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Friday, December 19, 2014


It is important to make someone happy and hence in an endeavor to support and help the not –so-privileged class of the society, Pahal Social Organization regularly involves in activities like cloth distribution at various places. Now since the winters have set in, Pahal planned to distribute clothes (especially warm). Pahal team collected clothes from various people and decided on two places for the distribution. Mitali Bhattacharya was made coordinator for sector-12, and Anjali Parashar Nandi was coordinator for Sector-10, Dwarka .

Slum dwellers from all over Dwarka, cycle-riksha pullers and people from financially weaker section of the society thronged and made a bee-line for the clothes. All the Pahal members and Malay K Chakroborty- President Pahal tried their best to distribute clothes to maximum people. Pahal members departed with the pledge that “our prime purpose in this life is to help others”.


To inculcate the moral values like humanity, love, sharing, understanding and togetherness the Shiksha Bharati Public School is organizing a visit for its students of V class to an orphanage “Sweet Home” in Najafgarh. The visit is organized on Tuesday 23rd December, 2014 during school hrs. to share happiness on the occasion of Christmas Eve. Children will share gifts of their choice with the kids of Sweet Home to showcase love for humanity. This is to encourage and motivate other children of society about importance of this valuable gesture.

For any further query in this regard feel free to contact Ms. Vandana on # 9910104758.

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Monica Bedi to enter Zee TV's 'Bandhan'

Prembabu Sharma

The ravishing actress Monica Bedi is all set to spread her magic once again on the small screen in a very interesting, never-seen-before avatar in Zee TV's popular show Bandhan. The versatile actress who was last seen playing a negative character is extremely kicked to portray a positive role in  Bandhan. She will essay the role of Narayani Deshpande; a member of the Animal Welfare Society who is a very sophisticated, cultured and dignified lady.

Monica says, "I am an animal lover and the role is something I haven't attempted before. It is a positive role; after playing a negative role in my previous show, I was not excited by the roles which were offered to me. I wanted to work on something different and unique. Essaying the role of an  animal rights activist will take my fans by surprise for sure. My look in the show is going to be very simple and sophisticated. Viewers can see me in an ethnic look, wearing kurtis and Saris. I am very sure working with an elephant and the cute kid Darpan will be a lot of fun."

Currently on Bandhan, Darpan and Ganesh are kept apart by Vishwas Rao and his family. While Ganesh is being sent to shot a film, on the other hand Darpan is kept inside a dark room as a penalty. When Narayani Despnade, who is an animal rights activist, comes to know about the torture that Ganesh is going through, tries to rescue Ganesh back home and then re-unites Darpan and Ganesh. She will bring joy and security back in Darpan's life and will be like her Godmother. The story unfolds another mystery when Narayani meets Vishwas Rao.

To find out who is Narayani Deshpande and how is she related to Vishwash Rao's family tune into Bandhan every Monday to Friday at 7 pm only on Zee TV

Sri Sahastra Chandi Divya Anushthan from 23 Dec. to 1st Jan 2015


Pahal Social Organization (Regd) in association with Cancer Control Mission, Mumbai, held a Cancer Awareness Programme in SAM International School, Sector 12, Dwarka on 08 December 2014. Ms Ritu Khati, the School Principal took the initiative to spread awareness regarding the malicious disease among school children, for the first time in Dwarka. The Chief Guest for the day was Alok Saklani- Director of Apeejay School of Management. He addressed the young students and told them various measures which can be adopted for preventing cancer. Encouraging them to include plenty of fruits and green leafy vegetables in their diet, he also stressed about the importance of regular exercise.

The renowned Hindi poet Ashok Luv also graced the occasion and motivated the students to sacrifice momentary pleasures for greater achievements, by controlling their tongue, thought process and environment. A wonderful Power Point Presentation by Mithilesh Singh, the resource person from Cancer Control Mission, was highly informative for one and all. Through the presentation he spread awareness regarding the role played by toxins in producing cancer and how it can be tackled by in taking antioxidant rich diet and following a fitness regime. He also apprised the audience about the help rendered to poor cancer patients by the Cancer Control Mission. The students were also goaded for voluntary donations for the great cause. Malay K chakroborty- President PAHAL advised students to restrain from indulging in junk food and play outdoor games regularly to remain fit and fine so as to become productive members of the society. The programme was concluded by the Vote of Thanks proposed by the SAM School Principal.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

रवि किशन को मिला बेस्ट एक्टर का अवार्ड धुरंधर के लिए

प्रेमबाबू शर्मा  

मुंबई के अँधेरी वेस्ट स्तिथ कंट्री क्लब में भोजपुरी फिल्म अवार्ड २०१४ का आयोजन किया गया .यह अवार्ड AB 5 मल्टीमीडिया कई सालो से मुंबई में करती आ रही है .भोजपुरी फिल्मो के महानायक कहे जाने वाले रवि किशन ने भोजपुरिया गाने पर परफॉर्म किया, साथ ही साथ रानी चटर्जी ने भी अपने नृत्य से दर्शको का मनोरंजन किया.इस अवसर पर रवि किशन को बेस्ट अभिनेता २०१३ में प्रदर्शित भोजपुरी फिल्म धुरंधर' के लिए अवार्ड दिया गया. इस अवसर में फिल्म जगत के नामी-ग्रामी हस्तिया मौजूद थी जैसे, रानी चटर्जी, संभावना सेठ, धीरेन्द्र चौबे, चिंटू, राजकुमार आर.पाण्डेय, संजय कोर्वे , अवधेश मिश्रा, संजय भूषण पटियाला, अजय दीक्छित, प्रशांत जम्मूवाला, बिल्क़िस कपाडिया, दानिश अली, शाहिद सन्स, दुर्गेश सिंह, संगीता तिवारी, अरुण सिंह, मनोज द्वेदी, प्रिया कपूर इत्यादि. इस अवसर पर अभिनेता रवि किशन ने बताया की यह अवार्ड मैं उन सभी दर्शको के नाम करता हूँ जिन्होंने मुझे आज इस मुकाम पर पहुचाया की मैं यह अवार्ड ले सकु इसी तरह अपना प्यार और दुलार देते रहे ताकि मैं और आगे बढ़ सकु.इस कार्यक्रम का संचालन भोजपुरी फिल्मो के प्रशिद्ध अभिनेता अवधेश मिश्रा कर रहे थे.



Delhi Rajya Vyapar Sangathan, an apex body of traders in the capital have urged the Union government to redraw and introduce a Balanced and Comprehensive Delhi rent law, which protects the interests of all groups and does not uproot the trader-tenant and affects his and his employees livelihood.

“We have urged the Union Urban Development Minister Venkiah Naidu to issue a notification on the lines of illegal colonies to stop eviction of trader tenants till the new Delhi rent Act is promulgated. The Union government is in process of framing the new rent law after repeal of the Delhi Rent Act 1995 after consultation with various stake holders including officials, legal experts, traders and landlords. We have urged the Union Urban Development Ministry to enact a balanced law which should not be titled towards landlords. The principle of natural justice and economic justice guaranteed under the Indian Constitution should be adhered to.”said Mr Manoj Mohan Agarwal, President, Delhi Rajya Vyapar Sangathan.

“We have also urged the Union Urban Development Ministry to provide absolute clarity on ‘bonafide need’of the landlord for eviction of a tenant as presently under the garb of bonafide need on frivolous grounds thousands of traders in the capital have been issued eviction notices. Under the new law, trader-tenant bonafide needs should to be taken into account since not only the tenant's family livelihood is dependent on it but also many more related people are dependent on it for their earnings. Thus, economic justice guaranteed in the Preamble of the Constitution needs to be protected," Mr Agarwal said.

“The issue of implementation of Delhi Rent Act is hanging fire since last 18 years as the tenants had been demanding a fair play and justice to make it more balanced. However, it is regretted that the issue has been coloured as a disputed issue between landlords and tenants whereas this is actually not the case. Therefore, the issue needs to be debated and legislated in a broader perspective.” Said Ms Parmajit Kaur, Secretary of the traders body.

"More than Ten lakh traders in the city and about 30 lakh dependents are likely to be affected by the sword of eviction on frivolous ground by landlords will also fall on resident tenants who are again tens of lakhs in numbers. We have sought immediate intervention of the Union Government to protect the trading community. Following Independence, the landlords restricted by the then prevalent laws could not bifurcate and sell the property in parts due to the prevalent land laws then. "said Ms Kaur.

“After partition PUGREE” system was devised where the amount equalent of the property was handed over to the landlord at the time of possession and a very nominal rent was charged paid to him as rent, to obtain electric, water connections, trade licenses and to work unhindered in that property.” SaidAgarwal.

“The employees of the evicted tenant are not capable of being employed in the organised sector. Their age and education qualifications go against their re-employment prospects, thus rendering these 40-50 lac people homeless and jobless. The employees cannot afford to educate their children once their livelihood is taken away.This today is a major social issue which needs an immediate solution, failing which you can expect a re-run of the 1947 like situation in Delhi.” Said Ms Parmajit Kaur, Secretary of the traders body.

Under the flyover, CItyMakers (homeless) sleep in large numbers

From Panchsheel Park to Munirka (Nirbhaya stop) to Dwarka to Sarai Kale Khan to Kalkaji Mandir, to Nehru Place to Chirag Delhi, we did our Night Vigil. And the Pictures are for you all to see.

Many children, women, disabled, elderly, vendors, recent evicts from nearby slums (which no more exist) ,sleep under the flyovers. Can't the govt show offer some dignity to these CityMakers, by covering the flyovers for them to sleep properly?

When some govt property is there, those portions of the flyovers are covered, why not where these humans sleep, exposed to the elements? The humans have no value, Mr. Najeeb Jung, LG of Delhi? RIGHT!

No shelter put up till date at Connaught Place Hanuman Mandir ....

Citizen's reporter
Sunil Kumar Aledia

180 डिग्री प्रोडक्शन्स द्वारा लिटल साॅल्स 2014 के लिए किड्स ग्रैंड फैशन शो “राॅक एंड रोल“ का आयोजन

प्रेमबाबू शर्मा  

180 डिग्री प्रोडक्शन्स ने हाइप क्लब, आईटीसी शेरेटन, द्वारका, नई दिल्ली में लिटल साॅल्स 2014 के लिए किड्स ग्रैंड फैशन शो का आयोजन किया और शंकर साहनी के बेटे जुबिन साहनी ने अपनी म्यूजिक एलबम रिलीज की।
Arpital Bansal, Samsher Mehandi & Diya;  Laksh & Shanker Sahni

इस शो में, पहली बार के माता-पिता और बच्चे “राॅक एंड रोल.... फाॅर लिटल साॅल्स के नाम से ग्रैंड फैशन शो में एकसाथ रैम्प पर दिखाई देंगे। यह 10-12 साल के नन्हें-मुन्ने बच्चों के लिए 5 स्टार पैनल शो है। खुद को और अपने बच्चे को इस शानदार शो का हिस्सा बनाइये और 180 डिग्री प्रोडक्शन्स के प्लेटफार्म पर उनकी छिपी हुई प्रतिभा को देखिये। इस काॅन्टेस्ट में पूरी दिल्ली और एनसीआर के बच्चे भाग ले सकते हैं।
Zubin Sahni & Ramp Show

इस काॅन्टेस्ट को विनोद ठाकुर (नाच बलिये की मशहूर जोड़ी), अर्पिता बंसल (मशहूर सामाजिक उद्यमी), अशमीन मुंजाल (मशहूर मेकअप कलाकार), शंकर साहनी (बाॅलीवुड गायक), शमशेर मेहंदी (बाॅलीवुड गायक) और सैम विलियम्स (मशहूर कोरियोग्राफर) जज होंगे।

काॅन्टेस्ट का आयोजन 180 डिग्री प्रोडक्शन्स, एक प्रतिष्ठित ईवेन्ट मैनेजमेंट कंपनी द्वारा किया गया था जो पिछले कई सालों से छोटे, खूबसूरत, होनहार बच्चों के लिए अथक तलाश कर रही है। श्री लक्ष एवं दीया के मुताबिक, 180 डिग्री प्रोडक्शन्स के आयोजक ढेर सारे वाहवाही बटोरते हुए शोहरत की ग्लैमर्स दुनिया में प्रवेश करने के लिए खूबसूरत और होनहार बच्चों को अपने इस प्लेटफाॅर्म को इस्तेमाल करने का अवसर प्रदान करते हैं।

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