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Saturday, February 13, 2016

वित्रा ने दिल्ली में अपने अतर्राष्ट्रीय स्तर प्रशंसित बाथरूम संस्कृति की शुरूआत किया

प्रेमबाबू शर्मा

भारत में बाथरूम फिटिंग क्रांति वित्रा, तुर्की में इजासीबसु बिल्डिंग  उत्पाद विभाग के प्रमुख बाथरूम समाधान ब्रांड ने दिल्ली में अपने दूसरीे स्टोर की शुरूआत किया है। मंगोलपुर कलां, मार्बल मार्किट में स्थित गणेश सनेटिरी एंड मार्बल हाउस फ्रेंन्चाइजी शो रूम वित्रा उत्पादों लगभग 1500 स्क्वेर फीट में प्रदर्शित करता है। 

शो में प्रदर्शित डिस्प्ले पर लगे वित्रा उत्पाद आकर्षण के साथ साथ मानको पर खरे उतर रहे है, इसी खासियत ने देश विदेश के आर्किटेक्ट और ठेकेदारों को प्रेरित किया है कि यह बाथरूम समाधान की एक किस्म की पेशकश ट्रीट कर रहे है।

Musical evening by Dwarka Kala Sargam

Friday, February 12, 2016

The 4th Global Festival of Journalism begins in Noida

Inauguration of 4th Global Festival of Journalism

(Report & Photo:S.S.Dogra)

On 12th February,2016, The 4th Global Festival of Journalism inaugurated by H.E. Desire Ambassador of Goban as Chief Guest in Marwah Studio, Film City Noida. On the first day, after formal inauguration ceremony,, the Solo Painting exhibition of famous painter Govind Sirsat was also inaugurated by the Chief Guest.

Ramesh Bhatt, Dr.A.K.Srivastva, Sinil Jogi, Sandeep Marwah, H.E.Koumba Desire, Satish Singh & 
Sanjay Mishra on dias at the time inaugural of 4th Global Festival of Journalism.

In the inaugural ceremony Media personality like Ramesh Bhatt, Dr.A.K.Srivastva, Sinil Jogi, Sandeep Marwah, H.E.Koumba Desire, Satish Singh & Sanjay Mishra-Bureau Chief Amar Ujala expressed the importance of such Journalism festival appreciated the efforts of contribution of Mr.Sandeep Marwah & his entire team to organize such a very informative event. In the said painting exhibition, Painter Sirsat showed his own life experience through his painting. 

 H.E.Koumba Desire Ambassador of Goban Chief Guest, Mr. Sandeep Marwah - Founder
of Marwah Studio Film City Noida & Mr. S.S. Dogra - Mg. Editor Dwarka Parichay in
4th Global Festival of Journalism
The posters of Mahatma Gandhi Forum, International Public Broadcasting Forum were released. According to Mr.Sandeep Marwah-President of the Festival & Founder of the Film City Noida, the delegates from more than 28 countries attended this festival. Screening of documentary film was the major attraction on the first day.

Some prominent media personality shared their personal views about the role of Journalism. Even a seminar on “Is True Journalism overshadowed by Corporate” was conducted in which leading journalists expressed their views.

The 89th AAFT festival of short films was also inaugurated. The evening was concluded with cultural program & Award ceremony. Hundreds of students of Marwah students also enjoyed the day first proceedings. This 4th Global Festival of Journalism will remain open till 14th February,2016.

Visit again for more photo-detail updates.

One Billion Rising & Dwarka Baat Cheet on 14th Feb

Education is a lifelong attitude of living life well

Nita Arora
Sri Venkateshwar International School
Sector-18, Dwarka, New Delhi

Education is not merely teaching of subjects or imparting knowledge and ability related with co-curricular activities but it is a lifelong attitude of living life well. It is about being happy, it is about spreading goodwill and happiness, it is about understanding our worth, it is about an attitude of knowing that more could be learnt, yet actualizing the many potentials that one is endowed with.

Education is also about creating new potentials, when I say this, I feel that it is the best definition as mankind has evolved so fast because of this aspect of learning. Knowledge seeks more knowledge. Thus a good school should prepare children and their teachers to become lifelong learners knowing 'how to learn'.

What role do a good infrastructure for curricula transaction including music, dance, sports play? A lot, but these are just means to an end. We all want our children to be ready for the role that they will be playing in society.

We must realize that promoting and nurturing life skills, attitudes and values are the foremost aims of any educational endeavour. Adults have to be role models of any preaching. A child initially mirrors the behaviour of grown ups. Then the stage comes, when he learns to discern the right from the wrong. This is a beautiful phase, which if nurtured well, produces thinkers and doers, that the world seeks. All children go through this phase. We have to be ready to accept and change ourselves when our children reach this stage. "A child is the father of nation". This adage will come true if we listen to our children at this time and are ready to grow yet once again.

Thus life is actually a 'yearning for life'. Let us all become lifelong learners and understand this.

Any school that promotes a love for learning is the place for your ward to be in. Any school that involves parents in this process is the right one.

Happy schooling, joyful, stress free environment is what we all aspire for and should provide too.

Note: Dwarka Parichay invites excellence from fields like social, literature, education, science, IT, Business etc. who are willing to serve society despite their busy schedule. Please send brief profile with photograph & useful articles for publishing at Dwarka Parichay.


Happy Saraswati Puja

Thursday, February 11, 2016


Dwarka Forum members led by Shri Arvinder Singh Chhatwal, Joint Secretary had a meeting with Shri S K. Meena, Assistant Commissioner of Police (Dwarka) on 10th February, 2016 at his office. The members thanked Delhi Police for removal of encroachment from Markets of Sector-6 & Sector-10 and requested him to take the similar action for removal of encroachment from Ramphal Chowk Market of Sector-7, starting from Brahma Apartments i.e entry point of Dwarka from Palam side. It was also requested that this drive should be a routine one so that encroachment is not repeated again as it happened in the past.

Shri Chhatwal and other members discussed several Law & Order issues of Dwarka Sub-City with him particularly recent incidents of Chain/Purse snatching from ladies, open drinking in various parks of different sectors after sunset, verification of antecedents of unauthorized residents living in vacant plots/ semi built kuchha houses in different residential plotted areas i.e. Sector-8, 17, 19 & 23 etc. He also requested ACP for regular Night Patrolling of duty officials particularly in all the by-lanes of various sectors of Sub-City.

The members also appraised ACP about the need of regular patrolling during School hours mainly near Co-educational Schools/Girls Schools of Dwarka particularly in Sectors 3 and 5, since the complaints of eve-teasing during change of shifts are regularly being received.

After detailed discussions, ACP took a note of all the points raised and ensures suitable action soon. He expressed his desire to have such meetings regularly with Dwarka Forum and other various RWAs/CGHSs of Dwarka Sub City.

Saraswati Pooja in Dwarka

Education must transform


Over the years, with competition getting tougher every year and seats getting fewer in college, the education system has still not changed. Here is a look into the current education system in India and how we need to change it.

To deliberate on the purpose of education of education, let’s go by tracing its roots. It is popularity known to be derived from the Latin word ‘edu co’-which means ‘to educe’ or draw out’. There are some other root words too, like, ‘Educare’ which means ‘to bring up’ and ‘Educare’ which means ‘to draw out from within’. Education, rather a good and purposeful education, should act as a stimulant for a students’ mind. It should be able to draw the students to correlate what they read in the text-books with the real world around them. Educating a child is not filling up his mind with all kinds of facts and figures, but to ignite his/her mind to find, explore, analyze and learn. The vital need is to develop love for learning and interest to know more and more. Once this goal is attained, the ground for ‘good and meaningful education’ is ready. It is “though” a creative process which eventually develops overall personality of the children. Through this, we can transform the students into dynamic and result oriented citizens with a mind of their own and with the courage to mouth their opinion to go beyond instructing from the book. Arousing the curiosity of students is perhaps one of the most important aspects of teaching-learning because once this is done, a student starts making self driven effort to explore and learn on his own. Here group dynamics plays a major role too. Therefore, there should be a strong emphasis on participatory learning, group work and collaborative projects. This enhances the emotional quotient of children and the spirit of team work, collaboration, respecting each other’s view point and sharing opinions without offence. This mind training is of utmost important a team.

When we talk about transformation, yes education must transform the mind, soul and personality. Therefore it is not only through knowledge but also through instilling value systems and life skills in children, so that they are not just equipped to earn a living but also to live a happy and purposeful life. Such righteous students become the sensitive citizens who lead to the evolution of enlightened and caring society. That should be the mission of education.

The purpose and mission of education guides are vision for the school. Does vision reflect a school having a big and fancy building? Having a big laboratory? Or having a big infrastructure? Not at all; Great schools must have great teachers who love teaching and with great vision. The vision should be to make a beautiful school which generates a safe, secure and happy environment for promoting exploration, creativity and real learning for the development of righteous youth who are an asset to the school, family, society, nation five minds for the future, as described by Howard Gardner - The disciplinary mind, the synthesizing mind, The creative mind, the respectful mind and the ethical mind.

No syllabus can teach such things; no textbook can develop such minds. It has to be imbibed in the overall culture and vision of the school. the creative approach of the school and the way of life of mod.

Coming to the final and most important aspect of the right approach to education ‘who should be the centre of education, if we revisit our vision, mission, purpose and outcome; all of them lead to a single objective. It is ‘the child’, who must be central to all experiences leading to learning therefore good school must aim at providing a secure and encouraging environment that strengths, develop life skills, productive habits and sensitivity for fellows and society and courage to speak his/her mind..

To impart education that brings transformation in the child, the school may not have fancy building or five star commodities but it must have holistic curriculum, engaged children, motivated teachers, assured parents, and inspiring role-models.

Note: Principal & educationists are invited to send articles on Better education for publishing in Dwarka Parichay.  email: ) 

Media workshop for school students

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