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Friday, February 29, 2008

B.P.A girls found their life partners


The three girls from Blind Persons Association (Regd.) had recently got married. According to Sh.Anil Kumar Verma- President, Blind Persons Association, Dwarka, Ms.Sapnawith Mr.Mohan Singh Parihar on 20rh January, Gomti withVijay on 1st Feb., and Poonam with Vinod Mishra on 11th Feb.,2008 found their life partners.All three newly wed
couples were shower with blessing by who hosted the lunch-cum-reception party on 17th Feb.,2008. Out of three
couple, one couple was adopted by Mr.S.M.P.Tripathi & Mrs. Manju Tripathi. According to Mr.S.S.Dogra-Patron,
B.P.A.(Regd.),Dwarka, an
N.G.O. taking care of blind girls students and providing them boarding and lodging facilities in Dwarka. B.P.A. is planning to marry another girl in the month of April, so B.P.A. needs some necessary dowry items for the marriage.So, donors may
contribute few house hold items for it. Donations is exempted from Income tax Under Section 80G.

Contact: Mr.Anil Kumar Verma-9868552423,

President, Blind Persons Association, Dwarka,


Patron-Blind Persons Association, Dwarka

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Services

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

DRAW CEREMONY:2nd Division I League

The Draw for the 2nd Division League was held at Football House , Dwarka, New Delhi , on 25th Feb 2008. HAL Banglore meets Pune F.C in Group A on 26th March 2008 , Whereas Mohammedan Sporting Club meets Amity United F.C. in Group B on 25th March 2008.For Detail of Teams, Groups , & Fixtures

2nd Division I League
All India Football Federation
Cordially Invites you for a Ceremony to
Announce Draw for 2nd Division National Football League

Date: Monday, 25 Feb 2008
Venue :AIFF Football House ,Sector 19, Dwarka
Time :4.30 PM
Note : Three cars are being placed at Press Club New Delhi and will leave for the venue at 3.30 PM.

Lt Col (Retd) BMR Mehta
Director Media, AIFF
Phone :28041430-33 ,9873411463

Monday, February 25, 2008

Predictions for 2008 by Nisha

Aries - Mesha (21 March - 19 April)
Personal: You will be at a stage where you will achieve great heights through your own will power and drive to move ahead. Nothing is impossible for you this year if you work on the saying *Right things at the right time*. Your judgment of people and situations will be accurate since you are a keen observer and know how to make things work in your favor.
Professional: Changes are on the cards which brings with it responsibility and stress. You will find yourself doing too many things at the same time and may not be focused enough. Give yourself the necessary break so that you do not over stress yourself and your health remains intact.
Love: You may find yourself sacrificing and going over the board to please the one you care for. Insecurity might make you be a martyr and in turn make you over look major differences that create havoc in your life. Those who are not yet involved need to go slow and not take any decisions in a hurry.
General: Look at both sides of a coin. Every situation has more than one point of view and you will need to use your analytical powers to assess it all.
Taurus - Rishabh ( 20 April - 20 May)
Personal :This is the time when you will show strength,endurance and resilience.You will be patient and have an iron resolve.You will take the right decisions at the right time and won't be bogged down by pressure. A year which will be testing and trying where you will have to muster all your courage and will power which will inturn teach you to have faith in yourself.
Professional: Money and materialism will play an important role when making decisions regarding your career. You need to break the bonds and change your way of operating. Your way to get benefits in the material/physical world has a lot to do with your spiritual existence.
Love: Temperance-You will go slow with your love life,striking a balance and not over-doing anything.There is a possibility that you will keep all commitments on a fine balance this year. You need to come to terms with your drawbacks or your partners drawbacks and make adjustments. Incase of stagnation, you will have to take a lead and make a move to get your love life and relationships going.
General: You will see an end to the testing times in this year and cross threshholds in the bargain. 2008 brings a time of relief after overcoming the hardships faced by you.
Gemini - Mithuna (21 May - 21 June)
Personal: You might find your view points do not match with those of others and this might create some discrepancies in your life. Arguments regarding finance and not being able to reach goals at a decided time might create anger and confusion. Do not set goals as this might worry you if they are delayed.
Professional: You might be contemplating on starting a new business or making a new career move, go for it. The cards are in favorable position for financial growth and success. You will be in a position of power where your skills will be appreciated too.
Love: A bond which will leave you feeling complete and give you solace to get going in life is on the cards for you. There might be some obstacles and troubles in winning the heart of the person you desire but it will be worth it.
General: You need to be more expressive of your views and talents rather than hiding and letting people believe the worst about you. Your being able to communicate well will bring more luck towards you.
Cancer - Kark (22 June - 22 July)
Personal: You will be doing too many things at the same time. It is time to delegate work to others and see how things move on for you. Don't promise more than you can handle.
Professional: An inheritance is on it's way. This year, a family business will take off or people in the family will support your career goals, give you a loan to get your career moving. A time of security and reaping all the benefits of what you have done previously.
Love: When things are out of your control, it is better to leave them and let go. Letting things be for a time being will settle matters on their own. This is a time for endings and new beginnings. Maybe a time when relations might not work to your expectations.
General: Wish and make a positive wish, it will work for you.
Leo - Simha (23 July - 22 August)
Personal: You need to look within you for answers, decide your priorities and free yourself from the cycle of action and reaction. A time for spiritual growth and understanding which could also mean people who are spiritually inclined will come to help/rescue and guide in the time of need. People related to leos would do well in the advertising industry.
Professional: Work will be suitably rewarded but you need to keep doing as you were without expecting immediate results. You can start something else also alongside the work that you are already into. (a deep, hidden desire or something which brings peace and emotional happiness).
Love: A time of great understanding and growth, being in nature and connecting with people on a natural level without any sham or superficiality. You might connect with someone who loves nature, is a person who is more logical and practical and there is an instant connection but the love that grows will be slow and will require a great deal of understanding.
General: 2008 will be a fulfilling year with its share of ups and downs and ups again. This year, you will need to concentrate on healing yourself which will bring you a well of energies at your disposal to evolve and go places.
Virgo - Kanya (23 August - 22 September)
Personal: A time for wish fulfillment and opportunities coming your way. You have what it takes to succeed and you have friends and people favoring you in your path.
Professional: You will excel in any creative field. You have ideas that need to be put to work and they will be appreciated for their originality and newness they present. Do not let anything or anyone hold you back. Your colleagues and co-workers will be supportive this year.
Love: You will be moving at an amazing speed with full force and zest. A love relation or contact from a distant place might interest you. There will be travel and communication, romance and good luck if one is contemplating marriage and in all relationships as a whole.
General: All your knowledge and lessons in life has made you a wise being. This will be your guiding force for the year ahead.
Libra - Tula (23 September - 23 October)
Personal: .Need to concentrate on the spiritual aspects of life and balance it with the material aspirations. A relation of a feeling of being tied down might be on the scenes but too much should not be accepted. You might feel a need to do things out of addiction and habit rather than the necessity of it, watch out for this and try to break free from anything that latches on to you.
Professional: Hardships in career and professional fields which will yield victory though that has to be taken with a pinch of salt and not allow it to get to your head. Any situation that might threaten you this year will be overcome with sheer will power and a feeling of being in a position to conquer and overthrow any obstacles. Keep moving.
Love: A time of worries, changes and a need for reforms, uniformity and discipline. Worries regarding travel and relationships maybe the order of the day. Love is undecided, this is not the time to let yourself get mentally disturbed over relationship issues, things will pass and you could use your energies for bigger issues.
General: The changes within have set out a new goal and a renewed promise to bring out the best within you. This is a time of new beginnings after having learnt the lessons from the past.
Scorpio - Vrischika (24 October - 21 November)
Personal: Your past is haunting you and it is time you look ahead and move on instead of worrying about what has not worked for you in the past. But this feat will be achieved with great difficulty. You will be in situations where people might not tell you exactly what is going and there is fear of double dealing. Tread with care.
Professional: A very good time on the professional front. Things start picking up by August after a great deal of struggle and effort. Your courage and will power will be your strong points. Don't overdo anything or overdo, this maybe a cause for ill health.
Love: A new beginning, relations take off, emotional expression helps to clear misunderstandings. You will be able to connect with your partner and spouse on a spiritual and emotional level which will make you feel happy and loved.
General: A time to heal old wounds and let go of the past and move on. Healing makes you evolve into a better soul.
Saggitarius - Dhanu (22 November - 21 December)
Personal: This year will be a time for social gatherings and events where you will be the centre of attraction. Your value as a skillful person with the know-how will not be questioned and your work would also make a progress through such outings and events. So be on the look out for new tidings while you are enjoying life to the fullest. However you might be the talk of the town and this might be a cause for jealousy and unnecessary rivalry. Be on guard.
Professional: Go charging ahead but see that you do not invite trouble by showing off or talking about your progress. A time where you need to put your ideas into action without double thinking. Others might see you as their counselor/advisor, you will be a mentor to someone or get the help of someone in a position of power for a good deed done.
Love: The year could culminate into a marriage or an arrangement which will leave you feeling secure and fulfilled. Those who have yet to meet their partners will do so through some family gathering or by some reference from family members. A time to enjoy the fruit of the seeds sown in the past.
General: Believing that you can achieve and get all you desire will make things easy and allow you to enjoy the wait while they manifest in actuality. Working towards a goal is your key for the year.
Capricorn - Makara (22 December - 19 January)
Personal: You will have to make a few tough decisions, which can be hard on closed ones or even on self but you know what you are doing and why you have to do so. The situation might look harsh in the beginning but this phase will bring more authority and well being in your life. There could be a conflict between freedom and security.
Professional: A time for renewal and second chances which will be good for you, Your hard work will pay off this year, you are going to enjoy what you do and later there will be plenty of celebrating. There might be a change in the path you are taking regarding your career moves.
Love: A good year for love and relationships to bloom. Keep your eyes open and wait for opportunity to knock at your door. It will. There might be delays or you may miss the buss but things are working in your favor this year.
General: This year is a karmic year for you, what you have sown will come back to you. Surprises are in store, maybe shocks too.
Aquarious - Kumbh (20 January - 18 February)
Personal: With your sharp instincts you will overcome adverse situations, you need to have strong willpower and be patient in testing times. You will be a leader when it comes to bringing harmony around you, i.e you will excel in the role as negotiator. You will withstand the toughest of the times and set an example for others. So the diamonds will be polished only after strong and intense pressure that they will surely outwit. Your critics and foes will also mark your excellency. A year of gains and those aiming for fame will get it. Your mantra for this year is Slow and steady wins the race.
Professional: Travel is on the cards, improvements in your financial situation but patience is required, you are set to head for a new target and have high enthusiasm. Opportunities will knock the door but in silent way so keep an open eye. Leave the laziness and be ready for lady luck.
Love :Romance is in air and you can expect the unexpected. Pure intentions will win you your companion. Sudden changes in your emotional state, instant attractions and amorous relationships are indicated, so be aware of false people who can misuse your vulnerability. You seem to be in dreamy pursuit and road ahead will be good. Over all nice journey.
General : An understanding will be reached through faith and intuition. You will be applying those aspects of your senses which you have long since neglected. A time of rebirths and finalizations is the mark of 2008 for you.
Pisces - Meena (19 February - 20 March)
Personal: Your main focus for this year would be to make a new start and to attain as much as possible to show to the world about what you possess. Be careful, that in your quest to prove to others, you don't neglect yourself and get disillusioned in the bargain. Doing too many things at the same time could be stressful on your emotions and well being. Go slow.
Professional: If you are in arts or media and entertainment, you will attain success and situations will be favorable. You will face some obstacles where your ideas do not match with those of others and that could be a reason for strife. To avoid such incidents, be a good listener and try to communicate your thoughts without sounding offensive. Expect a lot of changes in your work place.
Love: Those who have been looking for love or are waiting for their love life to improve may find the person when they travel, take a break, go on a holiday. The person you could be involved with may be from a different country, nationality and maybe the complete opposite of what you have known. Those facing times of difficulties will come out of troubled times and there could be endings and new beginnings for those who are already involved.
General: You will delve into subject such as philosophy and psychology for a better understanding of your surroundings. Try channelising your energies in the right direction to be at your creative best.

Contributions & efforts of members from the Tarot Community -
Navneet Gill, Kapila Monga, Bharadwaj, Vigya and Abhijit Monty .

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Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information services

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Illegal naming of roads & streets etc.

We have noticed in many places some arbitrary boards indicating some place name are fixed by some people, are they not unauthorized and should be removed e.g near my residence there are 3 boards suddenly fixed up with name of PARK ROYAL CHOWK, whereas it is neither a chowk nor this society any great landmark that it should give its name to the surrounding area.
I think since dwarka is divided into sectors, even the roads should have some numbers or names of India’s famous historic or geographical names e.g rivers, mountains etc. and the streets can be simply numbered.
I personally have no objection but are they not same family over & over again? Look there will always be controversies with political leader and that too the living ones. We should try to avoid the political names, guess there cannot be any controversy in naming after either Numbers (Road no. Alfa 200, Street no. 5), or Geographical bodies like Rivers, mountains etc. e.g Ganga, Kaveri, Godavari, Everest, Kamet, Bhrigu, Gangotri, Siachen or eminent artists or Patriots like Tagore, Bismillah, Bose, Bhagat Singh etc.
What are the general views?
It would be quite effective if an RTI to be sent by someone / on behalf of RWA to concerned department DDA/MCD/etc regarding defacement. There is illegal hoarding / banner is increasing day by day in Dwarka..
anil nayal
I agree we need to take up with DDA .Naming of public areas & roads are within the domain of DDA or municipalities
V. Krishnamurthy
Idea is good but who will accept it.However,there is no harm in taking efforts.Must forward this to appropriate authority.
The idea of naming the roads are good, but it should not be after the names of politians. It should resemble to either to a Society name or to Indian/Delhi history.
There is no point in making hulla gulla on an issue, which is not in our hand. wait for some time the MCD will name these roads with names of some politicians or their relatives name in around the urban villages very soon. AAM ADMI have no say. Nor there is any policy and won't be any policy.All roads have a number allotted by DDA, if one could see the DDA installed maps. Naming and RENAMING is process been happening in our country and will continue. There are many other issue which we may take up.
For exampl Delhi Govt passed(not notified yet) The Delhi Defacement Act 2007. This would help us to remove hoaring, banners, posters all around in Delh and particularly in Subcity. we made already a request to DDA to have a DESIGNATED public display board so who so ever wish he may use that board instead of posting all around city. WDYT>?
Source: DwarkaParichay news & information services

Lead India Leader in YOU?

Congrates to Mr R K Misra being elected as LEAD INDIA.
Who is a leader? In each one of you the ability to lead always there.
How you execute is important.
So please use this priceless talent for better future.
My comments on leadindia, i wud say such leaders to be identified in
all districts.
Appreciate your view/comments.
I do agree every one has talent to lead and it has to execute in a sence to deliver for mass of people.When we search a leader through a programme or through sms on tv in my view it can not be termed as Indian Leader.We do not have scarsity of leaders in India but few are Indian Leaders.One thing I can appreciate that through this process few people have voted who perhaps never ever had voted for democratic process.Hope it will be continued.I do not have the exact data but I do not believe that a substantial people have voted.Secondly,not more than 15-20 % Indian have facility to watch tv through setelite.
Media has tried to give a trade mark of politician and we also know the quality mentained even though having trade mark.Even if we consider this is a standard fixed by few educated people then should any one presume that leaders will also be sold as goods through advertisement?TV is doing their business but what we are doing?
Belive me unless we make massive changes in our society we can not find a genuine leader and if not then we have enogh leaders to lead India and no need to search further.
Dear Fellow Indians and Specially Dwarkites...
Our So Special Congratulations to RK Misra and all then to all Finalists of Lead India.....
It is great effort on part of TOI, Idea and associates in this mission Lead India...... LED INDIA could ignite our mind to look for leaders with in us and around us. WE need several RK Misras to carry out the mission of Public-Private partnership (PPP) and development through OUR SELVES and SELF HELP GROUPS in the country. Misra could build 20 km long FOUR LANE road with PPP despite the government and at cost lesser that normal cost, with whole hearted participation by the people who needed the facility and contributed to financial requirement and social oversight to implementation of said road project.
Here we are awaiting the Government (read DDA/MCD) for water. and are dependent on poor quality water being supplied (I don not know how many times we test it and whether it is really potable!!!!!). Whereas we can have our own 24X7 (24 Hours all the 7 days of the week) potable water supply if we believe in true spirit of PPP.
Similarly we can have multi level modern semi automatic/automatic parking lot in market complex (can be mad viable with combining it with development of commercial space) and allow the roads to be used as ROADS for moving vehicles and not stagnant 2 lanes of cars/Motorcycles (read parking). Let's act before all vacant lands are filled with Multi-storey buildings (without parking) and before it is too late and before all wide roads of Dwarka are filled with standing vehicles. We certainly need markets and we do need to get there on our own vehicles as I am sure Government is busy in its other priorities and it will not be prudent for it to provide us a dependable and reliable public transport in decades to to come. If there is dependable and reliable public transport, most of us will use it
The airport/Dwaraka traffic circle is yet another nuisance of the bad planning (or no planning) of the authorities (8 lane NH 8 is functional and they could not imagine the situation and bottleneck has now shifted to the airport circle). Why can't we have a comprehensive transport plan and have piece meal approach to development. If we take a pledge that we will invest as much time and resources (read burning fuel and being held up in traffic while idling) in finding solution for this burning infrastructure issue, as we are cumulatively wasting at this single traffic bottleneck in our daily movement, I am sure we will end up with good solution for most of it sooner than later.
Transport planners are deep asleep. I am not sure (but hope the leaned transport planners would certain about it), whether providing a simple temporary solution of red light in place of round around could provide a good short term breather and will allow time to plan and execute a better solution of under pass to avoid Cris-Cross at this important "GATEWAY TO CAPITAL OF INDIA" as Millions of air passengers, apart from our own fellow Dwarkites use this junction.
I am sure our Great Leader RK Misra would have crossed through this bottleneck while coming to Delhi for recording of the final Lead India episode and going back to Bangalore. So are our national leaders, who are facing this trouble every day while they fly to their respective constituencies and go to meet the people of India in their political and executive capacities.
WE should do all of this before it is very late. I know what would be the response on this email form the enlightened (read government dependent citizens of Dwarka), but I am taking this risk of the idea being trashed........ I know that there will be emails pouring in saying the authorities have promised to do miracles, SE of DDA has promised something, EE of MCD has promised something else, but the taps will remain dry for next several years and we will continue to be strangulated in fumes at the traffic bottlenecks. If we could not get potable water supply for last 10 years of existence of Dwarka, forget it....... we will not get it for next 20 years, I can bet.......
The growth is result of hard work and devotion of the white and blue collared workforce, Indian's unstinted interest in learning and most importantly-our family fabric which feeds us in our formative years (sometimes even upto age 30 years), prepares us, works as a strong support system for our growth-the sacrifices made by the parents for ensuring the prosperity of next generation. WE have miles to go. The whole world is looking at India to lead the path of real and balanced growth. India is growing @ 8-9% p.a, despite of POOR Infrastructure. We can not possibly predict the growth potential if we unshackle the Infrastructure alone from the clutches of the sleeping elephant -the Government- and bring it to PPP domain where "first P" means "People" and "2nd P" means "Private" and "third P" leads to "Partnership". Government should Govern, Facilitate and Regulate (GFR).

Growth does bring pollution, but pollution also has solution. Science, Technology and proper Management are capable to abate/treat/mitigate pollution, if WE have the will power, we can address this menace. Let's not blame the development and growth being witnessed by India (and I am sure will continue to be witnessed during the decades and decades to come). Let's be prepared to not only accommodate the growth and prosperity, India is experiencing, but also WELCOME IT. Believe me it is welcome to grow and prosper
Source: DwarkaParichay news & information services

Friday, February 22, 2008

Update on group housing societies

I had/ have filed a number of RTI applications in RCS office and have received a lot of information in respect of ongoing battle of allotment of flats. I would like to inform you all that during the hearing of an appeal under RTI Act, Mr G.S. Meena, Joint RCS had once uttered me in the presence of a couple of Dwarkeates that, "you think that because of your saying, I shall put all my staff and resources in research work?" I had promptly replied him back that if you don't do that I WILL make you to do the requisite research. I am proud that I have won and have got 100% information, I had sought for.

With respect to the advertisement of 48 societies, I have filed some other RTI applications with bitter questions. However, in response to one of my RTI application the RCS office has said,

"as per list of 41 societies which are not under investigation of CBI and 7 societies which are cleared by CBI, clearance of draw of lots is pending in these societies and the same is being processed by the department after receipt of proposal as per schedule VII of sub rule 1 of Rule 90 of DCS Rule 2007. After receipt of proposal the same will be examined under the provision of section 77 of the DCS Act, 2003 and if the enrollment/ resignation of members in the cooperative society are found proper as per provision of the DCS Act/ rules and bye laws of the society on the basis of verification of the documents, the same will be placed before a constituted committee under the provision of rule 90 of DCS Rule, 2007. After approval of the committee the names of the members of a society will be recommended to DDA for draw of lot. It is also stated that a number of societies are being investifated by the CBI due to various irregularities. The investigation is being monitored by Delhi High Court. The membership issue of these societies shall be taken up only after completion of investigation by CBI and order passed by Delhi High Court."

One may just guage the things, that it's nothing but a LOLLYPOP given by the government. The government is adament not to make the allotment for the reasons best known to them and ofcourse to all of us.

List of Societies pending for clearance of Draw of Lot which are not covered under CBI :

Name of Society Freeze Strength Violation Rule 24(2)
Jaypee 256 93
Saral 77 18
Friends Circle 90 5
Eligible 72 55
Great Lyallpur 75 28
White Rose 61 59
Veg Sanchar 68 28
Nav Nirman
The Khattar 100 74
Kesharwani 94 12
Delhi Transporters 180 80
Ashok Enclave 165 28
IIT Engineers 74 17
Rama Krishna 134 79
Enterpreneurs 165 40
Gold Craft 235 03
Manisha 60 16
Sanchar Vihar 115 63
Delhi Appartmets 120 84
DDA Engineers 165 57
Swarup Sadan 55 31
Udyog Vihar 157 44
Gabdhi Ashram 90 22
Kunj Vihar 209 130
Sapna Ghar 123 65
Vishwas Nagar 60 14
Sant Sundar Dassji 107 39
Seth Vihar 126 60
Bhagwan Budha 94 9
Pragya Cool 158 50
Jawaharlal 112 48
Management Alumini 105 10
Surangani 112 28
Swami Dayanand 126 37
True Friends 120 86
Young Star 75 34
A.G. Brothers 60 51
Chopra 135 12
Bharat Petrolium 75 75

List of Societies pending for clearance of Draw of lot which are cleared by CBI during the Investigation:

Consulting Engineers
Jhelum Aruvansh
Roop Villa

Ashok Chaitanya
9811638615 / 9868512176
In my opinion
Option 1: Now that this case has stretched so far, unless these people find someone to place the guilt upon, they cannot technically back out. Afterall someone did not folow rules. We middle class people lack the agressiveness of slum dwellers et all.
Option 2: If some how the politician get a message that if they dont work for dwarka cause they will not get the votes only then they will do something.
I simply cannot think any other option
Dear Mr. Rohit Jain,

It is a wonderful suggestion. But who among the members of Managing Committees of the existing societies wants transparency in their working? They are not rady even to tell the residents what they are going to discuss in the monthly meeting and what was the outcome?
I wrote by name to LG of Delhi that sixty to seventy per cent members have taken flats for financial gains and not for residential purposes. Please intervene so
that the lower middle class people can have affordable houses which was the purpose of this Cooperative Group Housing Scheme to give them land at subsidised rates.I
gave concrete example of some societies where Presidents/Secretaries have got five-six Benami flats with them. So far no action has been taken by LG and
Dwarka Federation is responsible for this mess and this is known to CBI, RCS and Central Vigilance Commission. Let us see the outcome. Things have not gone out of control, though the concerned agencies are taking time. I am an optimist.
Prof. Goyal
I think Ashokji the process of Contempt agaisnt RCS officils must continue and BOOK THEM FOR ONCE FOR ALL. These officials are habitual of playing (TENNIS GAME ) putting blame on others for not doing their own obligations.
Keep the spirit and lets BOOK them(RCS Officials).. thousands of flat owners rights were denied/delayed and we don't give up. I hope other members also support this..(comments pls)
regards, Rejimon
I very strongly believe that these are heavy polictical gimmics.First of all the process of draw of lots is not made clear to any of the societies.It is just said that the documents to be submitted as per DCS rules 2007.There are so many hurdles.

Can anybody update the experience with RCS after having met with RCS guys. I think some socities are given 8th Feb-08 for meeting them
Source: DwarkaParichay news & information services
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Thursday, February 21, 2008







TO LORD SHIVA for "Lokakshema i.e. welfare of the universe"

For removal of terrorism, violence and other atrocities, etc TO BE HELD ON

Sunday 24TH FEBRUARY 2008

TIME 8.30 AM onwards

VENUE Sree Meenakshi Temple,

Near BC 50-51 Sri Meenakshi Mandir Marg,

Paschimi Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi -110088

All devotees are requested to participate in large numbers and receive
the blessings of the Almighty.

Devotees are requested to come in traditional attire (Dhoti, Kurta/Pyjama,
Saree, Salwar-Kameez, etc) for participation in the Laksharchana.
(Kindly avoid Pants, Jeans, etc for maintaining sanctity and tradition during the Laksharchana)

You may also contribute/donate/sponsor items for Laksharchana

K. Hariharan 9868369793

Source: DwarkaParichay news & information services

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Winners of North & East region felicitated with MercedesTrophy 2008


The eighth edition of MercedesTrophy in India got off to a flying start at the Jaypee Greens, Gurgaon, with tee-off by Dr. Wilfred Aulbur, CEO & Managing Director of DaimlerChrysler India . The event also marked the unveiling of the exquisite trophy with a crystal ball on a tee, specially designed and crafted by Swarovski. Present at the event were the presenting sponsor of the tournament: Rahul Malhotra, Managing Director and Head of Asia Pacific Advisory, Merrill Lynch; along with cosponsors Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Country Manager of Swarovski India and Mr. Aditya Khullar, Manager Marketing India, Swiss International Air Lines Ltd. Mr. Rishi Narain from Rishi Narain Golf Management, event manager for the tournament along with Wendell Rodricks were also present.After two days of play (16-17 February 2008) participated by 209 golfers and Mercedes-Benz aficionados, the winners of the North & East region emerged:Mr. L Rai Singhani(Category A),Mr. Ashok Arora(Category B) &Mr. Ashok Bhatia(Category C)The runners-up:Mr. Ashok Monga(Category A),Mr. Gaurav Dogra(Category B) and Mrs. Mukta Malhotra( Category C)

At a glittering evening event at Taj Hotel, New Delhi, the fashion, cars and indulgence, the lucky winners carried away their prizes. The highlight of the event was unmistakably the ensemble ‘Spellbound’. In a series of five suites, the Wendell Rodricks collection for Mercedes-Benz moves from Whispers in space, Aquatic melodies, Crackling rhythms, Whistling winds and Earth sounds. Using a palette of blacks, blues, fire, white and earth tones, the collection is treated to signature Wendell Rodricks style. Layered looks, extreme fluidity, crinkle fabrics, metallic highlights and precision cut to flow with nature. The impressive variety of fabrics ensures that the Wendell Rodricks Mercedes-Benz fashion ensemble is a timeless classic. Using his hallmark cutting and sensual application to silhouette and style, Wendell Rodricks created for Mercedes-Benz, an unforgettable collection that represents fashion at its stylish best.

The winners and runner-up are selected for each category at the three regional qualifier tournaments- the Northern & Eastern regionals at Delhi on February 16-17 2008, Western regionals scheduled at Mumbai on February 23-24 2008 and Southern regionals organized at Bangalore on March 8 2008. The winners and runners-up for each category from each of the regional rounds will be special guests of DaimlerChrysler India at the prestigious MercedesTrophy National Final which will be played at Pune on March 16 2008. The three lucky winners at the National Finals, along with their spouses, will get a unique chance to participate at the Mercedes Trophy World Final 2008 at Stuttgart, Germany, which is an annual congregation of the finest-proven players and Mercedes-Benz enthusiasts.

Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information Services

NUJ(I) condoles two veteran journalists


The National Union of Journalists (India) deeply mourns the sad demise of veteran journalists Upendra Vajpayee and Tribhuvan Nath, who have left reliable marks on the profession with their penetrating reporting and comments, on political events and affairs during the last several decades. Dr N K Trikha-President-NUJ(I) paid homage towards the departed souls because it is an irreparable loss to journalism, in particular, and the society at large, in general.

Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information Services

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Young Achievers


Father’s Name AJAY KUMAR GUPTA Age 13 years

Studying VIIIth Standard (Darbarilal D.A.V Model . School - Pitam Pura, Delhi -110034)


Hobbies Keen interest in Music & Cultural Activities

Qualification Passed IIIrd Year from (Gandharva Sangeet Sansthan,in Music Rohini- Delhi) in 2006

. Achievements

Ø Participated in “Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa” L`IL CHAMPS 2007, ZEE T.V. (19/10&27/10/2007)

Ø Participated in “Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa” L`IL CHAMPS 2006, ZEE T.V. (6/7 & 7/7/2006)

Ø Won 1st Prize in “Sansui Antakshari” ZEE T.V..(2003)

Ø She has also been awarded “MELODY MAGIC”& “OUTSTANDING SINGER” of the school in 2005-2006 & 2006-2007.

Ø Delhi State winner in solo singing of 2006-2007 (06.12.2006).


Ø “Kalashree Award” from Akhil Bhartiya Sahatiya Kala Sangam (15.04.2004)

Ø “Nation Care Kalashree Award”from Nation Care, Hindi and English National News Paper (16.04.2006)


Ø Live Interview on F.M. Rainbow (102.60) (02.01.2006) 1 pm to 2 pm
Ø Live Interview on Zee News (13.08.2006) to

Ø Live Interview on F.M. Rainbow (102.60) (14.08.2006) 1 pm to 2 pm
Ø Live Interview on F.M. Rainbow (102.60) (16.04.2007) 1 pm to 2 pm
Ø Interview in SUBAH SAVERE on DD I (30.05.2007)


Ø Rhymes Recorded by Softmax Audio named “Golam Gol”

Ø Gayatri Mantra recorded by Abhilasha films for “ SANSKAR CHANNEL

Programme for Social Causes

Ø Performance in “CENTRAL JAIL TIHAR No. 4 ” (19.09.2003)

Ø Performance in “Central Jail Tihar No. 6” (17.12.2003)

Ø Performed for the Physically Handicap Children organised by Northern Railway Physically Handicapped Employees Welfare Association (Regd) (03.12.2004)

Ø Performance in “Central Jail Tihar No. 3” (03.05.2006) Ø Performance in the Memory of those who laid down their precious lives while fighting against terrorism, on “ANTI TERRORISM DAY” at VIGYAN BHAWAN ( 27.10.2006) STAGE & T.V.PROG. IN PRESENCE OF BOLYWOOD STARS & SINGERS
1 Mr Amrish Puri 2.Mr Dharmender 3. Mr Raza Murad 4Mr Prem Chopra 5 Mr Bhappi Lahiri 6 MrAbhijeet 7Mrs Alka Yagnik 8Mr Daler Mahendi 9 Mrs Pallavi Joshi 10Mr Shaan 11Mr Gulshan Grover 12 Mrs Usha Uttaap 13 Ms Pinaz Massani 14MrVinod Rothore 15 Ms Mrinal Kulkarnee 16 Mr Anu Kapoor 17 Mr Hans Raj Hans 18MrRaju Shrivastva 19 Ms Sangeeta Ghosh 20 Mr Bhuppi 21 Mr Arvinder Singh 22Mr Shankar Sahani 23 Mr Nanender Chanchal 24. Mr Mikka

25 Mr Arun Bakshi 26 Mr Vipin Sachdeva 27MrKumar. Shaanu 28 Ms Shivani Kashyap

29 Ms Sapna Awasthi 30Mr Ashok Masti 31 MrDara Singh 32. Mrs Vandna Bajpayee

33 Mr Babul Supriyo 34Mr Vipin Aneja 35 Ms Rati Agnihotri 36 MrBalbir (Comedian)

37 Ms Upasana Singh 38Mr Aman Vermma 39 Mr Randhir Kapoor 40Mr Rajiv Kapoor

41 Mr Sonu Nigam 42MrSuresh Wadekar 43 Mr Khyalli &Karishma

With Indian Idol & SA-RE-GA-MA-PA Stars


News Papers: TheTimes of India, Hindustan Times, Dainik Jagran, Punjab Kesri, Meri Delhi, Hari Bhumi, Nayak Bharti, Shah Times, Milap. Sajag Rastriya Samachar, Saptahik Nirnay(Meerut)

Magazine : 4th D Woman (English), Nanhey Samrat, School Talk, Krishi Darshan. Ardhangini

Ø Presented Programme in “Patron ke Uttar” “TARANG”NCERT`S progrgramme (Doordarshan) from Sept. 2005 to Feb2006 .
Ø Children Programme TARANG- Doordarshan/ DD-I (NCERT)

Ø Won 1st Prize in “FANKAR”/ ETV-T.V. PROG. (21.08.2002)

Ø Performed in “NANHE TAARE”(Doordarshan DD-1)
Ø Performed in “SADHNA CHANNEL”.

Ø Special performance in “Sansui Antakshari” ZEE T.V. (06.11.2004)

Ø Performed in “HANNU AUR CHUNMUN” NCERT`s programme (10.11.2004)

Ø Won Ist prize in T.V. Prog. (DD-1) “SUR TAL SE KARO DHAMAL” (12.01.2007)

Ø Participated in “Titan Antakshari” ZEE T.V. (13.04, 14.04, 20.04, 11.05 & 12.05.2007)

Ø Performed in “Patron ke Uttar” “TARANG”NCERT`S progrgramme (D.D-I) (30/07/2007, 27/8/2007 & 13/09/2007)


Ø Won 1st Prize in Singing Competition “Talent 2003” organised by “Mother`s Pride”

Ø Won 1st Prize in Singing Competition “Tecnia Sur-Aradhana institute” (13.04.04)

Ø Won 1st Prize in Singing Competition “Mother`s Pride” Talent 2004 (16.05.2004)

Ø Won 1st Prize in Singing Competition “S.M.ARYA PUBLIC SCHOOL” Talent Show (07.11.2004)

Ø Won Ist Prize in Singing Competition “ KISHOR NITE –2005” organised by “Kishore Memorial Club” in Pyare Lal Bhawan (08.10.2005)

Ø Won Ist Prize in Singing Competition organised by “Yuva Vikas Sangh”. (14.11.2005)

......Cont .page ... 3

Ø Won 2nd Prize in Singing competition, organised by“ NAINA ACTIVITY AND EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY-REGD”.

Ø IInd Position in singing Competition organised by “PIONEER HOBBY CENTRE” managed by “Yashica Education Society- (YES) Regd. (30.12.04)

Ø IInd Position in singing Competition “Sangam Kala Group” 2004.(30.01.05)

Ø Won 3rd Prize in Singing Competition organised by “Tecnia Sur-Aradhana Institute” (27.06.2004)

Ø Won 3rd Prize in Singing Competition “S.M.ARYA PUBLIC SCHOOL” Talent Show (23.10.2005)

Ø 4th Position in Singing Competition, organised by “Sangam Kala Group” Delhi State Level, in Indian Institute of People Managements (18.01.2004)


Ø Won Ist prize in various School Level Competitions

Ø Performance in “Kishor Nite 2002” LTG Auditorium, organised by “Kishore Memorial Club”

Ø Performance in “SANGAM KALA GROUP” Hindi Bhawan, Delhi State Level. (2002)

Ø Performance in “Shakuntlam Kala Kendra” Kamani Auditorium (11.08.2003)

Ø Performance in “ EY VATAN TERE LIYE” Talkatora Indoor Stadium, organised by “Rastra Ekta Sangh” (14.08.2003)

Ø Performance in Ficci Auditorium organised by “Asian Art Cultural Society” (22.08.2003)

Ø Performance in“RAFI SANGEET SAMAROH 2003” Talkatora Indoor Stadium, organised by “Kala Darpan”. (06.09.2003)

Ø Performance in L.T.G.Auditorium, organised by “Noopur Institute of performing Arts”(23.09. 03)

Ø Performance in “EY MERE PYARE VATAN ” Azad Bhawan (08.10.2003)

Ø Performance in “Kishor Nite 2003” Shah Auditorium, organised by “Kishore Memorial Club” (13.10.2003).

Ø Performance in “AAJA TERI YAAD AAI” Talkatora Indoor Stadium, organised by “Sur Aradhanaa”. (09.11.2003)

Ø Performance in “KAL HAMARA HAI” L.T.G. Auditorium, organised by “Rotary Club Delhi Vikas” (13.11.2003)

Ø Performance in “LATA KI SUR LATAYEIN” Kamani Auditorium “organised by “Sur Aradhana” (11.12.2003)

Ø Performance in “PYAR KI PYAS” Ficci Auditorium, organised by “Aashirwad Arts” (20.12. 03)

Ø Performance in Shah Auditorium, organised by “Appex Association of Wazir Pur Ind. Area” (26.12.2003)

Ø Performance in Gandhi Memorial Hall on the eve of “YOUTH DAY” organised by “National Youth Organization” (10.01.2004)

Ø Performance in Siri Fort Auditorium organized by “All India Human Rights Association” (14.01.2004)

Ø Performance in Silver Jubilee Function of NTPC organised by “Rumil Art Group” (31.03.2004)

Ø Performance in Aggarwal Bhawan - Rohini, organsied by “ Sur Sadhana Society” (30.07.2004)

Ø Performance in Talkatora Indoor Stadium, organised by leading News Paper “MERI DELHI” (07.08.2004)

Ø Performance in Aggarsain Bhawan – Pashchim Vihar, organised by “BHARATIYA SAHITIYA KALA SANGAM” (15.08.2004)

Ø Performance in Talkatora Indoor Stadium, organsied by “ Tecnia Sur Aradhana Institute” (06.09.2004)

Ø Performance in “ KISHOR NITE – 2004” Pyare Lal Bhawan, organised by “Kishore Memorial Club” (18.12.2004)

......Cont .page ...4

Ø Performance in "CHILDERN NITE" National Stadium, organsied by “SITY MAHOTSAV” Sity Cable (09.04.2005)

Ø Performance in “Basant Saras” Delhi Hatt, on the eve of “BAISAKHI” (13.04.2005)

Ø Performance in “SITARON KI KHOJ 2005” Kamani Auditorium organised by “Ekta Mission” (24.07.2005)

Ø Performance in “SALAM RAFI KO SALAM ” Kamani Auditorium “organised by Cultural Organisation “HANS DHWANI” (31.07.2005)

Ø Performance in “MERI DELHI AWARDS 2005” Ficci Auditorium, organised by “NNS ONLINE PVT.LTD.” (07.08.2005)

Ø Performance in “NOIDA MAHOTSAV” Noida Stadium, organized by “Kala Darpan” (17.10.2005)

Ø Performance in “NAYAK BHARATI AWARDS 2005” Ficci Auditorium, organised by “NAYAK BHARATI” National news paper (23.12.2005)

Ø Performance in “BHAJAN SANDHYA” at Tecnia Institute, on the Ist death anniversary of SH SUNIL DUTT organised by “SUNILDUTT MEMORIAL SOCIETY & TECNIA INSTITUTE” (25.05.2006)

Ø Performance in “SITARON KI KHOJ 2006” Hans Dhwani Theatre “organised by “Ekta Mission” (16.07.2006)

Ø Performance in “A tribute to MOHD RAFI - TUMSAA NAHI DEKHA” Air Force Auditorium, organised by An organization of Cultural & Social Activities “HANS DHWANI” (30.07.2006)

Ø Performance in “GOVINDA AALLA REY” at Shyam Lal College, on the eve of Shri Krishan Janamashtmi (16.08.2006)

Ø Performance at Inderprashta Engineering College, Sahibabad, Ghaziabad. (28.09.2006)

Ø Performance at Punjabi Bagh Club “Sangani Karva Chauth Uttsav” (06.10.2006)

Ø Performance in Bal Bharti Public School - Noida (07.10.2006)

Ø Performance at Air Force Auditorium in “Kishor Kumar Award 2006”, organised by “Kishore Memorial Club” & U-Turn Media Pvt. Ltd. (13.10.2006).

Ø Performance at Sukh Sagar Farm House-Ghaziabad, Celebration of Diwali , organised by “Shri Ram Pistons & Rings Ltd.” (18.10.2006).

Ø Performance in “L.G.ELECTRONICS LTD” -Greater Noida”, Celebration of Diwali (19.10.2006,22.12.2006 & 23.12.2006)

Ø Performance at Siri Fort Auditorium in “National Smile Awards Nite”, on the eve of 75 years of Indian Film Music, organised by “Society of Music, Innovative Literature and Emotions (26.10.2006).

Ø Bhajan programme on Varshikotsav of “YOG NIKETAN” (29.10.2006)

Ø Performance in Tyag Raj Stadium Organised by “RESERVE BANK OF INDIA”(09.11.2006 & 15.11.2006)

Ø Performance on the District foundation day of Ghaziabad organized by “ROATARY CLUB” (12.11.2006)

Ø Performance in “NOTRE DAME SCHOOL” NTPC-Badarpur on Childrens` Day (14.11.2006)

Ø Performance in Tivoli Garden on World Cup Carrom Tournament “SYNCO AWARD NITE-WORLD CUP-2006” (19.11.2006)

Ø Performance at N.C.U.I Auditorium organized by “KRIBHCO LTD.” (26.11.2006)

Ø Performance in “JEENA YAHAN” a musical Tribute to Sh. Raj Kapoor organized by Rumil Art Group at Hansdhwani Theater (14.12.2006)

Ø Performance on the eve of new year organized by “POWER GRID CORPORATION- GURGAON”(31.12.2006)

......Cont .page ...5

Ø Performance on the eve of Lohri in Navtrang 2007 organized by “SAWARI- MERI DELHI CLUB” (13.01.2007)

Ø Performance at “SURAJ KUND MELA-2007”-Faridabad (04.02.2007)

Ø Performance at “Wedding Souk” –Pitam pura on Valentine day (14.02.2007)

Ø Performance in the Cultural programme organized by “D.A.V. (P.G.) COLLEGE –Dehradun”(17.03.2007)

Ø Performance in the Cultural programme organized by “URMILA PUBLIC SCHOOL-SIKANDRABAD”(07.04.2007)

Ø Performance at Guru Nanak Bhawan in the Cultural programme organized by “SANSKRITIK SAMAROH-LUDHIANA”(25.04.2007)

Ø Performance in Sarvodaya Vidyalaya as a guest for giving award to brilliant children “SAWANTRA DISHA PARTIBHA AWARD-2007” organized by “SAWANTRA DISHA –NEWS PAPER”(13.05.2007)

Ø Performance at inauguration of Ganga Appartments (HARIDWAR) organized by Prem Bhatia & Party (23.06.2007)

Ø Performance in the Cultural programme “AAYA SAWAN-2007 organized by AVI CLUB-NOIDA (21.07.2007)

Ø Performance in “A tribute to MOHD RAFI - TUMSE ACHCHHA KAUN HAIN” at KAMANI AUDITORIUM organised by an organization of Cultural & Social Activities “HANS DHWANI” (31.07.2007)

Ø Performance “On the occasion of 78th Birth Anniversary of Kishore Kumar – PYAR BANTATE CHALO” at PEAREY LAL BHAWAN organised by Kishore Kumar Memorial Club(Regd.) (04.08.2007)

Ø Guest appearance “The musical eve…. Dedicated to Sanwari Girl`s Scholarship Scheme” at SHAH AUDITORIUM organised by SANWARI & S.M.G. ENTERTAINERS (20.08.2007)

Ø Performance in the Cultural programme “UMANG-2007 organized by AVCC CLUB-NOIDA (09.09.2007)

Ø Performance in Diwali programme , organised by “RAJASTHAN RATNAKAR” (26.10.2007).

Ø Performance in Diwali programme , organised by “SARDARSHARE NAGRIK PARISHAD” (03.11.2007).

Ø Performance in Diwali programme , organised by “POORVANCHAL PARIWAR” (05.11.2007).

Ø Performance in Diwali programme , organised by “ESS ESS FARMS” –Faridabad (07.11.2007).

Ø Performance as a guest appearance “The musical eve…. With Khayali & Karishma” at Rangshala Bhawan (GWALIOR) organised by Madhya Pradesh Chamber of Commerce (18.11.2007)

Ø Guest appearance “ Lil champs Inter School Singing Contast” organised by Zee T.V. (11.12.2007)

Ø Performance in “JEENA YAHAN” a musical Tribute to Sh. Raj Kapoor organized by Rumil Art Group at Siri Fort Auditoriumun (13.12.2007)

Ø Performance in the Cultural programme “Little Champs-2007” organized by “Chandighar Tourism”-Chandigarh (27.12.2007)

Ø Performance in New year programme , organised by “Air Force - Gurgoan” (28.12.2007).

Ø Performance in New year programme , organised by “Air Force - Race Course” (29.12.2007).

Ø Performance in Fashion show , organised by “Chotte Lal & Sons - Jweller” (01.01.2008).

Ø Performance in the Cultural programme “Little Champs -Zee T.V.” organized by Chancellor Club -Gurgaon (25.01.2008)

Ø Performance in the Cultural programme “Silver Jubilee of Pearls Group of Industries.” (29.01.2008)

Ø Guest appearance in “Indo Asian Award function Twenty 20 -2008” at Kamla Nehru College organised by Zee Spots (02.02.2008)

Ø Performance in the Cultural programme by Little Champs at “SURAJ KUND MELA-2008” -Faridabad organised by “Cultural Society Patiala” (05.02.2008)

Ø Guest appearance in “Sai Sandhya with Hamsar Hayat” in association with Zee T. V. (06.02.2008)

Ø Guest appearance in “2nd Media Excellence Award 2008” organised by Media Federation of India (07.02.2008)

Sukanya Gupta ( 13 yrs) a class VIIIth student of D.L.D.A.V.Model School, Pitam Pura, Delhi. She is Delhi State winner in solo singing of 2006-2007 (06.12.2006). She has also been given “BEST SINGER AWARD” of the school in 2005-2006 & 2006-2007. By nature she is very submissive and social. She is very popular among her friends due to her sweet & friendly nature. Her melodious voice has captured the hearts of one and all. She is learning classical music at Gandharva Sangeet Sansthan,Rohini-Delhi) for the last 3 years & has cleared every semester in good position. She can sing any song, be it folk, classical, pop or bhajan with equal élan.She has got many prizes by strolling the first position in school competitions organised by her school and other schools. She has also given more than 200 stage & T.V programmes including Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa” L`IL CHAMPS 2007, ZEE T.V. (19/10&27/10/2007) “Sa-Re-Ga-Ma-Pa” L`IL CHAMPS 2006 (6/7&7/7/2006), SANSUI ANTAKSHRI (2003) where she stood first and TITAN ANTAKSHRI (2007) on Zee T.V.. She has also presented a T.V. programme on D.D.-1 (PATTRON-KE-UTTAR) for continuous 6 months. Sukanya Gupta is a well known child singer for stage performances conducted in Delhi.

Book reading is her most favourite hobby. She reads story-books more in Hindi, as Hindi is her favourite subject, in which she likes to write stories and articles also.

Sukanya has one elder brother, Vaibhav, who is doing B.Tech.

Sukanya is a very quick learner in studies and other activities. She has been securing above 85% marks since her childhood.

Her all time favourites have been none other than the melody sisters Lata Mangeshkar Ji & Asha Ji.

Besides singing, she likes to watch T.V. and travelling also. In T.V. she likes to watch “ SA-RE-GA-MA-PA”, “Saat Phere” ( Zee T.V.) & “Kittu Sab Jaanti Hai”, “Woh Rahne Wali Mahalon Ki”- (Sahara T.V.) She also watches Cricket Matches. In food-habits she likes spicy food than sweet dishes. She likes Pao-Bhaji, Pizzas, Chhole Bhatoore, Rajma and Curry Chawal, Maggi, etc.

She likes to wear Jeans-Top and skirt-top the most. She is very fond of her pet-dog Broono. She wants to become a good singer in future but she also knows that the competition is very tough and she has to work very hard.

Her mother SEEMA GUPTA is working as music teacher in a Government School. She is M.Phil in (Music) from Delhi University.

Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information Service

NUJ(I) Condemns attack on NE TV Chief


New Delhi, February 11 - The National Union of Journalists (India) strongly condemns the cowardly attack on Ms Manoranjana Sinh, Chairperson, NE TV near Guwahati yesterday. It is relieved, however, to know that she and her two security guards escaped the gun fire unhurt.

That the unidentified gunmen fired eight bullets at Ms Sinh's vehicle shows the attempt was clearly to take her life. This is one of the worst direct attacks on the media anywhere in the country. An attack on a women journalist is all the more abominable.

It is not the first time that NE TV has been targeted. This powerful news channel of the north-east was earlier assaulted for its objective coverage of the happenings in the area which had evoked widespread condemnation from all sections of the society.

According to Dr N K Trikha-President,National Union of Journalists (India), the NUJ(I) demands of the Assam Government to quickly hunt down the attackers and bring them to book expeditiously, as also ensure that such attacks on the media are prevented at all costs.

Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information Services

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pride of Dwarka

Dr. Jai Prakash is the Principal of Bhaskaracharya College of Applied Sciences. Before that he taught Physics at Ramjas College for nearly 35 years and was also the Vice Principal of Ramjas College. Recently he spoke to S.S.DOGRA-Managing Editor, and revealed so many important things.

He is an alumnus of University of Delhi. From where he got his Ph.D. and M.Sc. His areas of current research activities are Solar Energy & Environment. He has been Member of the International Jury for the World Young Research in Environment Competition held at Hannover Expo-2000 in Germany. He had been Member, Academic Advisory Committee, School of Environment Studies, University of Delhi for two years 2002-04. He has co-ordinated four week Orientation Courses five times for University & College Teachers conducted by the Centre for Professional Development for Higher Education (CPDHE), University of Delhi, Delhi.

Writing Ability:

He Authored two books on Solar Energy. One of his bookSaur Urja aur uske Upyogpublished by NCERT in 1999 under the Project `READING to LEARN' for the children of the age group of 12-16 yrs. won the award for the best book written in Hindi in the field of Energy for the year 1998 given by the Ministry of Non-conventional Energy Sources, Govt. of India, New Delhi. His 60 research articles Published/presented in National & International Journals and Conferences.

Research Work:

· Examined several Ph.D. thesis.
· He has worked as Post Doctoral Fellow for in 1980-81 in Austria and as a Visiting Scientist for two years from 1984 to 1986 and again in 1987, 1991, 1993 and 2000 in Italy.
· Supervised two students for Ph.D. degree at I. I. T. Delhi.


Source: DwarkaParichay News & Information services

Friday, February 8, 2008

Stride Against Cancer


(Stride Against Cancer )

Join the walk with your family to be part of the

global battle against breast cancer.

The WALK will be flagged of

by Mrs. Gursharan Kaur

(wife of Hon'ble Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh)

Date : February 10, 2008 (Sunday)

Time : 9 am

Venue :Central Civil Services Sports Ground,
Vinay Marg, Near Hotel Ashoka.
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

source: news & information services

Predictions - Sagittarius

Sagittarius (22 November - 21 December)

Personal: This year will be a time for social gatherings and events where you will be the centre of attraction. Your value as a skillful person with the know-how will not be questioned and your work would also make a progress through such outings and events. So be on the look out for new tidings while you are enjoying life to the fullest. However you might be the talk of the town and this might be a cause for jealousy and unnecessary rivalry. Be on guard.
Professional: Go charging ahead but see that you do not invite trouble by showing off or talking about your progress. A time where you need to put your ideas into action without double thinking. Others might see you as their counselor/advisor, you will be a mentor to someone or get the help of someone in a position of power for a good deed done.
Love: The year could culminate into a marriage or an arrangement which will leave you feeling secure and fulfilled. Those who have yet to meet their partners will do so through some family gathering or by some reference from family members. A time to enjoy the fruit of the seeds sown in the past.
General: Believing that you can achieve and get all you desire will make things easy and allow you to enjoy the wait while they manifest in actuality. Working towards a goal is your key for the year.

Prediction by Nisha - Tarot Reader & efforts of members from the Tarot Community . Special thanks to Navneet Gill, Kapila Monga, Bharadwaj, Vigya and Abhijit Monty for their contributions.

Visit regularly for the next Sun Sign PREDICTION
DwarkaParichay News & Information Services

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

"Children in Times of Flux"

"Children in Times of Flux" exhibition inaugurated on February 5, 2008 by eminent cartoonist, painter, writer Aabid Surti.

"Children in Times of Flux," an exhibition by pioneering woman photographer Sarvesh, is dedicated to the many moods of children of all classes in a society witnessing rapid changes. From the super rich children with no time to glance out of their car window to kids knocking at those windows for a penny, the children of an India poised on the threshold of a new age come to light in the varied hues of this exhibition.Sarvesh is one of the few women photographers of India. Her photographs have been published in almost all the newspapers and magazines. She has travelled widely, training her lens on all kinds of subjects from her neighbourhood in Delhi to the war ravaged hills of Kargil.In 2001 Sarvesh held a widely acclaimed photo exhibition on women. Titled "Women in Times of Flux," the exhibition brought the spotlight on marginalized women.

Her second and her most latest exhibition, on "Children in Times of Flux", is a continuation of that series and reflective of her overall commitment to the lens. It locates children in their playful and innocent settings in a world of fast changing priorities. Her camera brings out the contradictions, the class divide and the complex social fabric of Indian society today. The exhibition assumes greater relevance especially as India has completed fifteen years of signing the United Nations Child Rights Convention. The exhibition if anything, is a pointer towards the rhetoric and the real.

India turns a rosy cheek towards the world with a booming economy in the twenty-first century; the deepest reflections of this change are visible in the faces of our children. From ease with the computer at a tender age to creative building of houses of polythene rags to live in, children continue to define future, their own future and that of the nation. Children using laptops cruise past others of their age desperately trying to make a living by selling balloons at traffic crossings. These are just some of the stark contrasts that spring to the eye on the streets of our cities. Sarvesh has managed to capture many such subtle disconnects between children of different sections. Her sensitive lens has however focussed most of all on the joy of living in the young for the resilience of the young is what makes for a vibrant society. Good times or bad times, childhood in the end is about wild, happy abandon and that is what comes through in this exhibition of about 50 photographs. Orphans, victims of terrorism, urban, rural, rich and poor children, working, playing, getting their mid day meals, scrounging for food …you will find children in all situations in these pictures, the images of which will stay in memory for a long time.

The exhibition will be held from February 6, 2008 to February 12, 2008 at the India International Centre Annexe, Lodi Estate, New Delhi. It will be open for viewing from 10 in the morning to 7 in the evening.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Hayward's 5000 Mr. India World 2008

From Left- Mr Rahul Dutta, Mr.Jatin Kocha and Ms. Tina Chatwal

Judges now in Delhi for the first time to pick the best participants from North for Hayward's 5000 Mr. India World 2008 title. Mr.India World will be selected on 6th February, 2008 in Mumbai and qualify for the Hayward's 5000 Mr. India World 2008, which is going to be held in China.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Schools' Report Card



New Delhi: 3rd February,2008. Bal Bharti Public School(run by Child Education society(Regd.), Sector-12, Dwarka, celebrated its Spring Carnival in their school premises. According to Mr.S.K.Mishra & Ms.Tanvi more than four hundred students participated in DHOOM 2008 event in which different competitions like Cute Kids, Baby Show, dance were conducted. Mrs. Suruchi Gandhi-Principal -Bal Bharti Public School felicitated the winners namely, sanyukta Talukdar, Nimish, Paridhi Asija(Group A-Mount dance-), Manishi satija, Priya Aggrawal, Muskan Mahajan, Charanpreet Suppal,(Group B dance), Kushagra Manchanda, Diya Mahajan, Shruti Sharma, Avanya Sundriyal, Aashruti Babbar(Group C-Dance), Ankit Das, Pranav Sobga, Yuvan Yadav(Group A-Cute Kidz), Yukta Mehta, Rushil Nagpal, Arshie Kalra(Group-B-Cute Kidz), Vaishanavi Yadav, Ujjwal Singh, Vashika Nag, Nandini Singh(Artifacts-Group A), Megha Sawhney, Harshita Sabharwal, Pooja Tayal, Sushan Chugh(Group-B-Artifacts), Gayatri Rangra, Kanak Khanna, Samarth Khitha, Yagyaa Goyal(Group-C-Artifacts). EKAM SATYAM Band also gave remarkable performance, the parents and students enjoyed the rides and the adventure activites from Sports Academy of Mountaineering were the major attraction of the carnival. Ms. Kajal, Ms. Shruti Abrol, Mrs. Sushma Sharma, Ms. Nandita, Ms. Aarti, Ms. Amrita, Ms. Jasvinder along with other staff members the school made it a successful event indeed.

ANNUAL ATHELETIC MEET-2008 at Mira Model School on 4th Feb

New Delhi: Mira Model School, Janak Puri is organising its ANNUAL ATHELETIC MEET-2008 on 4th February,08 from 9A.M. onwards. According to Mrs. Sadhna Bhalla-Principal of the school, Mr. UPAMANYU BASU-DIRECTOR, DEPARTMENT OF HIGHER EDUCATION) Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India , will be the Chief Guest of the Meet.

Basava International's Students ran for public Awareness

New Delhi:3rd February, 2008. Basava International School, Sector-23, Dwarka took a unique initiative to organisea marathan-cum-rally in which more than one hundred fifty students took active participation. Mr. Chanderkant-Physical Education Teacher of the school informed DWARKAPARICHAY that it was the idea of Mrs.Mani Mala Roy-Principal.
The rally started from D.D.A.Sports Complex, Dwarka, and flag off by Mrs. Uma Naraynan-parent. The students ran around 8 K.M. and covered residential societies and markets of Sectors 6,7,10, 20,22 and 23. The students of different houses namely Agni, dharni, Jaldhi, Prakarti etc. conveyed their messages mainly focussing "School is a tool of education", against Child Labour, warn against Global Warming, raise their voice against the discrimination between female and male, through posters, slogans etc. Mrs. Poornima Amli-General Manager, Mr.N.N.Joshi-Liasioning Officer, Mrs. Bharti Sharma-Maths Teachers, Mr.Bhawani Shanker-Art Teacher were among the staff members who also ran with their students to boost their enthusiasm. Indresh Kaur of IX class, Shashwat Chandra-VI, Abhimanyu-IX, Himanshu Sharma-VII class were choosen the best students atheletes of the marathan.

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Dwarka Clean & Green Drive

MR.RAJESH GAHLOT - Area Councillor
The President/Secy. of all C.G.H.S. Dwarka,can join the visit of Member(E) D.D.A official on 6th Feb.,2008, to find out the solution of parking problems of Dwarka & make the sub-city Clean and Green.
Even, dwarkaites may contact personally at the following address:
Flat No.47, D.D.A. Pocket-1, Sector-5, DWARKA.
Saturday-between 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.
Sunday-between 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The Pet Care Centre in Dwarka

The Pet Care Centre
Facilities: Surgety, Vaccination, Dentistry, Accessories,
Dog Training & Boarding,
Good Quality Pups on demand.

148A, Palam Ext., Sec.-7, Dwarka, New Delhi-110 075

Friday, February 1, 2008

The pain is over

The pain is over
Because you Have GOT The Best Physiotherapist within your reach.
DELHI PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC is fully equipped with latest machines such as : Laser, Short Wave Diathermy, Ultrasonic Therapy, IFT, Muscle Stimulator, TENS, Paraffin Wax Bath, Hot Pack, Hydroculator, therabands, Sho7ulder pulley, shoulder wheel, finger ladder, cripper, weights of different Kgs. etc..
The patients who are suffering from the following pains are treated here with special care and heal as per their satisfaction:
ORTHOPAEDIC CONDITIONS :Post Fracture Stiffness, Frozen Shoulder, Joint Pain, Cervical and Lumbar Pain, Arthritis, Spondylitis, Backache, Sciatica, Disc Prolapse, etc.
NEUROLOGICAL CONDITIONS : Hemiplegia, Paraplegia, Quadriplegia, Cerebral Palsy, Mental Retardation, Muscular Dystrophy, Paralysis, Polio Spasticity, etc.
CARDIOVASCULAR PULMONARY CONDITIONS :Bronchitis, Bronchial Asthma, Breathing Problems, Cardiovascular Fitness.
Sports Injuries ; fitness and Postural Problems ; Gynaecological & Obstetrical Problems and any other physical Problem.
Doctor's Brief Profile:
Dr.(Miss) Priyanka Badalia
, Physiotherapist- is B.P.T. (Delhi University)M.T.P. (Orthopaedics), C.O.M.T., MIAP, MDCPOT,Ex.Dr.-in-Charge, Deptt. Of Physiotherapy, BICODEP (A Joint-venture of Rotary Club & Municipal Corporation of Delhi); Ex. Consultant Physiotherapist at Dr.Nandini Kishan's Physiotherapy Clinic ;
CLINIC EXPOSURES taken at : Orthonova Hospital, IIT Gate; Jaipur Golden Hospital, Rohini; Banarsidas Chandiwala Hospital, Okhala; G M Modi Hospital, Saket; Institue of Human Behaviour & Allied Sciences, Shahadara; Amar Jyoti Hospital, Karkardooma; Akshay Pratishthan Hospital, Vasant Kunj; PALNA, ISBT and DSWMR, New Delhi
Timings : 8:00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M & 4.00 P.M. to 9.00 P.M.
H-740, Palam Externsion, Sector – 7, Dwarka, New Delhi-77
Ph. : 42754457,09868444342,011-32522312(Res.)

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Society for Hemophilia care – Vijay Kaul

Mr. Vijay Kaul who has been in the services of Hemophilia patients. Taking care and providing them maximum facility / treatment from different reputed Hospitals. He, recently spoke to S.S.DOGRA-Managing Editor, Excerpts:

Q..What is the mission of your organization? What do you mean by SHC?
"Nobody should die or become disabled when the treatment is available". SHC stands for Society for Hemophilia Care- an organization working for rights of people with bleeding & associated disorders. Our constitution provides every Indian citizen the "right to life". But it is denied day in and day out. Under-privileged people die because they cannot afford the cost of treatment and are not aware of their rights. The budgetary resources provided every year by our central govt. and the state govts. should be utilized equitably. No one can be neglected and every citizen should be provided affordable treatment.
SHC India works towards this and advocates for the health needs of the under privileged.

Q..Who is the founder of the society? What was the force (Inspiration) behind him/her?
SHC India is a dream come true for the people affected with hemophilia and is founded by a team full of passion, commitment and concern for the humanity. They represent all parts of our country. The execution of our plans is done by me. To know more about people behind SHC India please visit our website:

Q..What is the strength of the society?
SHC India executes all its programmes and plans in complete transparency and professional manner. It sees the contributions made by its supporters as an investment where for they are entitled for Returns in the form of "satisfaction, feel good factor and their support having gone to the most needy". SHC India is accountable to all of them.

Q..Whether your society is registered body? What is working area? Name them.
SHC India is registered under Delhi and Govt. of India Acts including Income tax Act and F.C.R. Act.

Q..When you joined this organization?
From day 1.

Q..What is hemophilia? What are the symptoms of the disease?
Hemophilia is a lifelong bleeding disorder that prevents blood from clotting properly. People with hemophilia do not have a certain protein in blood that controls bleeding. Symptoms include internal uncontrolled bleeds mostly into joints, reddishness, Sudden bleeding inside the body for no clear reason; Prolonged bleeding after a cut, tooth removal, surgery, or an accident. The treatment is available and the affected person can live a normal life but it is very expensive.

Q.How many patients are there in India? Name the most affected states?
As per WHO’s prevalence rate there are around 1 lac people affected in India, 1 in every 10,000 has this genetic disorder and double of this number in their mothers, sisters, daughters carry this gene.

Q.What is the treatment procedure & what is the role of the society to overcome it?
Hemophilia is treated by making good the missing clotting factor in the blood. This is done by injecting a product that contains the needed factor into a vein. Bleeding stops when enough clotting factor reaches the affected area. With proper treatment, people with hemophilia live relatively normal lives. But unfortunately in India it is very expensive. and this is one area where SHC India is working so that everybody gets the free treatment. Our organization also works in making people aware about this condition. Advocacy and lobbying with government is the priority area on which we are working.

Q.How many members(patients) are there in the society? How the SHC is helping them?
We have about 2000 member families with us and SHC India is helping members in all the possible ways with whatever the limited resources we have for the treatment, education, psychological support and economic rehabilitation.

Q.Are you doing any awareness campaign?
Yes, on a regular basis. On 13th & 14th March, 2008 we are organizing a National Hemophilia Conference at AIIMS where the medical experts, hospitals,doctors, nurses, patients, their family members as well as the pharmaceutical companies and the media personnel will be participating. It will be a two day seminar cum workshop for updating the medical community about the recent advances in treatment.

Q.What are the regular activities of SHC in Dwarka?
We work on all India basis. In Dwarka we regularly organize awareness programs & health camps in various institutions, facilitate participation in similar events, Mini Marathons and fund raising activities like Charity dinner.

Q.Whether SHC is getting any aid from the Government or any other foreign aid?
Yes, we receive a lot of non-monetary support from our Governments. We are also working on some programmes with international collaborations.

Q.What is your approach towards mass?
Our approach is that the society as a whole should have the awareness and concern about such bleeding disorder and its related issues. People are solicited to share their expertise and skills with SHC India on voluntary basis. We are very thankful to all those have been contributing selflessly.

Q.Pls. few individual/ organizations etc. who are really supporting SHC particularly in Dwarka?
As already said we are happy for the support we have been getting from hundreds of volunteers, institutions, govt. agencies and national & international corporate houses. More and more Dwarkaites are taking keen interest in our cause.

Q.What are the achievements/milestone of SHC after its inception?
We invite all to please visit our website for the same and seek their valuable comments and suggestions for improvisation.

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