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Friday, August 31, 2007

"Health facilities galore but no taker"

A write up was published in in Dwarka Plus (A TOI supplement) titled "Health facilities galore but no taker," (August 25). The work "....but no taker" suggest that the medical facilities are in surplus in Dwarka and that the demand for a Central Government Health Scheme dispensary is not justified. My question is that whether without such basic facilities, how can we truly call Dwarka - a sub-city?

I ask from the authorities that when a large number of Central Government - working and retired - employees are residing at Dwarka and they are contributing towards this facility to the government also, why there should not be a CGHS dispensary there. How many retd or working employee can afford the costly treatment of private doctors/ hospitals and why they should afford when they are contributing for the health service?

In reply to an RTI filed by the undersigned, Mr. R. Ravi, Dy. Secy. of Ministry of Health has, in his letter dated 22.8.07, informed that "at present there is no proposal to open a dispensary at Dwarka, New Delhi". However, Mr. Ravi has not given any reason for the same. Is it justified that so much employees who are contributing for a particular service are kept out of its ambit and asked to go the Delhi govt dispensaries? Definitely, this amount to the deficiency of service. Is it not the duty of the Central Government to provide the medical facilities to lakhs of employees and the families of retd.(senior citizens) and its working employees near their residences?

Moreover, in the aforesaid write up of Dwarka Plus, apart from four Delhi government dispensaries which are now operational, it has been stated that all other scheme are in the pipeline. Can the employees wait till these schemes start working?

Mahendra Kumar Gupta
404/41/Sec. 10,
Dwarka, New Delhi-110 075.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Invitation to attend in “Grand Health Check Up Camp” Dedicated to All Media Personnel’s

Invitation to attend in “Grand Health Check Up Camp” Dedicated to All Media Personnel’s and be a part of noble cause ( Please also communicate to your all media friends )
Respected Sir,

As an endeavor for a special care for the media dignitaries we are organizing a “Grand Health Check Up Camp” Dedicated to All Media Personnel’s” in association with Batra Hospital Centre, & West End A-1/6, Rajouri Garden, Near Gurudwara & Rajouri Garden Metro Station, Main Ring Road, New Delhi – 110027 , from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM , on 2nd September, 2007, Sunday. at IMA Hall, IMA Head Quarter, Near Police Head Quarter, ITO. In association with IMA Media Cell – Delhi.

We understand that our media fraternity is doing very noble work but leading a very stressful life. As a good old saying “prevention is always better than cure” therefore we have organized a health check up for our media person’s . In this camp besides routine check up’s we will be doing Blood Sugar / Lipid Profile / ECG /ECHO & Consultation by Sr. Interventional Cardiologist.

Once again we request you to be a part of our “Grand Health Check Up Camp” Dedicated to All Media Personnel’s Looking forward to have your consent and presence at the camp for further query you may contact Dr. Narender Saini In charge – Media Cell IMA Mobile No. 9810252127 either Dr. Ram Dev Yadave, Sr. Interventional Cardiologist ( Batra Hospital) Mobile no. 9811321663.

For Batra Hospital & West End Centre

Dr. S.K. Minocha
Medical Superintendent
Formerly Personal Physician to Prime Minister of India
Formerly Head of Department of Medicine – RML Hospital
Mobile No. 9810297121 / Tel : 25102002 / 25105350

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sri Krishna Janmastmi Mahotsav celebration at Dwarka

Sri Krishna Janmastmi Mahotsav celebration at Radha Govind Mandir, Golok Dham, Sector-10, Dwarka

3rd September , 7 pm to 9pm – Sankirtan & Pravachan by Dr. Yogeswari Devi ji
4 th September, 6pm to 11.30pm - Sankirtan & Cultural proggrame
12.00 - Panchamrit Abhishek
12.15 - Aarti
12.30 - Mahaprasad
5 th September, 6pm to 8pm - Nandotsav 9 th September, 2pm to 6 pm - Chathi Mahotsav

Contact: 9873161121, 9873161121, 9312214303
Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Service

Tuesday, August 28, 2007


OSHO DHARA is organising a lecture of Osho Sidhartha ji at Traffic training park, punjabi bagh, new delhi 26, on 1st September, 2007. Subject: "Krishan Ki Bansuri mein Chuppa hai Sanatan Dharam ka Raz". For further details please contact Diwan Aggarwal- 9868534751

Monday, August 27, 2007

Ganesh Utsav in Dwarka from 15 th September

- Swati

Ganesh Chaturthi, the fourth day of the Hindu month Bhadrapada is celebrated as the auspicious day when Ganesh was born. The festival is celebrated with great fervour and enthusiasm by Maharashtrians. Though this festival had largely been a private one, it was in 1894 Lokmanya Bal Gangadhar Tilak introduced a new way of celebrating it- as a collective community worship. He called it Sarvajanik Ganeshotsava. The ten day festival begins with installation of beautifully sculpted Ganesh idols in homes and mandaps, colourfully decorated depicting religious themes or current events. The elephant headed God with a trunk has long ears and bulging belly. The mount of Ganesh is a mouse and his favorite sweet is modak. His one hand is raised with a palm in protective gesture and other hand holds tools include a sword, an axe like parashu, or a trident. The installation period could be day and half or five days or till the last day of bright fourteen which is known as Anant Chaturdashi. Many cultural events are organized during these days and then the idol is immersed in the sea, river or lake. Emotions run high as shouts of Ganapati Bappa Morya, Pudhchya Varshi Lavakar Ya (Beloved Lord Ganesh, come soon next year.) resound all around.
Maharashtra Mitra Mandal, Dwarka, a cultural organization of Maharashtrians of Dwarka will be celebrating Ganesh Utsav with full pomp and enthusiasm at True Friends Appartments, Sector-6. This will be the second year of Ganesh Utsav celeberations in the sub-city. Dwarka now has a significant population of Maharashtrians scattered all across various sectors of Dwarka. This year, Ganesh Utsav will be celebrated from 15th September -23rd September. The main highlights of this year’s programmes include painting exhibition of Uday Kulkarni, a well known artist of Dwarka, Blood donation camp and cultural programme by children. The mahaprsaad and visarjan will be on 23rd. For further details contact- 28041197, 25082234, 9891337994, 9810511958, 9810177044, 9810223554.

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Sunday, August 26, 2007

Raksha Utsav at Delhi Haat

New Delhi :26 th Aug.,07: Smile Foundation will celebrate Raksha Bhandhan as Raksha Utsav to spread smile in the evening on Monday, the 27 th August, 2007 at Dilli Haat, INA Market.
The prominent personalities like MANPREET BRAR, BHUPPI, SHANKER SHANEY, NIKKI MEHNDI, ASHOK MASTIE, MIKKA, KAPTAIN LADI, JOSHELY, NAINA BALSAWAR (ex miss india) , SATINDER SATTI, JASMEET etc. will be the main attractions of the show.
Smile Foundation is a national level development agency working in the field of education and health care and reaching out to more than 1 Lakh underprivileged children and youth across 21 states of India .
SMILE kids (underprivileged children from Smile Foundation projects now enjoying the right to education with Smile's support) would learn Rakhi making on the spot, enjoy the ambience of Dilli Haat, get inspiration and tie Rakhi or Raksha Ka Bhadhan (as Suraksha kawach for their education and health) to get inspiration from an inspiring celebrities and public figures.
Rakhi Utsav as a Suraksha Utsav, Suraksha for Health & Education.
(Source:Dwarka Parichay -news and information services)

Friday, August 24, 2007


For information to all the honorable members :-
It is for the information to all the honorable members of Jain Samaj Dwarka (Regd) that there is no dissolution of the Managing Committee of the Jain Samaj Dwarka. It is functioning to the best of its ability for the welfare of the Jain Samaj and their worthy members. The information has already been sent to all the members of Jain Samaj Dwarka(Regd) with a copy to the Registrar of Societies, Delhi and the Bank Manager, Andhra Bank, Dwarka, New Delhi vide letter No. .No.JSD/021/2007 dated 14th August, 2007.
Inconvenience and misinformation to the members is highly regretted.
For further information /clarification please feel free to contact the undersigned.
Dr. M. C. Jain Secretary JAIN SAMAJ DWARKA(Regd) Ph. 9810548428, 25074952

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

ENCROACHMENTs in Dwarka - CHINEESE - Cattles from Rajasthan - Markets

Pedestrain encroachment by CHINEESE ENCROACHMENT IN DWARKA(?). What will Dwarkites do??? You are not allowed to park your vehicle here but this van is allowed..

Cattles from Rajasthan enjoys the Fodeer inside a Park in Sector 22, Dwarka..
May I request all the Dwarkites, to catch the encroachment(any type) happening in Dwarka especially the market areas and public area.
Sector 22, Dwarka, New Delhi-110077

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Dwarka entrance road-nightmare for residents

This is the condition of the "road" -"opened to trial run" (can someone elaborate how a road can be opened for trial for so many months!) this gives entrance to dwarka from dabri side, and goes into janakpuri.
This has been deteriorating since past one year and no one in authority seems to be bothered with the horrible condition of this road that can give jitters to us drivers and has damaged our vehicles terribly.
Also while going towards janakpuri, there is wide ditch ready and waiting to welcome any unwary driver. Is this how we tax paying residents are supposed to be treated by Delhi Govt?

Pradeep k. Ivon

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Concessions and facilities given to senior citizens - data obtained under RTI

1. Ministry of Finance

a) Threshold limit of exemption under Income Tax up to an income of Rs. 1.95 lakh p.a.

b) Deduction in respect of medical insurance premium upto a maximum of Rs. 20,000 under section 80 D.

c) Higher rate of interest on saving schemes for senior citizens.

d) A senior saving scheme through Postal dept. offering higher rate of interest per annum on the deposits of senior citizens.

e) Exclusive Health Insurance schemes through Public Sector Insurance Companies for senior citizens.

2. Ministry of Social Justice & Empowerment

a) Financial Assistance upto 90% of the project cost is provided to NGO's for establishing and maintaining Old Age Homes, Day Care centers, Mobile Medicare Units and to provide non-institutional services to older persons.(Plan)

b) One time grant /assistance to Panchayathi Raj Institutions/Voluntary organizations/Self Help Groups for construction of Old Age Homes/Multi-Service centers for older persons.(Non Plan)

3. Ministry of Road Transport and Highways

a) Reservation of two seats for senior citizens in front row of buses.

b) Fare concession for senior citizens in some state road transport corporations.

4. Dept. of Telecommunications

a) Priority for attending requests and complaints of senior citizens whenever they visit the office of the BSNL.

b) Senior Citizens are allowed to register telephone connection under N-OYT Special Category, which is a priority category.

5. Ministry of Railways

a) 30% Fare concession by the Indian Railways in all Mail/Express including Rajdhani/ Shatabdi/ Jan Shatabdi trains for senior citizens aged 60 years and above.

b) Facility of separate counters for senior citizens for purchase/booking/cancellation of tickets in selected cities.

6. Ministry of Civil Aviation

a) Indian Airlines offers 50% discount on the normal economy class fare to senior citizens for travel on domestic sectors on its networks.

b) Air India also provides some discounts for senior citizens (63 plus in case of women and 65 plus in case of men)

7. Ministry of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution

a) Priority to the ration card holders who are over 60 years of age in Fair Price Shops for issue of rations.

b) 35 Kg of food grains per BPL family per month at the rate of Rs. 3 per kg of food grain and Rs. 2 per Kg of Rice. The persons aged 60 above from BPL category are given priority for identification.

8. Ministry of Rural Development

a) A central assistance of Rs 200 pension per person per month under National Old Age Pension Scheme.

b) 10 Kg of food grains per beneficiary per month for free under Annapoorna Scheme to those senior citizens who remain uncovered under old age pension scheme.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Dwarka Parichay Newsletter - Independence Day

Happy Independence Day

MAA TUJHE SALAAM-Independence Day Celebrated

60th Anniversary of Independence was celebrated with great pomp and show by Society For Creatives (Regd.) - N.G.O. on Sunday, the 12th August at Dwarka Health Club, Sector-7, Dwarka. In the said programme, the students took part in different competitions like drawing, painting, fancy dress, song, quiz etc. under four categories right from Nursery to VIII class.
Sh. Joginder Singh (Ex.-Director-C.B.I.), the Chief Guest of the occasion appreciated Mr.S.S.Dogra-Founder Chairman of the society and his team who organizes different creative activities from time to time from school children and such a programme based on patriotic theme is remarkable achievement. Under different categories Athira Suresh, Rachita, Ashish, Akshita, Andrila Ray, Jigyasa, Himani Jindal, Krishnav Bose, Kanishka Tyagi, Abhishek, Shrishti Singh, Manas, Suraj, Vivek, Sabhamvi, etc. were the among the best performers and selected by the penal of judges -Mrs. Shubh Kiran, Mrs. Vibha Singh, Mrs. Vandana Bhargva, Mr. S.C.Srivastava and Dr. Sarita Sinha. Chitransh Book Depot, ATC CMC Ltd.(Dwarka Computer Centre) and honoured the best performer.
The famous Punjabi Pop Star-Satinder Satti, Mr. Shashi Kant-National President of Kailash Mansarover Samiti(Regd.), Sh.Inderpal Gaur, Sh.Anuj Jain, Dr.J.S.Arya, Ms. Sangeeta, Nisha, Mrs. Seema Sharma, Sh.R.K.Attri, Mr.Naveen Jha, Mrs.Rajni Mishra, Mrs. Sunita Dogra, Sh.Kamal Goel, Mr.Rejjimon, Sh.H.D.Goel, Mr. Sunil Sareen, Mr.Sanjay Solanki, Sh. Anil Nayal, Mr.Amar, Ms.Smridhi Sharma, Mr.Sunil Sareen, Razia, Mr.Bhuvnesh Dubey and parents encouraged the participants with their precious presence and encouraged the spirit of the students. More

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Elite law school likely to come up in the Capital in three years

Foundation stone for complex at Dwarka was laid in July 2006, but project was stalled following a controversy over setting up a mediation centre.
Following several hurdles and hiccups, Delhi will at last have an elite law school on par with other law colleges in the country, coupled with a National Mediation Centre, at Dwarka.

The project will take at least three years to be operational, it is learnt.

The foundation stone of the integrated complex at Dwarka was laid by the then Chief Justice of India Y K Sabharwal on July 22, 2006, but following a controversy over the setting up of a mediation centre at Tis Hazari, the project was stalled.

The project got a nod when the Delhi Judicial District’s oldest Bar Association at Tis Hazari protested CM Sheila Dikshit’s proposal of decentralisation of courts and opening of district courts at Dwarka, Saket and other districts.

Earlier, the setting up of mediation centre was also opposed and agitators had vandalised the Mediation Cell at Tis Hazari. The protesters alleged that the cell was funded by the Ford Foundation and the concept would “undermine the legal system of the country” and was an attempt by corporate houses to “privatise the law system”.

The agitators had also attacked the members of newly-formed Rohini Bar Association. However, a year later, matters appear to have been sorted out.

“We have accorded recognition to the Rohini Bar Association and have recognised the new court complex. We always wanted the government to make sure that all new proposals ultimately help the public and are convenient to the Bar members,” said Sanjeev Nasiar of the Delhi Bar Association.

“The bar associations have agreed to the mediation centre plan, provided that corporate interests do not undermine the legal system,” said Delhi Legal District officials.

According to the earlier plan, the three proposed institutions — the Delhi Judicial Academy, the National Law School and the National Institute of Mediation and Conciliation — will come up on a 12.19 acre-plot with an estimated cost of Rs 108 crore.

The Delhi Judicial Academy will provide training to Delhi Judicial Service and Delhi Higher Judicial Service members, while the National Law School will be on par with elite law schools at Bangalore and Pune.

The integrated complex will also have residential facilities. Though all the three institutions will function independently, they would share some common facilities like comprehensive library and an auditorium.

The PWD will be going ahead with the remainder of the construction at Dwarka. “The revised schedule will continue smoothly and electrical systems should shortly be installed,” said A K Malik Executive Engineer (Building Project Electrical Division) to Newsline.

- Expressindia

Result of Painting/Drawing/Fancy Dress, Song/Quiz Competion for Kids (Nursery to VIII) at Dwarka

Result of Painting/Drawing/Fancy Dress, Song/Quiz Competion
for Kids (Nursery to VIII)

MAA TUJHE SALAAM-Independence Day Celebrated in Dwarka

60th Anniversary of Independence was celebrated with great pomp and show by Society For Creatives(Regd.)-N.G.O. on Sunday, the 12th August at Dwarka Health Club, Sector-7, Dwarka. In the said programme, the students took part in different competitions like drawing, painting, fancy dress, song etc. under four categories right from Nursery to VIII class.

Sh. Joginder Singh (Ex.-Director-C.B.I.), the Chief Guest of the occasion appreciated Mr.S.S.Dogra-Founder Chairman of the society and his team who organizes different creative activities from time to time for school children and such a programme based on patriotic theme is remarkable achievement indeed. Under different categories Shrishti Singh, Shambhavi, Suraj Singh,Vivek, Gurkiran, Akshita, Aindrela Ray, Jigyasa Nerchehal, Athira Suresh, Rachita , Ashish, Manas Singla, Kartik,Pearl, Oshi,Utkarsh, Abhishek Kumar Rai, Gautam, Vaibhav, Vandana,Vijendra, Sonam,Krishanav Bose, Kanishka Tyagi,Abhishek Kumar Rai, Shikhar Chaturvedi,Akshansh,Kanishka,Yash Chaturvedi, Nitin, Archana Jha,etc. were the among the best performers and selected by the penal of judges -Mrs. Shubh Kiran, Mrs. Vibha Singh, Mrs. Vandana Bhargva,
Mr. S.C.Srivastava and Dr. Sarita Sinha. Chitransh Book Depot, ATC CMC Ltd.(Dwarka Computer Centre) and honoured the best performer.

The famous Punjabi Pop Star-Satinder Satti, Mr. Shashi Kant-National President of Kailash Mansarover Samiti(Regd.), Sh.Inderpal Gaur, Sh.Anuj Jain, Dr.J.S.Arya, Ms. Sangeeta, Nisha, Mrs. Seema Sharma, Sh.R.K.Attri, Mr.Naveen Jha, Mrs.Rajni Sharma, Mrs. Sunita Dogra, Sh.Kamal Goel, Mr.Rejjimon, Sh.H.D.Goel, Mr.Sanjay Solanki, Sh. Anil Nayal, Mr.Amar, Ms.Smridhi Sharma, Mr.Sunil Sareen, Razia, Mr.Bhuvnesh Dubey and parents encouraged the participants with their precious presence and encouraged the spirit of the students.


Drawing and Painting Competition

Nursery and KG
Shrishti Singh

I and II
Suraj Singh

III to V
Aindrela Ray
Jigyasa Nerchehal

Athira Suresh

Nursery and KG

I and II

III to V
Abhishek Kumar Rai


Fancy Dress competition
Krishanav Bose
Kanishka Tyagi
Abhishek Kumar Rai

Quiz Competition
III to V
Shikhar Chaturvedi

Yash Chaturvedi
Archana Jha

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Munak canal will end Dwarka’s water problems, says DJB

If the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) officials’ claims on Haryana deciding to press forward with work on the crucial 80 mgd Munak canal are to be believed, Dwarka residents could soon find a solution to their water woes.

According to Jal Board officials, Haryana had earlier slowed down, and had even halted the work when 80 per cent of it was complete, wanting more water for farming.

“The Munak canal, which carries upper yamuna water, will be ready by mid 2008. It will save nearly 80 mgd of water from seepage of which 40 mgd will go to Dwarka. Dwarka currently gets 3 mgd of water” said DJB CEO Arun Mathur.

The nearly Rs 400 crore canal project is expected to cater to visitors to the upcoming Commonwealth Games, planned malls, convention centers, future housing projects and also a new Airport being planned in Dwarka, say officials.

A new 40 mgd plant is already being planned in Dwarka. The remaining 40 mgd will be divided between a 20 mgd Okhla plant to benefit the south and southwest areas while 20 mgd will go to an upcoming Bawana plant, officials said.

Meanwhile, DJB officials said it would get nearly 60 mgd water by recycling its waste water at treatment plants apart from running the Sonia Vihar plant to full capacity by March 2008. “Whenever water is treated, 8 per cent of it is lost. But we will now recycle and retain this water for use in five major plants, thus saving us 40 mgd,” said Mathur, who expects it to be ready by March 2008.

An additional 20 mgd is expected from Bhakra-beas board, officials added. “All this will add upto 160 mgd of extra water by next year. Of this, 120 mgd will be ready for supply by early next year,” said Mathur.

Officials said that though Uttar Pradesh was supplying the full 140 mgd for the Sonia Vihar plant, less than 120mgd was being used due to infrastructure problems. Mathur claimed that infrastructure work on pipes and tests at the plant were at an advanced stage.

- Expressindia

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Keep it up for a Better Dwarka - Joginder Singh ( Ex Director - CBI)


Name :
Shri Joginder Singh
Father’s Name: Shri Mahant Kartar Singh
Date of Birth : 12th October 1939
Birth Place : Village, Khajur wala,
District-Montgomery (Pakistan)
Experience & Service background
As an Author

1. Please tell us something about yourself - background, present activities which you are involved in etc.
Ans. Joginder Singh, IPS (Retd.) Former Director, CBI, India, living at Nav Sansad Vihar, CGHS, Sector 22, Dwarka, New Delhi 110075. As a student was selected for the Indian Police Service at the age of 20 and chose the then Mysore State (now called Karnataka) in 1961 Started with Superintendent of Police, Bidar District.
Has led a number of Indian delegations abroad to UK, USA , Germany , France , Japan , South Korea , Singapore , Indonesia , Australia , New Zealand , Iran , UAE, Hongkong , Switzerland , and a number of other countries. Now with the DAV Educational Movement: - President of the Management Committee of Giani Gurbux Singh DAV College in JalalabadElected life Member of the DAV Management Committee, New Delhi managing DAV Institutions all over the countryVice President of DAV Management Committee, which manages about 700 educational institutions, including schools, college and professional institutions all over the country. Professional Achievement: Conferred the award of Panth Rattan, Delhi Rattan and "Punjabian DI Shan". He has also been conferred the Millennium Sikh Gold Award. He has also been conferred Shaheed Bhagat Singh Sadbhavana Award, as well as numerous other awards. See other links for more details.

2. As you know, it has been since long time that the innocent residents of Dwarka are suffering because of the long-pending CGHS housing scam. also has been receiving a lot of messages enquiring the present status of this issue. They are desperately seeking solution to this now long-pending problem. What in your opinion is the main hurdle in resolving this problem?

How it can be resolved the fastest?
Ans. About the CGHS Scam, I would feel that it is an excuse by the authorities not to take decision even in the cases of those not involved in it. Affected people should use RTI to expose inefficiency.

3. The other major concern for the residents is their safety and security. What precautionary steps would you like to suggest in this regards?
Ans. Since most of the people are living in cooperative societies, people should not stint on employing good security agencies, secondly, they should keep handy emergency phone numbers. Senior citizens and ladies should move in a group of at least three to four. They should use good quality locks and keep valuables in lockers.

4. To be able to maintain high literacy level of Dwarka as a sub city, a library must be provided to the literate intellectuals ranging from experienced teachers, journalists, bureaucrats, technocrats and other professionals residing in Dwarka. To whom can we approach for this?
Ans. Contact Deputy Mayor for various developments in Dwarka. If you need my help in this regard, inform me.

5. has sent a Memorandum to various authorities highlighting the problems relating to supply of water, electricity, medical facilities, library, shortage of properly maintained parks and parking space etc. Parichay_memorandum.doc What further action would you like to suggest in this regard?
6. Any message/ suggestion for a better Dwarka?
Ans. People from different states, religion etc. are living in Dwarka. Most of the people are thinking only about themselves. They should spare some time to think for the better Dwarka. They should enjoy the meetings, functions etc. together.

7. Your views about

( Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information services )

Thursday, August 9, 2007

India has great potential in Karate - Jim Palmer

New Delhi: 8th August,2007. "India has great potential in Karate."said Jim Palmer-Chief Karate Coach from Scotland who was here in Dwarka on 8th August,07. He further added that Indian are performing well in the field of martial art, they are passionate about it." Mr. Palmer is the 6th Dan Black Belt Chief Coach Kanazawa Shotokan Rvu had visited Dwarka on a special invitation from Dwarka Health Club, Sector-7, Dwarka. Mr. Palmer appreciated Mr. Sunil Kumar Yadav & Mr. Satnam Singh –Chief Indian Karate Coach whose sincere contribution make this martial art quite popular in India. Mr. Yadav has so far produced 35 national players from Dwarka itself. Mr. Yadav is expecting lots of medals at the international level.
Mr. Palmer demonstrated Japaneese prayer and taught several tips of Karate to hundreds of trainees. Besides that Gunjan Kumar Sharma, Hemant Bhardwaj, Achla Yadav, Vineet Aggarwal, Ashish Dodara, Rohan Bakshi, R.C.Mohanti and D. Harish were examined & evaluated by Mr. Palmer and all of them were facilitated with the prestigious black belt.

Source: Dwarka Parichay News & Information Services

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

This time a calf had faced a severe accident at Sector-9

Yesterday evening around 4 pm a speeding car hit a calf at Sector-9Dwarka in front of Queens Valley school and ran off and in the accident broke two of its hind legs and there was nobody to pick it upuntil I saw it lying and two of the labours working there alongwith arickshaw puller carried the calf to the footpath and was waiting forsomeone to help them around 6.15pm and arranged some medicines andbandaged the legs of the calf. The calf was then profusely bleeding .I called up from the Dwarka City directory all the vets available butno one dared to come. Everyone had their own emergency case and some were out and just avoiding. The residents just passed by leastbothered. In fact if a human being is also lying by the road no bodydares to pick up the body until the police arrives and does somethingwhich is too late. Then the calf was taken to Dwarka veterenary hospital which was then closed as it closes at 3pm. Then we called upSanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre and SPCA too but both were justavoiding and diverting us to get in touch with Munirka hospital andthe number of Munirka they were giving was out of order. Then we called up 100 and Dwarka Police Station people also arrived and calledup Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre and SPCA and they were alsodiverted to Munirka. Somehow we reached Munirka people ChaudhariDeshram Mamorial Gau Sewa Trust who in turn send the vehicle on which we arranged to send the calf at around 8.15 pm and carried thebleeding calf for treatment to Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre whereit is being treated. Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre did not have anambulance of their own or must be having only one carriage which must have gone somewhere. In case of emergencies they cannot provide anambulance and boast of being a very big hospital.
Dwarka Police thana people said that it was MCD's work and they would pick up and carry the calf to the MCDhospital and called up the MCD people around 6.30 pm but the MCDvehicle is still to arrive. Since last evening till today morning it has not arrived. If we would have been waiting for the MCD people thenthe calf would have bled the whole night and would have lost his life.How does our MCD work?

The vehicle had come from the address below:-Pradhan Mahindra SinghChaudhary Deshram Gau Sewa TrustPO JNUMunirkaNew Delhi - 110067Cell. 9810304051
They provide vehicle free of service . They pick up the injured animals and drop them at Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre.

Meenakshi Pal

Other references:

Circle of Animal Lovers
E-67 DDA Flats, Saket,New Delhi - 110017 Phone : 26531419, 26511569 E-mail :

Friendicoes SECA (Society for the Eradication of Cruelty to Animals)
271 & 273 Defence Colony Flyover Market (Jungpura side)
NEW DELHI - 110024, India.
Tel: 24320707, 24314787
Email :
People for Animals A 4, Maharani Bagh, New Delhi - 110065, India Ph: 91-(0)11-6840402 / Fax: 6823144.
Ahimsa International53, Rishat Vihar Extn., New Delhi - 110006, India.
Delhi Pinjarapole Society372, Khari Baoli, New Delhi - 110006, India. PH: 91-(0)11-2525224.
Kindness to Animals and Respect for Environment (KARE)M- 39, Main Market, Greater Kailash, New Delhi - 110048, India. Ph: 91-(0)11-6412963 / 6432477.
Jeevashram Foundation Village Rajokri, (Near Temple),
New Delhi - 110038, India.
Ph: 91-(0)11-25063696, 25064114, 25064118

Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre Near Shivaji College, Raja Garden, New Delhi -110027, India.
Ph: 91-(0)11- 25448062/25447751.
Trigunas' Veterinary Clinic, 143-A, Sarai Kale Khan, Nizamuddin, New Delhi -110013
24351074; 243501
ANIMAL HERMITAGE JEEV KALYAN VATIKA75 Kms Milestone at Mathura Road, Village Sarai Khatela,Teh. Hodal, New Toll Tax Barrier, District Faridabad (Haryana), India Phone: 01275-208507E-mail:, , Haryana Helpline : 9813010595
PFA A-4 Maharani Bagh New Delhi - 110003 website :
People For Animals People For Animals 14, Ashoka Road New Delhi -1100 Telephone: 23355883, 23357088 Email :
Wildlife SOS - INDIA

Wildlife SOSD-210, Defence ColonyNew Delhi, INDIA - 110024Telephone : +91 11 24621939, 24644231 Fax : 011 41550480

E-mail : ;


Thursday, August 2, 2007

RAIN EFFECT of DELHI, Picture of Bus Drawning at Sect 22, Dwarka Subcity-Delhi

Mobile Videos :

Dear All,
Please find the condition of an Under Pass build and maintained by DDA/ Flyover Division at Sect 22, Dwarka, connecting NH-8 (Shiv Murthy).
The negligence by the agency(DDA) in this matter is very clear, I have written a number of complaints and even RTI on this under pass's poor maintenance. However NO Progress nor any action has been taken by the authorities at DDA.
Lakhs of working class from Dwarka to Central/South Delhi and Gurgaon is struck up due to this underpass blocked today.
DDA claims the Asia's largest subcity is one of the highstandard and example of DDA's good work???
DDA is neglecting the subcity like any other part of the city. The only part of Delhi whch is constructed and controlled under Master Plan...(is it masterplanned?)
Its always a BLAME GAME by Authorites. However, in this case it comes under DDA only, neither Delhi Govt nor any MCD/DJB/PWD is responsible.Appreciate you highlight this image and take up with DDA Vice Chairman/Engineer Member and Flyover Division team.

Thanking you,
Nav Sansad Vihar
Plot NO.4, Sector 22, Dwarka, New Delhi-110077India.Mobile No. 9810315897 / 20514195

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Jim Palmer will facilitate the karate trainees of Dwarka

New Delhi:1st August,2007. Jim Palmer-(6th Dan Black Belt) Chief Coach Kanazawa Shotokan Rvu from Scotland will facilitate the karate trainees of Dwarka on 8th August at Dwarka Health Club, Sector-7, Dwarka. According to Sunil Kumar Yadav-Organizer and National reputed Karate Coach informed that Mr.Palmer had already visited D.D.A.Sports Complex, Sec.11, Dwarka on 10th May, 2002 during First Summer Camp organized in Complex itself. Mr. Yadav has so far produced 35 national players from Dwarka and he is very keen that India will get lots of medals in the forthcoming international events. Under his his hardcore training & important guidlines Achala Ya dav, Ashish Godara, Rohan Bakshi, Vineet, Gunjan, Hemant, Sukriti are flourishing at local and national level and expected to excel at the world level and will bring the honour for India. Mr.Satnam Singh- Chief Indian Karate coach(SKI-INDIA) along with national, local coaches will witness
the performance of the trainees and honour them.

For detail please contact: Mr.S.K.Yadav (Mobile:9810143483)

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