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Saturday, November 29, 2008

When will enough be enough?

Joginder Singh

India and Mumbai, or Bombay, as you may like to call it, has been attacked in 14 places in one of the most terrible wars unleashed by terrorists. In the attack, which began on November 26 on the most posh areas and hotels of Mumbai, AK-47s, grenades, bombs and explosives, have been used. The encounter with the terrorists has lasted for nearly three days and so far 160 innocent people - including 14 policemen, six foreigners and seven hotel staff - have been killed, and over 327 people injured. All this is the work of about 25 terrorists who have wreaked havoc on India's business capital. The terrorists came to Mumbai via sea, despite the heavy presence of Indian Navy and the Coast Guard, who have obviously failed in their duties. If Mumbai's sea border cannot be safe, the situation must be much worse in other places along the coast.
It makes no difference what label these terrorists have - Fidayeens, Deccan or Indian Mujahideens. The fact is that a terrorist outfit, calling itself Deccan Mujahideens, has claimed responsibility for the attack, has called the Indian Army and the ATS weak, and has mocked them. The Prime Minister has said that the government will not cow down and will bring the guilty to book. He has also said that the security of people will not be compromised and laws will be tightened to ensure that terrorists do not take advantage of loopholes in the law.
All this is easier said than done, especially if our past experience is anything to go by. With the passage of time, the gravity of crime gets reduced. And with elections around the corner, the UPA's coalition partners would not like to be seen supporting any tough measures against the jihadis. More than anything, the laughable official stand of the government has till now been that our existing laws are enough to tackle terrorism.
Prime Minster Manmohan Singh, the gentleman that he is, has more than once pointed out the "gaps" in our intelligence. Instead of saying that there has been a complete failure of intelligence, he has used the word "gaps". There is no doubt that there has been recurrent failure of intelligence, whether it was in the July 2006 train bomb blasts in Mumbai, September 2008 serial bomb blasts in Delhi, or the latest terror strikes in Mumbai.
While this may be quibbling over words, there is no doubt that it is very much the responsibility of the central government to maintain the safety and integrity of the country, both against aggression from without and from within. It is also a fact that the reach of our central agencies is not only wider but also broader as they have overall view of the situation existing in the country at any given time. But the truth is that we do not have a clear anti-terrorist policy or strategy. What we do have is a knee-jerk reaction to events as they happen. And all is forgotten till the next incident.
The standard response, reactions and even the language of Indian leaders after terrorist attacks is entirely predictable: it is always a "cowardly attack", always "innocents" are targeted and always "strict action" is promised against the perpetrators. But the ground reality is that after a visit to the scene of a terror attack, followed by a few statements and the announcement of compensation by the government to salve its own conscience and compensate for its failure, things are back to square one.
All this about negligence and the failure of intelligence and security agencies has been said again and again. But since nobody listens, it must be said again: No accountability is enforced; Intelligence agencies take shelter by sending vague, inactionable information, or at times pass off guesswork as intelligence. Some of the suggested steps to strengthen our response to terrorism includes involving the Muslim community in the fight against terrorism, by enlisting them in intelligence and security agencies, stricter border patrolling, a national citizens register, and the use of technology - installing CCTV cameras in all important and vulnerable public places.
Not even one per cent of crime is committed with licensed weapons. Indeed, criminals and terrorists do not need a license to carry arms and kill people. But innocent victims do, even it they just want to defend themselves. Licensing of weapons should be liberalised so that if the government is not able to protect the people, they can do so themselves. There is a legal right to private defence, to kill those who are trying to kill you. But this right, in this climate of terrorists having a free run of the country, is rendered null and void because most applications for a gun license get the same response: "No". Private security agencies should be involved in a big way and weapons must be licensed to them so that they can protect private, and even government, establishments.
There is no tough law in place to fight and eliminate terrorism. Instead, the central government is splitting hair over whether Gujarat and Rajasthan need a tougher anti-terrorist or not. Not only those two states, the entire country needs tough laws. India's fight against terrorism lies in the domain of the government as it has the manpower, the intelligence agencies, however rudimentary and ineffective, and the weaponry.
If there is a will to fight terrorism and create a federal agency, the government can do it overnight with a single ordinance. The government needs to stop giving the impression of being soft on terrorists.

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sakshi received prestigious PTA Award

Recently, Mira Model School, B-Block, Janakpuri, awarded the meritorious students for the academic session 2007-08. On this occasion, Mrs. Sadhna Bhalla-Principal of the school, Ms. Jasleen Kaur-General Secretary and Mr.Mandeep Neb-Joint Secretary-Parent Teacher Association appreciated the awardees students. Sakshi of IX-A class also received this prestigious PTA Award who got 80.5% in VIII-A class during academic session 2007-08.


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Vote 100% for Good Governance

If You Wish To Have Peace, Prosperity & Good Governance,
Please Spend Sometime Otherwise Your Turn will be in
Queue for Next Five Years
Let's Show to our kids that we were
Responsible Citizens
Give Example By Act Not By Words
100% Voting will Give Guarantee
Of 100 % Good Governance
Please VOTE on Saturday, 29 Nov., 2008
(Let this be our slogan)
I will Vote
We will Vote
Let us Vote
Dwarka to Vote 100%

Reach your polling booth early with your Photo identity card
/Ration card / Passport / PAN Card or Licence
and cast
your Vote freely. This is our right, our duty. Vote is valuable.
[Dwarka Forum (an online, registered Forum of Dwarka Sub-city
Residents) has aimed 100% votes. Let us co-operate by
casting 100% votes.]
Name of Your Assembly Constituency: ___________________________
Name & No. Polling Station: _________________________________
- Managing Committee / RWA
Note: - Please leave your Mobile Phone at Home or
Vehicle while going to cast vote.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Where is Dwarka in Dwarka Assembly Constituency?

Matiala Constituency-biggest constituency of Delhi.


Matiala Constituency covers the major part of Sub-city but where is Dwarka in Dwarka Constituency.
The door to door campaigns, public meetings, visit of prominent leaders/celebraties are the talk of the town.
The candidates from different constituencies are convassing the residents of their area and pointing out several problems and making promise to overcome all the existing problems when they come into power. The National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT) will go to the polls this month to elect 70 legislators to the Delhi Assembly. Voting will be held on November 29, 2008 and vote counting will take place on December 08, 2008. These assembly elections along with the ones in 4 other states are expected to be a run down to the forthcoming general elections in early 2009 that would test the political temperature.

The forthcoming Assembly elections will be held as per the new format recommended by the Delimitation Commission, and the equations in Dwarka are in for drastic changes. As per the new changes Dwarka no longer is the pride of Palam Assembly constituency. There are now three Assembly seats whose jurisdiction will extend into Dwarka. Sector 1, 2 and 7 will falls under Palam Assembly constituency, Sector 8 and 9 falls under Brijwasan, and the rest of Dwarka falls under Matiala, the newly formed Assembly constituency. 90% of Dwarka will be part of Matiala constituency which includes Sector 3,4,5,6,10,11, 12, 13,14-23. Besides, Matiala Assembly Constituency (No.34) covers covers 4 corporation Wards, namely, Matiala, Chhawla, NangliSakaravarti, and Kakroula. This constituency has 2,34,181 voters, with 204 polling booths, including 31 Villages with 59,303 votes, besides 99,261 votes from 74 colonies, 264 societies + DDA Pockets of dwarka with 61,414 voters, three J.J.Colonies with 14,203 voters. Matiala will be biggest constituency of Delhi in terms of area and number of voters.

Sub-City Dwarka, the first fully developed Hi-Tech city of Delhi. It has mainy attraction such as broad roads, district parks, sports complex, metro rail connected with Cannaught Place, International & Domestic Airport, proposed/expected metro upto Airport soon, ISBT, International Convention Centre, embassies, Commonwealth Games 2010, Hi Tech Exhibition Centre, Hospitals, Prominent schools, Engineering/law collegs, Universities, Five Star hotels, commercial colleges, shopping malls, District Court, FICCI, Football house etc. According to Dwarka constituency (NO.33) it includes vaishali, sadh Nagar, syndicate Enclave, Dabri
Extension, Sagarpur, Dasrathpuri, Sector-1 only. Dwarka Assembly Constituency having 140 polling stations, 1,30,536 voters.

The following candidates from different parties are contesting from one of the most highly literate constituency of the country.

Mrs.Kamaljeet Sehrawat(B.J.P.-Kamal), Mr.Sumesh Shokeen (Congress-hand), Mr.Manoj Bhardwaj(BSP-Elephant), Ms.Anita(Samajwadi Party-Cycle), Mrs.Nidhi Mahajan(Bharitya Rastrawadi Samanata Party-Torch), Mr.Ranjit shokeen(Lak Jan Sakti Party-Bangla),Rao Satbir singh Yadav(Independent-Gas cylinder), Rao Ramanand(Independent-Ceiling Fan), Mr.Puran Singh(Independent-Kite), Mr.O.P.Sharma(Independent-Jug), Mr.M.R.Tyagi(Independent-Hat), Mohd. Manjoor(Independent-Cot), Mr.Randhir Singh (Independent-Cup & Saucer), Mr.Anil Jindal(Independent-Railway Engine),Mr.Rakesh Kumar Bubey(Independent-bat).

The fight between Kamaljeet Sehrawat of BJP and Soumesh Shokeen -Congress will be interesting because they both are doing door to door campaign and they both belong to villages nearby sub city.

Kamaljeet Sehrawat is a resident of Guru Apartment, Sector 6, her family into politics and social activities. She is an academician, with M.Com and BEd degrees an advanced Diploma in Computing. She has been a PGT (Commerce) and has taught at Kendriya Vidyalaya,Sector 8, R K Puram, Shalimar Bagh and a number of leading private schools.
She is hailing from Ambrahi village(Near Sector-19), one of the many villages skirting Dwarka, her family has been a staunch BJP supporter and her father has been a village pradhan and active in the political arena. She has been Vice President Zilla parishad, Najafgarh and Member of Governing Body of Matiala.
She feels that it is to her upbringing and place of residence that has given her a unique advantage that she can relate to both the rural folk as well as her co-residents of Dwarka. While Kamaljeet has a concrete set of priorities on her agenda, issues such as price rise and security are some areas that would need immediate focus. She says, " Dwarka possesses excellent infrastructure, but the biggest challenge is to maintain this. What is needed is better coordination between the various civic authorities and departments, something that I've always admired during my visits to western countries like France and Switzerland. Proper coordination can make a lot of difference here as well. "

She is good human being and deeply committed to social welfare, religious activities and community services, Kamaljeet is Secretary, Satsang Mahila Mandal, Ambrahi, Secretary Prachin Shiv Mandir and also Asst. Editor of a newspaper, Line of Dwarka. She has also regularly organised and participated in a number of programmes organised by the RSS and VHP as well as an active campaigner for the BJP.
Extremely approachable and accessible, Kamaljeet is presently Director, Genius Commercial and Educational Institute, Dwarka, which helps prepare students in the process of getting admission to foreign universities and visa formalities. .

Soumesh is a man with a mission. Youngest candidate from Congress, Soumesh is into active politics for a decade. An undergraduate from DU, Soumesh was General Secretary of Youth Congress in 2000. His commitment for contributing towards the development of Dwarka is visible in his thoughts and action. A very active and vocal person Somesh fought election from Palam Vidhan Sabha but lost only with a small margin. Soumesh belongs to Chaawala village near Dwarka and now he has a flat in Dwarka. Soumesh feels that the educated lot has always stayed away from getting into the cauldron of politics and therefore their voices get lost. He firmly believes that this mindset needs to be changed and a lot can be done with the cooperation of the educated citizens of Dwarka and hopes that as an elected representative of this area he can put a lot of his schemes and thinking into actual practice. Says Shokeen, "What needs to be done is to come upfront and take charge of the situation. The person at the helm should be one who understands the problems of the area and be a part of the development process. Till now, our political system has been such that both citizens and the leaders have been alienated from each other and real issues never get addressed. This problem can be solved if someone from the area takes upon himself or herself the task of representing the citizens."
Talking about his election manifestoes Somesh says that the issues and problems facing Dwarka are not new and each one of us is aware of these. Citizens of the Dwarka subcity are looking forward to additions, improvement and an overall upgradation of civic facilities in the subcity. He provides, "The citizens feel that it is imperative to have a holistic view of the need to improve the existing facilities and plan for the future. My wishlist includes solving water problem, improvement of roads, mode of transport and providing civic amenities in unauthorized colonies. Although all issues have a direct bearing on our lives, as residents of Dwarka, I feel that certain issues need priority handling. Doing something to alleviate the water problems is one thing that needs urgent attention particularly with the onset of summer. The Dwarka sub-city has been developed by DDA over a 56 sq km area. It has been designed to provide housing to a population of around 10 lakhs. The projected water requirement as per DDA is around 60 MGD. Obviously, there is an ever increasing demand for this vital commodity. There is no proper intersector connectivity in Dwarka and road transport problem is there. I'll take this as my priority."
On why people should elect him, Soumesh says that he belongs to a highly reputed family of the area well known for social work. He himself has done lot of social work and has established one to one rapport with the citizens. He feels that he strikes the right rapport with fellow citizens and is not alienated from them and hence he ideally fits the bill.

Let us wait and watch who will win the biggest and prestigious constituency of Delhi
Let us try for 100% voting in Dwarka area.
Judge candidates with their experience, behaviour, commitments etc.
Not just by political party, cast, emotion etc.
Be courageous to use your intelligence so that U feel yourselves responsiblefor the FUTURE. Do't BLAME others for the future.
FUTURE is the result of our PRESENT deeds.
Source: Dwarka Parichay news & information services


Pappu - What is the use of voting? I will not vote. After all, all are ch*r.
Sayaana - Do you know that (ch*r) politician gives importance to you and your area in proporsanate to the number of votes polled? If u or somebody else will have to go to him with some problem of the area, he will first see the record to know the number of votes polled and then will accord importance to u accordingly.
Pappu - Aachcha, Yeh baat Hai, To Main To Vote Jarur Hi doonga, Chaahe Mujhe kuch bhi kaam kyo naa chodana pade. Yaar, Tune to Meri Aankhen Khol Dee.
(Contributed by M K Gupta)
(Names are imaginary)

If You Wish To Have Peace, Prosperity & Good Governance,
Please Spend Sometime Otherwise Your Turn Will Be In Queue For Next Five Years.
Let's Show to our kids that we were responsible citizens
Give Example By Act Not By Words.
100% Voting Will Give Guarantee Of 100 % Good Governance.
Please Come Forward & VOTE on 29 November, 2008.


Vote 100%
I will Vote
We will Vote
Let us Vote
Dwarka to Vote 100%

Reach your polling booth early with your Photo identity card / Ration card / Passport / PAN Card or Licence and cast your Vote freely. This is our right, our duty. Vote is valuable.
Dwarka Forum (an online, registered Forum) has aimed 100% votes. Let us co-operate by casting 100% votes from our society pocket.

Sunday, November 23, 2008



The organization firmly believes that everyone in this society has a contribution which cannot be gauged on the lines of caste, creed, religion or the financial strength one has. We are of the opinion that everyone in this society deserves to be treated at par with all our fellow brethren for the benefit of one & all & not limiting the benefits to only a selected privileged few. Everyone must get equal opportunity to showcase the abilities & build up on their capabilities for making significant contribution for the betterment of all the citizens.

Keeping in mind the issues & challenges that have been sighted the organization has taken as a mission to work in these clusters, starting with two such camps at the moment viz. Sanjay Gandhi in the Chanakya Puri area. In the camp at Chanakya Puri we are facilitating the Mid-day meal program for the girl children . Through this initiative we not only provide Nutritious Lunch to these 50 girl children, we also organize a Medical Check up camp once in a month on a regular basis. To further bring these children into the mainstream of society we have provide the Beauty culture course to these children which shall enable them to financially gain some independence & ensure that they could contribute to the bottom line of their respective families. This shall also help our second cause of creating awareness amongst women about their rights, privileges, responsibilities, as citizens of this country through education on Health, sanitation, Aanganwaadi, & we are embarking on a SHG initiative pretty soon. Regular athletics & other competitions are being held to promote camaraderie & healthy competitive spirit in them for vying for their space in the moments of Glory.

Jawahar camp at Kirti Nagar was formed in 1984-85, wherein we have around 2500 Jhuggis & a majority of these immigrant laborers are from Eastern UP & Bihar . The primary occupations of the women of this locality are Maid –servant & working in the factories. Around 70% of the men here are engaged as workers in the factories & 30% are engaged in their own errands like Pan/cigarette shop, etc. Only a handful of the children here go to schools, & the rest are engaged in the profession of being rag pickers. There is no community centre in this locality & the schools are also pretty far off .The condition of these children is pitiable so we have conducted a Need assessment in the Jawahar Camp at Kirti Nagar so that we may start the work in this location as well alongwith the other locations that we are engaged at present. Through the Need assessment we have identified the following needs :

· To arrange for sending the children to school engaged in the Rag-picking profession.
· Vaccination for all the children for protection against critical illness.
· Women welfare programs
· An informal education arrangement for the children engaged in these odd jobs
· Run a vocational training centre for the girl children ( at least one)
· To arrange for some vocational training for the women to gain some financial independence.
To make all these measures rewarding we need to focus on working on any such initiatives that we deem essential for bringing these neglected sections of the society into mainstream . We thus seek your support for making these efforts successful by joining hands.

Source: Dwarka Parichay news & information services

Saturday, November 22, 2008


Dear All,
A good number of members were shown keen interest that WE DWARKITES irrespective of our associations or group must meet formulate a strategy/campaign on the important issue of Increase the voting % from Dwarka (V Call it 100%).

As you all well aware its highly important for us to be united to show the strength of Dwarka by casting vote, may be we are marginal in numbers and divided by various constituency and ward. However, If all Dwarkites votes it will have its importance and political parties wont be able to IGNORE Dwarkites as they do currently.

We have to encourage our residing voters by way of communication at individual level/through Posters on Society/DDA Pocket notice Boards and Finally on 29th Nov 08 from Morning do announcement through Public Address System that is Incorporated or part of the FIRE Evacuation Plan etc.

Please encourage voters to polling booth and spare maximum of 30 minutes. Let those desire to have a heavy HOLIDAY Breakfast and goes to Gurgaon Malls or elsewhere..AFTER CASTING VOTES.


Only one person will speak at one time and give opportunity for others.
The Date 22 Nov 08 at 1600 (4 PM).
Venue : Setor-6, DDA park, opposite DAV School.

This appeal is made in the larger interest of DWARKA SUBCITY.

9810315897 / 9810432185

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Newly formed Dwarka Court Bar Association body

Mr S P Kaushal has been elected the president of Dwarka Court Bar Association in the first election of the newly formed Bar association conducted on November 14 following bifurcation of the courts.

Mr Balbir Singh Jakhar has been elected as the vice president while Mr Naresh C Sharma and Mr Kuldip Singh were elected as Hony Secretary and Additional Secretary respectively.

The election was conducted under the aegis of Bar Council of India as per the directions of the Delhi High Court. Senior Lawyer and returning officer K K Sareen looked after the electoral process.

Mr Ravinder Yadav has been elected the treasurer. Mr Amar Nath Aggarwal was elected to the post of Member Library incharge. Ms Mamta Mayer bagged the single post of lady executive member, while Ms Rita Sharma, Mr Karan Veer Tyagi, Mr Rajesh Kumar Kaushik and Deepak Bhardwaj were elected as executive members.

Source: Dwarka Parichay news & information services

Delhi Assembly Elections 2008

Dear friends,
We are trying to contact the candidates for MLA in & around Dwarka.
We will publish their views & profile ( in neutral way) for the residents to judge at
Popular Dwarka Info Blog & The Creatives World newspaper.
If you have contact/ link of Candidates, please send reference/ details at

We have flashed the views of Sh. Karan Singh Tanwar this time :

Let us try for 100% voting in Dwarka area.
Judge candidates with their experience, behaviour, commitments etc.
Not just by political party, cast, emotion etc.
Be courageous to use your intelligence so that U feel yourselves responsible
for the FUTURE. Do't BLAME others for the future.
FUTURE is the result of our PRESENT deeds.

Dwarka Parichay team


SR Seat----------- Congress -----------------BJP
30. Janakpuri ------Deepak Arora-------- Prof. Jagdish Mukhi
32. Uttam Nagar ----Mukesh Kumar ------Pawan Sharma
33. Dwarka------------ Mahabal Mishra ---Praduman Rajput
34. Matiala -----------Somesh Sahukeen----- Kamal Sehrawat
35. Najafgarh--------- -------------------------Rajesh Sharma
36. Bijwasan -----------Vijay Singh Lochhav ---Sat Prakash Rana
37. Palam --------------Mahinder Yadav ------Dharmdev Solanki
38. Delhi Cantt ----------Ashok Ahuja ---------Karan Singh Tanwar

MAP for Assembly Constituencies NCT of Delhi
List of Assembly Constituencies

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

B.J.P. will win Delhi Election-Tanwar

Karan Singh Tanwar-M.L.A. from Delhi Cantt. Recently he Spoke to S.S.Dogra, Managing editor Dwarka Parichay & Ajay Kaushik, Bureau Chief and shared lot of ideas about coming election. Excerpts:

Personal Opinion
Bhartiya Janta Party will win out-rightly in Delhi election on 29th Nov.,2008. It's my personal and public view. Because the residents of Delhi are fade up with the congress party.

I have been associated with this party since my college days. I was president of my college (presently Moti Lal College, University of Delhi).

Turning Point
When I was sent into jail for agitation in 1979, I got lot of popularity for sacrifice & devotion towards my party. This was the turning point in my political career.

I'm able to create very good reputation among top leaders of B.J.P. like former P.M. Sh.Atal Bihari Vajpayee, Sh.Rajnath Singh, Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, Late Sh.Sahib Singh Verma, Arun Jaitly etc. This is all due to my sincere work, dedication and honesty

Public Image
I am always ready to work for the welfare of the people. Moreover, development of my area itself is an example and speaks. I do respect each and Every one of my constituency & Work whole heartedly for the all round development of my working area.

Major Problems:
Delhi Cantt. Is suffering from water crises, street-lights, institutions & recognition of Civil land.

Top Priority:

I'm sure, I'll win the election this time also. I'll give the priority to provide proper supply of water & electricity. Construction of inner and outer roads, community halls, sanitation, medical aids, educational institutes etc.

I'm a devoted worker and doing excellently that's why I'm expecting to get good position in the ministry of Delhi Government.

Public Support:
I'm lucky enough to have full Support from every one in my constituency. They are fully supporting me and I'm sure their Good wishes will bring victory.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"One Family, One Bank, Bank of Maharashtra ".

Mr.C.K.Verma - Branch Manager-Bank of Maharashtra, D-Block Janakpuri, having an experience of three decades in the fields of financial institution. He is hardworking, cooperative and a worth full asset for his bank. He is always ready to provide maximum services just for the convenience of his clients. He believes in the slogan "One Family, One Bank, Bank of Maharashtra ".
Actually, the bank was registered on 16th Sept 1935 with an authorized capital of Rs 10.00 lakh and commenced business on 8th Feb 1936. Now, with the sincere efforts of team work, all the branches of the Bank are fully computerised. Bank is the convener of State level Bankers committee.
It offers Depository services and Demat facilities at 131 branches.
It has a tie up with LIC of India and United India Insurance company for sale of Insurance policies. Under the capable guidance of Chairman & Managing Director-Mr.Allen C A Pereira, the bank has set following
Future Plans - Vision 2009
*To cross the Business Level of Rs.85,500/- Crores by March 2009.
*19.84% Growth in Savings Bank Deposits and average Saving Deposits growth rate of 17.69%.
*19.65% Growth in Current Deposits and average Current Deposits growth rate of 17.29
*Systematic approach for reducing Net NPA level to below 1%
*64 Branches are proposed to be opened at new business centres and 3 extension counters to be converted into full fledged branches.
*4 Currency Chests to be opened.
*ATM network to be increased from 345 to 500
*Biometric ATMs to be introduced at selected branches.
*Introduction of Internet banking, Mobile banking and Phone banking.
*SHGs with special reference to agriculture to be promoted and financing be implemented so as to increase financing to small and marginal farmers.
*Financial Inclusion to the un banked section of the population.
*The bank is always ready to provide educational, house, personal loans and different investment plans, for every age groups, are the major features of this bank.

For more detail please contact: Bank of Maharashtra,(A Govt. of India Undertaking),
Janak Puri Branch, D-22-23, Institutional Area, Janakpuri, N.D.-58
Ph.28524397, 28524505
Courtesy: Dwarka Parichay

Matiala Assembly Constituency

Some factual information about Matiala Assembly Constituency:

Assembly Constituency No. 34
It covers 4 corporation Wards, namely, Matiala, Chhawla, Nangli
Sakaravarti, and Kakroula.

Total Polling Booths : 204
Total No. of Voters : 2,34,181
Total No. of Villages : 31
Total No. of Votes in village area: 59,303
Total no of colonies : 74
Total no of votes in colonies : 99,261
Total no of societies + DDA Pockets in Dwarka covered in Matiala
constituency: 264
Total no of votes in dwarka : 61,414
total no of JJ Colonies : 3
Total votes in JJ Colonies : 14,203

Ashok Chaitanya

Monday, November 17, 2008


To candidates for ASSEMBLY ELECTION

As you are aware, Dwarka Forum is Non-Political Organisation, engaged in efforts to solve the Civic Problems of the Residents of Dwarka Sub-city and works as a Networking Platform for 1600-strong RWA / CGHS Representatives as well as eminent residents of Dwarka Sub-city. The mission behind the Forum is to make Dwarka an Ideal Township, to fight for common cause & seek solutions of day-to-day civic problems of Dwarkaites by raising awareness among the Residents & by taking up issues with relevant authorities.

Dwarka Forum runs a campaign to ensure near 100% voting in the forthcoming
Assembly Election. Dwarka Forum will be compiling the answers/ suggestions/ promises given by each candidate and give wide publicity by way of newsletters/ notices/ publishing in our internet groups, websites associated with the forum and also to print and visual media.

Members of Dwarka Forum are keen to get your views on various issues & problems being faced by Dwarka residents. We solicit your action plan & commitment towards resolution of following issues & problems:

1. Acute water scarcity in Dwarka in terms of availability & unequal distribution
2. Frequent electricity breakdowns. Poor street lighting
3. Non-existent public transportation between different sectors
4. DTC's poor & infrequent connectivity to West, Central, South Delhi & Gurgaon
5. Deteriorating Law & Order in Dwarka- Need Police posts in every sector with enough police personnel
6. Poor traffic management. Need traffic lights at more intersections & more traffic policeman.
7. Public Hospitals –Delay in multi-specialty Hospital. No General referral Hospital in Dwarka
8. Authorised Vegetable / Fruit markets in different sectors
9. Regular sweeping of all roads / footpaths. Mechanized Night Sweeping for main roads
10. Proper Parking facility including multi-level near commercial markets
11. Recently, Dwarka Court & DCP-SW offices have become functional in Dwarka. For the convenience of Dwarka residents, offices of South West zone / division of DDA, MCD, RCS, RTO, etc. should be shifted to central Dwarka
12. More Public Convenience outlets should be opened throughout Dwarka sectors
13. Permanent disposal for Construction/Repair Malba in all sectors.
14. Public Library
15. Recreational facilities like Cinema halls / Multiplex. More sports complexes.
16. Multiple Community centres in different sectors
17. Development of Dwarka Delhi Haat and Cofee Home
18. Completion of Bharat Vandana Park
19. Currently, Dwarka citizens & nearby areas are required to vote for 4 MLA's & 2 MP's. Dwarka constituency should be unified & should represent genuine Dwarka citizens.
20. To maintain unique character of Dwarka Sub City & address its unique problems, Dwarka Municipal Corporation should be created on the lines of NDMC & DCB.

Your views / commitment / action plan would be widely shared & publicised among opinion makers of Dwarka Forum within 7 days of receipt of this letter. This would enable them to make informed choice in coming Elections.

Dwarka Forum would like to extend its wishes to all the candidates and look forward to
working with the winner irrespective of which party the candidate belongs to.

Yours truly,

REJIMON C K. - 9810315897
President -Dwarka Forum
(1600+Members of RWA/CGHS of Dwarka Subcity)

Cc: 1. Shri. J P Aggarwal, President of Delhi Pradesh Congress Committee
2. Dr. Harsh Vardhan, President, BJP, Delhi.
3. Shri. Braham Singh Bidhuri, President, Delhi Unit BSP.
4. Print Media/ Electronic Media
5. Members of Dwarka Forum
6. President/Secretary of RWA's and CGHS in Dwarka Sub-City.

Click for List of candidates - Dwarka & nearby area

Sunday, November 16, 2008

All except the mighty are equal before law

Joginder Singh

The Goa education minister's son, Rohit, was recently arrested in connection with the rape of a German teenager.
Rohit, an MBA student, was accused by a German woman of raping her minor daughter in October 2008. It took more than a month for the police to arrest the minister's son. As it normally happens, the minister claims that the case is politically motivated and is an attempt to tarnish his image.
This is not the only case in India involving a high-profile and influential individual and his children. The son of a director-general of police from Orissa was not only arrested but also convicted and sentenced for rape. He jumped bail and his father, who had stood surety from him, has been suspended from service for helping his son evade the law.
Similarly, a Union minister reportedly beat up the station manager of an airline at Patna airport in November this year. The only "fault" of the airline employee was that he did not delay the flight's departure to suit the minister's late arrival. Later, the minister denied the allegation and said it was just "mischief" on the part of the airlines.
Earlier this year, another politician brazenly abused his power in similar circumstances. A Rajya Sabha MP from Kerala, P.V. Abdul Wahab, was accused of entering the cockpit of a flight and abusing the pilot. But the MP defended himself by saying that the pilot had behaved rudely.
Not many people are surprised by such reports. After all, what is the point of being high and mighty if you cannot have your way?
Misuse of position to indulge in illegal acts and high-handed behaviour is not prevalent just in India but all over the world. The high and mighty do not lead a sexless and colourless life, neither there nor here. The key difference is that in developed countries politicians are hauled up for their errors.
Nobody can forget the affair between the former United States President, Mr Bill Clinton, and a 22-year-old White House intern, Ms Monica Lewinsky. Mr Clinton admitted, in taped grand jury testimony on August 17, 1998, that he had had an "improper physical relationship" with Ms Lewinsky. He was acquitted.
As per the notes of the former director of the French spy agency, Yves Bertrand, the present French President Nicholas Sarkozy had an affair with the wife of one of his present Cabinet members about four years ago, when he was serving as interior minister.
The IMF chief and former French finance minister, Mr Dominique Strauss-Kahn, has also been investigated over alleged abuse of power involving a subordinate. He was caught red-handed after the woman's husband discovered an email. Mr Strauss-Kahn owned up to the tryst, but stressed that his transgressions ended there. He issued an apology to the lady, the IMF staff and his French TV-personality wife Anne Sinclair for what he called "my error in initiating this relationship". He was let off on the ground that his effectiveness was not affected by this affair.
Mr Paul Wolfowitz was forced to resign from his job as president of the World Bank in May 2007 after it was established that he had intervened to secure unmerited promotions and severance payments for his female companion, who also worked for the organisation.
But as far as our country is concerned, even if somebody is caught with his pants down, the standard excuse is that it is either vendetta or that he has been trapped. There has not been a single case where a scamster politician or a public servant has admitted his offence.
The country's justice delivery system is in shambles, as has been observed by more than one Chief Justice of India. As per the figures released by the Supreme Court of India in June 2008, there are over 2.92 crore cases pending in about 12,000 subordinate courts, 21 high courts and the Supreme Court.
These figures do not include the cases pending in various tribunals and quasi-judicial bodies such as the Central Administrative Tribunal, Income-Tax Tribunal and Debt Recovery Tribunal. If these cases are also accounted for, the arrears would go far beyond three crore.
Out of the total 2.92 crore cases, over 2.54 crore cases are pending in subordinate courts while 37.43 lakh cases are pending in various high courts. Unfortunately, the biggest litigant is the government which is involved in 70 per cent of the cases.
This burgeoning problem can be solved only if authorities strengthen the judiciary and the criminal justice system. Laws which have outlived their utility should be replaced or amended.
The government should also strive to ensure justice for everybody. The way to send the right message is to ensure quickest possible punishment to the accused and quickest acquittal of the innocent.
That all persons are equal before law should not merely remain on paper. It should be transformed into reality.
Joginder Singh is a former director of the Central Bureau of Investigation
d promotions and severance payments for his female companion, who also worked for the organisation.
But as far as our country is concerned, even if somebody is caught with his pants down, the standard excuse is that it is either vendetta or that he has been trapped. There has not been a single case where a scamster politician or a public servant has admitted his offence.
The country's justice delivery system is in shambles, as has been observed by more than one Chief Justice of India. As per the figures released by the Supreme Court of India in June 2008, there are over 2.92 crore cases pending in about 12,000 subordinate courts, 21 high courts and the Supreme Court.
These figures do not include the cases pending in various tribunals and quasi-judicial bodies such as the Central Administrative Tribunal, Income-Tax Tribunal and Debt Recovery Tribunal. If these cases are also accounted for, the arrears would go far beyond three crore.
Out of the total 2.92 crore cases, over 2.54 crore cases are pending in subordinate courts while 37.43 lakh cases are pending in various high courts. Unfortunately, the biggest litigant is the government which is involved in 70 per cent of the cases.
This burgeoning problem can be solved only if authorities strengthen the judiciary and the criminal justice system. Laws which have outlived their utility should be replaced or amended.
The government should also strive to ensure justice for everybody. The way to send the right message is to ensure quickest possible punishment to the accused and quickest acquittal of the innocent.
That all persons are equal before law should not merely remain on paper. It should be transformed into reality.

Office Bearers of Mahabhadra Kali Elected

The following members of Mahabhadra Kali C G H S, PLOT 6,SECTOR 13 were elected
on 16th Nov 2008
(Note: This information sent by Mr. Anil Khanna )

Saturday, November 15, 2008

3 rd Dwarka Mini Marathon and Health Camps

November 15 (Saturday) through 23 (Sunday)- 2008.
The much sought after event in Dwarka is happening once again for the 3 rd year in succession.
SHC India is organizing a fun filled 3 rd Dwarka Mini Marathon & 4 Health Camps during a unique week-long programme from Nov 15 to Nov 23, 2008.

The objective is to stress for life style changes in Delhi 's progressive communities particularly in Dwarka. The event is also aimed at creating awareness about a bleeding disorder called Hemophilia which affects over 1 lakh people in India and majority of them being children.

Free Health Check up Camps

Day & Date Venue Time
Nov. 15, 2008 Saturday, Sector 6/10 Market 10 AM -3 PM
Nov. 16, 2008 Sunday, Ashirwad Chowk 10 AM -3 PM
Nov. 21, 2008 Friday, Metro Station Sector -9 10 AM -3 PM
Nov. 22, 2008 Saturday, Near DSP Society 10 AM -3 PM


Sunday, Dusshera Ground 9 AM, Nov. 23, 2008 Adjustant to DDA Sports
Complex, Sector-11, Dwarka

Timing: 9.00am
1. SHC India office
2. at all the 4 Health Camp Venues
3. Sector 6 market (near Empire Medicos)
4. Sector 10 market (opp. Dwarka Sports Complex)

People can walk, jog or run and cross the finishing line and still win. There are first, second and third prizes in each category. Each category has 7 Consolation Prizes as well. There is a Best School participation Trophy as well. Skating Race is also happening.

Hemophilia is a bleeding disorder affecting about 1 lakh families in India . Due to lack of awareness and diagnostic facilities only 10% of such children have been diagnosed as of now. Prohibitively expensive treatment is the biggest deterrent in hemophilia treatment leading to disabilities and other social problems. SHC India is advocates for affordable treatment support to such people.

Society for Hemophilia Care (SHC India ) - a registered all India Voluntary Organisation is working for such deprived people. It operates in the States of J & K, Punjab, Haryana, Delhi , U.P., Bihar , Karnataka and Kerala.

For further details please feel free to call SHC India office at 2804 2121 & 2804 2122.

Media Partner for the event is Dwarka City. The other partners are Columbia Asia Hospital ,
Thyme Advertising, Baxter.
On line media partner:

Vijay Kaul, Executive Director
SHC India
Mobile No. 9810173448

Stress Management Techniques

Stress Management Techniques
18th November, Dr.C.M.Bhagat will deliver a lecture on "Stress Management Techniques" at 30-31, Institutional Area, Janakpuri, New Delhi-58, According to Mr.Shyam V.Tonk-Course Director-National Academy for Training & Research in Social Security where officers from Employees' Provident Fund Organisation will attend this training session.

WHO safe surgery programme in Bhagat Hospital

Bhagat Hospital is the first hospital in Delhi Besides St.Stephens & AIIMS to implement WHO programme for safe surgery. Bhagat Hospital has been a leader in launching various initiatives towards quality health care. Bhagat Hospital was the 1st to obtain DHS registration in this area, 1st to have ISO certification & now 1st to launch WHO organized safe surgery programme.
Aim of the programme is cut down the complication rate during surgery which are due to human errors & to re-enforce accepted safe practices & faster better communication & team work between various disciplines in the hospital.
Interesting aspect is, the simplicity of the check list & effectiveness in reducing the avoidable complication rate by more than 50% . Bhagat Hospital will take the lead & spread the message to other setups & organizations after the initial experience.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Spring of Inspiration

You are cordially invited to attend useful seminar for better life at Saha auditorium, Gujrati Samaj, Civil lines, Delhi on 16 th Nov. between 3PM -8 PM.
Key note speaker - Sh. Jitender Adhiya ( MD)
Inauguration by Sh. Bharat Aggarwal - Patron, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Delhi (North).
Sh. Shiv Datt Gupta - Chairman Maharaja Agrasen Aggarwal Ashram Trust (Vrindawan & Haridwar)
Sh. Ram Niwas Lakhotia - Chairam, Vegetarian Council, Delhi
For further details contact coordinator Sh. R.K.Jain - 9810678986
General Seretary, Bharat Vikas Parishad, Delhi (North).

Blood Donation Camp on 16 th November2008

on 16th NOVEMBER, 2008 (SUNDAY)
If you are between age group of 18 Yrs. To 60 Yrs. And feel young come and join us for a
"Breakfast Session" at "BLOOD DONATION CAMP"
On 16th November, 2008 (Sunday), 9:00 A.M. to 12:30 P.M.
Just at your Doorstep at Ramphal Chowk, Opposite Hero Honda Showroom. Your little contribution can give life to some needy patients / Jawans in Army /R.R. Hospital. By doing so you are actually giving chance to activate your blood generating capacity which infuses in you a fresh blood & make you feel more healthy besides happiness & Pride you get for being a Donor. A lady doctor Lt. Col. (Mrs.) Jately along with nursing staff of Army Hospital shall personally supervise Blood Donation from 9:00 A.M. onward.
Let us celebrate this occasion together.
Organiser: Sadbhavana-Saroj Prog. Ashok-Chetna 4 Social Well-Being F-625, Main Road, Ramphal Chowk, Palam Extn., Sec-7, Dwarka, New Delhi-110045 Tele.: 931- 3895439

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ultimate solution for Happy Life

If you are suffering from problems and unable to get the positive results in your work and relationship, then you need not worry because there is ultimate solution for you.
Poonam Sharma - is expert in Hypnotherapy, Vaastu, Fengshui, Tarot Reading, Pyramidology, Dowsing, Reiki, E.F.T and Meditations.
She is devoted to this profession since her teenage. She started having intuitions which she used for the benefit of her friends.
She is Post-Graduate in Political Science and Sociology. She is always compassionate, non-judgmental, helpful and sincere nature, people have been sharing their problems with her. With a burning desire to help community She learnt & master many techniques like E.F.T., Hypnotherapy, Vaastu, Fengshui, Tarot Reading, Pyramidology, Dowsing, Reiki and Guided Meditations.
With her skill, she guided/ predicted and able to change the fortune of thousands of students, housewives, teachers, executives, businessmen, politicians, managers and persons at top positions, who were going through difficult times in their lives.
Her main aim is to alter the lives of people who come into her contact. She is continually working towards healing and teaching people so as to make a difference in their lives and create a happy world around all the times.

HORSCOPE FOR THE PERIOD 17th-23rd Nov.,2008

Aries - Mesha (21 March - 19 April)

Expectations will be high .Do not get frustrated. Have patience, better times are ahead.

Taurus - Rishabh ( 20 April - 20 May)
All that glitters is not gold.Before making any decision make sure about all details.

Gemini - Mithuna (21 May - 21 June)
Complete transformation is on the cards. Change can be uncomfortable for sometime
But it will be for your ultimate growth.

Cancer - Kark (22 June - 22 July)
You need to see that confident part of you who can handle everything. It is time to recognize your strengths and move ahead.

Leo - Simha (23 July - 22 August)
Someone from your past is expected to meet you. It will give you immense happiness and emotional satisfaction.

Virgo - Kanya (23 August - 22 September)
This is one of the best times of the year. It is a good time to realize your dreams and convert them into reality.

Libra - Tula (23 September - 23 October)
Past is over, whatever is lost, cannot be recovered. Much is left with you. Move ahead with that. It is time to see the difference between Ego and self respect.

Scorpio - Vrischika (24 October - 21 November)
You are very enthusiastic with your plans. Keep up the spirit. Guard against being impulsive.

Saggitarius - Dhanu (22 November - 21 December)
Over emphasis on money will lead you nowhere. Only frustration may increase. Nothing is permanent in life , but change.

Capricorn - Makara (22 December - 19 January)
Time ahead is a time of less movement. There is need to open the blindfold and see life clearly.

Aquarious - Kumbh (20 January - 18 February)It is time for entering into new relationships. Good time for romance. Look into your artistic side of you and enjoy life.

Pisces - Min (19 February - 20 March)
There will be a balance of materialism and emotional side. Happy times are ahead.

If you are suffering from any personal/ family/ business problems then send your query to with your personal brief details before 23rd Nov., 2008.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

“Gateway to Sobriety” group AA meetings

“Gateway to Sobriety” group
Cordially invites you to its 4th anniversary and public information meeting

On Sunday 23rd November at 10.30 AM

At Dada Dev Mandir grounds

Sharings on recovery from alcoholism by members on how they were, what happened and what they are like now through the fellowship of alcoholics anonymous. Simply stated Alcoholics Anonymous a 72 year old worldwide fellowship of more than 2.2 million men and women in 183 countries who help each other maintain sobriety and who offer to share their recovery experience with others. Anyone who thinks he/she has a drinking problem is welcome to an AA meeting, which is FREE; We do not take any contributions of any kind from outside. Non-alcoholics are also welcome to attend of our open meetings. There are 800 groups in India and 25 in Delhi We do hope you can join hands with us in our humble endeavor to pass on the message of Alcoholic Anonymous in our society .
The purpose of our AA community for co-operation with you is to be “friendly with our friends” from all walks of life, so that the AA message of personal recovery from alcoholism can reach more of those who need and desire our help.

Regular meetings at palam
Wednesday and Saturday 7.30 – 8.30 PM Dada Dev Mandir premises

For further details pls. contact
Ravi - 9350394094

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Heart Disease Awareness Campaign in Dwarka.

"Aneva-Health Care Project is going all the way in Dwarka. Yes, of course, "ANEVA-We care for your heart" a health related project is doing door to door campaign in Dwarka. The first seminar on this project was held on 19th October by Bhagat Hospital, Janakpuri at D.D.A. Park, Sector-6, Dwarka. More than fifty residents from all age groups keenly attended it.
Dr. C.M.Bhagat and Dr. Kumar told so many tips to prevent heart related disease. The people, rich or poor –rural & urban areas suffering from this disease. It is another shocking fact that India has the highest heart disease patients. That's why it is called the World capital of Heart Disease. Dr. Bhagat pointed out that media as well as Government are not taking any initiative to raise any awareness campaign against this disease.

While addressing to the gathering, Dr. Bhagat & Dr. Kumar jointly suggested to change the hectic life style. Avoid smoking, cut down late night parties, consuming excess alcohol, heated oil made food eatables/ maida etc. People should involve themselves in creative activities like music, dance, keep pets to avoid loneliness and reduce stress, do regular physical exercises, yoga, attend spiritual and meditation camps.

Apart from all the precaution, if a person is suffering from heart disease or has already got by-surgery, even then he need not worry. Because Aneva has a unique concept to overcome this disease, in the form of External Counter Pulses (ECP) therapy. This therapy doesn't have any side effect. This therapy requires one hour daily for at least 35 days to a heart patient for permanent cure. The complete course fee is Rs.70,000/- which is quite nominal comparing the surgical treatment and fear/recovery factors.

On 9th November, the second phase of the campaign was held at Som Apartment, Plot No.24, Sector-6, Dwarka. Sh.Jitender Singh-President of the Society, took the initiative to organize such seminar in his apartment. The residents of the apartment gathered to attend it were well satisfied by Dr.C.M.Bhagat &
Dr. Kumar.

Dear President/General Secretary,
If your are interested to organize such seminar in your society/ apartment, then please feel free to contact:
MR. AJAY KAUSHIK - Campaign Co-Ordinator -M: 9953567759

Thursday, November 6, 2008

SFC sent Fund to P.M

List of Donors Amount (in Rs.)
The Creatives World (Newspaper)--------- 2,100/-
Mr.Mukul Sharma(B.Mgr.-PNB, Dwarka)-- 2,000/-
Kailash Mansarover Sewa Samiti(Regd.) ----1,100/- ----------------- 1,100/-
Blind Persons Association, Dwarka ----------1,100/-
Paramount International School, Dwarka---- 700/-
Mrs.Sunita -----------------------------------501/-
Mr.N.K..Verma------------------------------ 500/-
Mrs.Swati Khanwalkar(Times of India) -------500/-
Mrs.Sarita Verma ----------------------------101/-
Mr.Dilip Bhandral(B.Mgr.B.O.Baroda, Dwarka)- 101/-
Sakshi , Student--------------------------------101/-
Akshansh , Student------------------------------101/-
Grand Total ------------------------------------10,004/

Society for Creatives ( Regd.) sent a DD for Rs. 10,000/-
to PRIME MINISTER RELIEF FUND, SFC thanked all the contributors.

Dear Readers,

"We shall over come, We can" was echoed in UNITED STATE OF AMERICA when OKARA OBAMA won the election and addressing the people. He is the first black President in American history of 219 years of its existence. Yes, of course, the talent is recognized and achieved the goal one day but it takes time and patience. The well wishers play very important during this struggle period and ultimately the history is created. These are good sign of globalization.

On the other hand, in India, the election of Delhi Assembly is the talk of the town. B.J.P., Congress, BSP, NCP, Akali Dal, other parties and independent candidates are campaigning to win the election from their respective constituencies. But being a good citizen, it is our duty to vote the deserving candidates. Because a capable leader can bring prosperity to his/her area and it a fact that the political party can not do any miracle without a dynamic worker or leader. So, get ready to choose the right candidate who has passion and patriotism for the country and its people. Wishing you a very Happy Guru Parav and Childrens' Day….

With regards.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The wellness expo ends on a grand note

New Delhi, November 2, 2008: The body-mind & spirit fest of "celebrating wellness" at the Life Positive Expo 2008 ended today on a high note. The Expo, organised by Life Positive, India's first and finest spirituality and wellness magazine, had attracted delegates from various parts of the country, with participants coming from far off places like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Goa, Surat and even outside India. The events were spread across a span of three days, starting from the 31st October at the Federation House, Tansen Marg, New Delhi.

On the final day of the Expo, the two simultaneous morning sessions were conducted by Shri Manoj Lekhi & Ms. Najoo Sohonie and Mr. Roy Eugene Davis. Mr. Davis had come all the way from USA to hold the workshop. The participants tapped into the immense power of intention under the able guidance of the dynamic duo, Manoj Lekhi and Najoo Sohonie, the former being a disciple of Guruji Shri Rishi Prabhakar while the latter is a reputed corporate trainer. Both are also experienced teachers of the Siddha Saamadhi Yoga (SSY) programme. Mr. Davis, who is a direct disciple of Paramahansa Yogananda, conducted a session on the techniques and benefits of Kriya yoga that both fascinated and empowered the participants.

The extensive lunch break between the morning and afternoon sessions gave the delegates the much required opportunity to explore the exhibition organized on the FICCI grounds. The stalls held an immense attraction for one and all, as many of them offered a novel experience to the seekers, like the Divine Energies stall, which provided aura-scanning reports of the visitors through the use of bio-feedback machines and Health India Laboratories, that offered a range of innovative products made out of 'Noni' fruit- the super food from South India. We also had Haven Klinic with their unique brand of energized water and Krish Consultations that came up with anti-radiation chips for mobile phones and computers. South Delhi Polytechnic for Women offered information on the various courses they provide in the field of alternative therapies. The Life Positive stall was also a huge hit with the visitors queuing up for their copy of the Teaching Stories book.

The second half of the day saw sessions conducted by Sri Samadarshini of Oneness University and Dr. SPS Bakshi, the Chairman of Baksons Homoeopathy Clinic. While some participants learned crucial lessons for healing relationships from Samadarshiniji, others were immensely benefited by the workshop conducted by Dr. Bakshi on healing allergies through homeopathy. Each participant left with an enhanced spiritual awareness and a sense of well being and armed with effective tips and techniques to combat stress, diseases and other crucial issues of day-to-day living.

The evening came to a fitting conclusion with an effective and invigorating discourse on Yoga by Paramahamsa Nithyananda of Nithyananda Dhyanapeetam. The success of the Expo lay in the fact that everybody went back with something that they would cherish for life. Some knowledge, some technique, some experience was gained that would permeate into the participant's daily life, enabling him or her to emerge as better individuals and start a positive ripple effect in their family and society at large.

About Life Positive

Life Positive is a body- mind-spirit magazine promoting a holistic understanding of life with the emphasis on personal growth. It was started in April 1996 by Aditya Ahluwalia, chairman of the organization. The present editor-in-chief is Suma Varughese.

From the inception the magazine hit an instant chord with the reading public and has carved a base of enthusiastic and loyal readers. The core of the reader-magazine relationship rests in the fact that the magazine caters completely to the needs of those on the growth path. It also provides validation, support and a sense of belonging to all those who seek a life of joy, harmony, peace and self-actualisation. In today's sensationalistic and negative publishing culture, Life Positive stands out as a repository of sanity, optimism, and responsible journalism that promotes higher values. It can be credited with having pioneered the concept of spiritual journalism in India and for having created an altogether new niche in magazine publishing. It also influenced the publication of spirituality and health-based articles and sections in mainstream media most of which carry regular articles on the subjects today.

MNS must bear the burden of a backlash

Joginder Singh

Under the Indian Constitution, every citizen has the fundamental right to live anywhere in the country and carry on his profession or trade. One cannot call a 61-year-old democracy, like ours, a young one where people have to learn traditions, customs and the rule of law. The Supreme Court of India has laid down that how ever high you may be, the law is above you. It is a laudable ruling, but vote-bank politics has given it a new interpretation: if what you do is going to benefit the party in power, then your action or inaction will be winked at and a Nelson's Eye turned to it.
To start a political party or to become a politician, no qualification is required, except that you should be able to rouse rabble, indulge in hooliganism, cause damage to public property. In short, do anything which can attract public and media attention.
These days Mumbai is in the news for the violent use of "son of the soil" theory by a local and petty politician who has started his own chauvinistic local outfit against a former similar party. Both these outfits' mottos are Maharashtra for Maharashtians only, in business, jobs, industry and everything else. They do not confine themselves only to pleading or writing, but force their point of view with aggression, brutality, carnage and bloodshed.
Recently, one north Indian was shot dead in a bus and another killed in a train. Expressing their aversion to non-Maharashtrians, one of their leaders said, "Ee Bihari sau bimari (One person from Bihar is equal to a 100 diseases)".
Mumbai has been burnt more than once on this issue. Strangely the leaders of these outfits, despite being leading goons, have been provided the highest level of security by the government of Maharashtra.
While dismissing a PIL seeking action against Raj Thackeray and the de-recognition of his Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MSN), a Bench comprising Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan and Justices R.V. Raveendran and Markandey Katju, on February 23, 2008 expressed their dismay at the "son of the soil" theory and said that its divisive nature conflicted with the constitutional guarantee to every citizen to work and settle in any part of the country. "We know what is happening. The "son of the soil" theory is not acceptable. We will not permit Balkanisation of the country".
This concept boils down to the premise that we are the original residents and were here first and you by coming here are occupying better positions, taking our job opportunities and crowding us out of our resources. So you better leave so that we can have a better life.
While the Indian Constitution lays down the fundamental right to equality and everybody agrees on the equality principle, yet most states overtly or covertly, want all opportunities to go only to local natives. They want to be fair to their own people, which means being unfair to other Indians.
The so-called protagonists have reduced law to a paper tiger. They are confident that the local administration and police would not touch them due to the politics of vote-bank, which has become the presiding deity. The hoodlums are solely responsible for the reprehensible attacks on north Indians and Biharis who had recently travelled to Mumbai to appear for the Railway Recruitment Board examinations. They destroyed public property and burnt buses after their leader was arrested, that too happened only after the media built pressure and exposed how the country was being held to ransom and how the local government was turning a blind eye to the happenings in the state.
The question as to what the police are doing and why they cannot enforce the law fairly and squarely has been answered by Prof. David H. Bailey who says: "In India today, a dual system of criminal justice has grown, one of the law and the other of politics. With respect at least to the police, decisions made by police officials about the application of law are frequently subject to partisan review or direction by the elected representatives. The autonomy of police officials, in specific and routine application of law, has been severally curtailed… Altogether then the rule of law in modern India, the frame upon which justice hinges, has been undermined by the rules of politics".
The governments of the day, who are pampering the hooligans and holding back the police from doing its duty, seem to have forgotten that there is a time to stand aside and there is a time to show that good governance cannot be sacrificed.
It is an old law that every action has an equal and opposite reaction. About 35,000 migrants, mostly from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, have left Maharashtra, specially Mumbai and Pune, out of apprehension of being physically harmed. Nearly 3.5 crore Marathis can be equally adversely affected if all states adopt the same policy. Backlash has already started in Bihar and Uttar Pradesh over these incidents.
The question of north Indians migrating to Maharashtra, specifically to Mumbai, and allegedly grabbing jobs from local Maharashtrians is at the back of the problem. The fact that a crime can be justified in the interest of the "sons of the soil", is no defence in law.
It is true that pleadings will not change anything, but then nothing will change unless it is attempted. Since the first, second and third priority of a politician is to get elected, this is uppermost in all his actions and deeds.
As Shirley MacLaine once said, "It is useless to hold a person to anything he says while he's in love, drunk, or running for office".
No matter that patriotism is often considered the refuge of scoundrels, it is the duty of true patriots to dissent, rebel and raise hell in the interest of the nation.

Thanks for your VISITs

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