metro track in sector 13 and 14 as it is crime prone area. Chief Engineer Mr. Solanki directed that the maintenance work at crossing Sec. 13 should be taken up on emergency basis. It has also decided t have a tube well in every park. Mr. Gehlot suggested of a multilevel parking in near Sports Complex, Sec. 11 to solve problem of parking in sec 6 and 10 market and said that it is approved in the plan. In the meeting, Shri Sushil Kumar, M. K. Gupta and Bist (Sec. 14) were present.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Bal Chitrakar - Drawing competition

Bal Chitrakar - Drawing competition

on 25 th December
Click below image for details and participation form

Wednesday, December 16, 2009



Having been in the Government set up for more than thirty four years, after getting engineering qualifications, from one of the top technical institute of the country-IIT Delhi, I have the following experience, to share with the readers & also to offer a view...

-Existing political & administrative system [bureaucracy] is not very fairly disposed towards merit, good performance & integrity-the hall mark of good-governance & thus better productivity. Good percentage of their actions is aimed towards promoting the interests of persons in their circles-near & dears, friends, et al. Sadly, there is no accountability of their actions/misuse of powers., while conduct rules for employees of the State, strictly prescribe the way administration is to be done. This has resulted in mis-governance in almost all the organizations.

Local bodies are badly affected too. The result of that is, ill-planned, ill-executed, development & municipal projects/schemes. This has affected almost all our cities. Mega cities are affected more, because of huge population & therefore growing attendant problems. Delhi is a typical example. Its colonies, markets, infrastructure are bearing the brunt of not –so-good governance. We all have to share the blame., for this situation?!

But within any administrative/political system, there are honest, committed , meritorious & dedicated officials, too. But, unfortunately they are are badly affected, if they do not toe the lines of establishment! All their honest intentions & zeal to bring about improvement in the System do not mostly get positive response! At times they are harassed & hounded by their seniors[unscrupulous ones]!
-Because of raw deal to their career interests, they run from pillar to post and then are constrained to knock the doors of the Courts.
Going the Court is a costly, nerve shattering experience and time-consuming process.
In a number cases, it is observed that honest & conscientious officials, suffer for years & their manipulative, colleagues network with unscrupulous senior officers/politicians, who abuse powers for personal gains & grant undue benefits in very unfair manner to tainted officials, at the cost of honest & committed officers.
Result-Country`s, cities/colonies works suffer. Development funds get wasted due to poor planning, design, award, execution, & monitoring of works, etc etc. Despite well staffed Law Deptts, certain organisations field top private lawyers of the country to defend their cases in the courts. This is done, as only State money/funds, are involved, for paying to those fielded private lawyers?!

This has resulted in-
- Abdication of duties by some of the senior officers, as they either take unfair decisions or delay the matters for years
-Clogging of Courts with lakhs of `Service Matters` cases.
-Govt spending huge money on private lawyers fees, even on service matters . On the other hand, haplessb[ at times honest,hounded but conscientious employees,]spend from their own meagre funds & go through nerve shattering experience

It is therefore felt that-
In case the State loose the service matters case, despite fielding top private lawyers, then the state money spent on the LOST CASES, should be recovered from the personal funds of those officers who delayed the matters or did not take decisions, as per the laid down rules, thus forcing the employees to go to the Court. RTI can be instrumental in bringing out the facts about the way that particular cases have been handled by the establishment/concerned officers.

- It will send right signals in the administrative system
-Bring about accountability.
-Improve Governance
-Reduce no of cases in the courts, if we consider all India scenario/figures.
-Save thousand of crores of State funds per year, if these will be recovered from defaulting officers.
-Bring about efficiency in the system & development funds will be used in an optimum manner!
-Give encouragement & impetus to the honest officials.
-Development funds will be used in an optimum manner.
-Improve our cities/colonies.
What do you think about it?

Writer is a senior fellow - Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi
& Ex chief Engineer[civil], New Delhi Municipal Council

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & info Services

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Goodwill School lifts Basava Cricket Cup

S S Dogra

Goodwill School lifts Basava Cricket Cup (Under-12 category) by 12 runs in a thrilling Final match. Mr.Karan Sahu-Organiser & N.I.S. Coach informed that Goodwill School won the toss and elected to bat first. Goodwill scored 152runs for the loss of seven wickets in 30 overs. Nitin Bhardwaj scored 41 runs, Vikas Solanki 33 runs and Sahil scored 19 runs , from Basava Cricket Academy Jasbir took 2 wickets for 15 runs, Akshansh Dogra 2 wickets for 10 runs and Samay took 2 wickets for 17 runs. In reply Basava Cricket Academy could score 140 runs for the loss of 7 wickets. Subhankar with 52 runs, Nitish 29 runs and Akshansh Dogra scored unbeaten 20 runs. Sahil of Goodwill School took 4 wickets after giving 21 runs. Sahil was declared Man of the Match.
Brief Score Card :Goodwill School 152 for 7 (Nitin Bhardwaj 41 runs, Vikas Solanki 33 runs and Sahil19 runs Jasbir 2 wickets for 15 runs, Akshansh Dogra 2 wickets for 10 runs and Samay 2 wickets for 17 runs)Basava Cricket Academy 140 runs for 7 wickets(Subhankar 52 runs, Nitish 29 runs and Akshansh Dogra 20 runs Not out Sahil 4 wickets for 21 runs).

JM International School organizes the Annual Sports Meet.

Believing in the maxim that in sports many men find their paradise, JM International School, organized its Annual Sports Day on 12th December’09. Sh. Kirti Azad, Former national cricketer and member of parliament & Sh. Shyam lal Garg, Philanthropist Member of Legislative Assembly lit the Sports Day torch and declared the Sports Meet 2009 open.

School Chairman Sh. R.B. Gupta presented glittering mementos to the Chief Guests.
School Principal Mrs. Nita Arora highlighted the achievements of school in her annual report. The school magazine VISTAS 2009 was also released on this day.
The school grounds reverberated during the prestigious Inter-House March Past and Mass PT Competitions. The Sports Meet Oath was administered by the Head Girl Nina Sharma.

Inspiring the students and parents, Sh. Kirti Azad, emphasized that schools like JM International would spearhead innovation and lead the coming generations onto the path of peace and harmony. Sh. Shyam Lal Garg encouraged the students to take part in games and other activities without being attached to the results as there is greater joy in performing to the best of your own ability.

Students of various classes displayed their skills in Martial Arts, Yoga, Aerobics, Skating and synchronized drills. The crescendo of the show was reached in the Grand Finale item-‘Jai Ho’.

The Coveted trophy for ‘Supremacy in Sports’ was won by Nehru House and the prestigious trophy for ‘Excellence in the Co-curricular’ activities as well as March Past and March PT trophies were bagged by Subhash House.

Parents of Master Samik Bhatia, Bhumika Aggarwal and Ansh Gupta were the winners in the couple race event. Nina Sharma and Siddhant Puri were the proud recipients of Principal’s Award for Leadership and the Chairman’s Trophy for Over All Excellence respectively.

200 medals and 50 trophies were awarded to students for outstanding performance in Academics, Co-curricular activities and Sports & Games for the session 2009-2010.

A virus called bunking work

Joginder Singh ji
Former Director - CBI

While serving in the Home Ministry a few decades back, I noticed that any excuse was good enough to bunk work. During lunch breaks in winter, which would invariably extend to two hours from the permissible half-an- hour, the men would either munch groundnuts or play cards while women would be busy with their knitting or indulge in aimless chit-chat. This was apart from at least two informal tea breaks, one before lunch and the other after, of up to an hour.

It was futile to expect the case workers and helpers to be available before 3 pm, unless it was a dull day outside. Checking the presence of the staff would be done once in a blue moon by the administration. Late arrival and early departure was the standard norm.

Another common practice was to mark attendance and then disappear from one’s seat, leaving a shawl or a briefcase behind to indicate that the official was present in office and might have gone to the washroom or to the canteen for a cup of tea.

The Sixth Pay Commission, which has revised the payscales of Government employees retrospectively from January 1, 2006, also gave some suggestions about the introduction of a biometric system. It said, “For improving punctuality, new concepts like flexi time, biometric entry/exit, etc, needs to be introduced. But we would like to emphasise that punctuality should be maintained. To us, it is a question of ethics and morality.”

To ensure the punctuality of the staff, the Union Home Ministry has now introduced a biometric system. It is basically automatic identification of people through one or more of their physical characteristics. The use of biometric systems makes it difficult for an employee to clock in or out on behalf of his or her colleague, which happens quite often, as you have to physically sign your own attendance.

Nobody minds bunking. While undergoing training at the National Academy of Administration in Mussoorie after joining the Indian Police Service, I had noticed that bunking classes and marking attendance on behalf of the absentees had reached an all-time high. In a surprise check the director of the academy found only 40 out of 270 trainees present. Incidentally, everybody was present on record as some of us had signed in for our batchmates. As punishment a day’s pay was deducted from our salaries and donated to the Prime Minister’s Relief Fund.

Bunking duty or being unpunctual is not confined to any particular category or class. It is not considered a crime or a misdemeanour in any Government department. Delhi University’s teaching faculty is opposing the adoption of a fool-proof attendance monitoring system. The teachers have called for a strike and have given the queer logic that the biometic system is hazardous to health as it can spread swine flu and other contagious diseases to justify their demand. Theoretically this is possible, especially in the ‘high physical’ zone where physical frisking is done. But to the best of my knowledge no such practical case has been reported.

If we go by the teachers’ logic then nobody should visit any library or canteen or travel in public transport because there is a possibility of catching some infectious disease.

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi has detected 22,583 ‘ghost’ employees with the help of its new biometric system. The truth is, given the security that comes with a Government job, most people do just about enough to keep their jobs.

According to a report, no Indian university figures in the list of top 100 universities in the world. While no formal report about absenteeism in higher education is available, there is a shocking Human Resource Development Ministry report about the state of education at the school level. It says that not just students but teachers bunk classes as well and that no State in the country has teachers with 100 per cent attendance. The States which have over 90 per cent teacher attendance include West Bengal, Delhi, and Haryana, whereas in other States the attendance percentage stands between 70 and 80 per cent. In Assam only 55.2 per cent of the teachers take classes regularly. The situation in higher education cannot be any better.

As it is teachers in Government or UGC-funded institutions draw salaries in the highest range as compared to their counterparts in private colleges. It is no secret that even in terms of discipline teachers are no role models. If anybody is performing his or her duty in the best possible manner, he or she won’t hesitate to mark his or her attendance. But the problem arises when they mark their presence but not their absence. In a biometric system somebody else will check whether a particular person has come for duty or not. Mind you, the system does not check the quality of work.

By going on strike the Delhi University teachers have not earned any empathy. On the contrary, the strike gives an impression that the protest is being carried out for the purpose of shirking work. The teachers should remember that if they do not discipline themselves, society will make them learn the hard way.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Construction of Dwarka Kalibari temple begins

The much awaited construction of Dwarka Temple begins on 27 November, 2009 at Sector 12 Pocket D, HAF, Dwarka in the midst of puja, hawan and chanting of mantras by a large number of devotees cutting across the communities. Devotees volunteered to donate blood to mark this auspicious occasion. On this occasion there was also a Health Check-Up camp for Caridiology, Pulmonology and Othopedic services.

Shri Mahabal Mishra, Hon'ble MP, Loksabha inaugurated the blood donation and health camp. While the Blood donation camp was conducted by Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital, The Fortis Hospital organised the Health Check-up Camp. Among the other dignitaries participated in the Nirman Diwas celebration were Shri D.P.Roy, former member Rajyasabha, Shri Mukesh Sharma, Hon'ble member, Delhi Bidhan Sabha. The function was illuminated also by the importnat personalities of the area including Mr. Satbir Singh, Mr. Jile Singh, Mr. S.S. Rana and others. Speaking on the occasion, Mr S.R.Thakurta, President, Dwarka Kalibari said, “We are organising the Nirman Diwas of the Dwarka Kalibari today to celebrate the begining of the construction of Dwarka Temple. We are pleased to share that the construction could start on the scheduled day because of enormous support of the residents of Dwarka and its neighbourhood. People are now determined to have their temple ready by December, 2010.

He also said that, "Dwarka Kalibari is much more than a religious institution. Over the years, it has established itself as the hub of socio- religious- philanthropic activities for the sub city of Dwarka. With yearly health camps, medical centre, Baisakhi Mela, celebration of major festivals and much more, Dwarka Kalibari has always been the forum for the residents of Dwarka to come and interact with peers, community and authorities". He appealed to all Dwarkaites to forge greater solildarity on the cause and come forward with cooperation and support to complete the Temple construction in time.

About Dwarka Kalibari:
The Dwarka Kalibari, a socio- cultural institution was formed in June 2003 and is registered under the Societies Act (XXI)OF1860 with Regn no: S/46234 of 2003. Formed with the vision of providing a forum for the various social, cultural, religious and philanthropic activities in Dwarka, the institution has been witnessing encouraging response and support. Over the years it has become a socio- cultural center of Dwarka.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Insecurity among Dwarkaites

Most Immediate / RTI Matter / 3rd reminder
Date: 13/ 12/2009

Shri Wajahat Habibullah
Chief Information Commissioner
Central Information Commission,
Government of India ,
306, 2nd Floor, August Kranti Bhavan,
Bhikaji Cama Place, New Delhi-110 066

Subject : RTI Information not satisfactory from Ministry of Home Affairs & from Delhi Police ) Reference – from the office of the Asst. Public Information Officer, Police Hqdrs Cum Nodal officer / RTI / PHQ – MSO Building , I.P. Estate, New Delhi . Reference No. XXIV/29/Spl/ID Second Appeal / 12/09 C&T (RTI)/PHQ Reference No. 18707 Dated 8/12/2009 and from the office of the Dy. Commissioner of Police Vigilance, Delhi Police Bhawan, Asaf Ali, Delhi – Reference No – 1889/ RTI/ Vigilance Dated 9/12/2009


This is with reference to the above mentioned subject this is to bring to your kind notice that I have received reply from the various high official of Delhi Police and high officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs, North Bock, Government of India, New Delhi – this is to inform you that I have not received any satisfactory report , as since I have asked them in my RTI ACT Letter to send me what preventive steps they have took or taken in regard to my complaint sent several times regarding– inconvenience and indecent activity caused by drunk miscreants on regular basis in Dwarka ( Delhi ) residential area. (Local police not taking any preventive action )

( 2) There is tremendous rise of theft cases in my residential colony ( Akshardham Apartments) Sector -19, Pocket -3, Dwarka, also there is continuous movement of anti social element in my residential colony from the out side.

3) till date no action taken by the Traffic police of Delhi, as still large numbers of vehicles parking their vehicles on no parking areas near the all market places of Dwarka. If a surprise check be made by department of Delhi Police it would confirm that presence of vehicles in no parking areas near the all market places of Dwarka due to inaction by the concerned traffic Police, the general public is facing regular problem in whole Dwarka.

4) till date traffic lights not being installed in the in-front of the Akshardham Apartment, sector -19, pocket -3, Dwarka, New Delhi – 75 due to incompetence of concerned traffic police, all residents / senior citizens and small children’s facing difficulties to cross the main roads. Even till date no red lights being installed at Kargil chowk, in Sector 12, in Dwarka, which is seems to be the most dangerous crossings in Dwarka , were routinely most of the residents of Dwarka are facing accident prone routine cases. ( till date no action being taken by Traffic Police of Delhi Police.)

Also asked them what disciplinary steps taken by them against the erring police officers & concerned all the other officials concerned by their concerned vigilance department, instead they have only send me a unsatisfactory reply. Also till date they have just send me vague report, no action taken report being send me, also till date problems of drunk miscreants on regular basis in Dwarka is still existing their, till date private vehicles / commercial vehicles are parking their vehicles on no parking area near all markets of Dwarka, till date the Proposed Red light in front of Akshardham Appartment, Sector -19, Pocket 3, Dwarka, not being installed, till date PCR / Patrolling officials from Delhi Police is not being deputed in the residential compound of Akshardham Apartment, Sector -19, Pocket -3, Dwarka, neither in whole Dwarka, to check above mentioned menace.

Even still date no preventive action taken by Local SHO of Dwarka and SHO Palam / ACP Palam / ACP Dwarka for continuous inconvenience and indecent activity caused by drunk miscreants on regular basis in Dwarka ( Delhi )residential area. (Local police not taking any preventive action ) specially near all wine shops in Palam / whole Dwarka in market places – as results all females members are still are un safe specially in my residential colony, were antisocial elements are regularly consuming alcohols out side the boundary wall of my residential colony, specially the call center drivers / property dealers.

Would request you to issue instructions to the concerned officials of Delhi Police & the Additional Commissioner of Police , Police Control Room, Delhi Police, / DCP Vigilance / DCP Traffic / DCP South West District / DCP Special Branch / Director – Delhi, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, to send me validate detailed action taken report in this connection.

As till date – inconvenience and indecent activity caused by drunk miscreants on regular basis in Dwarka ( Delhi ) residential area. (Local police not taking any preventive action) though till date I have send numbers of RTI Applications to know the action taken report in connection with the above mentioned complaints ) .

Till date Delhi Police Vigilance Branch does not able to respond me satisfactory for the action taken as they have not taken any preventive or disciplinary action against erring in competent concerned Delhi Police official posted their and was concerned .

Now it is delayed very much and all the concerned agencies from Delhi Police, has not taken any preventive action will request you to take judicial decision.

With regards,

Sanjoy Bhattacharya
Mobile No. 9891914141

Workshop on School guidance and Parenting held in Dwarka in association with Ascent Academy ogranised a Workshop on School admission guidance and Parenting tips in Sector-7, Dwarka. In the said workshop Mrs. Raji Vishwanathan, qualified personality trainer with 14 years of experience, discussed so many important issues related to parenting. She also suggested many tips to parents regarding Parental Dilemmas, Behavioral Problems, Speech,Language and Hearing, Fears and Anxieties, Childhood Concerns,Social Relationships in Children, Entertaining Children, Parental Relationships in workshop.
School admission related guidance like - Commencement of admission process in School, Last date of receiving of filled admission forms ,Closure of admissions, school admission details, Information about schools features, facilities, quality etc., Criteria to judge good qualified schools/staff, Supporting Documents to be Produced by the Parents at the Time of Admission were discussed.

Dwarka Parichay and Ascent Academy call this step, an ‘Education Action Zone’ where there is going to be a whole hearted effort to bring about a convergence of the school, parents and the community.

Parents were given booklet containing useful information about school admission and complete listing of schools in Dwarka with contact nos, e-mail ids, websites etc. City Plus, Dainik Jagaran was the media partner for the event.

Note : Opportunity for your child to be ahead of others.
Personality developments classes starts from 24 th December at sector-7, Dwarka.
More details & to Book a seat for your child contact - 9871824122


M. K. Gupta

Mr. Somesh Shokeen, MLA, Matiala has assured the Dwarka Forum to find out solution of various problems. Rejimon CK, President of the Forum told him that over 5 lakh residents of Dwarka are getting barely 3 MGD water at present. Shokeen said that though the water problem has improved from the last summer, yet much more is desired to be done and he will take up this matter with authorities. He said that after completion of the Munak Canal, Dwarka will get sufficient water from the canal. He said that ultimately, the distribution of water will be shifted to Delhi Jal board. Members also raised the question of renaming the Matiala Constituency as Dwarka and to bring the whole Dwarka under this and he was agreeable that there is some anomaly in naming this Constituency and he is open on this issue.
On Circular Bus Sewa, he said that for the success of this service, Forum should give suggestions to the Depot Manager and rework its route for making it more useful. On the early completion of the 750-bed Hospital, he said that being the government’s focus on the Common Wealth Games and shortage of funds, this might have been delayed. However, he will take up the matter with the Delhi Health Minister for its early completion.

President of the Forum, Rejimon suggested for Delhi Haat at Dwarka and some a separate authority for Dwarka on the line of separate development board for East Delhi. Somesh said that he is the Convener of South West District Board comprising Dwarka and the issues and problems concerning Dwarka can be brought to his knowledge. He assured that the subsidized wheat flour will be made available in Dwarka by selling it flour at some selected spots in Dwarka by mobile vans preferably on Saturdays.

Meeting was held at Gokul Garden, Sec 7, Dwarka today and was attended by the members of Dwarka Forum and other active residents.

Chief Minister's GIFT for employees

Ratan Lal Kaushik
Patron, Delhi Govt. Employees
Welfare Federation (Regd.)

For public information :

Grant of Non-Functional pay scale of Rs.8000-275-13500 to Grade-I of Delhi Administration Subordinate Service (DASS) cadre, Senior Personal Assistant (Sr. P.A.) and also Grade-I(DASS) /Sr.P.A. who have been appointed to Ex-cadre post of DANICS on ad hoc basis, on completion of four years of regular service as Grade-I (DASS)/Sr. PA, w.e.f. 01.01.1996 on notional basis and actual benefits w.e.f.1.12.2006 – clarification regarding fixation of pension

The Non Functional Scale of Rs.8000-275-13500 was granted to the Grade-I of Delhi
Administration Subordinate Service (DASS) cadre, Senior Personal Assistant (Sr. P.A.) and also
Grade-I(DASS) /Sr.P.A. who have been appointed to Ex-cadre post of DANICS on ad hoc basis,
on completion of four years of regular service as Grade-I (DASS)/Sr. PA, on notional basis with
effect from 1.1.1996 and actual benefits with effect from 1.12.2006.

In accordance with Rules 33 and 34 of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972, the pension of a
retiring Government servant is calculated on the basis of the pay, which a Government servant
was receiving immediately before his retirement and the pay not actually drawn is not taken into
account for this purpose. As a result of application of these rules, Grade-I of Delhi
Administration Subordinate Service (DASS) cadre, Senior Personal Assistant (Sr. P.A.) and also
Grade-I(DASS) /Sr.P.A. who have been appointed to Ex-cadre post of DANICS on ad hoc basis,
who retired during the period from 1.1.1996 to 30.11.2006 could not get the benefit of the Non
Functional pay scale of Rs.8000-13500 in the matter of fixation of their pension.
The matter has been examined in this department in consultation with the Finance
Department, Govt. of NCT of Delhi, and it has been decided to allow the retired Gr. I (DASS)/Sr.
PA Officers and also Grade-I(DASS) /Sr.P.A. who have been appointed to Ex-cadre post of
DANICS on ad hoc basis, to draw pension on the notional pay fixed on account of grant of Non
Functional pre-revised pay scale of Rs.8000-275-13500 w.e.f.01.01.1996 on notional basis.
The average emoluments notionally drawn by a pensioner consequent on the above revision
will be taken into account for the purpose of computation of pension subject, of course, to the
condition that no arrears shall be paid for the period from 01.01.1996 to 30.11.2006 and the
pension with reference to the higher average emoluments shall actually be paid only with effect
from 01.12.2006. The benefits of gratuity, commutation of pension and leave encashment
becoming payable during 01.01.1996 to 30.11.2006 will be based on the actual pay/pension
drawn by the retired employee during that period.

Detail link

Use of Guest Houses of Labour Deptt by Retd. Employees

- Delhi staff Members are can avail the Labour Deptt. Guest House facility by the booking procedure. The staying charges for the holiday homes of Labour Department situated at Haridwar, Mussoorie and Allahabad is @ 50/- per day per room. The staying charges for the newly opened holiday home at Shimla Rs 500/- per day per flat. This facility can be availed by serving and retired officials also.

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Info Services

good morning

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Vijay K. Saluja

The news, some months back, under the caption `MCD asks court to review ban on farmhouse weddings` in the Times of India, made me, then, write a `piece`, without much ado. The reason put forward by the MCD, for review was `purportedly `lack of infrastructure` & had further given reasons that even the master plan was deficient with regard to the provision for organizing social events & now the DDA was in the process of locating suitable places, for auction to private entrepreneurs to, develop facilities for social functions & marriages!

As a city-manager, who has put in more than, thirty four years of service in a local- body of New Delhi, I feel, the plea put forward by MCD was specious. Even, majority of MCD`s own officials, might not go along with this argument. It is clearly a reflection of a mind-set, which has come to stay with most of the officials of local civic bodies of the country , in general & of Delhi, in particular !.

Non- accountability of actions, deeds & words is the order of the day [nay, months & years!]. Non-stringent actions, on the various orders of the courts, by various local-bodies, over the years have made concerned officials, more complacent. Contempt of court orders also now don`t ruffle them a wee-bit?! `Chalta- Hai` attitude is the hall-mark of most of the civic-body officials!
Incase, they have any constraints, they must spell-out.
It is a part of their job.

But, how their casual attitude is affecting the harried/affected public, by these wedding tamashas , can be gauged from my own personal experiences. Having shifted [about three years back] to Vasant Kunj, in a flat, which faced farm-houses, , one found the only road, leading to our flat, cluttered with truck[s] carrying portable lights for the wedding procession[s], trucks carrying band-wallahs, ghori wallahs, crackers-teams, much before the time for barratis, to assemble & then start for the wedding –venues, in the farms. A cavalcade of cars, bringing in guests, started around nine PM onwards, creating traffic jams of its own kind , right from the intersection of Andheriamorr-Mahipalpur road. The position got worsened, as & when, multi- weddings were solemnized, on the same night, in various farms located, in that part of Vasant Kunj. Reaching one` own flat, if one is returning to it , around nine PM, was no less tortuous than going around circles.

As if, this was not enough, the assembly of barattis & , arrival of bride-groom & their start for the venue was heralded with big bangs of crackers & fire-works of all kinds! Imagine the plight of old persons[sick] living in their own homes in this area, also of the school-children who were to study for tests & go to schools in the morning, & ofcourse, the working people, who were to leave early in the morning, for their offices/ schools.

All sorts of people, descended in this residential area, with `total` mood to celebrate & have fun. If this is the mind-set, then, booze also did not lag behind! This exercise was, repeated for days together, when the wedding season was on.

May we ask the key persons of Delhi Govt, MCD & DDA, where were they, when the master plan was being formulated. If , it had/was not possible for them, to envisage about this important social-infrastructure, then the only inference, one can draw is, either they were apathetic , insensitive or simply lack vision. That is why , perhaps, even the directions of the hon`ble court are not being followed with due applicaton & concern?!

Traffic mess & congestion on all the roads in the city which house farm houses & where marriages are soleminised, in particular, Express Link road off NH8, leading to Dwarka & also around Chhatarpur are very very common sights . The traffic police is also a harried lot, as they also express helplessness in coping with the generated traffic mess! Shortage of staff & less numbers of cranes are two of the many reasons cited by them for this state, as also reported on this Saturday[12th Dec] by a prominent daily.

What needs to be done? Putting of right type of persons with, attitude, commitment knowledge, sensitivity & vision, needs to be placed at key –positions in local-bodies. Accountabilty has to be sine-qua-non. Otherwise, I am afraid, we are almost nearing `Social-Tsunami`.?!!

We , all the stake holders, also, need to take up with the `powers- to- be` to act & act very fast, for the convenience & happiness of the citizens & in the interest of the city.

Writer is Convenor - Social Outreach Programme Committee
IIT Delhi Alumni Association
& Senior Fellow, Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi,

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & info Services


M. K. Gupta

Delhi Municipal Corporation is starting a pilot project for the collection of garbage from 15th of next month, informed Rajesh Gehlot, MCD Councillor, Dwarka in a meeting with the residents today held at Shivalik Apartment, Sector 6, Dwarka. In a meeting organized by Dwarka Forum, he said that he is available for the sector wise periodical inspections on sanitation if such an initiative is taken by the residents. On raising the issue of ghost employees by M K Gupta, GB member of Forum, that the issue is being blown out of proportion. The strength of sanitation staff has gone up over five hundred from about 250 in the past. He said that the parks should be adopted by the Group Housing Societies for which govt. Rs 6,000 per acres. Assuring of removal of stray cattle he informed that the footpaths should be cleaned by the MCD staff. MCD will also give the deployment chart and contact details of the sanitation staff to the residents for follow-up. Gehlot assured that he would raise DDA related issues with the Chief Engineer, Dwarka in the next meeting fixed on 17th of this month.

Rejimon CK, President of Dwarka Forum said that the Dwarka is being supplied only 3 MGD water which is insufficient for a population of over 5 lakhs. He said that the permanent solution of the water problem can be only be found only after the government gives some special package for the same however, after the completion of Munak Canal and start of WTP at Narela, the problem shall be solved to great extent. He said that the Delhi Jal Board is reluctant to take over water supply from the DDA at present. He said that if the DDA does not provide the water tankers on demand, the resident could inform him.

In the meeting, members of Dwarka Forum, office bearers of group housing societies as well as RWA’s and prominent residents were present and assured him of their co-operation in these efforts.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Meeting with MCD officials

Meeting with MCD officials Mr. R.S. Gupta - EE and Mr. Saab Singh - Inspector and Councellor Mr. Rajesh Ghelot with officials from Horticulture department. This is open if anyone else wants to volunteer anything.

Day: Saturday, 12th Dec
Time: 3 PM
Location: Outside Shivalik Apartment, Sector 6 Dwarka.
Agenda: To see around problems in various sectors and improve current situation.
- Identify issues/areas like Garbage bins, temporary garbage dumps etc.
. Cleanliness in lanes or roads

Sector 4: Mr. Rohit
Sector 6: Mrs. Sudha, Mr. Sunil & Mr. Sidharth
Sector 8 & 9: Anoop Rohera
Sector 10: Mr. M.K. Gupta
Sector 19: Mr. Ashoke Gole & Mr. Sunil Sareen
Sector 22: Mr. Rejimon

All are requested to join and discuss about the cleanliness in their sector.

Dwarka Forum

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Art Mela at Sanskar


Its 3rd Inter school art competition
Apart from school enteries open entries are also invites

Lots of fun files activities like Camel Ride, Caricature/ Portrait Artist, Potters,
Wheel, Kabad Se Jugad, Rangoli, Games, Eats etc.


As a community in celebration of Art & be a part of Sanskar's Art Mela

Venue: Maxfort School Amphitheatre
Sector-7, Dwarka, News Delhi

Date: 13 th December, 2009 (Sunday)

Time: 9-10 AM ( Registration of participants, No entry fees)
10-11 AM ( Competition) 1 PM( Prize Distribution)

Age Group: 3 yrs onwards
For participation & topic for competition contact:
9818888321, 9717049596

Workshop on School admission guidance and Parenting tips

Register for a 2 hour workshop
School admission guidance & Parenting tips
on Sunday 13 th December 2009
Registration Time: 10 AM
Venue: A-64/Nirmala House
Palam Extension, Near ICICI Bank, Sector 7, Dwarka.
(Social Development Welfare Society)
Limited seats ... Book your seat immediatelyCall now - 9871824122
School admission guidance
*Commencement of admission process in School - 15-12-2009
*Last date of receiving of filled admission forms - 12-01-2010
*Closure of admissions - 31-03-2010
* About school admission details
* Information about schools features, facilities, quality etc.
* Criteria to judge good qualified schools/ staff
*Supporting Documents to be Produced by the Parents at the Time of Admission
*List of parameters for 20 Points
*SAMPLE Registration Form

Parenting tips
We worry about what a child will become tomorrow,
yet we forget that he is someone today. -- Stacia Tauscher

Isn’t this very true? A child is not a mini adult.
They have independent minds that think and understand.
Parenting is a skill which can be developed.
It is the most important skill to develop to be a good parent.

Parental Dilemmas, Behavioral Problems, Speech,
Language and Hearing, Fears and Anxieties, Childhood Concerns,
Social Relationships in Children, Entertaining Children, Parental Relationships
Media Partner : City Plus, Dainik Jagaran
On-Line :
Dwarka Parichay

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