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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Flat allotments - Still a distant DREAM ?

Flat allotments- Still a distant Dream?

The struggle

Latest CGHS Housing Scam Developments

CGHS society scam update on 2 July 2007

List of 110 Societies

List of societies for which CBI has issued public notice

Order of DHC dt. 22.8.2007 , 30.08.2007 & 24.09.2007

VOICE of of Dwarka Residents

Rejimon Chathanchirayil to RCS
Sir, May I seek your comments/reply or clearing some of the points answered under RTI application. I hope without filing an apeal or another RTI, this will be ok with you.

1. I found most of the department where recently put up computer are not used for any official purpose nor anyone seems to be trained. I have suggested some time back at least basic data of all society must be computerised. Also an email contact tobe published for respective Zone.
2. There is no circular/notice updated between 28/1/02 to 2006 March ( From 25/1/07 to 16/3/06) (Fom 1/2/01 to 28/1/2002) 8/11/1983 to 11/2/1999.

2. Our society 965/GH is not in any CBI, however the list nor information is not updated. I understand only 135 odd society is in the Scam list rest are OK, so when will be the data be updated? The list of members inour society shows 101 where as it is 256.

3. Old records may be scanned in PDF using some heavy scan like (CANON DR6080) to put up all records.

4. Common policy RTI answered may be uploaded for public to avoid repeat/duplicate of RTI.

I agree there is work load and too much data. I think if all computers used and take some summer trainees all data could be updated.


Rejimon CK


On 5/9/07, Registrar Coop. Society <> wrote:

The information pertain to computer cell, required vide application no.
2103 dated 10/04/2007 are as follows:

19) IInd phase of computerisation has been completed in the year 2006-07
20) Computerisation of RCS office has been approved in the year 2000.
21) No delay.
22) updation of website is the duty of DOEACC, a Govt. autonomous body.
23) RCS office has two staff and six data entry operators.
24) As the CBI investigation is still pending and details of the societies
are yet to be verified, there may be few records are not updated in the
25) Information flow from the zone to the website is a complete cycle for
the updation of website, so no single official is only responsible for
updation incase there is any incorrectness of information.
26) It was a design flaw, sooner it will be rectified.
27) Notices, Orders, Circulars and RTI information are already available
in the website, Generally these information are updated within 2/3 days of
receiving of information from the concern zones.
28) Answer as Sl. No. 24


Dear All,


Can any one tell me the status of the New Rajput CGHS located in sector 12 (new name is Radison Apt.).
I am not able to find out its status on the website of cooperative socity.

I would appreciate if any one can share the information about it.




Can you share the list of the 110 societies cleared by CBI or where can one get this list to check if ones society is been cleared or not.

Pls this information will be vital for a lot of us .



I am also a member of the Pragatisheel bairwa society, awaiting allottment.

The recent orders and judgements have nothing to do with the societies where
CBI cases are pending.

In fact, I have informations that the list of 110 socieites , cleared by the
CBI, where allottment would be done by the end of the year does not have the
name of Pragatisheel Bairwa.

It appears that the CBI would register cases against the people found guilty
and may be then the Government thinks in terms of allotting flats to the
affected people.

Would suggest that at least we keep on exchanging informations here.



I am also a member of the Pragatisheel bairwa society, awaiting allottment.

The recent orders and judgements have nothing to do with the societies where CBI cases are pending.
In fact, I have informations that the list of 110 socieites , cleared by the CBI, where allottment would be done by the end of the year does not have the name of Pragatisheel Bairwa.
It appears that the CBI would register cases against the people found guilty and may be then the Government thinks in terms of allotting flats to the affected people.
Would suggest that at least we keep on exchanging informations here.



Dear All
I am a member since 2005 of Pragatisheel Bairwa CGHS sector 11.The
construction is in final stages.Society is under Cbi scan and also cbi
has file a case in aug.
Last time in society meeting,after Delhi Govt.order,I was informed
that every thing has been sorted out.As soon as this order will reach
to registrar office,allotment will be start.It may takes 2-3months
As reading here and there It is difficult to believe this story.Pls
advice me what is the exact position.When can I hope for allotment and
possession of my flat.

Goswami Sharma


Iam a member of Chinar CGHS sector18 (next to Crescent apartments )since 2003. Iam told that stalemate continues regarding allotment .A ll the information which we receive from our society is "nothing is happenning and registrar is not listening".Enquiry is still going on. I can see lot of people coming together to see our dreams come true with commendable intentions. Does anybody have any information about Chinar CGHS status? What the recent developments and decisions mean in simple layman lingo? Iam sure that other aggrieved members of our society also share my plight and lack of information. I will be greatful to anyone who can apprise us the status. Regards

Ravi Shankar


Dear Dwarkeits,

A very interesting and important discussion thread is generated herein. A few points I would like to place before this august forum for information.

(a) When the Hon'ble High Court delievered its jusdgment on 2.7.07 in Rajiv Mukhopadhyay case, many people including the various legal professionals advanced their own conflicting interpretations. I had also given my interpretation on the said judgment which is the part of this group archieve and it was also published in Hindustan TImes. Now I am happy that my interpretation is being subsustantiated by the series of judicial veridicts.

(b) What Mr Jayram is suggesting, has aleady been executed by the AOCAM convened by Mr DPS Rajesh. It may be recalled that a relay hunger strike was organised by the AOCAM at Juntar Mantar followed by a series of candle light agitation. As far as stregnth is concerned, it is for us to put our efforts in such causes and make these movements a success.

(c) With respect to the expected action on the part of of judiciary, I humbly disagree with Mr Jayram. I can feel the anguish and pain of victimised members, but at the same time we have to borne in our mind that judiciary is bind by the jducial discipline. It has to act in a defined frame. Kindly appreciate the fact, that the judiciary has given in four consecutive matters a huge relief to the suffering members, i.e, in Rajiv Mukhopadhyay case, in Khattar society case, the Ashadeep, and recently in Sawan case. One may also recall how the Government of India misled the Parliament while answering the unstarred question No- 758 and answered on 17.8.07. Therofore, it is the Government and some agencies with vested interest who are deliberatly trying to twist the cause and to some how linger the matter to provide wrongful gain to some interested bodies/individuals.

(d) I have filed five applications under RTI seeking information on this aspect from RCS as well as DDA and I am sure some concrete would emerge out of it.

(e) We have already planned and chalked out the strategy. We are going to file the Contempt of court petition before the Hon'ble High Court sooner the court opens on 22.10.07. I hope there going to be the end of our pain and suffering very soon.


Ashok Chaitanya


Dear Mr Ravi shankar evn i am a member of the same chinar cghs since
2002 and till date waiting to get the flat...the present status of
chinar is that there is hearing of the case on 21st nov.....and there
is no respite for atleast chinar cghs in the near sight as the
managing committe and the contractors (builders) have been accused by
the CBI of paying Rs 20 lakhs to rcs for revivnng the society and to
top it all some past members who were members of the society
previously(before us) have also filed a claim for those flats that are
already built and that is what the delhi high court is hearing and in
all the cghs cases that are going on it is our chinar cghs that is
being primarily been focused upon even the supreme court had advised
not odered the delhi high court to finish the hearing of the case by
dec 2006 but that has not been possible.... mr ravi shankar please e
mail me so that the status can be discussed with you personally..

Nishant Bahal



I strongly suggest that those hundreds of people affected by non-allotment of flats for no fault of theirs launch a peaceful, indefinite hunger strike in front of the courts or any public place, say a park in Dwarka. Candle-light protest marches etc. would hardly move the judges, who enjoy official accomodation and can afford to take their own time in giving the judgement. Let women and children take the lead in the hunger strike, let them sit in the creeping cold night and day. Every tv channel and newspaper will be there to record their plight. After all, we are living in the era of tv reality shows and they are the best tools to prick the conscience of the judiciary, DDA and the society.

I'm not one of those affected and suggesting this only because I can well understand their plight. To pay house rents and EMI for the loans they have must be a dream turned nightmare.

I believe that the lawyers representing the affected people should argue for the the builders to be made to pay for the losses incurred by those who had joined the societies floated by them in good faith. After all, it is public knowledge that every builder has cornered 10-20 flats in the societies they had floated. The delay by the court in giving the judgement has only made their richer because of the huge appreciation in the prices of the flats.

P. Jayaram


In matter of Sawan CGHS today i.e. on 12.10.2007 the hon'ble High Court has directed RCS to allot the flats of its three members enrolled in so called violation of rule 24(2) before 14th December 2007.

So far Ashadeep CGHS case is concerned,on 5.10.2007, Hon'ble High court of Delhi pronounced judgement by way of 'Writ of Mandamus' for allotment of flats to 66 members of Ashadeep including 18 members enrolled in so called violation of rule 24(2) before 31.12.2007.

In both cases the judgement dt. 2.7.2007 of Hon'ble Delhi High Court in matter of Rajeev Mukhopadhaya and other vrs RCS (WP No. 1403 -14/2006) is upheld

Please find below the Judgement in the case of Khatter CGHS in which also the judgement dt. 2.7.2007 of Hon'ble Delhi High Court in matter of Rajeev Mukhopadhaya and other vs. RCS (WP No. 1403 -14/2006) is upheld

Please find link to the Order in respect of Khatter CGHS for information and circulation please.

A Subramanyam


I am new to this group but have been a looser due to the builder nexus.
I agree with you that we can at least call our selves members of the society
and feel happy mentally.

But can any one who has been following this well let me know what do they
feel about allotment as I find a few issues still due like the CBI case ,
which societies will be cleared out of the 110 and then when will allotment
start to take place

At present we cant see anything happening in reality towards allotment of
any society but yes on paper we feel we are half way there, but there is
always many a slip between the cup and the lip so pls can any one explain
what they feel will happen from here and by when can we expect to stop
paying rent and start living in our own houses. Some how I feel its still
very far away.





I have also heard and read that Govt. of Delhi has passed a resolution to grant one time amnesty to the CGHS who have not committed any serious crime / fraud regarding allotment of land or making members of their respective societies. Their cases may be considered for the allotment of flats. But, as the news appears in papers and also coming through other channels, there is no mention about those societies who are facing CBI enquiries. Even in case of CBI enquiries, only a few members, rather I should say, only Members of the Executive Committees of the respective societies who have committed some frauds or misappropriated funds etc. or made members through some dubious / unfair means, are facing serious charges against them. As such, you can conclude that even in those societies, not moré than 10 % such members are at fault and remaining 90 % members are innocent. In all the info which appears in papers etc., there is no word on allotment of flats in such cases. Have you any info on this issue ? If you have, do share with us that info, for the larger interests of the members. Hoping to hear from you, at the earliest.

R.D. Bhardwaj


I had filed six contempt of court petitions on behalf of five individual members and one social organisation on 27.10.07 before Hon'ble High Court for the willfull and deliberate defiance of the orders and judgement of Hon'ble High Court by the RCS which were given in the Rajib Mukhopadhyay Case. In the said case the Hon'ble Court had directed the RCS to conduct the draw of lots in case the societies write to him for the same. The court had held in an unambigous terms that though the Rule 24 (2) of the DCS Rules 1973 are intravires but it would not be applicable on existing members (i.e. those members existed on the day of pronouncement of the said judgement dated 02.7.07). We all are aware of the said judgement, thus no point of making here any further deliberation on the same.

The said contempt petitions today came for hearing before the Hon'ble Mr, Justice JM Malik. The Hon'ble court while hearing the arguements on admission, enquired as, "what happened..... the flats were to be allotted within six weeks from the date of receipt of the request letter...... why have the flats been not allotted so far?" The Hon'ble Court was pleased to admit the contempt petition and issued notice to the Respondent Counsel who was present there and asked her to file the reply within four weeks. The Hon'ble Court was further pleased to post the matters for 21 February 2008 for final hearing.
Though, it would not be appropriate for me to comment on the merit of the petitions at the moment as the same are subjudice.......... nonetheless, I sincerely hope that something positive would emerge out of these petitions.
Ashok Chaitanya
9868512176, 9811638615


Ahokji, That really a good news.. May I also request these official at RCS are to be held personally responsible for all these losses(Amounting to crores) for CGHS members. The accountability must be sought through the contempt against the officials in my opinion. You better know these things and I am sure all options have exercised.
Only thing that these CP must set example for the authorities in RCS/DDA who play with life earning of middle class.
Any assistance support in this direction, please consider me along with others.
Thanks once again.

Dear Ashokji,

The contempt petitions filed by you in Delhi HC are a step in the right direction and you deserve sincere thanks from all suffering members who are awaiting draw of lots for their physically completed houses since long.

As already confirmed through the recent judgments given by the HC in cases related to Khattar, Ashadeep and Sawan Societies, the judgment dated 2.7.07 clearly stipulated that allotments should be completed within six weeks from date of submission of application by
the concerned Societies. As against that, the fact remains that many Societies who had applied for allotment earlier to 2.7.07 have again applied for allotment after 2.7.07 but to no avail- after lapse of periods longer than 6 weeks. The RCS office is still in deep slumber. As the dates indicated by HC in the above-mentioned cases draw near, we will have to see whether the RCS office finally moves and clears the respective lists for allotment thru DDA.

The other solution in this regard under consideration of Delhi Govt. is one-time exemption to members enrolled after 8.1.03 in violation of Rule 24(2) . Although Delhi cabinet approved the draft Bill on 24.9.07, the next step i.e. filing of an affidavit in Delhi HC regarding the proposed move is also held-up in RCS office. When some 10-12 members including me met Delhi CM, Ms. Sheila Dixit at her residence on 24.10.07, she did talk to RCS who assured that the affidavit would be filed in HC within a week. We have to wait and see. After the affidavit is filed, it
required acceptance by HC for bringing-out a notification by Delhi Govt. to actually grant one-time exemption to affected members/ Societies.

One thing which I fail to understand in your contempt petitions is that while the hon'ble court has granted only 4 weeks' time to RCS for filing their reply, they have kept the next date 4-months later! I totally understand your reservations about not commenting on a
sub-judice matter but if the hon'ble court does understand the gravity of the situation where some 15000-20000 middle-class families are getting crushed under the triple burden of EMI for housing loan, rent for their present accommodation and maintenance of physically completed but uninhabited Society's houses, why earlier dates are not given for speedy disposal? I
would earnestly request you to impress this fact upon the hon'ble court.

Thanking you again for the great job done by you,

Rajendra Goel
Well done Ahsok ji. Every one kept on blaming the previous RCS for his attitude.The present Registrar also has been passing time and has done nothing.Let us hope these contempt petitions jolt them out of their deep slumber and they take action at least now. We must also examine who will compensate the innocent members for financial loss, mental agony etc, due to delay in draws.

Vinod kr. Sharma

Well done Ashok ji for your initiative in taking up these petitions on behalf of members who are suffering and incurring loss on acct of the lethargy of the RCS. This is an example of using one's talent and qualifications in the broader interest of the dwarak public.
Once again, we appreciate your initiative and support you in your efforts.
rgds/pradeep k. ivon


Dear Friends,
In order to built on more pressure on RCS for faster functioning/ allotment of our flats, we need to file more such contempt from other societies who have already submitted their papers with RCS for draw of lots.
So, please do come forward and meet AOCAM office, rather than being just a spectator.
You may contact Mr Delip Kr 9818969908 for this.
Regards...........bakshi, a.k.

What is the status of allotment of Co-operative Group Housing Societies


Sir, I am a member of Navnirman GHS , sector 2, Dwarka. Construction is complete however we are not getting the possession of our flat as Registrar is not getting the draw of house done . I want to know how long will it take to get the possession or are we going to the possession of our flat. Thanks

I am planning to buy a flat in dwarka and heard that some societies are not recognized. Could you please provide the list of the CGHS which are defaulters?
Vishal Mangla

Any information on the development of CBI investigating on various societies. When is lilkely the report to be submitted. Which are the societies being cleared so far by CBI and balance lkely to be cleared. Is Saptaparni CGHS in Sector 19B cleared by CBI.

Yogesh juneja

Many more Dwarka Residents.................

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Discussion on DMRC- Luggage & Security


I don't feel banning anything is a solutions. It creating one moreproblem to solve one small problem. In airports also, we take bigluggages and its screened. Same should be for metro. If someone bringssomething big, he should be delayed due to all checkings and lets havesome IT infrastructure to snap everyone who bring some big things tomake sure things can be traces if soemthing wrong happened..Security mechanisms needs to be improved rather than making people notto bring their own belongings.. The metro should be promoted to be wayto Airports, railway stations etc and how one expect to sendluggage by Taxi and than travel in Metro..Anyway, above all citizens needs to be active to see things around toprevent such untoward things..Lets hope for peace for everyone.. I saw someone saying stop peoplecarrying big items.. Metro should be for everyone. IF someone bringssome luggage above limit, he should be charged but banned..regardsKrishna
dear mr. krishna singh,
here we have raised the issue of security which is a weak link in our country and metro being a ultramodern example of a modern India, is on the target of extremists. being a commuter train only it canot be allowed to become like a long haul carriage transporting all kinds of goods.
we simply want a fast efficient commuter transport and passengers with minimum belongings preferred otherwise it will no longer be fast system.
These are just my views, pls do not take it otherwise. Let the authorities also decide what kind of blueprint they have for delhi metro.
thanks /pradeep k. ivon
Dear All Friend ,It is our right and prime concerned of the DELHI Metro security because we all are a part of this systems. We all are using this transport systems.As what i understand metro for us to facilitate its transport facility.It is used by our family members and relative also , we can not think about ban of luggage on travel in metro rail .If we see the matter of ban to carry luggage with us it is not a matter of security. We have to under stand metro is well connected with railway station and Bus Stand( ISBT) , every person have to ride with their luggage which he is carrying with him how he can separate it...................? But checking should be perfect. We can not suggested to ban luggage with us while traveling and ridding on metro. we have to informed the metro person and security staff and can make objection on their security systems in Dwarka stations . We all are residents of Dwarka, if we see any discrepancy in the security systems by metro staff we can inform to the metro officials in their complaint resisters.Ever day there is announcement in a train about this systems. We have to keep our eyes open on security systems of the biggest well facilitate transport systems. I thinks this is my personnel view , if i can get a chance , i will register the our complaint in the register.Regards ,S. Kanti
Beg to differ with some of you and agree with others. My comments.
Metro is mass Transport mode. The type of travellers may differ from daily travellers to people who travel fro Railwaystation, ISBT, Airport or fro one home to another etc.. So the question of Luggage, in my opinion wont be able to restrict.. YES. There must be a system.
SIZE/Weight (like in flights) of the luggage one person(one ticket holder) could HOLD/Carry.
There must be separte counter for people who come up with Luggage and there must be TAG after security clearance let it be time consuming for checking either with xray or system.
A good metro will depend upon how its users respect it and respect other commuters. Yes, our country is growing in terms of economy and slowly things will come into place.. Thanks to people like E Sreedharan we have the metro inspite of Mafia and Lobby working against it.. There may be other options also..for mass tranport which govt must initiate..
How many of us send a complaint or respond if something goes wrong ? Well thats the main problem.. BE EXPRESSIVE and covey your complaint or suggestion to DMRC time to time.. Last week I travelled and due to this blueline problem there was huge rush and breaksdown.. I send immediately and email to Anuj (PRO of DMRC) and prompt reply also. I am marking a copy for him, so his staff could take relevant portion as feedback from Dwarkits.
Mr. Anuj, Please see the contents of the email below are the comments of residents of Dwarkites(through online discussion) on Metro Security and Luggage handling as reported in recent news on security. I am sure the contents of the discussion will be of great help for DMRC and will do the needfull.
We sincerely lookforward DMRC will terminate all trains in Dwark Sect 9/8 instead of Dwarka Mor in view of the growing commuter and festive season. We also lookforward on the DMRC proposed Feeder service by this season.
Hi All,

Banning luggage i personally feel is no solution.. Whats the problemwith luggage. If its checked and paid for (like a ticket of oneperson), than it shouldn't bother anyone.Also, I have seen people carrying luggages in US in metro and thus aspointed by someone if we had to depend on taxis etc to catch trainfrom ISBT than the purpose of metro seems to be lost.We should improve the system rather than banning N things unless noother option.. This is govt way to ban things rather than to solveproblems.. Anyway I personally feel this ban will not occur as therewill be uproar against this junta.. You might bank for some peakoffice hours but not always..

Dear Residents,
I agree with the views expressed by Shri Krishna M Singh. Banning of Luggage in Metro is no solution. Instead, we may have a compartment in the end of the train where people with luggage should travel on payment of Luggage Charges. It would facilitate commuting in Metro from ISBT, Old Delhi Railway Station, New delhi Railway Station and later Air Ports. Security of the Trains can be ensured by Scanning the Luggage through X-Ray as in Air Ports. With warm regards,
Cdr (Retd.) IC Sharma
banning baggage from metro sounds quite ridiculous
nowhere in world it is banned-u cant otherwise what is the use of public transport!!
and do u think they can do it when they could not ban/contain it in indian railways
how many times have u booked your baggages in brakevan which is above the allowance in railways?
checks like xray etc are ok-provided u commuters r ready to pay for it
i m sure it wont come cheap and wont be with out hassels that's what has happened with air travels
the cost of air tickets has gone up following 9/11 in west/and india as well!!
as the airlines are feeling sky rocketing costs of security
Finally response from DMRC:
Dear Shri Rejimon,Thanks for your mail. I am forwarding your mail to the Chief Security Commissioner/DMRC for considerations. The security of DMRC is under CISF and Delhi Police. A baggage of 15 Kgs and not exceeding 60 cm (Length) X 45 cm (Breadth) X 25 cm (Height) in size is permissible while traveling in Delhi Metro. But the security staff may refuse any objectionable article or baggage.

With regards,
Anuj Dayal

Other Discussions on DMRC
Suggestion from Dwarka Residents for Delhi Metro (DMRC)

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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

2nd Maha Rudram in Dwarka

DWARKALAYA a Socio-Cultural organisation is organising 2nd Maha Rudra Maha Yagnam in DWARKA on Sunday the 28th October 2007. In Maha Rudram is a minimum of 121 Rithwiks Chant Rudram and Chamakam which will be followed by Vasordhara Homam and Poornahuthi with the recital of Chamakam.

DWARKALAYA is the only organisation which has to its credit having organsied this event on a Single day in Delhi, last year the event was organised on 8th October 2007, wherein 184 Rithiwiks participated from all over the Delhi.

Apart from the chanting of Rudram, the main attraction of the function was the distribution of food to around 3000 underprivileged. This year we propose to increase the number of beneficiaries to 5000.

Apart from this, there is a proposal to distribute SPATIKA MALA (CYSTAL MALA) specially built from RAJASTHAN as PRASAD after keeping it in the PRADHANA KALASH. The MALA will be given to all those who wish to contribute Rs.1001/- and more. Those who are interested can contact any one of the following numbers:

9868890008, 9810116465, 9911192001, 9868868524, 9873432050, 9818354382, 98685405333, 9868076459, 9810874834

or can email at /

You are requested to go through the attachement to know more about MAHA RUDRAM.

yours faithfully,


“ Yagna is the Kamadhenu, Yagna is for your happiness and welfare. Your life depends on the five elements of the nature. By the practice of Yagna the cycles of nature are replenished and enriched. By performing Yagna you will fulfil your duty to nature. When you do this nature will bestow abundance upon you and your life becomes a happy one. But you must repay with feeling of gratitude in the form of Yagna. “(Bhagawad Gita- Ch. 3 & 4)”.
The Maharudra Mahayagna is the offering of Hymns in praise of Lord Shiva in the ritualistic
manner and form as laid down in the Vedopanishads seeking His grace, mercy and blessings for peace, prosperity, longevity and above all good health for all, thus keeping away evil, misery and pain from mankind. This Yagna is a process that blends the repeated chanting of the Sri Rudram and Chamakam to both calm and empower the force of Rudra in our lives.
Recitation of Sri Rudram is always followed by the chanting of Chamakam, which is a prayer for
“Abeeshta Sidhi” or desirable ends to lead a peaceful and happy life. Recitation of Sri Rudram with Abhishekam to the Lord is known as Rudra Abhishekam. Elevan (11) recitations of Sri Rudram followed by one recitation of the Chamakam is called EKADASA RUDRAM.This also constitutes. One unit of the Rudra Homam. Again eleven (11) Laghu Rudram recitations make a MAHARUDRAM.
Lord Shiva is ¶vk'kqrksf"ku~¸ (easily pleased). Hence people who take part in this Mahayagna will be amply gifted with incessant prosperity. By the grace of the Lord Almighty it is proposed to conduct MAHARUDRA MAHAYAGNAM in a single day ie. on Sunday, 28th October 2007, at Sneh Kunj, Behind Naveen Apartment, Near Madhu Vihar Bus Stand, Sector-5, Dwarka, New Delhi-110075.
Wherein a minimum of 121 rithwiks will chant Sri Rudram 11 times, followed by the RUDRA HOMAM and VASORDHARA HOMAM with the recitation of CHAMAKAM will be performed. Last year we were fortunate to have 184 rithwiks at a single place and the first time a Maha Rudram was performed in a single day.
This year Spatika (Crystal) Mala is proposed to be kept in the Pradhana Kalasha and other Kumbhas during the Yagna. These Spatika Mala's get immensely empowered, as resulted of actualizing process of Mahanyasa as well as during the reiterated recitation of Shri Rudra. The Spatika Mala shall be available to anyone desirous of having it as Lord Omkareshwara bestows his blessing notwithstanding his allegiances.
For details contact any one of the following numbers :
9868890008, 9810116465, 9818354382, 9868868524, 9810874834
or you can mail to
Dwarkalaya (Regd.), Dwarka, New Delhi earnestly appeals to all devotees from every walk of life
to avail this rare opportunity by taking part in the various functions with their family members and friends, thereby extending all support including assistance in cash and kind as well as physical assistance for this noble cause thus making the event a grand success and receive the choicest blessings of the divine parents UMA (Parvathi) AND MAHESHWARA.
Managing Committee
Dwarka, New Delhi - 110075.
(Regn. No. 45850/2003)
(Regd Office : 60, DIN CGHS Ltd., Plot No.7, Sector IV, Dwarka, New Delhi)
Postal Add. : 23, Bank Apartment, Plot No. 22, Sector IV, Dwarka, New Delhi 110 075

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Happy Navratre, Dushera & Durga Puja

Wish you all


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Dwarka Parichay Team

Saturday, October 20, 2007

TMCD meeting on 21st Oct 2007 at 4.50 P.M.

Dear Toastmasters and Friends,

I am pleased to invite you for the TMCD meeting on
Oct 21st, 2007.

Needless to say! It will be a meeting not to be missed.

Meeting Time: 4.45 pm,

Venue: Rishikul International, Sec-7, Dwarka, New
Delhi, India, 110078,
Near: Dwarka Flyover, Opp BPCL Petrol Pump.
Cell: 99100 33207

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Sh. A.K. Rastogi,
DDA, Mangla Puri
New Delhi -110045.
1. Name of Applicant: Rejimon CK
(Secretary, Nav Sansad Vihar Residents Welfare Association-Regd)

Subject : Application under RTI Act on Dwarka dated 16 August 2007
Please provide the following information under RTI Act at the earliest.
The questions are as below and information to be provided on all sectors currently residents occupied. The information requested to provide SECTOR Wise (From Sector ONE to SECTOR TWENTY THREE).
1. Area : CIVIL
a. Roads:
i. Who all hierarchy-wise responsible for Roads (Please give Road No. wise in each Sectors 1 to 23) maintenance?.
ii. When was these roads made motorable ? and under what Work Contract, Amount Spend? Amount Spend under Non-Plan for the road, When is the next maintenance due for this road?
b. Pedestrian:
i. Who all hierarchy-wise responsible for Pedestrain/Walkways (Please give Road No. wise in each Sectors from Sect 1 to Sect 23) maintenance?.
c. Central Dividers/Corner Areas/Junctions:
i. Who all hierarchy-wise responsible for Central Dividers /Junction and Corner Areas (Please give Road No. wise in each Sectors from Sect 1 to Sect 23) maintenance?.
d. Parks/Community Faciliity Centres:
i. Who all hierarchy-wise responsible for Parks Civil Construction / Commnity Facility Areas[CSC,LCS,Plaza, Library,Sports Complex, Other community Facility services] in Respective (Please give Park Location/Community Facility Centres , in each Sectors from Sect 1 to Sect 23) and their maintenance?.
e. Pending works :
i. Provide list of Pending Projects(Road,Sewage,Drainage,Pedestrain Paths,Community Facilities etc) in Each Sectors (Sect 1 to Sect 23)
ii. Provide list of Pending Projects (Road,Sewage,Drainage,Pedestrain Paths,Community Facilities etc) with expected date of completion for all sectors.
f. Maintenance:
i. Please provide name of officials hierarchy-wise responsible for ensuring manholes are covered for all roads/pedestrian areas (Respective sectors)?
ii. Please provide name of officials hierarchy-wise responsible for ensuring SIGNATES are in Place and all DDA Properties/Plots are marked are properly/timely.
iii. Have all the officials names responsible for respective sectors been circulated/informed to respective CGHS/RWA's in respective sectors?
iv. Is there any round the clock Complaint / Helpline Number for DDA –Dwarka available?
g. Staffs: List of all staffs working under Civil Department in Dwarka for each sector wise responsibility
h. Is there any obligatory duty been assigned to staff to monitor/filed visit to verify project/maintenance?
i. Are these officials obligated to take action without complaints from residents/associations on non-maintenance of civil departments controlled areas?

a. Staff: List of all the staffs works under Horticulture Department (Name and Employment ID No.) The information required Sector wise and Park wise in each Sectors 1 to 23?.
b. Attendance: Please provide the attendance percentage for the Horticulture staff for the area(sector or park) since Year Jan 2006. The reporting should include location of the Mali's responsible for the parks/roads/areas in each Sectors?
c. The supervisory staffs (hierarchy-wise) and their contact numbers for respective sectors (from sector 1 to Sector 23)?
d. Tree Sapling: How many trees were planted approximately in each Sectors?
e. How many more needs to be planted in each sectors ?
f. Have the horticulture department made replacement of lost trees in the respective sectors ?
g. If not why it was not done?
h. Have any action have taken against the contractors for not replacing the trees lost during the 6 months gurantee?
i. If no action taken against the contractor reason for the same.?
j. Tree Guards: Have Horticulture made available tree guards to protect all the trees in all sectors? If not why it was not provide?
k. Have the tree guards of grown-up trees been removed? If not by when it would be removed?
l. Dividers Green Area: Have Horticulture maintaining all dividers greens by trimming and planting trees ? If not why it is not maintained?
m. Which are the divider green areas not maintained? Please provide list of all dividers where green/tree saplings were not existing or due to poor maintenance lost for all sectors.
n. Junctions and Sector Gates (Entrance) : Have Horticulture taking measures to have the common entrance areas (example. DDA Pocke 1, Sect 22 facing Marble Market) to all sectors maintained properly?
o. If not which are the areas not maintained ? What action can be expected against the horticulture staff(hierarchy wise) for not maintaining the entrance?
p. Trimming of Edges & Decorative Plants: What is the schedule of trimming of edges and decorative plants? If the trimming are not done timely, who should be held responsible (hierarchy wise).?
q. Grass: Have horticulture department planted grass in all gardens of all sectors?
r. If not by when it will be done? What is the schedule for grass cutting for each parks in different sectors? If the grass cutting are not done timely, who should be held responsible (hierarchy wise).?
s. Percentage of Green: What is the percentage of Green in each Sectors (Sector 1 to Sector 23) as per plan?
t. Have they been fulfilled? If not by when it will be fulfilled?
u. Pedestrian/Walk way Greens: Have all pedestrians covered for tree sapling in all sectors (From Sector 1 to Sector 23) ?.
v. If not by when it will be done?
w. Staffs: List of all staffs working under Horticulture Department in Dwarka for each sectors responsibility
x. Is there any obligatory duty been assigned to the staffs to monitor/filed visit to verify project/maintenance?
y. Are these officials obligated to take action without any complaints from residents/associations on non-maintenance of civil departments controlled areas?

a. Street Lights: List of number of street lights working in each sectors (From Sect 1 to Sect 23 )
b. Number of street lights LOST or NOT working in each Sectors?
c. By when the replacement of streetlight post and lamp which were lost/damaged will be done for respective Sectors?(Please provide list for all sectors(1 to 23).
d. Name of the officials (EE/EL Division 2, 5 and 12 ) along with their contact no.(Mobile)
e. Who is the staffs assigned (with obligatory duty) to inspect and verify that all street lights are working, switched on timely and switched of timely? Please provide this list for respective sectors from 1 to 23.
f. If any streetlights are not functional whom should be informed, is there any helpline number available to inform the DDA of non-functional street lights ?
g. List of all staffs working under Electrical Department in Dwarka for each sectors responsibility?
h. Park Lighting: Have all parks in sectors been well lit ?
i. If not by when it would be done?
j. Park Water Supply Power Connection and Power Supply: Are all the parks in Dwarka sectors been provide power supply for Water Pumps(Borewell)?
k. If not by when it would be done?
l. Have you provided provision for power connection for grass cutting machine etc I all sectors ?
m. If this is possible. If not possible reason for the same ?

a. Distilling: Have all the drainage in sectors (from 1 to 23) been DISTILLED? If not when it will be done ?
b. Was there any enquiry ordered on waterlogging in Dwarka on 2 nd August rain?
c. If not why no enquiry was ordered ?
d. Who should be held responsible if any resident find water logging again in Dwarka?
e. List of all areas where Waterlogging reported?
f. List of areas where Offcials visited to verify reason for water logging and what action have taken so far?
g. How many complaints received by DDA Dwarka, DDA HQ with regard to water logging in Dwarka Subcity ?
h. What is the status of each complaints as on date?
i. Have all the drainage in sectors (from 1 to 23) drainage is covered ?
j. If any left open , please provide the list and area (Sector wise). By when it will be covered ?

5. Area: Water
a. Whom to contact for Water supply for various Pocket/Society/Sector ?. If no supply what arrangement DDA planned for each sectors?
b. Which are the societies /DDA Pocket in the last three months provided Water Tanks?
c. Where can we inspect the register of the water supply provided through various water tankers to various sectors pockes/CGHS? ( Under sec 2(j)(i) of the Right to Information Act, 2005, we would like to inspect all registers at question 5, above. Please indicate the date, time and venue when we should come and inspect the register. At the time of inspection, we would also like to inspect the records related to water supply.
d. Why water tankers are used for water supply, when there is already laid pipes supply to all sectors ?
e. How DDA ensure that the Water Tankers have valid permissions?
f. How DDA ensure that the Water Tankers are not wasting water or spilling over water while collecting and distributing ?
g. How DDA ensure that the water tankers are safe and what is process applied to test
h. How DDA ensure the Water transmitted through Water Tanker is not contaminated ?
i. Is there any testing of Water received and water delivered to residents by water taker is done? If no testing done, please provide reason for the same?
j. Why should resident of Dwarka needs to pay for the Water tankers? When they already pays for the piped lines?
k. What is the status of Water Treatment Plants?
l. Who ensures the treatments plants are working?
m. What is DDA doing to ensue the water supply for over 5 Lakh Residents from its current supply of 3 MGD?
n. By when will the Sub City able to receive 40 MGD?

6. Area : NO TOLERANCE ZONE (Encroachments Public).
a. What SPECIFIC action DDA Dwarka division is taken to upheld the LG's order of NO TOLERANCE ZONE ?
b. Do residents/RWA/CGHS/Associations have to make complaint on NO TOLERANCE VIOLATION ?
c. Is there any monitoring mechanism exist in DDA with regard to NO TOLERANCE ZONE?
d. If not why it not implemented?
e. If yes why NO ACTION taken by this enforcement team? Who should be held responsible (hierarchy wise).? f. Please provide list of all staffs working to ensure NO TOLERANCE ZONE with name and identity number.
g. Are any of the violation in Dwarka comes under CONTEMPT OF COURT of Supreme Court or High Court?
h. Open Area Encroached: How many complaint received by DDA with regard to Encroachment of Public Land/ Public Areas in Market Areas?
i. The open area near Sector 12 Market is encroached..(Details briefly). What action have DDA taken on this encroachment?
j. How is Taxi Stands are operating from Public Areas? What is the procedure for allotment of such areas for Taxi Stand?
k. What is the procedure for Religious Places operated from Public Areas in Dwarka?
l. Have they been given alternate lands? If so where all the lands given to Religious Places in Dwarka?
m. What is the status of these Religious Places, who were allotted lands?
n. Why the schools allotted land in Dwarka with a different name that of the Trust in whose name land is allotted?
o. How DDA is ensuring the private schools are providing 25% (?) seats reserved for under-privileged students in private schools allotted under subsidized rates?
p. Pedestrian/Service Road: Why the pedestrian areas of road (mainly in markets and Junctions) are encroached by the shoppers/patriwalah/mobile eating outs?
q. Under what exception the Mobile Eating outs are allowed to occupy the Pedestrian areas and Service Lanes?
r. Have DDA received a complaint from Mr. P Menon of Ashirwad Apartments, Sector 12?
s. What specific action have DDA taken on his complaint?
t. Is Dwarka is declared NO HAWKERS AREA ?
u. If so what specific action DDA taken in this regard?
v. What action can be expected from DDA? by When will the Hawkers be removed ?
w. Where are the location where vegetable and fruits shops areas designed?
x. The vegetable and Fruits hawkers area(?) designated behind Mother Dairy booth in Sector 9 is allotted ? If so who all is allotted?
y. Are there any other places allotted in other sectors? If so please provide the area and location?
z. CSC/LSC : Are the shops in LSC/CSC marked for daily requirements such as Grocery/Medicines/Vegetables/Fruits/Dairy ?
aa. If so what action DDA is taken in this matter so that CSC/LCS or any other shopping centre where such shops are opened only for the desired requirements. ?
bb. If no action possible from DDA, reason for the same?
cc. Open Areas : Have DDA marked open areas which are unallotted marked through boared as DDA Property with Designated purpose ?
dd. If not by when it will be done in all sectors.

a. List of Community facilities (such as Sports Complex, Community Centre, Club, Library, Shopping Huts, Shopping Centres etc.. ) that is marked for each sectors (From 1 to Sector 23)
b. The date of plan approved?
c. Date of contract if granted,
d. The date when the facility will be completed and made available to Public ?
e. Reason for delay of each social/Cultural Projects in respective sectors(1 to 23).

8. LIST OF ALL DDA STAFFS WORKING IN DWARKA: With location Diretory through DDA Website, with category, grade, salary, assignment etc.
9. What are the obligatory duties of respective staffs posted in Dwarka? Are they suppose to make inspection/site visit to verify facts/maintenance and protect the properties?
10. LET US Know the status of Sports Complex Sector 23. ? By when it will be completed ?
11. Who has authorized Dwarkdheesh temple to extend a pucca shed in the temple in sector 12 ? no body has authorized, why authorities could not remove the same.
12. Please share with us the status of the Sector 20 BHARAT VANDANA PARK project, when it will be completed, budjet details if any available?
13. What is the status of ZONAL PLAN for Dwarka?
14. What is DDA is doing to ensure the Buffalos/ Cows are not stray into roads and parks of Dwarka? Whose responsibility to control this issue?

15. Traffic ::
a. Where all Parking Lots/ Areas designated in Dwarka's markets?
b. Where is the parking area for Shcools/Hospital/Religious/Commercial Areas of Dwarka?
c. If no parking Area is designated, how DDA is going to attend this problem?
d. Is Taxi/Commercial transport is allowed to park vehicles in markets like Sector 6/10,4,5,11,12?
e. How is catering vans(mobile eating outs example Vehicle No. DL1LC8271 as reported by Mr. Menon in his complaint to DDA)operates from service roads?

16. DDA Dwarka: Budget :
a. Please provide the Budget Amount for DDA Dwarka for Project and Maintenance for Year 2006-2007 and 2007-2008 Financial Year?
b. Please provide the percentage spend for the year 06-07 and 07-08.
c. If the amount allocated is not spend for the year 06-07, reason fro the same?
d. Please provide the NON-Plan Expenditure for the year 06-07?
e. What is the procedure for NON-Plan Expenditure?
17. As per RTI Under sec 2(j)(i) of the Right to Information Act, 2005, we would like to inspect all works executed since Jan 07 or completed after Jan 07. Please indicate the date, time and venue when we should come and inspect the works. At the time of inspection, we would also like to inspect the records related to these works.
18. During the period.2005 to 31.07.07, how many times have repairs (both minor and major) been carried out on major roads of Dwarka?
a. If the work was done departmentally, please provide the following information with respect to each such work:
i. Copy of relevant portion of stock register
ii. Copy of relevant portion of labour register
iii. Exact location of spots where the work was carried out
iv. When was the work carried out
v. What was the method of repair?
vi. What was the composition of material used?
b. If the work was done through a contractor, please provide the following information with respect to each such work:
i. Copy of measurement book (both abstract entries & record entries)
ii. Copy of sketch
iii. Copy of details of estimates
iv. If there was any guarantee clause in the contract, copy of thatportion of the contract which mentions this guarantee clause and theconditions in which this clause can be invoked.
v. Names of the Assistant Engineer and the Executive Engineer whoinspected each of these works and passed payments. Which portions of these works were inspected by them?
vi. Has the guarantee clause been invoked till now? If no, why despitethe fact that the roads are in such bad condition.
c. The roads are totally broken these days. Please give reasons for the bad condition of each of these roads (please mention specific reasons foreach Main roads and Service Roads separately for each Sectors).
d. If any of the roads is broken due to water staying on the road, please intimate whether it is due to wrong camber or due to clogged drains?


Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Services

Sunday, October 14, 2007

“It’s a place where beauty, discipline, simplicity and affection bloom in the air.” Says Ravi Shankar

Dwarka Directory is a remarkable source of information.-Mr.Sinha


New Delhi: 14th October,07.

The second edition of Directory of Dwarka released by Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad –M.P.,Ex. Minister of Information & Broadcasting Minister, as the Chief Guest. in a glittering function at CCRT auditorium, Sector -7. in his brief speech Mr.Prasad says “Dwarka is a place where beauty, discipline, simplicity and affection bloom in the air.” He even appreciated Mr.Mukesh Sinha & Mrs.Sudha Sinha and wished them to keep their sincere efforts continue to make their fortnightly to daily newspaper..

Dwarka City- No. 1 newspaper of Dwarka gave away the most prestigious “Torch Bearers of Dwarka” Award to the various achievers of different fields like Media, Community Service, Business, sports, Political Figure, Principal, Teacher, Student Boy & Girl (Academic), Students-Co-Curricular, Religious work, social work, N.G.O. Best Society of Dwarka.

Col.Anand, Mrs.Swati, Mr.Bhagat Ram and Mr.Surender Singh were among the The panel of Judges who adjudged URVI VIKRAM TRUST-the Best N.G.O.-, Mr.Robin Sharma -The Best Social Worker-, Mr.Raj Shekhar Vyas-Dy.Director Doordarshan-Best Media person- Mr.Vijay Pandit-Best Politician, Mr.Naresh Soni-the Best Businessman, Mr.S.P.Rai-Best Social Services, DJA Apartments-Best Housing Society, Mrs.Mrinalini Kaura-the Best Principal, Leon Sara of ITL school -Best girl student, Jas Karan Singh of Mount Carmel School-Best boy student, Akshita Sachdeva of Indraprastha International school-the Best student in Extra-Curricular Activity, and Ms.Sonika Chugh-P.G.T.-Computer Teacher of DPS-bagged the Best Teacher award.

Hundreds of residents of Dwarka & well known dignitaries of Dwarka and other areas attended it. On this occasion, The renowned Hasya Kavi Surender Sharma ,Dr. Sunil Jogi and Dr. Madhu Mohini recited their poems before the houseful gathering in the auditorium and they got lot appreciation from the audiences.

Talking DPC Mr.Mukesh Sinha-Managing Editor- Dwarka City Newspaper reveals that The second edition of the directory contains all information practically on the fingertips and have addresses and telephone numbers of emergency services like hospitals, police, doctors, as well as of services required on a day to day basis like schools, educational institutes, chemists, shops, restaurants, banks etc. It’s really a remarkable source of information about sub-city.

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Services

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

19 th Bhagwati Jagran on 12th October

Himachal Nav Kirtan Mandal is organising 19 th vishal Bhagwati Jagran on friday, 12 th October

at Mahavir Enclave, Part-3, Vir Bazzar Chowk, DDA flats, Bindapur ( Dwarka). Dera Baba Atmanand,

Jogi Panga Devanand ji Maharaj will inaugrate it.

Jagdish Sharma and party will present the bhajan and there will be Bhandara from 12 to 5.

For further details contact: 9899225642, 9810247660

Navarathri Celebrations, 2007 at Dwarka

(The Delhi Bhajana Samaj, Regd)
25082589, 28080964, 9868540533, 9811583536
Navarathri Celebrations, 2007
With the blessings of the Goddess Kameshwari, the Navarathri Celebrations, 2007 will be held at the temple premises as per the following programme:





Ganapathy Homam
Ashtothara Archanai/Aarathi
Lalitha Sahasranama Parayanam
Ashtothara Archanai
8.00 PM
Maha Ganapathy Homam
Ashtothara Archanai
Puja Tariff:
1. Abhishekam Rs. 101/- Sponsorhip for :
2. Maha Ganapahty Homam Rs 101/- 1. Flowers Rs. 500/-
3. Archanai Rs. 20/- 2. Puja items Rs. 300/-

Devotees who wish to participate in the above function may kindly contribute the amount as mentioned above giving their full details (Gothram, Star, Rasi and Name) at the temple premises during the evenings (6.30pm to 8.00pm) or to the Local Committee members mentioned below:

Shri S.Ramaswamy 25082589
Shri R.Krishna Kumar 28080964
Shri Ananthanarayanan 9868540533
Shri K Venkatesh 9811583536

Devotees are requested to participate in the above function in large number and be recipient of the blessings of Godess Kameshwari.

Note: On the occasion of Pournami on Friday, the 26th October, 2007, a free trip to Chattarpur Temple is proposed to be arranged. It is also proposed to recite Lalitha Sahasranama Parayanam in the Chattarpur temple on 26.10.07. Devotees who are interested in availing the above facilities may kindly inform the Local Committee Members telephonically immediately so as to enable us to make necessary arrangements. The pick up and dropping point would be Sri Ram Mandir, Sector 7, Dwarka, New Delhi. The approximate departure time from Sri Ram Mandir would be at 5.30PM on 26th October, 2007. This arrangement is being made with the support of M/s. Rao Travels, Dwarka, New Delhi. If there is good response, such trips will be arranged regularly on every Pournami days.
Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Services

Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Lawyers play the most powerful role in Nation building.-Shiv Khera


I’m fond of Mr.Shiv Khera’s writing talent, I even attended his three days seminar. He is so enthusiastic and has inspiring spirit. Says Justice R.C.Lahoti on the occasion of The Birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi & Sh.Lal Bhadur Shastri (Former Prime Minister of India) besides 100 years of Satyagraha was celebrated by DISTRICT COURT BAR ASSOCIATION, DWARKA on 2 nd October,07 at CCRT Auditorium,Sector-7.Dwarka. According to Mr. P.S.Singh-Hony Secretary & Mr.A.K.Pandey-President of the association, Mr. Shiv Khera-An Eminent Author, Educator and Motivator delivered a lecture on "Role of Lawyers in Nation Building ". Mr. Khera appreciated the lawyers contribution in the nation’s development.
The Programme began with Free Legal Aid Camp. Seminar on Utility of Computers by ATC CMC Ltd., Dwarka Branch & SMRIDHI- "How to live Tension Free & Prosperous Life,"By Ms.Nisha Mehta (Tarot Expert) & Mr.Z.Cross, from Dwarka Parichay Panel. Tribute to both leaders with Bhajan from Vandana International School, Dwarka etc. were the main attraction of the programme.
Mr Justice S.N. Jha ( Former Chief Justice of Rajasthan High Court), Advocate R.C.Mittal, the executives as well as the members of the association graced the function with their presence. Dwarka court will become operational from next year.

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No.1 Portal of Dwarka - Provides News & Information Services

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Saturday, October 6, 2007


*- Rejimon
>> India is ranked as one of the most corrupt nations in the world.>> Country loses nearly Rs. 2 lakh crore of revenue every year due to corruption in taxation departments.>> Nearly Rs. 32 thousand crore is paid every year as bribes to corrupt officers.>> Only 3 percent of the population is beneficiary of black economy.>> Percentage of black economy has grown from about 3 percent in the mid fifties to 7 percent in mid sixties to 20 percent by 1980-81, to around 35 percent by 1990-91 and 40 percent by 1994-95. >> According to one estimate, the public sector lost Rs. 30,000 crore through corruption in 1990-91. But for corruption, the rate of profit of the public sector would have been at least 30 percent and not the 5 percent as reported. >> If the size of the black economy was 40 percent of GDP in 1998-99, the loss of direct tax revenue at the prevailing rate of taxes would amount to at least Rs. 200,000 crore. >> Why has the size of black economy grown from around 10 percent in 1971, when the income tax rate was as high as 97.5 percent to the current size of at least 40 percent when the highest income tax rate is down to 30 percent?>> Finance Minister in his budget speech in 1993 made the statement that excise duty evasion may be of the order of 40 percent.>> Money kept abroad (in foreign exchange) by Indians was said to be at least $100 billion (nearly Rs.5 lakh crore) and is growing.>> India is now ranked 70th in the latest ranking of nations released by Transparency International.>> In the Transparency International Bribe Payers Index 2006 released in October 2006, India is at the bottom with a score of just 4.62>> Indian companies are most susceptible to give bribes in order to secure export orders.>> Switzerland is ranked first for combating bribery in the TI Bribery Payers Index.>> More than $ 1 trillion (US $ 1,000 billion) is paid as bribes each year as per a report prepared by the World Bank Institute.>> 75 percent respondents in a Transparency India survey said corruption had increased in the last year.>> A UNDP report states that if corruption came down to Scandinavian levels, growth would jump 1.5 percent and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) by 12 percent.>> 31 percent of food grains and 36 percent of sugar intended for distribution under the PDS find their way to the black market.>> An ILO Report published in 2005 states that bribes/deductions were made in 94.4 percent of the cases taken up under self-employment schemes in Uttar Pradesh.>> Bribes and deductions ranged from about 5 percent to 35 percent of the loan sanctioned in most cases.>> The average amount of bribes/deductions, which could be quantified in the ILO study, were Rs.4150 per loan.>> Beneficiaries receiving loans before 1990 paid Rs.2257 on average, while those receiving loans between 1990-1995 paid Rs.2947. Beneficiaries after 1995 paid Rs.5477 per loan.>> Enormous leakages, sometimes up to half or more of the public expenditure, run like a thread through all the anti-poverty programmes in Uttar Pradesh. >> Out of a total of 234 nominees who filed nominations from Congress, Shiromani Akali Dal and Bhartiya Janata Party in the Assembly elections to Punjab Legislative Assembly held in February 2007, 175 were crorepatis! Source: REJUVENATION INITIATIVE).

*Dear Rejimon,
There may be lot of truth in what you have circulated. Nevertheless, lets introspect is my request. My point is that we Indians may not be that corrupt or dishonest. That we will promptly accept other person to be a cheat, corrupt and dubious. On the other hand, we will mostly be critical and doubtful of another mans' virtues, honesty and sincerety - I often here snyde remarks about a good action by a fellow being- like he is 'chamcha' or trying to establish (before showing his true colours) and like...
Why are we tempted to defile another? My point is that we Indians are really not half as bad as we portray ourselves and that the crooked among us often successfully jockey to get into positions where they can flourish- and that includes politicians.
vk ahluwalia.

I agree with you.. and NO DOUBT WE INDIAN ARE better than any one and I am proud of my country so do countrymen.
HOWEVER, a Minority of people who are actually cause corruption or harming the country.
The service class pays through their nose all the taxes and taxes over taxes and Service taxes... Where as we will see from small shop owners to big corporates all use various loopholes to evade tax...
Our system is like that.. the profit making people declare themselves as Farmer or show another company as loss making etc..and evade crores of tax. Many of Dwarkites bought flats throgh loan and all arrangements, however today people (businessmen) buying a 4 bedroom set for 1.5 crore in dwarka..should we belive that they pay tax for all this money?
If we just focus in Delhi for example take a makret like SADAR BAZAR..the amount of transaction happens there and amount of tax collected.. Huge difference..?? Where as an employee he may be even peon with a salary of 10000 in a good office pays tax as his employer will have to deduct tax or he will be complied to have Insurance or home loan and what not.. and if his medical reimbursement is over 15000 again he has to pay tax for that. This medical expense he spend from his already taxed amount.. These are some of the facts came to my mind.. I am not an expert in this field..
We middle class spend over 90% of our expenses through Credit Card or Cheques or ATM withdrawal(100% White). The credit card transactions are actully in my opinon are best it reduce black money, it reduce work load of accounting, it helps maintain records electronically and also reduce the risk of business man who otherwise have to deposit the cash to bank and on his way to bank he may be looted. However, we again pay surcharge for using the credit card...
what i have quoted is the info from the site of
I am not against businessmen or people who got money after all they also invest, take risk and of course they too work hard to achieve all this.
Well this is my personal view on a system and I know it takes time to change the system and hopeful our system will change and treat all equal.

*what mr regimon has pointed out is about a few crooked section of our society who are responsible for the disease of corruption, it is good to be optimistic about our country after all sensex is touching great heights but when we point out any defects in the system it does not mean we are less than patriotic it would be a case of "shooting the messenger" who brings bad news. the reports are all genuinely based on facts and from the amount of media information, it seems the disease is deep rooted and it is not just few crooked men. Again, we have been witness to the state of affairs whereas even presentation of audio and video evidence is dismissed as fabricated by the accused, such have become the depths of our moral conscience nowadays, so who is right and who is wrong is difficult to say, and more difficult this judgment process becomes ,better the situation for the culprit since this is exactly the atmosphere needed by those indulging in evil.
Nowadays we as a family cannot watch any news channel since everywhere there is news of corruption/scams/growing crime! and these are not media generated news (barring one or two black sheep).
if our finance ministry is so keen to convert black into white money why not start just from those segments of business where CASH is the normal way of payment instead of continuous exploitation of salaried middle class.
Point is, in dwarka mainly residents are from this class and we feel the pinch since as soon as we are paid Rs.100, already our Rs.30 gets deducted and we do not see the conversion of this revenue into city welfare.
Curiously in one of judgements recently, the Mumbai HC has allowed "baksheesh" as a valid business expense by large business houses?! but not to individuals. how and why is subject to courts or IT officers' judgement! any comments?
respected readers, views are totally personal and not meant to hurt anyone so please read it and dismiss it if you wish. we are a free country and everyone lives the life in his own way.
- pradeep k. ivon

*Hi2 all,Optimism is healthy.But my society managing members say that they found 100% offices corrupt. In our society, 9 months were lost before handing over flats to members due to delay in getting electricity/ water/ lift licence/ fire clearance/ DDA completion certificate etc. Not a single department gave certificate without their bakshish. Bargaining only delayed the things resulting in loss of Rs. 45000/- to me alone after retirement , towards rent somewhere else though the flats were ready. This way it is almost 100% corruption raj in India.Inspectors said they have to send money up to top. Lift inspector demanded 5100/- per lift. When asked to reduce at least Rs.100/-, he refused saying every thing is precisely predetermined.This all is open secret. Society top-beares have to take admission fee in cash to meet these black requirements. In govt offices I have seen, for govt work also they have to pay bribe. Even ministers advice their near friends to pay bribe & get work done as otherwise thru' them it will be delayed.Honest officers are misfit & called fools. They are either forced to take or liquidated.
---satish onkar

*Dear Sirs,
It is more useful to catch or to bring to the light even a single case of corruption. Everybody knowsthat corruption has crossed limits. Even, some CBI and CVC officers - whose job is to eradicate thecorruption - have been caught red handed taking bribes. Everybody knows that it is being practiceddaily in the open on the Delhi's and elsewhere on roads in the form of entry fee being paid by theprivate vehicle staff to Political corruption is the mother of all corruption but in politics, corruption and criminilasation remains though the Courts and the Election Commission have tried to cap this. Now, even the fingers are being raised on the former CJI, Mr. Y.K. Sabharwal, and for this, four journalists of mid-day have beensentenced by the Delhi High Court but the same has been deferred to allow the appeal before the SC whichis pending before the apex court. The Lok Pal bill is pending for the last 38 years on the small issue ofwhether to include the Prime Minister in its purview or not. This is nothing the lack of will power ofpoliticians to have some authority to watch them.People's empowerment through the power of RTI has had some impact over the bureaucrats and electedrepresentatives in the matter of using Local Area Fund.We, the voters, can play an important role by using the power of ballot by rejecting the corruptcandidates.
Yours truly,
MK Gupta

*How do we fight against all of this when the government has just announced 'Bakshish' as official, leads one to think where we are headed, we must be one democracy with most un-democratic ways. But yes the education starts at home, let us become responsible citizens and start with our own circle of friends and relatives, let us form smaller focus groups to educate and inform our respective societies to create awareness and more responsible citizens, it can be done, believe me.
Also would like to create greater awareness ahead of the festive season as it only gets worse at this time of the year. The sector 6/10 markets and now even sector 4/5 will start flouting rules more casually than ever. I want the liquor shops moved out of residential complexes, its a shame and utter disgrace to have men drinking in the cars and passing lewd comments on passersby and police seated comfortably in the beat boxes having a good view of it all. How do we do it?
vandana verma

If you read earlier posting(msgs) in the group by visiting link may noticed this issue of Encroachment have come up at a number of times..
What should we do ?
Well as individual we all must make a complaint to DDA, who is responsible(In the past some of us made few complaints and RTI there was slight improvement, however, all back to square one now). By festive season now these market will be fully encroached and also pose great risk from terrorist strike if the gathering are this way with conjested.
Regarding Liquor shops again, I think as per Govt Policy and amendment it is now allowed in markets, so I dont know how far we willbe able to remove them from markets. HOWEVER, WE MUST ALL UNITED to STOP people Drinking in OPEN/PUBLIC and this not diffrent from any CRIME. Which is possible at least immediately.
You must write an email to (New Commissioner of Police) along with new DCP South West (Ms. Shalini Singh A women officer ).
If no response then file an RTI.
Many people make these issue for discussion but SCARED of writing to authorities especially police etc.. It s not the same as earlier at least we could expect some improvement.. and if they dont response,, we have the options like RTI and these officials were well aware of the fact they they have to act otherwise will caught off guard by RTI applications.
Ladies and Gentlemen...! Its time to act now.. Last week i found interesting that many of you responding to fight agains tcorruption subject..
My request to each one of you as individuals or associations, please make complaints followed by RTI.. Lets try this festive season we will limit the encroachement in these sectors..WHY DONT WE PLEDGE LETS FIGHT THIS CORRUPT PRACTISE IN OUR OWN NEIGHBOURHOOD?

*Friends,we all have admitted that corruption is disease. We know the consequence/adverse effect also. The biggest question is when everything is clear why we are not in a position to control it?In our society it is now presumed that honest are only those who does not get any opportunity to be in a part of corruption. This situation has not come in a day or two. Since the person indulges in such thing receives high regard from us that is why one tempts to go for it. All recognise rich people in the society no one bothers how a person becomes rich. It indicates there is some encouragement for it but no resistance is seen from the society. We express our feeling so frequently but we do not have even time when it matters most. This is the situation we have right now. Keeping in view it is important to take initiative at least individually. Some how we have to create a situation where those who involves in corruption feel uncomfortable. How this will happen?Always respect those who are honest irrespective of his/her status socially/economically. This is missing in our society. At least this will be a beginning from our side. We are more that 850 and imagine how much impact we can give all around. There is no scarcity of followers in India but we do not have many beginners.

When we talk about corruption, we never notice that we are involved in hypocricy. We think that we are talking about a society of which we are not a part of. Ironically this type of peope are clearly identifiable yet not separable from the society.
In fact we have absolute corrupt people among our friends and relatives and whenever we talk to them we do not dare to tell them that they are corrupt. instead of this they earn our respect by becoming rich. One of the ways to eliminate corruption is to boycott such people in our friends circle and relations. All of you know such
people in your circle bby nnames.
- bsnain

Exactly right. We tend to forget that the politicians that we have didn't descend from heaven. They weren't sent by a God above. They are a pick out the common people. Common people in India are corrupt. I'm not common therefore I am not corrupt. I may be corrupting....but not corrupt. If I feel that I can get things done faster or I feel that things will never happen without money I will hand it over. But I will never ever ever ever take money for performing my services. I wouldn't be able to live with myself or function normally because the mental stress, knowing that I had dishonored my profession. In any case in my profession there is no scope for corruption so maybe I shouldn't make that statement as of yet. But I know that I know the difference between right and wrong, and would be very afraid to bring disrepute to my loved ones if I did something like that. My hands would tremble with fear at the thought of being caught. taking bribe is like committing theft as far I am concerned. The common man however wouldn't think twice about it. Alas if there were alot more people in this country like ME, India would be a far better place. But I'm selfish, I only talk. I believe that I am responsible for the problems that I create and being a leader would mean cleaning up other people's messes and other peoples problems. Who has the time to get out and actually do things when talking is so much easier?. I really salute those who get up from their chair say enough is enough and decide to actually do something in socirty that would bring about tangible results, for as far as I am concerned when it comes to doing I am *very common*.
- Johnson

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