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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to Ghanaksh & Dhruv

Birthday of Ghanaksh & Dhruv was celebrated by Sharma family in which relatives and friends of showered their blessing. The Magic Show of Well Known Magician J.S.BABBAR was the major attraction of the said party. Mr. Babbar displayed unique magic tricks and every one presented in the party thrilled with magic show. The grand parents hosted the dinner party in which delicious food items were served to one and all presented in the party.
Sanjay Sharma - 9818018541

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Dwarka Forum - Voice of Dwarka

REJIMON C.K. with his inspiration JAGRITY
In an exclusive interview with S.S.DOGRA, Managing Editor, Dwarka Parichay, Mr. REJIMON Keshavan Chathanchirayil -Founder of Dwarka Forum spoke in detail about his forum and its functions.
Objectives: To dream of a Sub-City in its all means and make it happen. Its primary objective is to Network Residents/RWA/CGHS of Dwarka and Media. It's primarily working on dissemination of information, encourage people to fight for the larger common cause, and generally raise awareness among residents to live as role model citizens for the rest of the colonies.
Mission of the forum is to make Dwarka an ideal township in terms of its resources, amenities and its judicious distribution among the users. We aim to make it an ideal Home for its residents if not the Best place for living as that is a subjective term that may have commercial implications making it also an abode of land-brokers and investment owners.. We know it is the biggest colony of Asia but we have to make it BEST in all terms of quality living. Now shall we define what BEST Quality of living is?
First of all cleanliness and hygienic surroundings now just in front of our homes but in all streets and avenues of dwarka which means either making the civic authorities (DDA/MCD) do a 100% job or delegate or create another body to do a 100% job. There is no substitute for 100% job done look at quality of the Delhi Cantt area or any Cantt zones of country.
A crime free zone or a no tolerance zone: Prevention and stubbing crime in its nascent stage when it is just eve teasing, pick pocketing, rowdy behaviors before it grows into a monster uncontrollable by any agency – this prevention starts from family upbringing, neighborhood civic sense etc.
Traffic management and smooth internal commuting for residents.
Smooth and productive functioning of civic offices like courts/ corporation etc.
Complete data base of its residents that means merging of the individual RWAs directories into one large server based databank. I always feel that each RWA apart from making resident directory should also include a column of his profession. This could be very useful to people living in remote sectors.
A reading room or library is various sectors/zones where peacefully people can sit and read. Adjacent toDwarka Forum-Dwarka Ki Awaj that could be a coffee house or chat room where people can debate and peacefully discuss issues under the sun.
Like this so many aspects of better living may be suggested, above are just few.
How does it work?
Riding on the communication channel of Internet, it is an online BLOGGERS' group and has begun to shape up as the VOICE of Dwarka. But very soon as the member base is growing it may also be formed into SHAPE OF A BODY IN THE EYES OF LAW (a regd. Society).
Working area of DF
Mainly it concern Dwarka Sub-city. However, while exercising its voice it also acts as a forum for the mass of law abiding, peacefully living and deserving citizens of NCT Delhi and the Nation who only expect and give fairness in all walks of life. Its area of working though it is limited to Dwarka only but since some of the general issues are almost touching the entire nation, hence we sympathize and support similar groups in other areas on those issues also.
Utility of DF for the residents of Dwarka?
Mainly it helps residents as NETWORKING Platform. Rest as below. This forum addresses almost all aspects of public utility but we will rather divide it into three more parts:-Advisory role/ supporting residents in their individual appeals and petitions to the Govt /authorities and helping get their voice heard. Advising and creating awareness among all in leading a quality life. Putting pressure on govt. machinery to resolve the problems by organizing meetings with appropriate Authority. And persistent follow ups to arrive at mutual agreeable decisions. Collecting information through RTI (Right to Information)/ Otherwise to evaluate the ground realities with a view to enable civic agencies to see the viewpoint of the residents and come to a consensus in maintaining dwarka as an ideal township.
Over 3448 messages posted in the group speak the truth about DF. Strong members' participation of over 1250+ Through representation with authorities and regular follow-up and RTI resulted in resulting, pending works from DDA/MCD/DJB, etc. got cleared. Rest below Consistent activism by its legal fraternity members such as Mr Chaitanya and others which has resulted finally in the justice for victims of the Societies' scandal that has deprived them their rightful homes for years.It is great achievement that the group has strength of more than 1200 members. Achievements are many which can be seen in terms of improvement in all around Dwarka. Point-wise
a) Able to make a strength of more than 1200 people from all walks of life.
b) Giving much information through various RTIs creating examples for many to further escalate the process of RTI forcing the authorities to take notice of our presence
c) Established a good relation with media to highlight the issue of Dwarka and creating a data base of pictures and visual evidence to make authorities see their own acts of omission and dereliction of duty
d) Organizing various meetings to discuss and form public opinions from all quarters of society
e) Helped maximize the awareness in people to enroll for voter ID card since this is the primary step in forming a significant and powerful presence of ourselves in the eyes of the political bigwigs.
f) Organized Jan path programme of Delhi Aaj Tak, etc. highlighting the critical issues of the residents
Who can join DF?
Any bonafide resident of Dwarka Sub-City, who abides by the POSTING RULES of the group and work for the betterment of Dwarka. All process and discussions are transparent, interested residents visit the following link; submit his email id for subscription. With single email of message it goes to all members (1250+) and if any one replies it also goes to all. Visit this group at:
The members have the option of subscribing and reading message online, abridged emails of 5 or 25 etc as the option available. Any person who lives in Dwarka may become a member by just furnishing their e-mail id Effectiveness of Forum
DF effectiveness is scene all around Dwarka. A visit to the link will tell the TRUE PICTURE, as the comments of members are available online for public. This is very effective /helpful to one and all but you can take a view of entire members
Future planning
No specific plan is set by Forum; it works on the demand of the members and Dwarka Sub-City. However to attain our major aim to make dwarka as a role model city, we have to form many task forces to manage different issues but the first one is to make our voice heard in the political circle of Delhi- we must make Dwarka as a single assembly constituency and not a broken down piece of land to suit the malafide intentions of the existing political authorities. Once we are a political presence, we can make our voices heard and achieve our First objective of making Dwarka an ideal township that fosters quality living for its residents.
Present strength of your Forum
It has the strength of 1257 members and growing day by day. All 1257 members are equally stand as PILLARs of this forum and it is looking for more PILLERS to strength.At the same time we would like to mention some members who names stand in the forefront in terms of activities are; Anil Nayal, Pradeep Ivon, M K Gupta, Sushil Kumar, Krishnamurthy, Adv. Ashok, Sunil Sareen, are a few name.
Forum's influence on local representatives (MLA, Councilors etc.) and authorities
Forum or its members have no political aspirations; therefore influencing local rep is not in the dictionary of DF. However constant follow up and building pressure on them to achieve our objectives which are simply improving the public and basic amenities of quality living for which a person works hard all life, pays his dues to the Govt. and expects peaceful and clean environment to encourage and foster creative growth for the good of mankind in general. But usually in our nation, any hardworking law abiding citizens spends all his life fighting with authorities in getting what is his basic and fundamental rights. We must endeavor to change this system or else life is futile and depressing. We believe the LR and LA needs to work hard to influence the public (which includes DF) by implementing various works for the area and DF members at their individual discretion of VOTING rights will be decision makers, whenever Elections are held. It can be asked from them but it is confirmed that they are giving attentions to our demand. Role of DF, shaping Dwarka a better living placeIf you have already the read the above, just sum up the answer. I think above points gives fare idea.
Burning topics of Dwarka for which DF fighting for
a) Water problem- managing and augmenting the sources, prevent wastage and help to give proper distribution.
b)Proper Maintenance of Roads and Park and trying to maintain clean and hygienic conditions
c) Security concerns including crime control and prevention
d)Recent Delimitation Act. To make dwarka into a single assembly seat.
e) Transportation, internal commuting, and traffic management
f) Allotments of CGHS flats- of course with the persistent efforts of the people finally the verdict have come out in our favor and we must ensure that allotments process begins at the appointed time in various societies. Contingency action in case again the allotment process is thwarted by the malicious elements.
g) Pollution- control of all sorts of pollution and garbage. Excessive noise pollution is also a main element that disturbs the peaceful living of the residents. Control of noise creating functions and events to limit them within reasonable timings and places.
h) Corruption- This is a national malady affecting all and sundry. Unless we as citizens do not discipline ourselves, we cannot check the rise of this sickness in all agencies around us.
Source: Dwarka Parichay News and Information Services
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Monday, April 28, 2008

Problems and issues in Dwarka

The following MEMORANDUM is submitted to concerned Govt. agencies and offices for
taking corrective actions.

Shri B. L. Joshi, Lt. Governer
Smt. Sheila Dixit, Chief Minister
Shri Sajjan Kumar, MP, Outer Delhi
Shri Dharam Dev Solanki, MLA
Area Councilors
Dy. Commissioner ( S-W)
ACP, Dwarka
SHO, Dwarka


Dwarka, the largest sub-city in Asia which is meant to accommodate a population of more than 10 lacs, presently has 4 lacs+ people residing in it in more than 400 societies.
Dwarka is an upcoming sub-city, and despite being relatively densely populated, still has free-space available which is earmarked for several utilities and services, but not much has been materialized.
Unlike other parts of Delhi, Dwarka is more severely and adversely affected, owing primarily to concentrated population and partially developed infrastructure and thus has been left grappling with myriad of problems some of which are being summarized:

Water Problem
Residents have been shortage of water including contaminated water being supplied in the form of potable water.
Compounding the problem is the fact that supply is unevenly distributed across the various sectors of Dwarka.
Despite Dwarka being primarily a residential area the DDA has been charging commercial rates for the water being used by the residents.
Water table in Dwarka is going down at a fast pace as the residents are constrained to use boring water. Water harvesting system despite being implemented, is not utilized effectively because of un-awareness among the residents. It is suggested that Water harvesting campaign be launched extensively in the sub city with suitable subsidy to make the project popular.
The water mafia is thriving and raking in huge mulla by exploiting the huge mismatch between demand (10 MGD) & supply (3MGD) of potable water in Dwarka. We strongly request to extend SONIA VIHAR water supply from Mahipalpur to Dwarka, to fill this burgeoning gap.

C.G.H.S scam –
Innocent residents are being forced to suffer owing to the long-pending CGHS Society scam.
More than 100 societies have been adversely affected under this scam. The residents strongly demand that this be resolved at the earliest. Our website has been receiving lot of messages enquiring the present status of this issue which needs to be resolved expediently. Although all the societies are being screened under this, at least those which are undisputed societies, the allotment should be held immediately.

Requirement of Traffic Police
Due to increase in traffic density inside Dwarka, fatal road accidents are increasing day by day. Senior citizens, school children, ladies are the worst affected lot.
Traffic rules are blatantly violated – helmetless drivers, speeding call-center cabs, absence of speed breakers, teenage drivers, triple driving, driving at high-speed inside the crowded markets, wrong-side driving among others, are common across Dwarka. It is paramount that Traffic personnel along with interceptors be deployed at least at the major crossings on priority basis, particularly near schools to check speeding vehicles.
Although more than 150 personnel have been assigned to Dwarka subcity, but even at present less than 100 police personnel are active in Dwarka.
The number of police stations also needs to be increased on the same lines as is done for Rohini sub city.

Parking Space –
There is lack of adequate and safe parking space especially near the crowded markets. The traders have demanded many times to provide multi level parking, but their requests have repeatedly fallen on deaf ears. The trends show that the thefts of the vehicles is on the rise – the lack of safe and adequate parking space is also a contributory factor to this, because the residents are left with no choice but to leave their vehicles parked in a haphazardly manner wherever space is available.

Medical facilities –
At present there are more than 4 lakhs+ people residing in Dwarka but there is not even a single operational dispensary / Govt. hospital / trauma center to cater to their needs. The govt. needs to take up this issue in right earnest and priority basis.
The private hospitals are mushrooming across Dwarka and fleece the gullible Dwarkites even for administering basic vaccines which otherwise are free in the govt hospitals and dispensaries
Requirement of public transport within Dwarka –
The commuting transport services for intra-Dwarka are missing or very few resulting in over-crowded RTVs which are dangerous especially to the children, senior citizens and ladies. Although metro has provided some reprieve but the unscrupulous rikshawallas fleece the naïve commuters even for taking them a few kms from the metro station to their destinations

7) Security Services --
There are many private security services working in Dwarka. Today almost all the societies of Dwarka are availing the services of these private security agencies. But there is no process of having them properly screened, resulting in thefts of vehicles and car–stereos even in their presence. The screening and training of security guards should be made mandatory.

8) Setting up of Old Age Home --
A large strata of Dwarkakites comprise of retired govt. servants, retired defence personnel and other senior citizens. It would be diligent on the part of the authorities, to provide Asia’s largest sub-city with at least one free/ economical Old Age Home aiming at providing shelter to those in lower income group citizen who disparately need shelters.

9) Need for Reference Library --
To be able to maintain high literacy level of Dwarka as a sub city, a library must be provided to the literate intellectuals ranging from experienced teachers, journalists, bureaucrats, technocrats and other professionals residing in Dwarka.
This will also help in imbibe the reading habit among the children who otherwise are glued to the idiot box.
The membership can be open for the residents at a nominal rate, with the residents being encouraged to donate books to start with

10) Need for Public Convenience/ Public Toilets --
Public conveniences/toilets are missing in Dwarka and need to be setup at least near the bus stops/markets

11) BHAGIDARI in letter and spirit (Authorities - Public interaction) --
On the lines of Police - Public interaction meetings, meetings with various authorities like DDA, MCD, Jal Board, BSES, and Healthcare etc. should also be conducted regularly. This can go a long way in effectively addressing the persistent problems.

12) Utilization of Solar Energy --
Due to the burgeoning population Dwarka is already facing acute shortage of electricity. Solar cells can be installed across more than 400 societies which can go a long way in addressing this issue.
Also signals activated by solar energy can be installed at least on the major, if not all, traffic intersections as has been done even in NOIDA, atta chowk

Man Holes–
There are many main holes, some of them right in the middle of major
and arterial roads across Dwarka. These are left open resulting in fatal accidents.
These are too deep even for the adults to come out of by themselves. What is
worse, these man holes do not have any stairs in them etc. Still these are left
open – it seems the authorities have decided not to learn from the past mistakes

14) Miscellaneous --
Public transport is pathetic to various sectors within Dwarka
Electricity supply is very erratic
Electricity bills have doubled since the last two years because of 35% theft of electricity
Allotment of proper places of worship for religions which are still left with the allotments.
To develop dedicated hawker places near residential colonies of Dwarka
Proper maintenance of parks and plantation of more trees with support of
Regular trimming of shrubs & bushes alongside roads, societies, parks and dividers at the traffic intersections
Lack of entertainment facilities and malls
Check the stray cattle and dog menace
We have been representing the above hardships of the residents to various authorities from time to time but no tangible results.

We therefore, urge you to kindly look into the above problems favourably on priority basis.
People of Dwarka



Dr. S.S. Bansal

"Executive seldom waits events to happen , they make event to happen"
"There is no doubt about the fact that true education is never by an accident . it comes as a result of sustained dedication & sincere efforts, high dreams, wise counsel & planned execution with positive optimistic approaches ." Says Dr.S.S.Bansal-Educational Counsellor. On scrutiny of the previous two years results of CBSE of so many schools , it is concluded that besides the best efforts of schools , matured tutors and parents . candidates scored less marks with respects to their expectations . Symptoms & Causes concluded that students were not conversant with the following factors:
2. Time Management
3. Paper attempting techniques
4 Systematic & Sequential Preparation For Exams
5. Examination Phobia.
Since syllabus of CBSE required a tactful approach is essential to score fixed target but the students generally adopts a multi directional approach which cause among students Dementia - forgetfulness , Fatigue- mental exhaustion , lack of confidence , weak memory& poor grasping ability , slow learning and low intellect, behaviour disorder, irritability, anxiety , aggressiveness & stress. So it becomes mandatory to give stress on the fundamental & relent knowledge of the concept & application of proper time management from the beginning of the session. Keeping the aptness of time & welfare of the students in views to impart & share knowledge & experiences through counselling session.
In a nutshell you may say it a mark orientation schedule comprising of time management synchronization, impaired concentration , to edifying the dearth of previous classes , target achievement (how to set & get the target ) impressive writing techniques & grading system .
Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information services

Friday, April 25, 2008

I want the all round developmentof my area-Renu Sharma

Mrs. Renu Sharma-Councilor, Sitapuri, Ward No. 120, is devoted local representative. She makes herself busy in social welfare activities throughout the day. In an interview with S.S.DOGRA, Managing Editor, Dwarka Parichay she spoke and shared her contribution for the society.
Q. Define you working area?
Ans. Sitapuri Part-I & II, Mahavir Enclave-II & III, Panchsheel Colony, Harijan Basti, Bengali Colony, Nandram Park, etc. are my working areas.
Q. Please mention the major problems of your area?
My area is badly affected with Water crises, sanitation, blockage of Sewege, proper roads even lack of transport connectivity. Moreover our MLA-Sh.Mahabal Mishra has negative attitude toward us because he is from Congress party. Sometimes, I find myself in a helpless situation. That gives bad impression among the residents of my ward. But, due to his non-cooperative behaviour, I cannot satisfy the residents of my area.
Q.. What is you political background?
Mr. Davender Sharma-my husband is in politics for the last fifteen years. I'm also very much influenced with his personality, Whatever I achieved in politics, the credit goes to my respected husband . Yes, of course, my mother-in-law Late Mrs. Chanda Devi used to encourage me a lot. She was the most happiest mother-in-law when I won the election with the margin of 535 votes.
Q. What is your family responsibility?
I have to look after my three sons named Jitender, Janender, Saurabh & my husband besides theresponsibility of people of my constituency.
Q. Explain your co-ordination with Party & workers.
I have been getting cooperation from my senior leaders as well as from party workers. There is a long list to mention the names of those who are really very cooperative, always stand and ready to move with me hand in hand.
Q. What are your achievements during your tenure?
Street lights, inner roads, expansion of rooms in M.C.D. School, A-Block, improvement in sanitation situation of my are few examples of achievement.I want to do all round development of my area.
Source: Dwarka Parichay News and Information Services

Jewel of Venkateshwar Intenational School, Dwarka

Raj Wadhwa
Age is not a barrier to achieve something unique. Yes, Raj Wadhwa has proved it, at the age of nine only. That's why he is called a jewel of Venkateshwar International School, Sector-10, Dwarka. He is sure that he will cross English Channel one day. He is studying in third class and has won several medals in the field of swimming. He came into limelight when he won the silver medal at state level in freestyle and breast stroke.. His main strokes are Breast and Free style. But he won gold medals in almost all the categories i.e.; butterfly, freestyle, breast stroke, medley at Ryan International School, Vasant Kunj in school level swimming championship. Besides this, he won four gold medals in his own school in different swimming categories. On the occasion of Sports Day, in his present school, his Principal Mrs. Mrinalini Kaura too appreciated him for his excellent performance in swimming. Because he is the youngest participants in National Level Swimming Championship.
Basically, he started swimming at the age of five with his father Mr.Manoj Wadhwa, a businessman in Printing Industry. He born on 14th October, 1999 in Delhi. Mrs. Shalini Wadhwa, his mother is from teaching profession. Due to his God gifted talent, he even participated in National Level Swimming Championship (C.B.S.E.) held at Chennai. His parent feels proud of him because he starts shining at the very early age. He is flourishing his ability under famous swimming coach Mr. Jagdeep Singh. Mr. Singh is also expecting lot of potential in Raj. "I think, Raj will find berth in the upcoming national Swimming championship again." claims Mr. Singh. Prachi Goswami, Jasdeep Singh, Simran Kaur, Anmol Grover, Milli Guleria, Gursharan Kaur and Akshay are also doing well in swimming. They all will bring glory in swimming field in the years to come..
Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information services

Sunday, April 20, 2008

World Hemophilia Day celebrated all over the world on April 17

Vijay Kaul Executive Director,SHC speaking on WH Day08

World Hemophilia Day celebrated all over the world on April 17

SHC India celebrated it in Delhi, Patna, Jammu, Srinagar and other cities with focus on spreading awareness on hemophilia.
The slogan is “COUNT ME IN” laying stress for hemophilia diagnosis in every city of India so that more and more children with hemophilia are located
In Patna a human chain was formed to express solidarity and support for the people affected by hemophilia.
In Jammu the people with hemophilia remembered Frank Schnabel the founder of Hemophilia movement across the world. This day is celebrated in his remembrance.
In Delhi, Society for Hemophilia Care- SHC India organized an awareness camp in DDU Hospital. Dr. A. Prasad, Medical Supdt announced the start of hemophilia treatment and availability of free Factors- a life saving medicine for treatment of hemophilia in DDU Hospital, New Delhi.
Dr. Ravi Pathak, Nodal Officer Hemophilia delivered a talk on hemophilia and Dr. Anurag Jain spoke on important orhtopeadic problems a child with hemophilia faces.
SHC India released a book “Hemophilia Aur Aap” on this occasion. Mr. Vijay Kaul, Executive Director, SHC India spoke on the contents of the book which is aimed at parents, relatives, teachers and others who deal with children suffering from hemophilia. Dr. Prasad laid emphasis on knowing hemophilia better as the knowledge gained can solve half the problem.
Hemophilia Aur Aap” is in hindi and will cater to the needs of northern part of India. Kaul said that the same would be translated into other regional languages soon.
The book deals with awareness on hemophilia care in three parts: the first part is on the basics and answers questions like “What is Hemophilia?” “Who suffers from it” “What is the treatment” in a very simple way.
Second part deals with hemophilia management which tells in a lay man’s language about ordinary and serious bleeds and what the parents need to do at such occasions.
The third part deals with the emotional aspects a person with hemophilia under goes during various stage of his growth.
SHC India also released “Factor Kit”- which can be carried while traveling as an emergency aid in hemophilia.
For further details please contact
Garima Mohan, Mobile No. 9968308471

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Services
The Guide To Indian Premier League - All you ever needed to know about

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Arya Samaj programme at Dwarka

For details: Rajiv Puri -9810066177

Friday, April 18, 2008


Lokakshema Mission of Guruji had two main objectives for the year 2007-08. (1) Reduction of global warming and (2) Removal of global terrorism. For this Guruji started in April a series of Havan (Homam), Puja, Abhishekam. Archanas including laksharchanas at various temples, shakti peethams, [laces of religious and spiritual importance like Thiruvelvikkudi, Gunaseelam, Thiruvanaikkoil, Sri Rangam, Thirumanacheri, Kumbakonam, Tanjore, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Vallanadu, Tenkasi, Sankaran Koil, Chottanikkara, Palghat, Thrissur, Aleppey, Kaladi, Guruvayur, Thiruchendur, Ujjain, Taarapeeth, kamakhya, Kolakatta, New Delhi and many other places in India and in places like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, London, USA, etc in other parts of the world. Following Sarva Parihara Dosha Nivrithi homams were performedMaha Ganapathi Homam, Mahasudarshana HomamDhanvanthri Homam, Sri Sukhta Homam, Maha Mrityunjaya Homam, Chandi Homam, Durga Homam, Shiva Shakti Homam, Navagraha Homam, Raja Matangi Homam, Kala bhairava, Swarnakarshana Bhairava homam, Santhana Gopala Hoamam, Purusha Suktha Homam, etc.laksharchanas to Lord Maha Vishnu, Goddess lalithambika and Lord Shiva were performed at various places in India and abroad459 Abhishekams each to Lord Shiva, navagrahas alongwith 459 Archanas each for all the navagrahas and additional 458 archanas each to Shani and Mangal(Chevvai/Mars) Graha were also performed at various temples as per the directions of Guruji for suppression and removal of terrorism from this world culminating with 21 day special havan at Kamakhya Shakti peeth at Kamakhya near Guwahati, Assam and one homam at Tarapeeth near Kolkatta (about 330 kms from Kolkatta) and the final thanks giving function was held in Agasthyar Parashakti Peetham at thirukkutralam on 8th and 9th of April 2008 after successfully conducting Laksharchana to Lord Shiva on 6th April 2008.The initial Results spiritually indicate that the Global warming has been reduced by more than 9 per cent and the Ozone hole has completely been sealed.The terrorism would gradually come to end and would be completely removed after a span of 924 days from 26th March 2008. Though certain things not be visible to naked eye, we request people from scientific fraternity to confirm the facts indicated by the spiritual and cosmic forces.
During this period vastras (Sarees/dhotis,etc) were distributed tomore than 1000 Kanya(young girl children),Ladies, gents as a part of our charitable activities of the Trust and countless Annadhanams (poor feeding) were also organised at various temples and public places. Books, notebooks and stationeries were distributed to around 1000 children of poor families in Delhi. The registration formalities of the trust was completed and the trust received its registration and exemption certificate under section 80 G for donations to the trust, from the Income Tax Authorities. The news letter Vishwa Kalayan was launched in November and The free matrimonial- horoscope exchange services was started in Tirunelveli at the residence of Shri MR Rajamani and in Mayur Vihar with the cooperation of Mrs Meenakshi Shankaranarayanan and have helped many families in finding suitable matches for their children. Recently the Tuticorin branch of the Trust has been formed under the able leadership of Shri S. Krishnan MD, Shankar Shipping P Ltd, we have recieved assurances and enquiries from other cities and places the details would be informed to you all very soon. We feel that all this would not have been possible without your valuable support and cooperation. We seek your continued support and best wishes for achieving our mission of removal human sufferings through our trust activities. Om Parashakti namo namaha-- Sarvesham swasthir bjavathu, sarvesham mangalam bajavathu, sarvesham poornam bhavathu sarvesham shantir bhavathu

GENERAL SECRETARY 011-25836229 M 09868369793
"Lokakshema International Mission Trust"
Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Services link

Something More: Erich Schiffmann 2002

The Core of Goodness

This is the most important theme in this book. It is also one of the most heartening ideas you might ever hope to be true. Because it is so important, let's go slowly.

As you sit quietly and immerse yourself in the peace and stillness of your own centered being, you will gradually begin to experience yourself in an undistorted manner. You will sink below or rise above your usual sense of self and instead come upon the undistorted, clear conscious experience of Being - your Being. You will experience yourself as the specific conscious expression of an infinitely expressive Consciousness, Mind, Presence, or God. You will thereby intuitively know that you are more than physical and human, that your spiritual existence is guaranteed, immortal, eternal, and true, and that your Original Nature is absolutely good. You'll know that you are creative energy, Spirit, a unique expression of God's infinite Self-Expression, and that at your core is Goodness. This is what you'll experience because, in some mysterious and uncompromising way, this is what we are. We are all made of God Substance, Consciousness, Love.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Disney Institute Workshops, Experience the Business Behind the Magic!

We are pleased to announce that Saviance Technologies is introducing a Unique 2-Day Workshop on "The Disney keys to Excellence" covering Leadership Excellence, Quality Service on Day 1 and Team Creativity on Day 2. This workshop will be led by Disney facilitators from USA.They are Disney veterans from diverse backgrounds with rich experience and have been educated in top colleges and universities.

Having trained millions of leaders from more than 35 countries and over 40 industries for over 20 years, Disney Institute is a leader of Professional Development Programs in the areas of Leadership, Loyalty, Management, Service and Creativity.

Disney Institute has served a wide variety of Clients including most of the Fortune 500 companies such as IBM, GE, AT&T, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Mayo Clinic, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, McDonald's, Nestle, Sony and more.

You are invited to participate in a journey which will teach you ingenious methods that have stood the test of time and brought results to organizations across sectors. This workshop is carefully designed to elicit the maximum involvement and creativity in a constructive atmosphere. The event will be inventive, creative, productive and full of surprises.

You will leave with a renewed focus for your business unit, your organization, and yourself. Your return on this investment is : improvement -in your processes, work environment, and customer service; inspiration - for yourself and for those who work for you and with you; and increases - in your productivity and bottom line.

For more information please visit our website:

Gurgaon: Apr 21-22 Crowne Plaza
Bengaluru: Apr 24-25 ITC Windsor
Mumbai: Apr 28-29 ITC Grand Central
Chennai: May 1-2 Chola Sheraton
Hyderabad: May 5-6 ITC Kakatiya

Please feel free to contact us for any kind of information required.

Rohit Mahajan, President and CEO
Fellow, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania
Alumni, Disney Institute, Orlando, Florida

For details:
SMS: 5397 (keys) to +91 9873905397
Fax: + 91-80-6688-5961

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What is Love

What is Love?

As much as we might like to, we can't force love to happen. But we can understand its many levels and connect more easily to its source.
From Yoga Journal, March/April 2004

"I know love is there," my old friend Elliot said. "My question is, Why is it that so many times, I can't feel it?"
We were in the middle of a workshop I teach called "Exploring the Heart." Elliot had recently lost his father, and so I asked him, "Are you talking about something specific?"

"Of course," he said. As he told me the story of his father's death, I felt a deep sense of recognition. The questions his experience raised are essential ones, questions we all deal with as we probe that most fundamental and yet elusive of all human feelings: love.

Elliot and his father had been polite strangers for nearly 20 years. Yet when the father became seriously ill, the only person he wanted around him was his son. "I knew we'd been given our big chance to open up to each other," Elliot said. "I kept thinking, 'Now he'll finally get who I really am! We'll bond, and I'll be able to feel love for him at last!'"

The problem was that Elliot couldn't dig out a single nugget of love for his father. He wanted to love him. He knew he should love him. But their history together had formed such a habit of disconnection that he felt nothing at all.

How Love Feels

So Elliot did the only thing he could think of to close the gap. He asked himself, "How would I act if I did feel love for my father?" Then he acted on the intuition that arose for him.
Elliot realized that when we really love someone, we're attentive to even the smallest minutiae of that person's existence. So he practiced paying close attention to his father. He slowed himself down and tried to keep his awareness linked to his father's breath. He served his father. He fielded the emotional crises of the other family members. He did everything, in short, that a devoted son would do and he did it, as best he could, as an austerity, a practice.
Elliot's father died three months later, and Elliot sat through the funeral dry-eyed, still waiting for his heart to open. During the last hymn, he finally gave up hope. He slumped down in his seat, deeply tired, with no more effort left in him.
At that moment, like a small trickle from a dammed-up stream, he felt a stir of tenderness in his heart. It came softly, yet it was almost shockingly sweet. It was the love he'd been trying to feel. "It felt as if I'd tapped into some kind of big, impersonal loving energy," he told me. "It didn't exclude my father, but it definitely wasn't about him. Instead, the feeling I had in that moment was that there was nothing but love. Everything was love. 'Oh, my God,' I thought, 'I'm having a spiritual experience, right here at my father's funeral!'" The thought struck him as so funny that he giggled causing something of a commotion in the funeral chapel, as people turned to see what was making him laugh at such an inappropriate moment.

"I wondered where that love came from," he told me. "Was it a reward for taking care of my father? If so, why wasn't it there when I needed it, so to speak?"
I realized that behind Elliot's questions was an even deeper set of questions, ones that plague us all. They go something like this: If love is real, why doesn't it feel the way I've always heard it was supposed to feel? Why can't I feel it all the time? And why does love so often feel lacking, or painful, or both?

Love Is a Many-Leveled Thing

Most of us have been confused about love all of our lives. In fact, we often begin the inner life as a search conscious or unconscious for a source of love that can't be taken away. We may have grown up feeling unloved or believing we had to perform heroic feats to deserve love. Our parents, the movies we see, our cultural and religious milieu give us ideas about love that go on influencing us long after we have forgotten their source. When we read spiritual books and encounter teachers, our understanding about love can get even more complicated, because depending on what we read or whom we study with, we get slightly different takes on what love means in spiritual life.

Some teachers tell us that our essence is love; others say love is a passion, an emotion that leads to addiction and clinging. If we're on a devotional path like bhakti yoga, Sufism, or mystical Christianity, we're often taught that the way to enlightenment is to fall in love with God and let that love grow until it engulfs us and we become one with the Beloved. If we're on a more knowledge-based yogic path, we may be taught to look askance at the feelings of bliss and love that arise in practice, because, we're told, the spaciousness that is our goal is beyond such feelings.

We are soon left to wonder where the truth lies in all of this. When spiritual teachers use the word love, what kind of love are they talking about? Is eros (romantic or sexual love) really different from agape, the so-called unconditional or spiritual love? Is devotional love the same as compassion, or love for humanity? Is love something we have to feel, or is it enough to offer kindness and direct positive thoughts toward ourselves and others? And how is it that some teachers tell us that love is both the path and the goal, while others seem to ignore the subject altogether?

In spiritual life alone, the word love is used in at least three ways, and our experience and understanding of love will differ according to which aspect of it we are thinking about. For the sake of discussion, let's refer to these three aspects of love as (1) Absolute Love, or the Great Love, which Ramakrishna, Rumi, and the teachers of the bhakti yoga and nondualist Tantra traditions tell us is ever- present, impersonal, and the very underpinning of the universe; (2) our individual experience of love, which is quirky, personal, and usually directed at something or someone; and (3) love as sadhana (practice).

Love as Absolute

Love with a capital L: That's the Great Love, love as the source of everything, love as radical unity. At this level, love is another name for Absolute Reality, Supreme Consciousness, Brahman, God, the Tao, the Source that vast presence the Shaivite tradition sometimes calls the Heart. The yoga tradition often describes Absolute Reality as satchidananda meaning that it is pure beingness, present everywhere and in everything (sat), that it is innately conscious (chit), and that it is the essence of joy and love (ananda).

As ananda, the Great Love is woven into the fabric of the universe, which of course also puts it at the center of our own being. Most of us get glimpses of the Great Love at some time in our lives perhaps in nature, or with an intimate partner, or in the moment of bonding with our children. We remember these experiences for years afterward, often for the rest of our lives. We remember their numinosity, the feeling of deep connectedness they give us, and the fact that even when the love we feel seems inspired by someone or something in particular, it has a profoundly impersonal, universal quality. And sometimes, the Great Love hits us unveiled, as it were, and changes our lives.

It happened like that for me one November evening in 1970. I was sitting with a friend in my living room, listening to a Grateful Dead album, when without warning, an overwhelming experience of joy welled up in me. The state sprang up seemingly out of nowhere, a sensation of tenderness and ecstasy that seemed to ooze out of the walls and the air, carrying with it a sense that everything was a part of me.
This experience inspired a burning desire to get back to it and ultimately became the motive for my spiritual practice. At the time, however, I did what most of us do when we get a glimpse of unconditional tenderness: I projected my inner experience onto the person I happened to be with and decided (rather disastrously, as it turned out) that he was the love of my life and the mate of my soul.

Individual Love

All of us, throughout our lives, constantly do what I did project onto other people and things the feelings of love that actually come from within. "It was the music," we say. "It was Ned (or Sarah, or Jeannie). It was the surf! It was my teacher's presence!" Yet the yogic view is that all of our experiences of human love are actually glimpses of the Great Love. ("God's joy moves from unmarked box to unmarked box," Rumi wrote. "It hides within these, till one day it cracks them open.") It is only when love gets filtered through the prism of the human psyche that it begins to look specific and limited. It becomes veiled by our thoughts and feelings, and we start to think that love comes and goes, that we can feel it only for certain people, or that there's not enough love to go around. We can't help doing this.
Our senses, mind, and ego, hardwired to give us the experience of separateness and distinction, set us up to think that love is outside us, that some people and places and things are lovable and others are not, and furthermore that love has different flavors: mother love, romantic love, love of movies, love of nature, compassionate love, sexual love, love of the cozy feeling of being under the covers at the end of a long day.

In short, if the Great Love is naturally unifying, our individual, human experience of love is subject to change and loss, moods and tides, attachments and aversions. It doesn't matter who or what we love; at some point, the object of our love will disappear from our life or disappoint us or stop being lovable, simply because change is the nature of existence. So individual love is always touched with suffering, even when the love we feel is "spiritual."

I once heard someone ask a great spiritual teacher, "Will loving you cause me to suffer the way I've suffered from loving other people?" The teacher replied, "If you love me in the way you've loved other people, you'll suffer." He was saying that as long as we think that love comes from something outside ourselves even from God or a spiritual master we are going to experience pain. Think of the agonies of the Sufi poets! Think also of the pain we suffer when, like my friend Elliot, we don't feel loving enough, or when we can't force love to come in the form we want it to, or when we feel lonely or unappreciated or self-deprecating, or when, despite the fact that we know attachment leads to suffering, we can't help thinking that the love we were feeling came from Joe or Alice, and that love is gone because Joe or Alice is gone!

To say that our individual experience of love can be unsatisfying or changeable or incomplete is not to say it is less real than the Great Love. It is the Great Love, which has simply been subject to filtration. The practice of yoga is about removing the filter, closing the gap between our limited experience and the experience of greatness we all hold inside. That's the whole point of contemplative practice especially the practice of loving.

Love as Sadhana

The third kind of love love as a practice is the medicine for the terrible discrepancy we sometimes feel between our sense of what love can be and the actuality of our ordinary experience of it. The practice of love actions and attitudes that create an atmosphere of kindness, acceptance, and unity in ourselves and in those around us is not only the basis of spiritual life, it is also the basis of civilization. We can't always feel gratitude, but we can remember to say thank you. We can't always like other people, but we can try to pay attention when they talk to us and help them out when they're in trouble. We may not feel good about ourselves all the time, but we can practice treating ourselves gently, slowing down and breathing when we want to rush, or talking back to our inner voices of self-criticism and judgment. When it comes to daily life, feeling love may actually be less important than acting loving.

This isn't meant as an argument for pasted-on smiles, or for the common game of hiding anger and judgment behind a mask of false sweetness. The practice of loving is never about presenting a false front. Instead, it's an active answer to one of life's greatest questions: How can I, in spite of what I may be feeling at a particular moment, offer my best to myself and other people?
If you pose this query to yourself or, better yet, ask yourself (as Elliot did), How would I act if I were feeling love? you will eventually discover the practice that helps melt your frozen heart, so the love that always hides behind our emotional barricades can show its face. One of my students, caught in an argument with her stepson, asked herself, "How would I be if I really felt love right now?" The answer that came up was "relaxed." So she practiced relaxing with the breath and was able to talk with her son without the clutch of fear and judgment that had been polarizing the two of them.

Connecting to the Source of Love

Over the years, two practices have helped me reconnect to the source of love. Both cultivate the feeling of unity. And both are based on the insight that the best way to bypass the ego, which cuts us off from love, is to learn how to undermine our feeling of separation.

The first is the practice of recognizing that the awareness in another person is the same awareness that is in me. Years ago, I had to work with a demanding, critical, narrow-minded boss. One day, when she was being particularly prickly, and I was especially aware of my discomfort in her presence, I gazed into her eyes, focused on the light reflected in her pupils, and reminded myself that the awareness, the life force, the presence that was looking out through her eyes was exactly the same as the awareness that was looking out through mine. Whatever differences there were in our personalities, our mental and emotional states, she and I were the same on the level of pure awareness. Not different but one.

It amazed me to see how quickly the feeling of alienation and irritation disappeared. The practice of recognition became the strategy that allowed me to work comfortably with this woman, and I fall back on it now whenever I feel the absence of love. More than any practice I've ever done, it helps clean away the germs of alienation, irritability, and jealousy that block my mind and form barriers to the Great Love.

The second practice I use goes right to the heart of our sense of lack, to the secret feeling of not having enough love to give. The great lie that the feeling of separation fosters in us is the delusion of being unloved, or cut off from love, of there not being enough to go around. Not feeling loved ourselves, we pass on our sense of lack to others, so that even when we try to give love, what comes through instead is anxiety or clinging. Yet, as Rumi says in another of his great poems, love is always there, always available, always ready to pour itself out to us. "For 60 years," Rumi writes, "I have been forgetful, / every moment, but not for a second / has this flowing towards me slowed or stopped."

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine you are sitting in the center of a vast flow of love. Imagine that love is flowing toward you like water or passing into you like a gentle wind. Whether you actually feel this love or not, keep imagining that it is flowing toward you and into you.

Another way to receive love is to imagine that just outside the window of your room sits a compassionate and loving being, someone wise and incredibly forgiving. This person is watching you through the window; her glance protects you and surrounds you with sweetness.

Allow yourself to receive the love that is flowing toward you from this being. If thoughts come up to block it like "I don't deserve this" or "This is just an exercise; it's not real" notice them and let them go as you might in meditation, saying, "Thinking," and then breathing the thought out. Your only task is to receive.
When you open your eyes, look around you with the thought that the love you have been contemplating is still flowing toward you from whatever you see and from the air itself.

In truth, it is. The Great Love, the love that is the kernel of everything, is present in everything, peeking out during every moment in which we feel a spark of tenderness, appreciation, or affection. Any glimmer of love is a spark from that fire and leads us back to it.

© Copyright 2003-2006. Sally Kempton/Dharana Institute. All Rights Reserved.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Anyone Can Add Their Name to Donor List : IndianBloodDonors.Com
Call it The Bloodline. In a country chronically short of blood, there’s a little-known cellphone helpline that could help save a life or many. It’s probably the only service of its kind in India, possibly in the world.
All it takes is an SMS. Here’s how it works: a person in need of blood sends out a text message to a special number, mentioning, in a particular format, his name, city and the blood group required. Within a few seconds, he gets a return SMS with the name and number of a donor in that city.
The system is the brainchild of Khushroo Pocha, a Grade II railway office superintendent based in Nagpur. The SMSes access his web site,, that has a database of 45,000 blood donors in 300 Indian towns and cities.
All the donors are voluntary. And since anyone can add their name to the donors’ list, the Bloodline is getting thicker and more effective every day. As of Wednesday, New Delhi had 1,708 donors on the site, Noida 359, Gurgaon 333, Mumbai 3,033.
Forty-year-old Khushroo started the site with his wife Fermin in 2000, drawing inspiration from a tragedy he had witnessed: the death, for want of blood, of a patient and, his own struggle for blood for a friend who desperately needed some.
“People travel to different places for treatment or surgery. They require blood. We face an acute blood shortage in India. Even if you are not a stranger in the city, you still need a lot of energy to find donors. I thought a web site could bridge this gap by listing blood donors,” Khushroo says.
(Source: Sarita Kaushik, Hindustan Times
Email Author
Nagpur, April 03, 2008)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My boys will play for India- Karan


In the ground, he keeps himself busy, telling, important tips like what's the proper stance of a batsman, back lift, back foot and front foot, how to play defensive shot, how to drive in the off and on side, the arts of batting, how to bowl,
Where to land the final foot of a bowler, swing and spin of delivery, even how to catch the bowl and throw it safely means the fielding methods, to the budding cricketers in Basava International School, Sector-23, Dwarka. You are right, he is Mr. Karan Sahu- the Chief Cricket Coach- Basava Cricket Academy. He gave very useful fitness tips to Young Indian Pace bowlers-Ishant Sharma & VRV Singh, both the fast bowlers have high regards for Karan Sahu. Actually, Karan born on 22nd November, 1965, he started playing cricket at the age of 5years.Right from that moment, he played for his school and college and created an image of a good all rounder (batsman with leg-spinner skill). He served Indian Air Force for seventeen years and represented AF Cricket Team. But, he has a passion about the game & that's why he is still associated with the game and enjoying the craze of Cricket all the way.
He has been engaged in many cricket fitness and coaching assignments namely, he trained the Western Air Command (2002 to 2004) during Air Force Cricket Championship, MC command in 2001, trained Air Force Cricket Team (2001 to 2004), He even assisted the Australian Cricket Team during their to India in November, 2003. He has been member of organizing committee in several fitness/coaching camps for various National/ International cricket teams. He trained the
Punjab Cricket Team in various age group like U-17, U-19, U-25 etc. He also trained Delhi Cricket Team of U-17, U-19 and U-22 etc. during 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 seasons. He was also given very important responsibility to maintain the Cricket Ground of Air Force Palam Sports Complex. He is a qualified Cricket coach who is Post Graduate in Physical Education also. He has successfully completed his NIS PG Diploma in Cricket coaching from NS NIS Centre, Patiala, Punjab.
He represented various commands in Air Force Cricket Championship from 1986 to 2004. He even played for Air Force Cricket Team in Services Cricket Championship from 1991 to 1999. He came into limelight when he represented Service team in Ranji Trophy during 1995-1996 season. Now, he is planning to organizing a 21days conditioning camp in the coming summer for young cricketers. This camp will be a tonic for young cricketers to improve their performance in the cricket fields. According to him, the parents should support their kids and muscular power, speed, flexibility, swift movement, reflexes, sound mindset, hard work/practice are necessary tools for young cricketers to achieve anything in cricket arena.
"Recently, my Academy placed runner up In All India Cricket (Under - 15) Tournament held in Dehradun. Arjun Guliya (all rounder), Himanshu Sharma (Batsman-representing U-13 Delhi Cricket Team), Shubhakar Chaudhary (Batsman), Tarun Rana (Batsman), Aakash Pandey (Right Arm Medium Pace Bowler), are the best performers in the tournament. They have the talent and I'm sure, my boys will play for India very soon" - claims Karan Sahu.

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Services
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