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Saturday, October 31, 2009


M K Gupta

Though Ms. Neemo Dhar, Director Public Relations, Delhi Development Authority has informed that the process of issue of allotment letters will commence in November itself. But, this may not happen. Reason, Delhi Development Authority, in an affidavit in the case of Salek Chand Jain V/s. DDA has assured the Delhi High Court that it will maintain the status quo till the permission to go ahead is granted by the Court. Mr. Jain is being represented by Sugreev Dubey, Advocate. DDA has yet to submit the copy of the Internal Committee Report in a sealed cover to the Court. Court may also direct the DDA/ Delhi Police for the copies of the report of the GEQD and C-DAC before allowing resuming the halted allotment process.

On the one hand, DDA had claimed that the Internal Committee has given the clean chit to it but on the other hand, DDA has not provided copy of the Internal Committee Report to the author for which he is requesting from Feb. 09 by filing RTI applications to various authorities. On the face of it, one can only draw the conclusion that the DDA has something to hide.

Rajesh Deo, PIO/ACP, EOW, Delhi Police in its response dated 20.10.09 to the RTI application filed by the author has turned down the request for a copy of the report submitted by GEQD, Hyderabad in his letter sent barely 10 days ago i.e. on 20th Oct. 09 stating that “the same is due to the communication between the departments because of fiduciary relationship”. “Moreover, the disclosure of the sought information may be used to influence the persons/ witnesses concerned which may result in tampering / destruction of readily available material evidence”. Letter has also referred exemption under article 8(1) (c) (g) and (h) of the RTI Act and that the disclosure “may also endanger the life and physical safety of the persons concerned”. (letter No. 1587/RTI/R.ACP/LBR/EOW, Crime Branch dated 20.10.09).


The gracious presence of our almighty 'Shree Sai Baba' in this kalyug has immensely helped & proved to be a boon for all sections of people across different walks of life. To further spread & highlight 'Sai Baba 'teachings of love, peace & harmony among the masses and to give them a lifetime experience of being physically in Shirdi.

SHREE SATGURU SAINATH TRUST has taken up the spiritual task of conducting the PEHLA VISHAL SAI MAHA KHUMB at Leisure Valley Park, Sector 29, and Gurgaon on 7th November 2009 on a grand scale with an expected gathering of more than one lac devotees. The devotees can enjoy the live telecast of the Vishal Sai Maha Khumbh Satsang on Sadhana and Divya Television channels.

Kind request to all the devotees ... Please contribute for the cause to the best possible extent. As this would enable us to organize the event on a grand scale thus making this religious endeavour a truly memorable and a cherishing experience...

Following are the details of the programme. It is scheduled as per the Shirdi norms, followed by the AKHANDA BHANDARA.

1. Kakar Aarti ----------------5.00am(Conducted by priest from Shirdi)
2. Mangal Shanan ------------5.45am(Conducted by Devotees)
3. Pandharpur Aarti ----------6.15am (Conducted by priest from Shirdi)
4. Darshan Prarambh ---------6.30am
5. Shree Sai Amrit Varsha ----7.00am (Conducted by 9Yrs old Aatmesh Anand & Aaditi Anand)
6. Shree Satyanarayan Vrat Katha -8.30am(Conducted by couples under the guidance of priest from Shirdi)
7. Havan --------------------9.30am (all devotees are invited to Participate)
8. Shree Sai Bhajan ----------10.00am by (Shri Saxena Bandhu)
9. Madhayan Aarti ----------12.00pm (Conduct by priest from Shirdi)
10. Akhand Bhandra --------12.30pm (onwards till SAI wish’s)
11. Shree sai Bhajan --------13.00pm by (Sufi Singer Shri Hamshar Hayat)
12. Dhup Aarti -------------At sunset (Conduct by priest from Shirdi)
13. Shree Sai Bhajan --------19.00pm by (Shri Manhar Udhas)
14. Shree Sai Bhajan --------21.30pm by (Shri Anil Bawra) till Sai wish.

We request your kind presence for this auspicious occasion to feel 'Sai Baba' presence and get overwhelmed by the divine energy. We would highly appreciate your call for suggestions and contributions on the above mentioned nos.
Contact - S.K. SETHI - 9910381655

Friday, October 30, 2009

Dwarka sub -GARBAGE- city

I am a member of Dwarka Forum and writing you on behalf of over 2000 members across Dwarka. This is the reference to some recent garbage problems in Dwarka sectors witnessed by various residents.

1. Dustbins are absconding from several service lanes.
2. Recently, only blue dustbins are installed at some places, greens are almost gone.
3. Several locations have become a garbage dump and garbage litters around for several days.
4. Service lanes are not cleaned properly on regular basis.
5. No dustbins are being maintained, hence they are broken, littering or damaged completely.
6. Various 'Kabadi Walas' are found on existing garbage bins or so called dumbing grounds (with the lack of Garbage bins). They litter all the garbage on services lanes to pick up things of their interest and leave rest on the lanes.
7. Door to door pickup of garbage has not been seen/experienced so far.

Other than looking into these issues ASAP, I also request to make a quick action team for Dwarka (available on phone) to attend calls in an acceptable time frame.

I talked to Mr. Raja, EE, Dwarka but he pointed me to Mr. Nangia who is (I think), a private contractor. We would like to request you to pursue this request with concerned officers in Dwarka and have him responsible to take strong and quick action before anymore mess.

If need be, we are happy to visit you for one to one discussion.
Anoop Rohera
Member Dwarka Forum
FYI, I spoke to the MCD guys who said the dustbins are being illegally removed by the private contractor's truck which comes to collect the garbage. Apparently, the contractor wants to eat the cake and have it too, in the sense he won't have to remove the garbage and at the same time can continue to collect his contract fee. To ensure that there is no garbage to remove, he has posted thugs to prevent society sweepers from dumping it on the roadside. The MCD guys, for fear of being reported to their high-ups, have now placed two garbage bins outside our society and got a signed acknowledgement from the security guards. They told the guards that it is the society's responsibility to ensure that the bins - I think one blue and the other green - are not removed!! We plan to chain them to ensure that they don't disappear again.Cheers! - Jayaram
This is quite shocking & alarming. If we let this continue the entire Dwarka will become a dumping ground. We are already experiencing this serious problem . Opposite to our apartment in sector 5, is an open ground , I believe reserve for a hospital . there is also a dirty canal as you enter the road towards Madhu Vihar. I had personally met officials in DDA , promises were made to cover the nala . We had even suggested to convert the large open plot to a playing ground,children's park with well laid out facilities. But nothing so far has happened. atleast until the construction of hospital , some trees can be planted, the area used as play field etc. We had spoken with DDA but with no avail. - V. Krishnamurthy
I refer to the mail below from Anup. I completely endorse what he has said. Further, I would add that the story is identical in each and every service lane in Dwarka. There are no bins, if at all there are..there will be one for the whole row.
We (Dwarka Forum) have taken up this issue time and again with area MCD sanitation inspector. Every time we get to hear that he has ordered for new bins and it will be coming through soon. Well it has not happened so far. As there are no big garbage dump in Dwarka...and with no garbage bins..the services lanes are left with filth and garbage which is quite appalling. Adding to this is the rag pickers who are quite a menace here leaving all the garbage on the road.
Request you to give us contact details for the MCD official who is responsible for looking into the matter. Appreciate if you could give us their cell numbers and email ids.
This is a critical matter which needs to be addressed quickly. We would request for a meeting of all the concerned department to discuss and find a solution to this stinking problem.
Request you to kindly acknowledge receipt of this mail. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Free Health checkup camp at Bensups Hospital

All the residents are invited to the free BMD camp. Bone Densiometry (which costs 2000-2500 in the market) at BENSUPS HOSPITAL, Sector-12, Dwarka.

Register before 9.30 am so that only Rs.50 as a consultation charges will be charged.
Check up by Dr. Brijender Singh, MS ortho . Please avail this free health check up to avoid serious problems in the future. Prevention is better than the cure.

School admission information

Contact for School admission guidance and Personality development classes & workshop.

Source of Information

Thursday, October 29, 2009

O GOD - When will be my Griha Pravesh?

The two contempt petitions pending for disposal are as under:
..... Petitioner
Through: Mr. K.K. Rai, Sr. Advocate with Mr. S.K. Pandey, Advocate.
U.K.WORAH .....
Through: Mr. V.K. Tandon, Advocate for respondent no. 1.
O R D E R 15.07.2009 List on 06.11.2009.

CONTEMPT PETITION (C) NO. 287-288 OF 2009 IN Civil Appeal 3332-
3333/2008 (For Prel.Hearing)
(With appln.(s) for exemption from filing certified copies of annexures)
Date: 07/09/2009 These Petitions were called on for hearing today.
For Petitioner(s) Mr. K.K. Rai, Sr.Adv.
Mr. S.K. Pandey,Adv.
Mr. Krishnanand Pandeya,Adv.

For Respondent(s)
UPON hearing counsel the Court made the following ORDER
Issue notice on the contempt petition returnable on17th November, 2009. The alleged contemnors need not be present in person on that date.

[Madhu Bala ] [Juginder Kaur]
Sr.PA Court Master
The HC contempt is pending since 16th November, 2007 and SC contempt has been filed in Sept. 2009. DPS RAJESH*******************************************
Since it is not a battle field and here we are not having a team of well trained soldiers, so it is very obvious to get a mixed type of reaction.
As per RCS officials, if they start investigating each and every member closely then there will be less than 10% actual sufferers and rest 90% will be only those who have spent money in Dwarka solely for Investment purpose. In other words they are just waiting to get their flats so that the same can be sold out in crores. They also told that the scam started because of people themselves, why they were paying premiums to Builders while taking Society membership and now if it has been caught in CBI and Court, then why they are expecting RCS to do wonders.
Anyways, we can not pull people from there houses and ask them to participate with us. I would suggest
1. We should stop this war of words first.
2. Whosoever can come to AOCAM meeting this Sunday, please must come.
3. We MUST need to involve our area's MP(Mr Mahabal Mishra) and MLA(Mr
Shokeen) in all our future course of actions. We should ask them to
participate with us in all our DHARNA etc. Colonel Rajat
I see your concern. As you truly said, it's their home and they know best course of action about it and they are not bound to set their actions according to the forum. There are also people who are not victim but ready to offer help. So let's look at the positive side. I think Reji has been trying to encourage people to become more and more action oriented not just bloggers and share thoughts. I hope you would agree that we need more volunteers to expedite projects/issues this forum take up. After all It's in public interest.

To an extent sharing thoughts help and encourage those who volunteer but at the same time more people should come forrward and volunteers issues. That's the only way we can emphasize impact and make things better for us.

People are already dishaunted, discouraged and facing a lot of problems due to delay in allotment. I appeal all the members to step up wheather or not they are victims. Tomorrow, it could be another issue with another group but we will stand together and tall.

I think let's go ahead and meet on Oct 4th and then weekly basis onwards, I am sure you will see a lot of other people joining hands together week by week. Anoop Rohera
I agree with you that along with courts we need to do a few things where in people need to be awakened.May be some road blocks, some fasts on Gandhi jayanti and something strong so people realize we r suffering and won’t take it lying down any more.
I would suggest no more just blogs, let’s all get down to action, seems like a war is on within the country to get our rights back.Any suggestions is welcome, any leader is welcome. Rajeev

I have been receiving mails from various suffering members but deliberately do not respond as sometimes discussions make the matter confused and so in the case relating to Cooperative Societies which of course has turned jinxed. I alongwith some of the enthusiasts spearheaded agitation under the banner of AOCAM and fought the issue of Rule 24(2) in the High Court in the case captioned Rajib Mukhopadhyay and others culminating into regularisation of the membership of all those affected by the provision of Rule 24(2). In this connection, the 100 days relay hunger strike was also conducted on Jantar Mantar besides demonstrations and candlelight marches in Dwarka and in front of RCS Office. Unfortunately, some vested interests got the movement impeded but I assure you AOCAM is still in action and it will fulfill its task of allotment of flat to all the affected members. In the case of Asha Deep CGHS, the RCS in violation of HC and SC orders put on hold allotment of 28 members including me. In this connection, a contempt notice has already been issued to Shri U K Worah, the former RCS, Dr Ashish Chandra Verma, the existing RCS and others. The next date of hearing in this case is on 6th Nov, 2009. I do agree with those who propose for demonstrations and dharnas but for this all have to come together to fight instead of wasting time on blogs. D P S Rajesh
I did lodge a complaint regarding non allotment of flat on President Secteriat Website and in two weeks I got the reply by post stating that my grivenece has been forwarded to Chief Secy, Delhi Govt, who in turn forwarded it to Registrar. And the Registrar replied that documents submitted by ur society are under scrutinity and further progress be obtained from ur society. The net result a BIG ZERO.
Allotments can only be ensured by recourse to legal channels and also by putting PRESSURE on authorities.I suggest following;
Filing of SLPs by each society individullay on behalf of senior citizen members
Leading delegations to Lt Governor/Cooperative Minster/Secy, also Ldr of Oppisition in Delhi Assly.
Regularly meeting Registrar to impress upon him to expedite
Being a service officer, I wish to request that all defence people get together for a meeting with LG as a first step. Please send ur avaiability and willingness at my email.Tele 9313012125. We shall plan further course of action depending upon response. Brig S C Arora(Retd)
Unity is strength. If u do not ask, u will not get, said Mahatama Gandhi. If a warriour of the status of Colonel is disappointed, it is a serious matter. All the affected members should meet together and chalk out further strategy. Blogging to some extend is alright but it seems that some ground action is also required. M K Gupta********************************************************
I had F2F discussion with one of the RCS Officials and he told me that allotment process(for 57 Societies) will not be able to start for long. The reason is that still there are several things in
this case which might need interventions from various groups viz. Delhi Govt., High Court, RCS, DDA.
He hinted if you want RCS to expedite it, then you should come out in MASSES do DHARNAS etc else its better you keep waiting and blogging from your AC rooms/offices and let it go at its own pace.

I believe he gave me the TRUE picture of this matter, and now I also feel that nothing will change if I alone keep on visiting the RCS office to persuade them, better I should also remain silent like others. Colonel Rajat
During last week of May'2009 RCS/Secretary cooperative departent of Delhi Government has asked for advise on allotment process for the 57 societies from Law department of Delhi Government specially with respect of charge sheeted members and those who have contested CBI charge sheet. Subsequent to that the allotment of flats to cooperative members is held up as RCS department is yet to receive guidance from Law department. Allotment process still remains in abeyance with RCS/ cooperative department of Delhi Government, till that time about about 6000 families which are part of these 57 societies will continue to suffer by living in rented homes and paying EMI for the loan for these appartments. Suneet
A delegation of the members of 29 newly allotted societies in Dwarka met the Hon'ble Chief Minister on 24th July, 2009 to show their gratitude for taking her personal interest to solve the much complicated issues of the Group Housing Societies in Dwarka due to which the draw of lots of these flats were withheld for last 4 years. Thousands of the affected members had been waiting for their flats and the dream materialized when the hon’ble high court gave the relief to
the members and subsequently the Delhi Government came forward for the rescue of the affected families on the personal intervention of the Hon’ble chief minister. There are about 48 societies which were not in CBI investigation and about 57 societies which are currently under CBI scanner; the government has given one time exemption to all the members who were enrolled in violation of Rule 24(2).

The delegation comprising of members from different societies namely Sh. Ved Pandey of Antriksh Apartment, Mr. Gaur of Vishwas Apartment, Mr. T.S. Raju of Gandhi Ashram, Dr. Rajneesh Gupta of Great Loyalopor, Mr. Anjeeni Kumar of Joy Apartments, Mr. Sodhi of Bharat
Petroleum and Mr. R.K. Goel of Gold Croft etc who had been meeting the CM for last 2 years many times, offered a bouquet to her and also apprised her of the problems being faced by those affected members whose societies are under CBI scanner. The Hon’ble CM told that they are doing the needful for them also and necessary policies /guidelines are being framed for the early allotment of the flats. Colonel Rajat*************************************************
Message on DDA site:
This draw is subject to confirmation after 15 days from the date of
draw. It will be confirmed only if no complaint during this period is
received in the office of RCS or DDA. Draw Result for draw held on
I am fully aware of the merits of these cases. I have been engaged by some of the persons charge sheeted by CBI. Since the matter is subjudice, thus, I would not at all comment on the merits of criminal cases. However, I would clarify the doubts raised as to what could be the fate of the charge sheeted persons' right to have allotment of flats in the light of said judgements/ orders of Hon'ble Apex Court. We need to just have a glance on the relevant portion of impugned order of Hon'ble High Court, i.e. Para-5 sub-para-vi Order dated 29.8.08 which reads as under:

"(vi) We also direct that the charge sheeted office bearers and/or members of the Petitioner society including former
Members, shall not be eligible for Consideration for allotment of a flat till they are found blemishless after the
Acquittal and exoneration in any inquiry by the Registrar of Cooperative Societies."

As per the above order of the Hon'ble High Court, those who are charge sheeted in the society scam case, would not be eligible for Consideration for allotment of flat. It is in this backdrop, one of the aggrieved person had knocked the door of Hon'ble Supreme Court through the SLP, and had challenged the legal propriety of directions of Hon'ble High Court of having constituted the Justice Mahajan Committee and additionally excluding the charge sheeted persons from the list of persons to be considered for the allotment of flat. Manoj Prasad
On 05.12.08, Hon'ble the Supreme Court had admitted the SLP and passed an interim order, the operating part whereof reads as under:
"In the meantime, the Committee constituted by the High Court in the impugned judgment, shall not proceed and the respondents
Will be entitled to continue to process with the applications made for allotment of flats under Rule 90 of the Delhi Cooperative Societies
Rules 2007 but shall not make any final allotment till the disposal of this matter.
Pursuant to this order, the Rule 90 Committee shall also consider the petitioner's application for allotment."The above interim order was made absolute on 31.03.09 by the Apex Court and the said SLP was disposed off. The above order of the Apex Court translates into following consequences:1. The Justice Mahajan Committee is dissolved and has no role to play whatsoever in the allotment process.2. Those who are charge sheeted by the CBI, also entitled to be considered for the allotment of flat. I hope my above answer would suffice to clear your doubts. Ashok Chaitanya, Advocate

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The E.O.W.’s report regarding Housing Draw-2008, wherein allegations of rigging of the software and certain irregularities were alleged, has been received. The report comprises investigations by EOW, software report from GEQD Hyderabad and also report from C-DAC. The report does not indicate any connivance or favouritism by any DDA serving officers or those connected with the draw. C-DAC the Head of the Resources Centre for Cyber, Forensic of C-DAC, Trivandrum, Kerala after analyzing all the hard disks of computers used in DDA draw, DDA server, software, has not found any evidence of rigging of software. The report has given its finding which are, as conveyed by EOW, as follows:

“C-DAC could not find any evidence that the software had any vulnerability to be compromised nor could they detect any evidence of external tampering. The report also states that from an analysis of the Source Code, the experts could not find any evidence to indicate that the software shows any type of bias towards any specific applicant or applicants. In response to our specific query whether there is any evidence of external tampering after loading the software on, before or after the date of draw i.e. 16.12.2008, the C-DAC experts have opined that they could not find any evidence of external tampering after loading the software for draw”

As per the report of the EOW there are 9 accused persons who had fraudulently got a large number of DDA forms filled in by inducing poor and illiterate persons belonging to Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes etc. with a view to corner maximum flats in bargain and caused wrongful gain for themselves. Out of the total 5238 successful DDA applicants, only 1.37% i.e. 72 successful candidates fall in the purview of such investigations and are connected with these persons. EOW has already arrested the 9 accused and further investigations are being done to establish specific roles being played by all the accused persons, suspects in cornering flat offered to the general public in DDA Housing Scheme 2008.

It may be mentioned that since DDA has now received the report, the process of issue of allotment letters will commence in November itself. The persons who fall within the purview of the investigation as mentioned above, will not be issued any allotment letter till the investigating agency clears these cases.

It may also be mentioned that Housing Scheme-2008 was launched by DDA on 6th August, 2008 and was open upto 16th September, 2008. A total of 5,66,906 applications were put to draw. A total number of 5238 applicants were successful. Before the draw itself DDA had clarified through the brochure as well as through media interactions that all applications will be put to draw and authenticity of the documents submitted by an applicant will be verified only after the draw, for successful applicants only. In view of certain allegations leveled by certain sections including media, an internal inquiry had been ordered as well as EOW also started investigating the alleged irregularities on the basis of a complaint. No irregularity in the process of the draw or any connivance of the DDA serving officers has been indicated in any of the investigation reports so far.

Neemo Dhar,
Director Public Relations, DDA

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

HAPPY LIVING - Residents of Dwarka!

Vijay K. Saluja

Why do we expect that our colony is kept well-maintained by the local authorities? That electricity is received in our flats, all the twenty four hours, at the desired voltage, without any fluctuation. That the water pumps are switched on at fixed hours in the morning. That the roads are dug up, by various utilities, in a well co-ordinated manner & remain properly resurfaced all around the year, so that our vehicles keep on providing us bump-free rides. That during rains, rain water gets drained away quickly, without flooding the parking lots, main roads & colony roads/walkways. That the garbage bins/dalaos are cleared properly & regularly & garbage trucks visit the colony with clock like precision. The list of expectations, of the residents, from the local authorities, runs almost endless!?

But, have we ever asked ourselves a question, as to what sort of efforts, we, the residents are putting in, to improve the existing state of affairs/matters & lending helping hands to the efforts of local authorities, police & para-statal agencies. The honest answer to the same would be-Hardly any/much effort?!

Some may ask, Why should we do it? Isn`t it the duty of the Govt/local authorities to provide all the civic services?
But, agreed, even, if it is their duty to do so, what about, if there are some gaps & things are not up the mark/expectations? Do we keep on criticizing, ruing our fate or take appropriate actions to find out the reasons & lend helping hands to the local authorities.

In my various articles , in this blog, during the last six months, I have tried to dwell upon the not so satisfactory & at places pathetic state of civic services in various areas, of this well laid out & sprawling colony- therein trying to cajole, coax, incite & motivate the readers in DWARKA to react positively towards at-times appalling state of garbage disposal, dumping of building rubbish, along the roads & green spaces, unsafely designed/maintained road-dividers, stray dogs, cows & bulls, encroachment in the corridors of markets & parking lots But, surprisingly there has hardly been enough positive responses/reactions & efforts to jointly address the existing problems & state of affairs for the improvement of various sectors , the colony & the markets.

Some may say, why should they respond to my articles? Who am I? What is my locus standi? Am I, some sort of a leader or local representative? There can be as many questions, about my motives for writing these articles etc etc?! Well, John F Kennedy said `Expect not what your country [here read local authorities] can do, but, what you can do for your country[local authority].My motivation is/ could have been his `this` famous saying or the fond hope, that we all together, can improve things, even in an hopeless situation.

However, What does it [ apathy of the residents] all indicate?

Isn`t a very clear signal that most of the residents, RWA`s, TWA`s, managements of very prominent schools in this area & many civil-society groups operating out of this area, are fairy satisfied with the existing state of civic services/affairs, in Dwarka?

May be, I am wrong or have more expectations for this colony, in which I live?
Just, think it over.

Though, I am happy to observe that certain members of Dwarka Forum are ,certainly doing commendable jobs and my complements to the team of Dwarka Parichay for regularly highlighting all the news & civic issues of Dwarka in a well brought out e-newsletter.

Together, we can & will make a difference.

Writer is Senior Fellow ISS,
& Ex chief Engineer[civil], New Delhi Municipal Council

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Residents enjoyed Bhajan Kirtan in Dwarka

Sri Sanatan Dharam Mahila Samiti presented Bhajan Kirtan at Himalaya Appartment, Dwarka.
Residents of society were present at the religious programme. Residents enjoyed Bhajan Kirtan in Hindi - Brij Bhasha by Manju Gopalan and party . After the programme prasad and bhandara was served to all.

Sri Sanatan Dharam Mahila Samiti has been performing many progrrame in Dwarka.

Meeting of Dwarka Forum held at sector-6, Dwarka

Meeting of Dwarka Forum held recently in sector -6, Dwarka.

Following members were present
(1) Anil Nayal
(2) Ashok Chaitanya
(3) P.Menon
(4) Biju Nair
(5) Sunil Gupta
(6) Sudha R
(7) Sushil Kumar
(8) N. Ramakrishanan
(9) Chander Krishnamurthy
(10) M.K.Gupta
(11) T. Sampath Kumar
(12) Rejimon CK
(13) R. Vijay Raghavan
(14) H.D. Goyal
(15) S.K. Goyal
(16) Anoop Rohera
(17) Cdr. (Rtd) I.C. Sharma
(18) Sanjay Mishra

After introduction following issues were discussed in length

(1) Action against encroachment.
Members expressed deep concerned about the encroachment in various Sectors and the attitude of various Authority. Keeping in view a Committe consisting Ashok Chaitanay, Rejimon CK and Anoop, was set up to take care of encroachment by Mobile van. Committee will take inputs from members and suggest the best way to tackle the issue. On recommendation DF will take appropriate measures.

On basic policy of Tezbahari and other Committee consisting Sanjeev Goyal, Sudha, Rama was constituted. They will suggest/take appropriate action in this respect.

(2) DTC Bus services in Dwarka Subcity
It was decide to wait for new development and will send reminder to CMO/Transport/DTC. It was suggested to highlight this News in media & follow-up.

(3) Regarding inauguration of Hospital at Sector-9
Member were briefed about the development and decided to do the follow-up with Minister Kiran Walia / LG & VC DDA..

(4) Promotion of DF Memebership.
Members accepted the recommendation of Mr. Sampat to increase the Membership by contribution and input by all members especially GB.

(5) Handing over the Water Supply to DJB from DDA
It was decided to follow up .

6. Garbage / Dustbins
It was decide to make follow up with MCD regarding placement of Dustbin / Garbage Bins at particular places of every Sector, if required an RTI to be filed. It was further decided to lodge complaint with new CMO helpline number in mass.

7. Illegal Temple at various Sectors
Mr. Biju Nair & Mr. Menon informed the members about the development that DDA has accepted that the Dwarkadhis temple is illegal. Members suggested to follow up the issue till it is wholly removed.

Meeting ended with Vote of Thanks

Sushil Kumar
General Secretary

Monday, October 26, 2009

Divyansh-Promising Tennis Star

Divyansh Khatri is a promising Tennis star. He is a student of Abhinav Public School, Pitampura. He recently won Oriental Masci-Match Tennis cup 2009 held at Pitampura. He defeated Mohit with the score 6-0, 6-1 in the Semi final and defeated Amarnath with one sided game 6-0, 6-1 Under-12 category. In another category of U-14 Divyansh Khatri defeated Amarnath with 6-0, 6-0 in Semi Final game and in the Final game he defeated Mohit with huge margin of 6-0, 6-0. He’s from rural background and he nourished under the expert coaching of Sandeep and Vishal Gaur.

Sunday, October 25, 2009


6th BHAGVATHA SAPTHAHA YAJNAM (MOOLAM) (18-10-2009 to 25-10-2009) CONDUCTED BY BRAHMASRI HORAKKAT GOVINDAN NAMBOOTHIRI (M.A., B.Ed.)assisted By Brahmasri Narayanan Namboothiri (Payyanur) and Brahmasri Narayanan Namboothiri (Thevanamkott) at SREE PARATHASARATHI TEMPLE, PLOT NO. HAF, POCKET -B, SECTOR 3, NEAR VARDHAMAN GRAND MARKET & DPS SCHOOL, DWARKA.

24 th October, Saturday ( 6.15 AM to 6.00 PM)Symandakopakhyanam, Bana Yudham, Rajasooyam, Kuchelopakhyanam,SanthanaGopalam, Bhagavatha DharmamNaivedyam : Milk, Butter, Plantain, Aval Kizhi(Bundle)
Flower: Thulasi, Chethi, Mulla

25 th October, Sunday ( 6.15 AM to 6.00 PM)Bhagavatha Dharmam (Contd...), Udhavopadesam, Sri Parikshit's Mukti,Kaliyuga Varnana, Kalki Avatharam, Pralaya Varnana, Markandeya Charitham, SAMARAPANM. ACHARYA DAKSHINA (GRAND DAKSHINA) Naivedyam : Milk, Butter, Thrimadhuram, Beatals, Flower: Nandiyarvattam

Nice Guys Finish Last

Joginder Singh ji
(Former Director - CBI)

There is a saying that a squeaky wheel gets all the grease and "Nice guys finish last". We see it happening everyday, when in an effort, to be nice to others, we give our turn for boarding taxi to others, or give our seat or umbrella then wait, sometimes, till eternity.

Then we feel, that it is not fair. There is nothing wrong, in being nice. But the danger is, that if you are nice to everybody, then you are doing it, at the cost of your time, energy and sometimes money. It in effect, means not being nice, to yourself.

Ultimately, your exercise of being not nice to yourself can back fire. It is essential for you, to think for yourself, without, simply agreeing, to what others say. You do not, have to be, a people pleaser, all the time. Do not bend, so backward, that you accommodate everyone, except yourself.

Be polite and courteous, but do not have " parasitical " relationships where you are always at the giving end. Any relationship, to be lasting, should be mutually beneficial.
When somebody asks you to do something, about which you feel uncomfortable , for whatever reason, you have every right to proffer regret. I get a lot of request for attending programmes, seminars and conference. My first reply is, that my schedule is maintained, by my Private Secretary.

I suggest that let a request be sent in writing or by a E mail and I will get back to them. This gives me a chance to weigh the pros and cons of accepting or rejecting a request. So accordingly, I say yes or no. You can make, good and rational decisions, only by thinking out a problem, from all angles.

You should reassess all sides, or any given the state of affairs, to determine, what is wrong or right decision, best suited for you. Something may be right and correct for others in a given situation, but not necessarily for you. Go for a deep analysis, so that you do not regret your decisions later on.

You should keep an open mind and ask questions to clarify any situation. It is only by questioning and getting their answers, you can discover the true State of affairs and the strength or solidity of the suggestions made by others. Nobody can be, a know all. There is nothing wrong in being inquisitive. It will help, increasing your understanding of the issues. Since everybody has his own opinions, there is no harm in having your own opinions on any issue or issues. But you must keep an open mind, so that you can listen and discuss with others, and come to better decisions. At the same time, respect the choices and opinions of others. It is only by asking questions, that you can increase your understanding of the things.

A clear mind free of confusion, false ideas and misplaced blame, is in the best position to remedy or mend, the worst of any situation. No idea and no theory is eternal. They are all, subject to correction, amendment and rectification. We should not have a closed mind and guard ourselves against a stagnant thinking.

Basically, you should stop agreeing with anything and everything suggested by others, unless, you also really feel so. There are, some people, who to show, their so called intellectual prowess and superiority, disagree with everything suggested by others. They are constantly arguing, even on trivial matters. Nobody likes them, as they behave, like a pain in the neck.

Speak up in a way, which shows that not every expression of disagreement can be odious. Do not allow people, to disrespect or disregard you. You have to stand up for yourself. Do not expect others to stand up for you. Do not allow yourself to be treated as a door mat or taken for granted by your colleagues, friends and even your superiors. While it is a good idea to be a nice guy, but any relationship is a two way street. If you are always striving to be a nice guy, you would find that there would be a lot of people, who would be too happy to pass on their work to you, to avoid doing the same themselves. Do not accept such a suggestion straight away. Tell them that you would review whether you can fit the same in your schedule or not, depending upon your work load. Marilyn Monroe, famous American actress of 1950 once rightly said;
Say good-bye to Pat, say good-bye to Jack and say good-bye to yourself, because you're a nice guy.”

FREE Heallth camp for Senior citizens held in Dwarka

FREE Bone Mineral Density Test and Seminar on Prevention & Treatment of ARTHRITIS was organised by Sr. Citizen Association, Dwarka in collaboration with reputed medical company at Harmony Apartment , Sector-23, Dwarka.

Dr. ChandraSekhar, Sr. Orthopaedic surgeon checked about 50 residents Bone Mineral Density. He delivered a lecture about prevention and treatment of ARTHRITIS.
Mr. S. P. Rai, President, Sr. Citizen Association, Dwarka thanked Dr. ChandraSekhar and his team for the checkup and tests. Other residents present were Mr. Balbir Singh Yadav, Mr. K. Mahadevan, Mr. Manohar Lal, Mr. M. C. Aggarwal, Mr. K. M. Kapoor, Mr. M.S Chauhan, Mr. J.P. Aggarwal, Ms. Cicily Kodyan, Ms. Geeta Roy, Mr. O.P. Dutt, Col. Vijay Rattan Pal, Mr. Bhagwan Singh Yadav. Mr. S. P Rai informed Dwarka Parichay that they are planning to conduct such health camps regularly for the benefit of Sr. citizens in Dwarka.

Bhajan Kirtan on 26 th October in Dwarka

Sri Sanatan Dharam Mahila Samiti
Bhajan Kirtan in Hindi - Brij Bhasha

on 26th October 2009, at 2 PM to 5 PM
Manju Gopalan and party
CA-147, Plot-10, Himalaya Appartment, Dwarka.

Contact : 9911073059, 9891084707

Saturday, October 24, 2009

FREE ARTHRITIS & Bone Mineral Density Test at Sector-23, Dwarka

FREE Bone Mineral Density Test
Seminar on Prevention & Treatment of ARTHRITIS

Harmony Apartment, Plot-6B, Sector-23, Dwarka

Sunday 25 th October 2009 at 11.00 AM

Check up by
Dr. ChandraSekhar, Sr. Orthopaedic surgeon

by Sr. Citizen Association, Dwarka
in collaboration with reputed medical company

Contact: 9868881190

Friday, October 23, 2009

6th BHAGVATHA SAPTHAHA YAJNAM at sector-3, Dwarka

(18-10-2009 to 25-10-2009)
assisted By
Brahmasri Narayanan Namboothiri (Payyanur) and
Brahmasri Narayanan Namboothiri (Thevanamkott)

The details of the programme :

24 th October, Saturday ( 6.15 AM to 6.00 PM)
Symandakopakhyanam, Bana Yudham, Rajasooyam, Kuchelopakhyanam,
SanthanaGopalam, Bhagavatha Dharmam
Naivedyam : Milk, Butter, Plantain, Aval Kizhi(Bundle)
Flower: Thulasi, Chethi, Mulla

25 th October, Sunday ( 6.15 AM to 6.00 PM)
Bhagavatha Dharmam (Contd...), Udhavopadesam, Sri Parikshit's Mukti,
Kaliyuga Varnana, Kalki Avatharam, Pralaya Varnana, Markandeya Charitham, SAMARAPANM. ACHARYA DAKSHINA (GRAND DAKSHINA)

Naivedyam : Milk, Butter, Thrimadhuram, Beatals
Flower: Nandiyarvattam

Contact: 9811925477

Bolood Donation camp on 15th November at Sector-7, Dwarka


If you are between age group of 18 Yrs to 60 Yrs and feel young
come and join us for a “Breakfast Session” at

“Blood Donation Camp”

On 15th Nov, 2009 (Sunday)
1000 to 1300 Hrs

Just at your doorstep at Main Road Ramphal Chowk in ‘APPEARANCES BUILDING’
next to MSK Business Centre/Honda Showroom.
Your little contribution can give life to some needy patients / Jawans in Army / R. R. Hospital. By doing so you are actually giving chance to activate your
blood generating capacity which infuses in you a fresh blood & make
you feel more healthy besides happiness & pride you get for being a Donor.

Army doctors along with Nursing staff of Armed Forces Transfusion Centre Hospital shall personally supervise Blood Donation from 0930 Hrs onward.

“Let us celebrate this occasion together”

For any quarry please contact:-
Sumit Mahajan - 9811061143
Ms. Divya - 9899061143
Ms. Sukanya - 9350095051
Coordinator : Wg. Cdr. Mahajan - 9313895439

Prog. Ashok-Chetna 4 Social Well-Being
F-625, Main Road, Ramphal Chowk, Palam Extn., Sec-7, Dwarka, ND-45

Thought for the day
Rid yourself of Ego and perform Service,
Then alone shall you attain Honour.

Break your MYTH

Myth #1: You can get a blood-borne disease by donating blood.
Fact #1: All materials used to collect blood are new. They have been sterilized by the manufacturer and have never been used before.

Myth #2: I only need to donate once per year.
Fact #2: You can donate every 56 days. It is important to do so because, platelets only have a shelf life of 5 days and red cells have a shelf life of 42 days.

Myth #3: My blood type is so common, that I don't need to donate.
Fact #3: NOT TRUE. Some blood types are more common than others, but the rarest type of blood is the type that is not available when needed. Regular donations are needed throughout the year for all blood types..

Myth #4: Giving blood hurts
Fact #4: The pain experienced is no more than a needle prick. The slight soreness that maybe where the needle was is just a reminder of the good deed done.

Myth # 5: HIV or other infections can be contracted from donating blood.
Fact #5: A clear procedure exists for taking blood from each donor. Sterility is maintained at all steps. A sterile, new needle is used for each donation and is then properly discarded. Use of sterile equipment and technique limits the chance of infection.

Myth #6: Giving blood is time consuming
Fact #6: The time taken for a single donation session is normally not more than an hour or so.

Myth #7: There is limited blood in the body and it is unhealthy to give some away.
Fact #7: Only about 470ml of blood is taken during a donation session. There is enough blood in the body to donate it without experiencing any ill effects. The body makes new blood after donation.

Myth #8: Age is a deterrent to blood donation.
Fact #8:Anyone up to the age of 60 who is fit and healthy can give blood.

Myth #9: Heavy people are healthier and have more blood to give.
Fact #9: Being overweight makes people less healthy. Overweight people do not have more blood.

Myth 10: Health deteriorates after donating blood.
Fact #10: If you are healthy prior to donation, your recovery is complete in a day or two. It is advised to rest a while after donating. Drinking enough liquids replaces the lost fluid within a couple of hours. The body produces new cells faster after a donation. All the RBCs are replaced within 3-4 days and WBCs within 3 weeks.

Myth #11:You cannot take part in sports or other physical activities after donating blood.
Fact #11: Giving blood does not interfere with ability to perform physically. Advice to avoid heavy lifting or strenuous workouts for the rest of the day is given after the donation. You can get back on track the next day.

Myth #12:Taking medication means that one cannot be a blood donor.
Fact #12: Depending on the medication being taken, it may halt donation for a period, though in many cases it won't prevent a donation. The person in charge or the nursing staff should be informed before donating.

Myth #13 When there is a requirement, blood can be manufactured.
Fact #13: Blood is not something that can be manufactured. It can only come from healthy human beings.

Myth #14: Being of mixed race precludes blood from being helpful.
Fact #14: Race and caste have no bearing on eligibility for being a blood donor. It is the blood type and group that is of importance.


The OPG World School is organizing fun day for the little ones on Sunday October 25th, 2009 from 10 am onwards with a plethora of activities and fun. Making this day truly equally enjoyable to young ones and their parents alike.

The OPG World school believes that there exists in every child an inherently creative individual and, that every creative achievement contributes towards a confident persona. Therefore this collaborative venture has been designed to give an opportunity to our children to display their talents and to get to know one another in a globalised world that has caused the walls to break and prepare our children for the future.

The occasion shall be graced by eminent personalities of Delhi. A plethora of activities and prizes are the highlights of the event. The school endeavors to ensure that every child that leaves the portals of this temple of learning does so carrying a bit of OPG in him. OPG awaits you!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Chitrans Ke Gaurav Award Ceremony

Dwarka Chitragupt Samaj organized Chitrans Ke Gaurav Award ceremony on the occasion of Sh. Chitragupt Puja on 19th October at CCRT Auditorium, Sector 7, Dwarka. This was the 8th Chitragupt Puja celebration in Dwarka by their 450 members organization. The chief guest on occasion was Sh. Sunil Shastri, MP & S/o Sh. Lal Bhadur Shastri, the 2nd prime minister of India. He emphasized on the contribution and importance of Kayastha Community in the development of the country. He proudly mentioned the name of the first president of India Dr. Rajender Prasad, and Lal Bhadur Shastri and the great revolutionary Sh. Jai Prakash Narayan. He said in todays scenario also the contribution of Kayastha Community is commendable and needs appreciation from all corner. He honored Sh. S.N. Srivastava, Jt. Commissioner Traffic Delhi Police with Chitrans Ke Gaurav Award for his distinguished service.

While handing over the award, he proudly narrated one of his incidents, where he was caught by the traffic police when his father Sh. Lal Bhadur Shastri was the home minister and how he managed to escape. Sh. Shastri assured the gathering that Sh. S. N. Srivastava will come up with flying colours in managing the Common Wealth Games in 2010.

Sh. S. N. Srivastava thanked the organizer for honouring him with the coveted Chitrans Ke Gaurav Award and expressed his emotions saying it is wonderful feeling to be honoured by own family members. He reassured his commitment for a smooth and jam free Delhi during Common Wealth Games. Sh. Girish Bhatnagar, a retired IRSS officer of railway and Sh. Ranjit Sinha, a former minister of Bihar Govt. were also honoured with the award.

On this occasion, the Chitrans of Dwarka gathered in the morning 9:00 am and offered puja to their revered Sh. Chitragupt Bhagwan. Mukesh Sinha, the convenor and vice president of Chitragupt Samaj informs that samaj started the celebration in 2002 with 22 members but now it has grown multi fold. In the evening the cultural programme began at 6:00 pm with the performance of children of the community who recited and performed on the patriotic and filmi songs. The dance performance by Akshita Sinha on the latest songs of film Blue was appreciated by the august gathering. The Zee T.V. Saregama participant Anuj Saxena (the blind singer) enthralled the audience with his melodious voice. Col. Anand Ji, the president of samaj thanked the honourable guests (including no. of IAS, IPS, & other senior govt. officers) who participated and enjoyed “Priti Bhoj” (community dinner). Ms. Sudha Sinha and Ms. Harshita Sinha who anchored the programme got all the appreciations by the organizer.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Dwarkaites demand viable solution for DAILY Flyover jam

Mr. S.N. Shrivastava -------------------------- October 21, 2009
Joint Commission Police – Traffic
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Removal of speed breakers – Dwarka Palam Flyover

This is to bring to your attention that despite many suggestions submitted to you regarding removal of unwanted speed breakers on the Dwarka Palam flyover, we are extremely disappointed and anguished to see few additional speed breakers have suddenly come up almost overnight, since yesterday evening causing severe traffic jams lasting for over 1 hour and stretching to 5-6 kms. Yesterday even at 9.30pm there were long rows and queues of vehicles. So you can imagine the plight of the commuters and the harrowing time we all had to go through to cover this stretch, which actually takes 5 to 10 minutes to the max! This is absolutely unacceptable situation.

This flyover takes almost 10,000 vehicles per hour at any given point of time and the maximum speed which you can drive on this stretch is 40 Km/hr. The installation of speed breakers, on the pretext of safety (as per the Traffic Inspector), is quite ridiculous. At this speed you do not need any speed breakers at all.

We fail to understand why on earth our suggestions are not being looked into. We can only request your department and DDA to please, please and please have effective communication with each other and come up with a viable solution rather than create more problems to the already harassed Dwarkites. Delhi roads are anyway over flowing with vehicles and we, Dwarkites, anyway have tough time getting in and out of Dwarka, we certainly do not need additional hurdles put in our way.

This matter requires your urgent intervention.

We request you to please instruct the relevant authorities to take immediate steps to remove these speed breakers (Also, again, these are not according to the standard specification laid down).

We would appreciate if you to please call/convene a meeting of all concerned authorities including us, concerned with this flyover, at a mutually convenient time to thrash out this problem once and for all.

We look forward to hearing from you at the earliest.

Best regards,

(Member – Dwarka Forum)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Diwali Celebrations at Green towers, Sector-23, Dwarka

Diwali was celebrated in grand fashion at Green Towers apartment, sector-23 dwarka. Fifteen senior citizens from green towers, including three widows and a widower lighted the traditional diwali lamp in turn, symbolizing the transition from darkness to light.
Speaking on the occasion Mrs Cicily Kodiyan the organizer of the programme mentioned that senior citizens have worked very hard in their days to make the future bright for the younger generation. Lighting of the diwali lamp symbolizes the transfer of wisdom and experience from the older generation to the younger, which would wipe out ignorance from the youngsters. When the parents take interest the children can take advantage of their knowledge and experience. Senior citizens are people who have taken doctorate from the University of Life. Nowadays parents find it very difficult to protect them from all kinds of negative influences. Senior citizens can become their wards in protecting against such influences, just as a tree protects the plants around it.
The diwali function included dances, songs, speeches on diwali, instrumental music and a short play on Ramayana. The event showcased the abundant talent that is present in our neighborhood.
Twelve year old Miss Divina Sethi choreographed the western and Punjabi dance sequence herself and trained about eleven children in the age group of 5-10 years. Mrs Rashmi Gupta organized the short play on Ramayana, A mother of 3 children including a two year old, she herself wrote the dialogues for the play and trained the participants in the play everyday for 2 hours for about a week. She is an example to other housewives on how to get children involved in a positive and constructive way through cultural activities.

The programme concluded with a thank you note from the organizers and a community dinner.

Monster turns on Frankenstein

Joginder Singh ji
(Former Director - CBI)

In an audacious attack, heavily-armed Taliban terrorists dressed in fatigues stormed the Army General Headquarters in Rawalpindi on October 10. What followed was a 22-hour siege that ended with a dramatic commando rescue operation. At the end of the day the death toll stood at 20.

The spokesperson for the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan movement said, “We claim responsibility for the attack on Army GHQ (in Rawalpindi). It was carried out by our Punjab branch… We have the capability to strike any place in Pakistan... We can target many more important places”. He was right. Suicide terrorists have struck at the Federal Investigation Agency headquarters and five other locations, including important police centres, in Lahore on Thursday, killing 39 and injuring hundreds.

Over the past two years, more than 2,500 people have been killed in suicide bombings across Pakistan. It was hoped that after Pakistan was carved out of India in 1947, it would become a model Muslim state. But today, it is a failed state facing a severe existential crisis.

The problem is Pakistan’s military rulers have tried to present themselves as the country’s last hope. Civilian leaders have been little better. Instead of thinking in the best interest of the country, every Pakistani leader has deliberately encouraged the US to develop a stake in that country’s political and military affairs. Today Pakistan’s policies are more attuned to American interests than its own. In turn, the US supports Pakistan for every single anti-India step it takes. India is the whipping boy for everything that goes wrong in Pakistan or Afghanistan.

Pakistan’s rationale for fuelling militancy and separatism in Jammu & Kashmir and terrorism in other parts of India is based on the premise that it is the sole custodian of Muslim interests everywhere, even more so in India. Having fought four wars with us and having been defeated in all of them, it is now fathering terrorist groups to wage jihad against India.

It is impossible to predict the precise, unintended consequences of any US or Pakistani action. But the way things are shaping up it is fast becoming clear that neither the US nor the Pakistani Government has any control on the Taliban’s activities. A weak civilian Government and a recalcitrant Army and ISI pose a serious threat to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal, a part of which might be seized by terrorist groups.

While Pakistan has never made a secret of its hostility towards India, it is a matter of record that the US has been fighting battles away from its own borders. The theatres of war today are Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iraq. India, on the other hand, has scrupulously kept itself away from international controversies in the interest of its own people.

It is time Pakistan realises that terrorism cannot coexist with prosperity. Caught in its own web of imprudence, indiscretion and misdemeanour, Pakistan, over the past year, has witnessed daily terror strikes. Some are high profile attacks — like the one on the Sri Lankan cricket team in March — while others are now categorised as routine.

Over the years, different regimes in Islamabad have proclaimed that they would not support terrorist groups operating from Pakistan’s soil. But this was no more than subterfuge to lull India into a false sense of security. Even while promising to act against terrorists, Pakistan has been aiding terrorist groups and using them to mount terror strikes on India.

But now the chickens have begun to come home to roost. By obliterating the difference between its professional Army and the terrorists, Pakistan is turning some of its soldiers into rogue jihadis.

Meanwhile, angered by the US drone attacks in Pakistan’s north-western tribal areas, the terrorists have promised retribution against America and its proxies. The policy of encouraging its Army officers to join or train terrorists like the ones responsible for the fidayeen strikes on Mumbai last year is coming back to haunt Pakistan.

Indeed, in all major terrorist attacks all over the world, including those in the West, the signature of Pakistani terrorists is clear. Of course, this has not been acknowledged either by Pakistan or the US. Insofar as India is concerned, it is obvious that there has been no change in Pakistan’s policy of using terrorism as a weapon against India to achieve its objective of forcing a change in the status quo, which it hopes will lead to its acquisition of the Muslim majority areas of Jammu & Kashmir, if not the entire State.

Pakistan’s policy of running with the hare and hunting with the hounds is beginning to backfire. If Pakistanis want domestic harmony and peace, they must shun the policy of spreading terrorism abroad and running training centres for jihadis on their soil. The terrorists have already issued their diktat that Islamabad should stop obeying Washington, DC, if it wants the terror attacks to stop.

Pakistan claims that it is not only fighting its own war but also that of the international community against terrorism. But the truth is that Pakistan still remains a fertile ground for terrorists to breed. Hopefully, New Delhi will not buy Islamabad’s bogus claim. Pakistan is the victim of a problem of its own creation. It has to look within for the solution.

Monday, October 19, 2009


M K Gupta
RTI Consultant and Free Lance Journalist

Citizens feel that the Central Information Commission is soft towards the Delhi Development Authority. Before forming any conclusive opinion on the subject, some decisions of the CIC on DDA are being reproduced.

2 There have been contradictory decisions wherein one Information Commissioner dismissed the appeal and the other Commissioner allowed the same. The appeal No. CIC/SG/A/2008/00045 of Rakesh Kumar Gupta against the DDA was dismissed on 27.2.2009 by the Information Commissioner, M. L. Sharma. DDA pleaded that the Appellant had sought inspection of files relating to third party, having alleged business motive of the appellant behind the entire exercise. (Decision No. CIC/SG/A/2008/00045/SG/4469). The case was allowed by Information Commissioner, Shailash Gandhi on 18.8.09 citing Sections 3 and 6 (2) of the RTI Act. Sec. 3 states that all citizens shall have the right to information while according to sec. 6 (2) the applicant shall not be required to give any reason for requesting the information. He further stated in his decision that the Parliament was very clear in its thinking that since right to information is the fundamental right of citizens and citizens own the information, no reasons need to be given for accessing the information. In fact, the Parliament expected that Public Authorities to put up most of the information into public domain suo moto as mandated under Section 4. (CIC/SG/A/2008/00045). Unfortunately decision has chosen to ignore such important provisions.

3. In a case against the DDA V/s. M.K Gupta, Information Commissioner, M. L. Sharma mentioned in the decision that “The complainant did not appear before the Commission” despite the fact that he was present. Later, on representation by the Complainant, Assistant Registrar, K. L. Das, informed, “it has been wrongly mentioned in the order passed by the Commission that you did not appear before the Commission. The Commission regrets the clerical error. (Case No. CIC/LS/C/2009/00230).

4. In the case of Mujibur Rehman V/s. Delhi High Court (W.P.) (C) No. 3845/2007) delivered on 28th April, 09, Justice S. Ravinder Bhat observed that “primary discretion in such cases is with the statutory Tribunal. (CIC). At the same time, once it is established that the Tribunal, for no apparent reason, either exceeded its jurisdiction or failed to exercise jurisdiction lawfully vested in it, the High Court would be justified in interfering with its orders.

5. The Commission in many cases has failed to exercise its jurisdiction lawfully vested in it is evident from the fact that under Section 20 (1) of the Act, it is empowered to impose a penalty. Under section 20 (2), Commission is also authorized to recommend the disciplinary action against the PIO for giving incorrect, incomplete or misleading information. Failure to exercise jurisdiction lawfully vested in the Commission is the main cause of increasing complaints and appeals in the Commission.

6. On providing the information available which is also available on the website, the views of the Information Commissioners are contradictory. Information Commissioner. Shailash Gandhi has expressed views in the meeting organized by Urja said that the PIO is bound to furnish the information even if the same is available on the website as every body does not have access to the websites and as well as computer savvy. In a decision in the case of Mr. Harish Kochhar V/s. CBSE, he said, “All applicants may not have access to websites. Whereas it is helpful to give information on the website, the Public Information Officer must always offer to give the same on a CD or hard copies,” On this, views of M. L. Sharma, Information Commissioner are contradictory. In the case of Amit Gupta V/s. DDA (Case No.CIC/LS/A/2009/000704 dated 2.9.09), Mr. Sharma, dismissed appeal for furnishing the information stating that the information was available on public domain and could be downloaded from the DDA website. In view of this, the appeal was dismissed. On such matters, Commission should form unanimous views by discussing the issue.

7. In the case of Shri Gyanender V/s. DDA (CIC/LS/a/2009/000690 dated 3.9.09), M. L. Sharma, IC ruled that since information has been supplied, therefore, the application is dismissed. In the absence of knowledge whether the Appellant has prayed for imposition of penalty or not, one cannot question his decision of not imposing any penalty by him. However, the Commission can caution the DDA that the delay in supplying the information has been viewed adversely, as has been done in the case of Virender Kumar Jain. (Case No. CIC/LS/A/2009/000373 dated 3.7.09).

8. Proceedings should not be aiming at settling grievances but for proving information and in the course of providing information under the RTI Act. Despite this, many times, Information Commissioner asks the appellants whether they are interested in solving problem or getting the information or in punitive action against the Public Authority upon the failure to provide information. Many of the decisions of CIC are in the nature of arbitration proceedings than aiming at providing information by cautioning the PIOs of taking the punitive actions under the Act if the information is not provided.

9. Such decision, as has been taken in the aforesaid case of Gyanender have emboldened the DDA to refrain from furnishing information at the first instance and within the time stipulated in the Act and to resort to the practice of providing information during the course of hearing. Only few applicants have the wherewithal to approach the CIC.

10. The Commission has constituted a Committee on 22.9.09 for conducting an inquiry in to the servicing of RTI Act by all the Wings and Sections of DDA in view of the large number of complaint against the DDA.

Website info not enough under RTI

Posting information on government websites may not be enough under the Right to Information Act. The Central Information Commission has directed public authorities to make available printed or CD copies of information to RTI applicants even if the same data is available online.
“All applicants may not have access to websites. Whereas it is helpful to give information on the website, the Public Information Officer must always offer to give the same on a CD or hard copies,” Information Commissioner Shailesh Gandhi said. “All applicants may not have access to websites. Whereas it is helpful to give information on the website, the Public Information Officer must always offer to give the same on a CD or hard copies,”
The Bench was hearing an appeal filed by Chandigarh resident Harish Kochhar against the Central Board of Secondary Education, which repeatedly referred him to its official website in answer to his RTI queries. To his first question on whether the CBSE maintained a list of records “essentially submitted to CBSE by affiliated schools on a yearly basis”, the PIO merely stated that schools concerned follow the rules of the Board and directed Kochhar to the education body’s websites and

(Down loaded from Indian Express website on 19.10.09.)
Submitted by M.K. Gupta

Sethu Samundram is in National Interest !

R.D. Bhardwaj

A few days ago, a friend of mine, sent a write-up to me on Ram Sethu and wanted me to join some campaign to save it religiously, as he thinks, having been related to Lord Sri Ram, it is a sacred site. I respect his sentiments expressed, which of course, were drafted by some NGO, but, in reality, I feel and think otherwise. Accordingly, I have expressed my Point of View to him keeping in mind some hard facts of the case in current scenario and what is really required now-a-days.
2. Some Hard Facts of the Case : Let me dwell upon some hard realities of the Sethu Samundram project (on which you have sent to me an e-mail two days ago, for preserving Ram Sethu) and which is also hanging fire and lingering on for the last many years, thanks to the anti-project campaign launched by some political parties / groups etc., for their vested interests. In the following paras, I am presenting a counter view and I hope, a well educated person like you, who was also working as an officer in a premier financial institution for many years, should be well aware of the consequences to the society as well as to the country, in case such a project is delayed beyond a certain reasonable period.
3. In Indian Ocean, hundreds of ships have to travel long distances of 650 nautical miles for going from Gulf of Mannar to Bay of Bengal and vice-versa. These ships have to travel a long distance beyond Sri Lanka, instead of taking a shorter route in the Palk Bay, because water on that route is very shallow, which poses a lot of hindrances for ships to navigate. The sea-bed on that route has become shallow and unfit for navigation, as debris of Ram Sethu, (a bridge believed to be built by Lord Rama thousands years ago, had become weak with the passage of time, and thus collapsed into the sea) are lying at the sea-bed. The debris of this bridge and some other rocks lying on the sea-bed, have reduced its depth considerably, and the ships travelling thru that route can suffer huge damages or even sink in the sea after colliding with the rocks / debris of the Ram Sethu, which are still lying at the sea-bed over that route.
4. Govt. of India wanted to dredge the sea-bed over that route to clear the rocks and debris etc. to make the passage for navigation of ships, which should be at least 20 metres deep, 300 metres wide and 167 nautical miles long, so that our ships could travel safely over this new route. Please note that the existing route (which is beyond Sri Lanka) and is too long, i.e. 650 nautical miles, whereas, the new proposed route after the entire dredging is done, shall be considerably reduced to just 167 nautical miles. Not only that, on completion of the project, the time consumed by ships in travelling over the previous route, shall also stand reduced from 36 hours to just 10/11 hours. In addition to this, 13 new ports shall also come-up over the proposed new route which shall, in turn, shall provide employment opportunities to at least 5,000 people, besides indirect employment for hundreds more people.
5. Speaking from economics point of view of the new route, India shall save at least Rs. 4,500 crores worth fuel every year just by taking the shorter route besides affording the navigators a lot of comforts of not getting fatigued over such a long route. Secondly, India shall also earn foreign currency worth Rs. 1,200 crores every year on account of trans-shipment of goods of other countries, who shall be availing of the Indian port facilities over this new proposed route. This revenue generation has also growth rate of 7-8 % per annum.
6. Benefits accruing to India after completion of this new Sethu Samundram project are innumerable, but it is pity that some of the political parties have unnecessarily made a mountain of the mole-hill, exploiting religious sentiments of the people (who can not critically analyse the whole project from a different angle), for petty political gains. The irony of fate is that nobody thinks from national point of view, petty politics is allowed to take over and get undue importance.
7. The wisdom of the great people says, thinking from national point of view - "Nobody, how-so-ever big or high he or she may be, is certainly not bigger than his village, and village is certainly not bigger that the district, and district is certainly not bigger than the state and the state is certainly not bigger than the country. Nation always come first and every thing else afterwards, as nation is always supreme ......... Even religion is also not bigger than the interests of the nation......." Hence, political parties who are opposing this project for petty political considerations, should think it over, afresh from national point of view, and help the Govt. to complete this much delayed Sethu Samudram project at the earliest, so as to enable India make quick strides in national development and also acquire competitive edge over other developing countries, particularly, amongst our Asian neighbours, who are always working overtime, hostile to the India's interests, in more than one manner.
8. Please also note that what Sri Ram did (i.e. construction of Ram Sethu) at that time was done keeping in mind his interests, as there was no other way to go to Sri Lanka to fight with the demon king Ravana & rescue Sita ji from his clutches; and what Govt. of India wants to do now, has been well thought of and planned to keep in mind India's entire range of interests ....... Think it over with a cool mind and then react, after pondering over all the aspects of this Sethu Samundram project.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

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Friday, October 16, 2009

Diwali Blessings from Pujya Swamiji

Dear Divine Souls,

I hope that -- by God's grace -- this finds you and all your loved ones in the best of health and happiness. At this divine time of Diwali we line our homes, our rooms, our offices and our streets with brightly shining dias. The brightly lit lamps signified the people of Ayodhyas love for Bhagwan Rama and their joy at his return. On this day, we must pray that Bhagwan Rama returns to our own hearts and our own lives. In our lives, our greatest welcome to Him can be light not only in the oil lamp, but light in our hearts. If we light the lamp of love, of selflessness, of purity and piety in our own hearts then He will surely return to our lives!

There was once a king who was reaching old age. He had three sons and he was trying to decide which of his sons would be the heir to the throne. In order to test his sons and to determine which was the most worthy, he gave them each one palace and 100 rupees. He told them, In the next month I want you each to fill a palace using the 100 rupees. I will return in one month, on the day of Diwali, and see how well you have filled your palaces, and then I will decide who will be my heir.

The first son thought, One hundred rupees is too small of a sum to fill a palace with anything. Therefore, I will take the hundred rupees to the casino and turn it into one million rupees. Then my father will be very happy when I fill the palace with gold and silver. So, he took the money to a casino, and in the beginning he kept winning more and more money. However, rather than saving the money he thought, I still have so much time left until my father returns. I will enjoy myself with this money and keep making more. Unfortunately, after spending his winnings on enjoyments, his luck turned and he lost even the original 100 rupees.

The second son thought, My father must be joking. One hundred rupees is nothing. There is nothing I can buy to fill the palace. I could not even fill it with rice for 100 rupees! Therefore he must be tricking us somehow or joking with us. I will fill the palace with garbage, up to the ceiling. Then he will see that I understood his joke and he will be happy. So the son paid 50 rupees to the garbage collector to bring all of the garbage to the palace, and he filled the entire palace with rotting garbage.

The third son thought, Diwali is coming. My father will be here for Diwali. I cannot buy him any expensive gifts with this 100 rupees but at least I can decorate the palace and fill it with light. So the third son bought incense, candles and oil lamps. He decorated the palace beautifully with candles and oil lamps.

On Diwali day when the King returned to each of his sons, he asked the first son, My son, tell me. What have you filled the palace with?"

His first son replied, My father, I am ashamed to tell you that I gambled the money. In the end I lost even the hundred rupees you gave us. I have filled the palace with nothing but loss.

When the King went to his second sons palace, the son replied, My father, you will see that I have filled every inch of this palace and I still have 50 rupees left over. He smugly handed his father the remaining money and opened the doors. As soon as the doors opened, the stench from the garbage came wafting out, and the King immediately ordered, close those doors. He scolded his second son for having made a mockery of the test and also for having ruined the palace by filling it with rotting garbage.

Finally, the King went to the third sons palace. As the doors opened, the King saw the Palace filled with light. The son explained, My father. There was nothing material I could purchase with 100 rupees to fill the house, but as it is the time of Diwali I thought you would be happy to see a palace filled with light. The King was pleased and he explained to his sons as follows, I wanted to see not so much what you each would do with the money but rather what your tendencies are for life. I wanted to test how you each will live your life in order to determine who will be best suited to rule the kingdom.

The palace in this story represents our lives, and the 100 rupees represents our time and energy. According to the scriptures, we are given 100 years to spend on this Earth. However, in modern times we live even fewer years. The question is how we each will spend those years and how we will fill our lives. Some will spend their lives as the first son has done. They will squander much of their time and energy in the futile pursuit of enjoyment and pleasures. They end up with nothing.

Then there are those who fill their lives with garbage. They may save money but their lives are not livable; their time and energy go to waste.

Then, there are those who use their time, their resources and their energy to bring light to others. They fill their lives and the lives of others with light, joy and peace. Theirs are the lives which are truly worth living. Theirs are the hearts filled with light, signifying the welcome of Bhagwan Rama.

At this beautiful time of time of Diwali when we line our homes, our offices and our streets with rows and rows of brightly burning dias, let us ask ourselves whether our lives are filled with light. Are we using our time and our resources to bring light and life to others? Or are we squandering our time and resources?

On this holy day of Diwali, I pray that you will take this opportunity to examine the balance sheets of your own lives and that you will take a pledge to fill your lives every word, every thought and every action -- with light, thereby bringing light and life to others.

May God bless you all.

With love and blessings,

Swami Chidanand Saraswati

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Parking still unplanned for Dwarka Sub city

-------- Photo - Courtesy : Mahesh Tak---------

Mr. S.N. Shrivastava ---------October 14, 2009
Joint Commission Police – Traffic
New Delhi

Dear Sir,

Subject: Dwarka – Traffic- Specific to Sector 6 and 10 market roads and elsewhere in Sub-City

We would like to bring to your attention the traffic chaos at the above mentioned road in Sector 6 and 10 markets:

A. Background

1. There is no area earmarked for parking on this Market road (We do understand the Multilevel Parking proposed).

2. As there is no parking available the cars are generally parked on the main road, the traffic police keep issuing challans and fines are imposed at a random manner, and even cars are towed away.

3. Apart from the cars, there are various vendors with their ‘Thelas’ on the road, including rickshaws (parked haphazardly all over the place) and catering vans which are parked on the service lane and sidewalks causing great inconvenience to pedestrians which adds to the chaos and create traffic jams on the road.

4. To add to the already chaotic situation, there is no grill on the divider and, so, it’s easy for people to cross the road by just hopping across.

5. It is very dangerous for the vehicle drivers to drive this stretch as they cannot actually see the person and people keep popping out of the bushes to cross the road.

6. Especially in the evening when the shops are thriving with shoppers this road is completely chocked and traffic is thrown out of gear.

7. The shop repair/renovations are taking place and the solid malba are left open on markets and roads which reduces the parking area.

8. There is no proper marking of parking lots exclusive are specifically marked for two cylces, wheelers, cars.

9. A good percentage of shop owners park their vans with full of goods are parked obstructing way in the complex.

B. Suggestions

1. Police barricades on both sides for Diwali as we expect a lot of crowd as Diwali is round the corner. (However, this is a temporary but immediate solution)

2. Coordinate with DDA for better Sinages. Clear/bright marking of Pedestrain Zebra Crossing Marks and Sign boards.

3. Presence of DTP staff from morning till evening (10 AM to 10 PM) on the stretch.

4. High-rise Metal Grills on dividers, to prevent people to jump over.

5. Escalated over bridge to facilitate crossing the road in a convenient and hassle free manner. This is a must here as the volume of people is enormous especially in the evenings. Before there is a huge explosion there is an urgent need/and must to have the foot-over bridges in place at all the Markets in the Dwarka especially in Sector 6 and 10.

6. Traffic police to control speedsters very strictly with heavy fines.

We look forward to hearing from you at the earliest.

Thanking you.

Best regards.

(Member-Dwarka Forum)

Monday, October 12, 2009


Vijay K. Saluja

The article creates awareness about the urgent need for having more golden people in Dwarka. It needs them very badly. The gruesome & sad accident of a young father on the road opposite sector 6-10 market is a wake-up call for all the inhabitants of this sub-city to unite for a humane purpose, & do sustained efforts for retaining the caring/ humane character of this part of Delhi. Earlier it is done , better it will be for all of us. Though Dwarka Forum is doing its bit, but the need is for all of us to unite for a cause & the cause is-A CARING &THUS HAPPY DWARKA.& THIS IS POSSIBLE IF ALL ITS GOLDEN MEN UNITE TO MAKE A BIGGER CHAIN WHICH LENGTHENS EACH DAY.

TV Channels need to play pro-active roles,too.

`DELHI`s-Horrifying Moments & its Golden Men
Time is 10.30 PM. Day Thursday. Date 17th July,2008
India TV, is showing the video of the operation done by AIIMS doctors, on a young man whose body,[ just near chest] was pierced thru & thru, by an angle iron!? This happened at MG road, when this young man named Supritam`s cab got involved in a serious accident, on Wednesday morning, with Metro barricading, put up near the site of Ghitorni Metro Station .Time was around 6.30 AM.The person was on way to his office in Gurgaon.It could be,the car must be speeding up?.It could be the driver might have dozed off?It could be the angle iron might be protruding from the erected barricades?-normally Metro persons do take care as far as possible that barricades are properly put up & as well take other safety precautions like stationing traffic marshals & security guards etc near their critical sites. There could be as many, other reasons for this near fatal accident?

But , this article I am doing to salute the human spirit-the spirit of Supritam-the hapless victim, who had the indomitable courage to ring up his family from his mobile about his predicament after he was unfortunately pierced thru & thru- by the angle iron – I think fifty millimeter by fifty millimeter size. Kudos to his friend who came to his succour & all other residents nearby who ran to his help, extricated him from the car [after cutting the angle iron] & then carefully removed him to AIIMS.

It was no mean task and it was accomplished by all these ordinary men, but who possessed nerves of steel, heart of gold & the spirit of service!

This episode did not end there. But, it was the start of the story of indomitable courage of Supritam, and the superb tale of the skills of our doctors & their team at AIIMS, who handled this case with extreme caution, dexterity, & skill, operated for about six hours & were finally successful in removing the angle iron from the body of the victim!

As per the latest report in 10.30PM,17th July, news on India TV, Supritam is showing good chance of recovery & the team of doctors were very optimistic that Supritam would resume normal life activities in just within two months!

Supritam`s father became emotional a no of times when he was relating on TV, the sequence of events & was profusely thanking the doctors & others who were responsible for saving the life of his son. But, thanks are due to all those who were in the rescue act, from all Delhiwallah nay all nation. Those AIIMS doctors & the Team ,we are proud of you. Proud we are also of good-samaritans who took immediate action at the site.Yes,India TV channel rightly said Aaj Yamraj Haar Gaye.I will rather say-Aaj Yam Raj Khush Huai-on the skills of doctors, at the indomitable spirit of Supritam & the selflessness of rescuers at the site. May their clan grow in Delhi! Delhi needs them very much.Thanks to India TV for doing this story of human saga.`

Thanks for your VISITs

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